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What causes miscarriages?

Improper holding of fetus by the sag result of miscarriages due to so many reasons.

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What can you use to cause a miscarriage?

There are various rumors about ways to do this, but the truth is none of them are safe and few of them even work. If you do attempt to cause a miscarriage you are putting yourself at great risk of serious harm and even death.

If you are thinking of doing this for someone else, it is illegal and you can be sent to prison for practicing medicine without a license and/or for assault if you disfigure or injure the pregnant woman or the fetus. If the results are fatal, as they most often are when done by people without advanced medical training as a physician, you could be found guilty of manslaughter or possibly murder.

If you are considering it as something to do to yourself it, again, is most often life threatening. If it doesn't cause your death, you'll likely end up getting professional medical care due to massive hemorrhage or serious infections anyway, so you might as well start with professional care. If you wouldn't attempt eye surgery on yourself, you shouldn't even consider causing a miscarriage. There are many new arteries and blood vessels formed with pregnancy and before you could do anything to stop the bleeding (if you even knew how), you could easily bleed to death. This is true whether you attempt the miscarriage using surgical means or drugs to induce the abortion.

The first step is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Use a condom or other form of birth control before sex. Or there are Emergency Contraceptives both mechanical and in pill form (often referred to as "morning after" pills or Emergency Contraceptive Pills) that you can take up to three days after unprotected sex as a safe option to avoid pregnancy in the first place. Although, according to the FDA, they are safe when used as indicated, these pills are considered only 75% effective. Emergency contraceptives are available over-the-counter in the US and are called Plan B.

If prevention is not done in time and you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy, the best thing to do is to find a clinic, doctor, or Planned Parenthood location where you can be examined by a professional and find out what options are available to you at that point. They can also provide prescriptions and more information to prevent future unwanted pregnancies.

These professionals will give you medically correct and unbiased information on all options available to you (i.e., prenatal care and having and raising the child, adoption options and processes, or ending the pregnancy if that is an option in your case). They can help you as well with your current medical needs while you make the best treatment decision for yourself.

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How can you reduce vaginal lip swelling?

Stop using irritating products such as soaps,baby wipes etc.

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What can you do about bad vaginal odor?

Tips to get rid of vaginal odor:

- Wash the area with a half-and-half blend of pure warm water and apple cider vinegar

- Wear loose clothing. Tighter clothing can restrict airflow to the area and make odors worse.

Note: You should not use perfumed products internally as this can disrupt the PH balance of the vagina and cause even worse odor. Once infection and foreign bodies have been ruled out as a cause, there may be some natural supplements or vitamins that you can take that will take care of the problem from the inside, like when someone takes a pill for thrush.

A simple and usually effective method is to make a suppository of frozen yogurt (use only plain unpasteurized organic yogurt with live cultures, specifically lactobacillus acidophilus!)

If odor persists, go see your doctor to check for a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or possibly a sexually transmitted disease.

One can also try our herbal solution like Virgin Stick, which is a herbal soap used to get rid of vaginal odor traditionally in Borneo.

You can also use a medication called (you can get over the counter or on prescription) vaginal pessaries tablets; one you can insert in your vaginal. It is slightly perfumed (and matches the vagina smell so no need t worry; its brown in color and come two sachets; 5 tablets in each. You can insert at night only and for 5 days or two weeks, it makes a big change, try.

It is always recommended to consult with your ob/gyn if the problem like this persists.

Every woman has their own scent; however, if it is an abnormal scent, and with a discharge, yes it is probably an indication of a STD or infection.

If you are using tampons, make sure you haven't left one inserted for a long period of time. That can really cause an odor!
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What can cause abnormally frequent periods?


I have been getting my period every 2 weeks for the last 2 or 3 months, which also has been very heavy. I haven't gone to my doctor yet to get it checked out. I went off my BCP a few months ago, and since then my periods have been irregular. I also have hypothyroidism, which could be a reason but not sure.


I posted a question 6 weeks ago about my abnormal vaginal bleeding. I immediately went to the doctor (especially since it had been 3 years since my last visit). I was given a blood test, endrometrial biopsy (OUCH!) and a vaginal ultrasound. The results, thankfully, nothing. I have had a regular cycle ever since (3 periods later). I had been given heavy doses of steroids for a strep throat infection and allergic reaction before all the abnormal bleeding started. Every doctor said that steroids had nothing to do with my bleeding. My point is, do get checked out, but don't rule out medications, they can screw up your hormones. I am almost certain that was the culprit in my case.


could be a syndrome called pcos. check with your doctor.


