Menopause is the period in a woman’s life when her menstruation ceases. It usually starts between ages 45 and 55. Menopause occurs because the woman’s ovary stops releasing the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

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Gay Lesbian and Bisexual

Do lesbians go through menopause easier than heterosexual women?

No, it is the same for all women regardless of their sexual orientation.

Aspergers Syndrome

Do women with Asperger's Syndrome go through menopause earlier than other women?

There is no evidence that shows that women with Asperger's Syndrome start menopause eariler or later than other women. This, however, has not been a highly researched area of Autism Science.

2nd Answer, this one from a perimenopausal woman with Asperger's syndrome:

There is not a connection between Asperger's syndrome and onset of menopause. However, women (and men!) with Asperger's often seem cranky and sensitive enough to be on menopause!


Do your feet get bigger when you go through menopause?

no, you may have swollen feet for a number of other reasons, this is a question for your gynacologist after he has diagnosed you.


What causes hot flashes in feet?

Why do i get red all over when i have a hotflash

Microsoft Windows

What are some possible reasons for applications not responding?

Windows applications primarily interact with each other and respond to the events triggered by user with the help of a process called message processing. While the user clicks on a button in the application, the windows kernel posts a message to the application which it can choose to react to, in its own way. If the application is busy doing something else, the message waits long in the message pool. If the application is locked up infinitely doing something else, the message goes unprocessed and the application seems to be not responding to the user.

- Haya.


Does a physically fit woman go through menopause easier than an out of shape woman?


Conditions and Diseases

How does dizziness cause vomiting?

It is to do with your ears and balance - There are various causes

* Travel sickness, where your ears are not used to travel, it can mainly occur on winding country roads and also on boat and ship travel (sea-sickness)

* Ear disorders such as Meniere's Disease and Labryinthnitis (inflammation of the inner ear)

* Vertigo (where you also have the sensation that the room or area is spinning)


What is Octyl Palmitate?

Another name for this is Ethylhexyl palmitate. It is an ester made by the reaction of 2-ethylhexanol and palmitic acid. I think it can be naturally derived from palm oil. It's formula is C24H48O2. It is used in many of your household products. It is used in many perfumes and fragranced products as a fixative for the fragrance. It is used in cosmetics as a solvent, carrying agent for active ingredients, wetting agent for wetting pigments, and emollient (adjuster of skin moisture and feel). You'll find it in most lipsticks, foundation creams, and in many lotions. It has a sorta dry oil feel, similar to some dimethicone blends.


What are the symptoms of menopause?

The most common telltale signs of menopause are hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, pain during intercourse, increased anxiety and irritability, and urinating more often than usual.

Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence
Abused Men

How should a man handle a woman he considers abusive especially when the abuse often triggers rage?

I think the man should separate from the woman...immediately. This is not to condone the rage or angry behavior (shouting?), but it seems to be an imperfect response to inexcusable behavior. It is a vicious cycle and is not good for either party. If it is early in the relationship and otherwise things are good, a good communication class for both parties might be in order. But if the abusive behavior continues, then it is a deal breaker to the relationship.

There is little difference between male and female abusers. See the external links further down this page.

Before I could offer any suggestions - I need to have EXPLAINED what is meant by "the rage such abuse often triggers?" It sounds like - when you are abused? you then rage. Is this the case??? If you are raging at her then in all probability and from experience - she is trying to defend herself!!!!!!!!!!

Abuse is abuse period. I am a man that recently left an abusive relationship with a female Narcissist. The abuse was mostly non-verbal - silent treatment, withdrawing and other manipulating, control tactics that infected me like a slow poison over time. I made a stand and left the woman, which is the only viable option. It hurt tremendously, but you have to respect yourself.

One method abusers use is to revicitmize the vicitm by including the naive commmunity in on joining him in order to do so.

It is best to leave abusive relationships in the past.

Read below:

Stalkers and the Borderline Personality

The Borderline Personality

In recent years psychologists have learned about and done case studies on a new personality disorder which the DSM-III-R classifies as an Axis II disorder- the Borderline Personality . This classification includes such personality disorders as the Anti-social Personality, the Histrionic Personality and the Narcissistic Personality. Several psychologists (including myself) diagonosed my stalker as afflicted with the Borderline Personality. Characteristic of the Borderline (derived from research done by Kreisman & Straus, 1989) are:

a shaky sense of identity

sudden, violent outbursts

oversensitivity to real or imagined rejection

brief, turbulent love affairs

frequent periods of intense depression

eating disorders, drug abuse, and other self-destructive tendencies

an irrational fear of abandonment and an inability to be alone

Not much research has been done on the Borderline Personality, and for many years it was difficult to diagnose- and to treat. A Borderline often feels as though his/her life is marked with a distinctive emptiness; a void in which a relationship often acts to fill. Many times the Borderline is a victim of an early dysfunctional family situation and/or emotional/physical abuse by those he/she trusted early on in childhood.