I am 19 and the exact same thing is happening to me. for the last two months, i've been getting a period every two weeks. i am on no medications, including birth control, i have not changed anything about my health or diet so i have no idea what is going on. i had a blood test to confirm that i was not pregnant and i'm worried. i read it could be overactive thyroid. is this a common symptom? the gyno doesn't know what's wrong with me.


I had a similiar problem that became worse that was a pollup in my uterine lining which continued growing larger and lucky to get checked out not cancerous.Get a checkup for abnormal bleeding just to stay healthy.


I had a 14 day cycle for a while then got diagnosed with a prolactinoma - what other symptoms do you have? After I started medication for my prolactinoma my periods came every 21 days.


I went off the BCP on October 1st (2008) and did not get my period for awhile. Then I had it once in December and it was normal. Then I got my period again in January and it was brown and light. I proceeded to have my period every two weeks and it is always brown and light. I am thankful I don't have heavy periods BUT I wish my body would go back to normal. I visited the doctor for a regular physical and he said everything is fine and I shouldn't worry. I don't really believe him since I haven't had a real period in months. Is it normal not to have a regular period 5 months afetr going off the pill?? My husband and I are trying to have a baby but if I bleed every other week, how can I get pregnant??


I understand how it would be, getting periods every 2 weeks after. Even the same thing happens with me everytime. But only except it comes in brown colour.My friend told me that brown means its a dried one. My mother advised me to go to the doctor and have a check up.The results had come and it said that my periods are ok. But only what is wrong is that i eat too much junk food and thus my periods are in brown colour. The junk food changes the colour and blocks the blood from coming out. In this way the blood in the dried form comes out less. So, to give out the blocked blood it comes frequently after a few days or weeks and stays for a long time.

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What might cause vaginal swelling?

  • Your vulval tissues are very delicate. If they are treated roughly, the skin may be damaged causing blood to race to the surface to help repair it. Treated with respect you will heal, but avoid too rough play.
  • Damaged skin can leave you open to infection such as Candida which can cause swelling and inflammation. It is probably wise to consider this as a possibility if your condition lasts more than a day or two and especially if your fooling around included Oral Sex. Candida is naturally on the body, but in some cases can OVERGROW, causing all sorts of inflammation. Check out what I have advised on similar questions about Vaginal problems.
  • Spermicides used alone or on condoms can cause severe swelling and soreness if you are sensitive to them. take a warm bath with baking soda.
  • I have also experienced vaginal swelling after intercourse with my boyfriend. It normally is okay after a few hours or so, but can be a little sore, especially when going to the toilet. Sex had been a little bit rough, so reading this article has helped me. Is there any need to see a doctor about this?
  • Hormonal changes. From aging, pregnancy, birth control. etc.
  • I had this problem when I went to get a pap...And it seems that it runs in the family...However, I was told by my sister and my doctor that it was nothing serious, and that most likely it was caused by either me having had just lost my virginity a few days before, or because my hormones were all over the place right after my period... I was put on birth control, and the swelling has gone down, however I haven't been to the doctor lately to see how well I am doing... But I would suggest that you go see your gynecologist to know exactly what is going on.
  • Vaginal swelling: Swelling of the vagina. See free access online books about Vaginal swelling below. See detailed information below for a list of 15 causes of Vaginal swelling, including diseases and drug side effect causes.
  • Causes of Vaginal swelling: The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Vaginal swelling. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.
  • Trauma
  • Infection
  • Irritation from ointments and soaps
  • Allergy to semen
  • Rough or prolonged sexual intercourse
  • Gonorrhea
  • Streptococcus infection
  • Staphylococcus infection
  • E. coli infection
  • Trichomonas infection
  • Monilia infection
  • Cysts of Gartne's duct
  • Endometriosis
  • Carcinomawomen often have too much sex, and the vag starts to hurt. it causes the swelling.
  • It can happen from putting your fingers or anything up there. You may have accidentally scratched yourself and gotten an infection. I got the same thing from doing that and I was in the E.R for like five hours. They put me on antibiotics and within a few days the pain and swelling went down. Just riding a bike or horse can literally rub you the wrong way.
  • The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was super worried it was something serious but, i talked to my older sisters and a doctor and turns out that it could have been an allergic reaction to my new birth control or a yeast infection. Birth control makes your hormones fluctuate and may cause vaginal swelling and irritation. There is also a possibility that you could have had a yeast infection (causing it to be itchy and have a 'cottage-cheesy' discharge) your vagina is very sensitive and too much itching could have caused it also. Another possibility is a allergic reaction to; well, ANYTHING... a new laundry detergent, a wet bathing suit, latex or even in some cases semen. Best thing to do? Wait it out- go to a nearby drug store an grab an anti-itch cream, wear cotton underwear and loose pants also try your hardest not to itch. If it isn't getting ANY better you may want to see your doctor.
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What causes vaginal sores?

Lots of different things can cause vaginal sores. The best option would be to go to your gynecologist. He or she is a professional and can help you find out what is causing the sores.

Here is more input from contributors:

  • Sometimes having rough sex can contribute to sores around the labia, but it could also be a yeast infection or more serious, an std. The std that it could possibly be is genital herpes. This disease affects 1 out of 5 people and can go untreated for a long time because the sores can come and go away making it easy to overlook. It also can be given to a partner without having any symptoms at all (answering why your mate may not have any symptoms). Because this disease can go for years without being treated, a person can get it from previous partners and not even know it making it easy and understandable to accuse the person you are presently with. The best thing to do is to get tested specifically for this disease because a papsmear doesn't do it. You more than likely have to request it from your doctor. If you have already been tested for STDs recently and know that you don't have an std, then maybe its a yeast infection or just sores from rough sex. Definitely consult your doctor as soon as possible however.
  • Hydritis suportiva. Low-dose antibiotics for life. Tetracycline 100 mg everyday will nip this skin infection.
  • It could be herpes. Most herpes lesions are rough and quite painful, especially during urination, so you would notice them. FYI, being celibate now doesn't mean that you haven't been exposed. The virus can lie dormant and asymptomatic for as long as 15 years, which is what happened to me. Herpes is treatable with acyclovir, which you take when you get an outbreak. If the sores aren't painful, you could be dealing with cysts, which are usually harmless. Next time you have one, go to the doctor!
  • I too have suffered the stresses of vaginal sores for too many years. My doctor says that they are blocked glands. They are as described: red bumps which develop into puss-filled sores, which are incredibly painful until they burst.
  • I get vaginal sores too. I've been to two different doctors and neither said it was herpes, but I still get them every now and then mostly when I'm getting ready to start my period. I know there must be some explanation to these sores but they are still a mystery.
  • I have noticed these myself rather recently. It seems if I use a feminine deordorant like FDS, I get a reaction. I am sensitive to soaps and lotions anyway, so if I do use it, I generally try to spray it on the crotch of my jeans or outside my underwear. They are like canker sores and I wonder if I am not getting them from "friction."
  • I just had my first experience of this problem. I want to suggest something that helped me with the horrible pain, go to a drug store and pick up a tube of Vagisil Extra Strength. It comes in the purple tube, the blue one is regular strength. You can find it in the section where tampons and yeast infection medication is. I used it the instructed 4 times a day and it was wonderful. It soothed and cooled the pain, it was like it was completely gone! As soon as I felt it coming back I just applied more. It recommeneds not using it more that 4 times a day though.
  • In my case it is caused by blocked subaceous glands during ovulation.
  • The very first time that I experienced vaginal sores I was 15 this first one was located on my right labia. This sore was so swollen and filled with pus that I couldn't sit comfortably. I went to my Dr. who drained it and put in a cathitor (sorry not sure of spelling). But it came back again a year later. This time more test were done and we found out that it was something called a Bartholin Cyst. A minor out patient surgery was done to remove the root of it as they put it. I have been sore and pain free for 7 yrs. now. I was told by my doctor that hygiene plays a part in this condition. But that it could also just be a blocked or infected hair follical.
  • The last two times I had a "sore spot" show up I went to my Doctor. My symptoms included one small red raised lump that would first itch and then get sore (not unbearably so, though). I never get more than one and they occasionally develop a small white head but I rarely get a discharge from them. If I scratch them they get scabby but if I leave them alone they usually disappear faster. They rarely last more than 3 or 4 days. The first time I had blood and urine tests and swabs taken (which all came back negative) but I was still worried. Just last week I had another spot appear so I went back again and my Doctor assured me it wasn't herpes but more likely a blocked duct. I have had 2 Bartholin's cysts before, and a "chocolate" cyst, so it seems I may be just prone to this type of thing. I have also noticed that they only appear on or around my period and then often only if I have had sex with my husband (therefore friction), so I would agree that they are hormonal and associated with sensitive skin. I think that I will still keep an eye on them and I will continue to have health checks every year to be sure.
  • I've had these sores since i was 13 right after my first sexual experience. I got about two or three bumps, they were hard and didn't really hurt till I touched them, on occasion they would be kind of tender, if it wasnt hard it would be kind of rised with stuff inside it, like a pimple they hurt the worst. I've been tested for everything and I don't have any type of STD or genital disease. These type of sores are mostly related to stress levels and hormone changes. My outbreaks occur very very rarely once or twice maybe three times a year. My mom is an OBGYN and this is the advice she gave.