The Borderline is psychotic , in the original, psychological meaning of the term: he/she is not in control and not in touch with reality. To the Borderline, a softly spoken word of advice can be construed as a threat on his/her emotional stability. An outsider's viewpoint that the Borderline is not in touch with reality often ends in a bitter and irrational dissassociation from the outsider on the part of the Borderline. Often, the Borderline ends up very much alone and victim to his/her disillusions.

The Borderline stalker is very apt to see his/her actions as perfectly justified; he/she has paranoid disillusions which support these-often with disturbing frequency. The Borderline often has brief love affairs which end abruptly, turbulently and leave the Borderline with enhanced feelings of self-hatred, self-doubt and a fear that is not often experienced by rational people. When the Borderline's relationships turn sour, the Borderline often begins to, at first, harass the estranged partner with unnecessary apologies and/or apologetic behavior (i.e. letters of apology 'from the heart', flowers delivered at one's place of employment, early morning weeping phonecalls, etc.). However, the Borderline does not construe his/her behavior as harassment- to the Borderline he/she is being 'responsible' for his/her past behaviors.

The next phase of the Borderline Personality develops relatively quickly and soon he/she feels suddenly betrayed, hurt, etc. and seeks to victimize the estranged partner in any way he/she can. Strangely enough, this deleterious behavior is always coupled with a need to be near or in constant contact with the estranged partner . While sending threats to the estranged partner, it is very common for the Borderline to begin to stalk his/her estranged partner in an effort to maintain contact. This effort is motivated by the excruciating fear that the Borderline will end up alone and anger that [the estranged partner] has put him/her in this position. We are finding, in many cases, that a great deal of stalking behavior is associated with Borderline or related personality disorders. Earlier research did not incorporate the Borderline Personality in stalking profiles; research now is beginning to focus on the Borderline in such disorders as Erotomania, etc.

IF I have understood the question correctly, it sounds as if the abuser (in this case a woman) may be trying to provoke her male partner into attacking her physically. If this is the case, DON'T fall for it. DON'T get into a rage; just walk out. What she is doing sounds like calculated trickery based on the knowledge that for many people the key image of domestic violence is that of a man beating up his female partner. Although professionals, such as social workers and judges may be theoretically aware that there are many forms of emotional abuse, many have real problems getting to grips with the concept. Consider, too, that if your abuser can 'turn the tables' on you and make you appear the abuser, she will feel morally as high as high can be.

IF I've understood the situation correctly, and it's quite possible that I haven't, and IF your partner is succeeding in sending you into a monumental rage, then arguably you are two consenting adults playing a very dangerous game of 'abuse me'. (I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but something in the relationship seems odd over and above the abuse. On the face of it, you seem to be claiming the right to rage on the grounds that the abuse is so painful. Get out before something worse happens.

Conditions and Diseases
Head, Ears, and Nose

Do bumps on the head particularly above the ear area plus headaches and soreness have any connection to seizures or menopause?

All bumps should be checked out by your doctor (usually there is nothing wrong) and can be anything from a bony spur, to a fatty lump (it moves.) However, some bumps (depending what they are) could have roots and it could annoy the ear area and cause headaches. Best to have it checked out. The only reason you would get a bump from a seizure is if that person fell and thrashed around hitting their head on a piece of furniture or some other object. Menopause certainly can cause a lot of moles (in some people) and lumps and bumps and HEADACHES. I believe Billy Crystal said it well: (he's a grandpa now)


There you have it. Ain't it wonderful! Ha, ha.

Merry Christmas Marcy

Birth Control Pill

Do airplanes delay menstruation?

No, airplanes do not delay menstruation.

Travel can disrupt menstrual cycles, especially when there is a major time-zone shift. Menstruation is controlled by your menstrual cycle and hormonal changes in your body, those are in turn controlled by your circadian rhythm. Throw-out your bodies body clock and you potentially throw out your menstrual cycles, so in turn delaying ovulation and menstruation.

Conditions and Diseases

How soon does the HIV virus show up in the blood?

Are you wondering when an HIV test will detect antibodies? It depends on the state that you live in and what their protocol is. From the time you become infected to the time you produce antibodies is called the "window period." This can take 3 months to 6 months. It all depends on what testing technology your state department of health uses. If you put yourself at risk anytime during the window period, you will need to be retested at the end of the 3 or 6 months to be sure that you are uninfected. If you have good insurance, or can afford it, some doctors will do what is called a PCR test. That detects the virus itself. Usually they can pick up the virus in 3 to 4 weeks. They tend to be very expensive though. A standard HIV antibody test is usually done for free through your local department of health, AIDS service organizations, family planning clinics and Planned Parenthood. There are also rapid tests available that can give you results in 20 minutes.

Birth Control Pill

Should you continue taking birth control pills after you start menopause?

no because after menopause, a women can't get pregnant anymore or have periods.