  • On it has details about different types of vulva cysts, some of which sound like they could possibly be causing our probs.
  • It could be Thrush. If so, you will need to take a Canestan Tablet and apply cream. You should be able to buy these items over the counter. Thrush can be carried in the mouth and in the genetalia. Thrush itches and burns like crazy. These sores don't itch, just hurt like hell.
  • I have been experiencing sores only recently which have not gone yet. They are red, slightly raised and sore to the touch. They are not puss-filled or scabbed. It seems to be all under the skin. I had a swab test which came back that I had Group B Strep and thrush. I am trying a cream called Timodene at moment which is helping. Thrush is gone (used pessary). If does not work will have to have course of Antibiotics orally. My GP seems to think GBS is under the skin.
  • These sores have occurred with me also and I too went to the doctor to be treated for an STD. They came back negative. This was great for me and my fiance. He has never had any of these sores, however, sometimes after rough sex he will have one. This is different in me however because mine come once a month around the time of my period. I do not know the cause but I do know that neosporin helps out tremendously. I use the kind with a pain killer and it kills the pain and it also clears the problem up within a few days.
  • I may have the RARE answer: BEHCETS Syndrome I do not have herpes I or II or anything Sexually Transmitted underneath the sun, but I did have painful canker like sores in my vaginal area. There is a syndrome called BEHCETS Syndrome. You can find more info. on it at and It is pronounced Buh-shets. It is a RARE syndrome that CANNOT be diagnosed but doctors can come to a bit of conclusion after ruling everything else out. Skin lesions both in mouth and genitalia are sure signs.
  • If you want more info Google Bartholin's glands cyst. For those with chronic recurring problems there are treatments that can help prevent them from recurring.
  • Just because someone has had a herpes swabtest come back negative, that doesn't mean they do not have herpes! After 3 negative swab tests, 2 types of blood tests should be done - first to see if any HSV antibodies are present (does not distinguish between I and II), and secondly (the western blot test) to determne which type is present. Herpes is the most difficult STD to diagnose, and most people who have it do not realize it. If you have been suffering with classic symptoms, do not assume its a gland or hormonal problem, get a blood test.
  • I experienced a pimple on the vagina. It was so painful so I did what I usually do when I get a yeast infection. I soaked in the tub half filled with warm water and two teaspoons of Tee-Tree oil. I did this twice a day for two days and it is clearing up on it's own. I found the pain gets worse right after the bath but then it goes away after half an hour.
  • I had problems with vaginal sores while showing symptoms of PCOS. Apparently the hormonal imbalance that comes with PCOS can sometimes cause vaginal sores. After a month of being on the pill, the vaginal sores stopped completely, and what used to be a weekly problem has not happened for about 5 months now. Have your hormone levels checked! I think vaginal sores will decrease, or possibly go away if hormonal levels that are off are corrected.
  • My educated guess/belief is that the sores are very similar to canker sores that arise in the mouth. I used to get these sores once every two months, and after research, I FOUND A CURE! the cause of my sores was the chemical SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE (SLS). It is a lathering agent found in toothpaste, shampoo, and body washes to name a few. I would venture a guess that using a body wash or shampoo that is SLS free will greatly help such outbreaks. My wife and I are just at the beginning phase of this experience, so I can not give a definite YES or NO as to the vaginal sores.
  • Re: Vaginal sores happening over and over again: If no MD has accurately diagnosed you and you've been told no STD's are present, then help yourself to not be bothered so frequently with these "mystery sores" and run down to your local Wal-Mart or any drug store and pick up some ACIDOPHILUS - which will be in the vitamin section. It is made up of nothing but live GOOD bacteria which will help your body's immune system - and will also cut DOWN the number of times these sores occur. Not only am I a nurse, I speak as one who has and is personally going through this mystery.
  • I have had Bartholin's Gland Cysts for years. Vaginal fluid becomes trapped in the ducts on either side of the labia, and eventually becomes swollen and painful. Masturbation or sex makes it worse as vaginal lubricant is produced for sex but cannot escape the cyst and instead makes it swell up more. This seems to be nothing more serious than a clogged pore on your face. Sometimes the problem corrects itself. It pops and pus comes out like a zit, sometimes when the skin is softened in the shower.
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Periods and Conception

Can stress delay your menstrual cycle?

Yes it is possible to get late periods due to stress. Due to weakness and unhealthy diet our body hormones get changed that causes changes in period cycle.Stress is an essential factor that causes delay in monthly cycle.

Pregnancy Symptoms
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Breast Health

Why would a woman leak breast milk if she's not pregnant?

Perhaps there are many possible factors such as:

1. GROWTH HORMONES (GH) or somatotrophin and chicken prolactin/ovine prolactin administered by the poultry manufacturing industry in chickens, subsequently affects the pituitary gland to produce breast milk hormones (the fact that I've changed my diet from an Organic Raw Vegetarian to Semi Vegetarian which includes fish and poultry of non organic producers) which increase breast size in humans this would be chicken prolactin which increases the size of chickens and 'fattens' the chickens; (check out:

2. GLAND STIMULATION from SUCKING THE BREASTSduring love making. The blood flow stimulates the glands of the breasts.;

3. ENLARGED PITUITARY CONDITION -- The pituitary gland in addition to producing other hormones for glands like the adrenals (ACTH), growth hormones (GH), thryoid (TSH), follicles for hair (FSH), to name a few, also produces the prolactin hormone (PRL) for breast milk growth. An imbalance can cause a tumor in the Pituitary Gland called hyperprolactinaemia.

4. MEDICATIONS such as metoclopramide or thioridazine cause increased levels of the prolactin hormone;

5. DUCT ECTASIA in older women can increase milk secretion in the breasts.

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Conditions and Diseases

Can using spit as lube cause vaginal infections?

Vaginal infections can have a wide range of causes, even including stress. Any kind of penetration carries the risk of causing an infection because it can change the natural pH level or the balance of good and bad bacteria. Saliva may cause infections, but it is more likely to occur simply from having sex than from using saliva as a substitute for lubricant. Infections can also occur if the female is not well lubricated and there is friction or dryness during sex.

To help avoid infections, try following these steps:

1. Make sure that you are well lubricated during intercourse. This does not necessarily mean that it must all be natural lubrication.

2. Use the bathroom after intercourse. This will reduce the risk of infection significantly, especially for UTI's.

3. Use cotton underwear, and avoid thongs if possible.

4. Wear loose clothing.

5. Change out of your workout clothes as soon as you are done working out.

6. Change out of a wet bathing suit as quickly as possible.

7. Eat yogurt with "live and active cultures." Brands such as Yoplait and Activia have these.

8. Do not use any kind of perfume or perfumed soap around the vaginal area.

9. Do NOT use flavored lubricant or condoms for sexual intercourse. These are perfectly fine for oral sex, but contain sugar and increase the risk of developing a yeast infection or bacterial infection if used during intercourse.

10. Do not sleep with underwear or thongs. This way, your body can "breath."

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Breast Cancer

Can you get breast cancer after mastectomy?

Yes. As with any type or form of cancer, the cancerous cells can re-appear in that area or in another area at any time. A friend of mine had breast cancer at a young age, had a double-mastectomy and was cancer-free for about a year and a half. Then, the cancer came back. There are lymph nodes under your arms and your breast tissue goes into your chest wall.

Even with a mastectomy, if they get the whole tumor out and treat with chemo or radiation, then find no signs of cancer for a year or 2 or more, unfortunately, the cancer can come back at any time.