Cardiovascular Health

Can synthroid cause frequent heart flutters?

If you are taking synthroid it is very important to have your thyroid levels (TSH, T4, T3, Free T) monitored via bloodwork, synthroid is a synthetic hormone that is used to treat typically hypothyorid (low thyroid) these hormones can effect your heart via your metabolic rate so the importance of monitoring this level is essential please follow up ASAP with your doctor.

Periods and Conception
Head, Ears, and Nose

What should you do for a nosebleed that lasts for days?

See a doctor, maybe go to the hospital if you fear too much blood loss, but if you go to the ENT he will probably try to cauterize your nose. Could be your platelets are low.


Does Gaspard Ulliel smoke?

Yes, he smokes.

Women's Health
Domestic Dogs

What is the cleanest part of a woman's body?

The vagina is the cleanest part of a woman's body. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ so it cleans out dead cells and has an acidic pH to kill harmful bacteria. As long as the vulva has been cleaned and there is no vaginal infection the vagina is very clean.

Swine Flu (H1N1/09)

How could a change in diet affect your menstrual cycle?

The consumption of soy can change your mentral period. It has a natural form of estrogen in it and just 2 cups a day is like taking birth control pills. Soy can actually change your memstral cycle.

Also, I have been told, read and experienced that if you have a change in diet or excercise (meaning a sudden increase in excercise) that can cause your period to be late. It happened to me twice. I was a week late both times, but not pregnant.

Menstrual Pain

What is the difference between ovulation fertilization and pregnancy?

  • Ovulation.
    This is when a mature egg is released from the ovary, this occurs around two weeks before menstruation, the egg then travels down the fallopian tubes where it may be fertilized.

  • Fertilization.
    This is when the egg released during ovulation is penetrated by sperm, one sperm finally joins with the egg and this is when conception occurs, the fertilized egg then travels down to the uterus.

  • Pregnancy.
    This is when the fertilized egg - zygote or embryo - reaches the uterus and implants itself into the uterus wall, from there the embryo develops into a fetus and eventually onto being a baby.
Periods and Conception

How long does a woman have her period?

Actually having the period is typically 3-7 days depending on the person. A woman generally will stop having her period all together around age 48-52 and enter into menopause.


Can menopause cause your heart to flutter?

Yes, it is one of the symptoms of menopause and is caused by hormonal changes. I had them as well and there is nothing to worry about. I would talk to your doctor about them (some women can have Mitral Valve Prolapse) and it's best to have it checked out, but most women are just fine. Just breath through them and stay calm and they will go away. Caffeine, alcohol and even chocolate can bring them on (stimulants.) If you see your doctor they will probably send you for a heart test (I went for one) and it's mainly to put your mind at ease.


You may also have a thyroid problem. Please check with your doctor to rule this out. Menopausal symptoms and thyroid symptoms can be similar. so its best to make sure your thyroid is working correctly.

Women's Health
Oceans and Seas

How deep is the hyman located?

Its been told that the hyman is located at the opening of the vagina. but from personal experience, the hyman is actually located no more than 3-4inches within a womans vagina. Also, the hyman does not always determine wheather are not a girl is a virgin. The hyman is a delacate layer of skin, which can be torn by doing vigarouse activities, such as bike riding,masterbation with a dildo, doing splits,getting hit near it and etc... So the hyman does not always dtermine virginity. Going back to the persanol experience. My boyfriend and i were having a conversation about my cherry(hyman)being poped. I've never bleed during sexual intercourse and he is the second guy i had have sex with. Whenever it was time for him to go deeper, it would hurt like hell, so I questioned my doctor and got the information i needed. My boyfriend and i had sex and yes, i bleed like a virgin. So there ya go....

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Haircuts, Hairdressing, and Hairstyles

Can giddiness and heaviness in the head and shoulder stress be linked to menopause or is it something else?

Most of body responses are slowddown because of hormonal changes during mensturation,linkage stays the same at the period of menupause,To regain the balance of your body,using food stuff rich in vitamin E,highly reommended.vitamin E,balances disorders in your body because of hormonal deviation,Dates are easily turned into enery too,so mixing dates and milk would be a great solution for regaining the lost energy,it doesent matter when you have it. wish you fitness and hapiness hamid

Women's Health
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How early in life does a woman go through menopause?

Normally around age 50.

But it can occasionally happen very early (even mid 20s), and prevent the woman from having any children. Or it can be delayed until almost 60. It tends to be hereditary so if your mother had an early or late menopause then you are more likely to follow that pattern.

The first symptoms are periods becoming more irregular, sometimes early, sometimes late, then missing altogether sometimes for months at a time. After a couple of years the periods stop altogether and never reappear. Some people never have any other symptoms, but others have hot flushes, sudden rages etc. Hormone replacement can help.

I will add that natural cure is best. The Hormone replacement therapy has been linked to some health problems like heart disease. Get more education before you try it. I also refer you to the book:


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