So rock those pink ribbons and donate to Susan G. Komen!!

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Spotting While Pregnant

What would spotting pinkish brownish discharge a few days off and on before your period mean?

Brown vaginal discharge can also be a symptom of some serious medical conditions.


You have some spotting when you ovulate and before and after your period. This is pretty normal. This pinkish/brownish color is blood and there is so little that it just tints your discharge. Spotting is very normal for both of those times during the cycle.

Also it could be implantation bleeding where the egg implants into the uterus, that is if you are sexually active and have not been using protection.

It could be Implantation bleeding sign of pregnancy or just a problem which is nothing to do with pregnancy. Go and see a doctor.

Spotting before periods in women over 30 can also indicate the beginning of perimenopause. When spotting appears 2-3 days before the periods are due, it can indicate that the corpus luteum is breaking down too early causing the luteal phase to be shorter than normal. Perimenopause spotting is cause by sudden drop in estrogen levels and low progesterone production due to anovulatory cycles. If a woman is trying to get pregnant and her luteal phase is shorter that 10-12 days she may suffer an early miscarriage. Other possible causes can be cervical dysplasia, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, UTI, yeast infection, STDs, etc.

If a woman has a IUD, this can also be the cause.

Making a doctor's appointment to discuss this situation is a very good idea in order to get proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Have a yellow discharge everyday?

You should consult with a doctor. Some women have slightly colored discharge and it is perfectly normal, but for others it can be a sign of infection or STD. Yellow discharge is most commonly associated with Bacterial Vaginosis or yeast infections, but only your doctor can determine the cause of any changes in your discharge.

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Can ladies get pregnant by swallowing sperm?


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How can you stop vaginal itching and swelling?

An allergic reaction could cause this or a number of infections, which are not necessarily passed on by having sexual contact. Do not be ashamed to talk to your doctor. They can refer you to a nurse for advice if you are embarrassed. Vulval skin is sensitive. It may react to irritants such as soaps and a whole range of substances may cause allergy. To maintain good health in this area you need to treat it with respect. If infection is present it is most likely to be Candida or 'Thrush' which lives on all our bodies. It should respond to the following advice but again make sure you see your doctor.

  • Clothing: Wear loose fitting cotton underwear. Sometimes, it is quite helpful to wear no knickers at all. Try to avoid tight outer garments such as cycling shorts or tights and leggings. Change your brand of sanitary pads in case they are causing the problem. Check out that your washing products are not too harsh.
  • Hygiene: Bath or shower regularly and change your underwear. Avoid all contact with perfumed soaps. Try adding a a few drops of Tea Tree pure Essential Oil to your bath water and wash with baby shampoo. Avoid perfume and personal deodorants.
  • Diet: Avoid sugary foods as they encourage the spread of some infections such as candida. Anti-biotics upset the natural body defenses and encourage the spread of troublesome micro-organisms. Try some bio-yoghurt or drinks daily, if you have recently had a course of antibiotics. Indeed tampons soaked in yoghurt and inserted into the vagina often cures vaginal candidal infections within a day or two. Coconut oil has proved to protect against candida infection and would be a good basis for a cream to cool the area. Aloe Vera Gel is also very good.

Here are more answers and opinions:

  • Vaginal itching and swelling are symptoms of either a yeast infection or allergic reaction to clothing perfumes, soaps, etc. If this is your first yeast infection then you should see your healthcare provider....otherwise Monistat 1 works well and relieves you from the irritation and pain. A discharge that looks like cottage cheese is normal also as long as it doesnt have an odor. Make sure in the future you wear loose clothing and cotton underwear. Certain foods can also trigger a yeast infection, but what I have found to be very beneficial in preventing a yeast infection is drinking the 8 glasses of water recommended. Even when you may feel slight irritation, drinking water immediately has helped to flush my system and get rid of the irritation before it is out of control. If you drink plenty of water then it could have a lot to do with your clothes or what you eat.
  • I started having this problem in my mid-teens and now I'm in my late 20s. Doctors didn't know what was wrong, but I finally figured out that CLOTHING is the number one culprit and number one solution. Anything that isn't breathable will cause vaginal soreness because the bacteria will build up in your vaginal wall. When at home, try to always wear loose and/or 100% natural material skirts (cotton is best). Try to go without underwear if you can, but if you can't, always wear 100% cotton. Try to avoid wearing pants, but if you do, get some that are loose in the crotch area (they can be tight everywhere else - low-rise is good for this). And ALWAYS buy 100% cotton pants - though this is very hard to do these days. For the winter, wear long skirts with 100% cotton tights. I have yet to find a bathing suit bottom that breathes well, so I rarely go swimming in public places, which is unfortunate. Hope this helps you out some. There are tons of women out there with this problem, but as yet there doesn't seem to be any institutional responses to it.
  • I found I had the same problem... and the cause was ...cheaper brands of toilet tissue! I changed to a `better brand` and the symptoms disapeared...try it, it will take a few days. It could also be the material in your knickers which may cause the itching, too.
  • There is something though that was told to me to do by a wise older woman. She told me when it gets bad and the itching is unbearable to get a cold wash cloth as cold as possible and just lay it on the vaginal area. Sometimes I may lay it inside of the lips. This causes the itching to cool down. You may have to wet it over about 4 times or less, but eventually the itching will cease. This really worked for me. Late at night when I am tired and can't go to sleep I may lay it on the vaginal area and go right on to sleep. I hope this works for other women.
  • Wash and don't have unprotected sex with people that have poor hygiene.
  • You can also use oatmeal in the bath to make the swelling and itching stop.
  • I don't see this mentioned much, but it works amazingly well. Peel a garlic clove, cut it in half, and stick it up there. If you're afraid of losing it, loop some dental floss through it--but I think it'd be kind of hard to lose it really. You can put it in anytime, but overnight might be best if you don't want everybody thinking you smell like garlic (the smell comes out on your breath as if you'd eaten it). It might burn and sting a bit, but I've found the stinging to be nothing compared to the way a yeast infection stings. If one night doesn't fix things, then do it another night...I've never had to do this more than 2 nights. I've had problems with yeast for years, and nothing else works as well as this (or is as cheap and nontoxic).
  • You can find various products online for vaginal itching and swelling. You should make a search on internet for the best possible solutions available there. There are some medical products like Rephresh Vaginal Gel 4, Lanacane Original Cream,Replens 6 Applicator Pack, Eurax Lotion, Anusol Cream and many more. All the products are specially designed for the treatment of vaginal related issues.
  • To stop vaginal discharge you can choose some medicines which are mentioned below depends upon the causative micro organism:

    Imidazole Antifungals:They are broad spectrum antifungal covering dermatophytes,Candida, other fungi involves in deep mycosis, Nocordia, trichomonas vaginalis, some gram positive & negetive & anaerobic bacteria, Staph. aureus, Strept. faecalis, Bac. fragilis. They increase permeability of fungal cells & inhibit synthesis of ergosterol & damage cell membrane of fungi. Examples are:Clotrimazole,Econazole, Miconazole,Ketonazole.

  • For this type of Vaginal infections, there is plant named as Soymida febrifuga of Meliaceae Family is using for relief. The stem-bark of the plant is useful. In my opionion, the best soloution is Use Margo Soap. It is manufactured in India using Neem Oil. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties cures and prevents all infections. It totally prevents odour. I sugested this to my girl friend and we are happy now.
Dieting and Weight Loss
Women's Health

How much should a woman of 5 foot 6 weigh?

A healthy body weight for a woman of this height is between 120 and 145 lbs.

Women's Health
Salary and Pay Rates

How much do curves employees make?

As a current Curves trainer, I can say that I made below minimum wage ($6.15) when I began training for the position in April of 2008. I received some "raises" and have finally reached minimum wage status ($7.25) after being an employee for over 1 1/2 years.

Women's Health
Spotting While Pregnant

What would having brownish spotting in between periods mean?

Brown vaginal discharge is most often associated with old endometrial tissues. If your period is late you might get a brown, rather than red, discharge. It could also mean that for whatever reason during your last menses the entire uterine lining failed to make a timely exit. Brown Discharge may happen right after periods, and is just "cleaning out" your vagina. Old blood looks brown. This may occur when you are ovulating in the middle of menstrual cycle.

Brown vaginal discharge can also be a symptom of a medical concern that is much more sinister than leftover endometrial cells. Some of these conditions include Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), menopause, sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, Chlamydia or genital warts) or cervical cancer.

Sometimes brown discharge could appear during using birth control pills which is a side effect of pills.

It is called breakthrough bleeding, the color is brown because it is old blood. It is a very common side effect when taking the pill. If you are not on the pill, ask your doctor to ensure it's not a sign of something more serious. Luck to you.

Irregular periods and spotting in between periods is quite frequent among women. If it happens once in a while (meaning up to a couple times a year), it might not mean anything serious.

The brown color is due to old blood cells sometimes mixed in with discharge.

If it happens frequently, you should contact your doctor or gynecologist.

The above it true, but also a woman might have light bleeding when she is ovulating.

All of the above is true but its not serious if you have brown spots. After all the system is cleaning its self!

Spotting between periods could also mean that you are pregnant.

Women's Health

What is the world's longest menstruation period?

I'm 17 and due to the contraceptive implant I had a period that lasted from the 5th November 2011 until July 31st 2012, believe it or not. I bled every single day non stop throughout those dates. On the 31st I got the implant removed and I was period free until August the 2nd(today) So only 2 days and now it's back. I just want to crawl into a cave.

I believe I deserve some form of world record.

I used 2 boxes of tampons every week, someone should calculate how much I spent. (£3 for 1 box haha)

Women's Health

Can wearing low cut tight jeans cause hips to look indented and irregular?

I am 17, been wearing low cut, considerably tight jeans for about 4 years. I have naturally wide hips, but they curve in around my underwear line.. I believe this is a pretty accurate statement.

any way to reverse it?

Women's Health

Is 37 too old to get pregnant?

No. There are many women having healthy pregnancies well into their 40's and even 50's today.

Women's Health

What does it feel like being a girl?

There is absolutely no way to answer this question because there are so many girls, each is an individual with different minds and bodies, so there are many different ways to be a girl. Each girl will feel differently and there is no one way for someone to be a girl so no one way to feel. Remember too that even girls bodies can differ, some will have menstrual cycles, breasts, vulvas and vaginas whereas there are other girls who have penises and no menstrual cycles.

Women's Health
Cervical Cancer

What stds cause cancer?

Certain strains of HPV (human papillomavirus) can cause cervical cancer as well as cancer of the penis or vulva, some anal cancers, and some head and neck cancers.

In addition, hepatitis B and C greatly increase the risk of liver cancer.
HPV and hepatitis B can cause cancer. HIV can increase the risk of cancer.
Yes.... Especially HPV. Dr. Dan

Cattle Breeds
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Cattle Reproduction

What is uterine involution?

Uterine involution is a term for when the uterus shrinks back into it's normal shape after a cow has calved and passed the placenta.

Women's Health
Alternative Medicine

Can a vaginal bacterial infection clear up on its own?

One View:

No, bacterial vaginosis and all other bacterial infections need to be treated with antibiotics. You should see a doctor immediately so that the infection does not worsen or cause other complications.

Another View:

It is possible for vaginitis (vaginosis, candidiasis or trichomoniasis) to clear on its own. It may take a while but, it is possible. It is a symptom of a larger problem...yeast overgrowth/imbalance.

One possible cause for vaginitis is birth control pills. Despite what allopaths may say (modern western medicine doctors; opposite of naturopaths), birth control pills do not lower incidences of vaginitis. They create them. All birth control pills are synthetic because pharmaceutical companies can't patent natural hormones. Synthetic hormones are terrible for the human body and can create side effects such as the aforementioned vaginitis, PMS, blood clots, depression, gallstones, decreased libido, weight gain...

I have personal experience with birth control pills. I took them for seven years and had constant vaginitis. I would treat it with antibiotics and they would clear it up for a while. It would always come back. When I stopped taking the pills (1990), the infections ceased. I haven't had one since.

Another possible cause are the antibiotics that you use to treat the initial infection. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, good and bad, indiscriminately.

A third cause is candida albicans or a body-wide yeast infection. Over use of antibiotics, birth control pills and a poor diet can cause candidiasis:

Estrogen in and of itself doesn't cause vaginitis. Synthetic estrogen and synthetic progesterone (progestin) does.

If you are taking birth control pills, stop. If you are using antibiotics frequently, stop. If you have a poor diet, change it. I guarantee the vaginitis will stop, permanently. It did for me.


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