Diapers are absorbent underwear used for babies until they are toilet trained. Babies need diaper changes 5-10 times a day. Diapers can be disposable or reusable (cloth). Diapers are also used for adults in some cases. Ask questions about diapers in this category.

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How does urine turn into gel in diapers?

The urine gets absorbed by crystals of a super-absorbent polymer that can hold many times its weight in water. These crystals expand and become gel-like when wet.


Any anime that involves diapers?

Daa! Daa! Daa! or UFO Baby!

---it doesn't center around diapers, actually.


Should girls wear diapers for periods?

No. Well, I guess you could. But I think you will be fine if you just wear pads. My closest friend that I trust the very most uses tampons, but some religions believe that doing so gets rid of your virginity. I mean, when you're in your late teens, or early twenties, do you really want to be wearing a diaper? I think most people wouldn't. Wear a pad. And take a bath every night when you are on your period.

Good Luck!



How do you sneak diapers past your parents?

Just keep them out of sight and bring them in once they are not looking. Hiding the baby will be a lot more difficult though.


Can a baby get herpes from a diaper change?

I don't see how that could happen. If you talk mouth sores we all have that virus in us and no sexual contract is needed but if you talk genital herpes it could only happen if there was sexual contact (genitals against genitals) or if the person changing it had liquid from the blisters on his/hers hands when changing it. But that would also be weird since the blisters hurt a lot and the person would know about a outbreak. Or if the diaper had suck liquid on it. All in all it sounds strange and should be investigated by a doctor.


Do hospitals supply diapers for adults?

Yes they do - if the need arises.


Why did everybody hate the diaper thief?

He left sixty babies with no place to go


Where can you get free diapers for low income family?

The local food bank usually stocks diapers; or can tell you where you can get them.

Navy SEALs

What are the origins of scuba diving?

Diving, using trapped/contained ambient pressure air with no air-supply connection to the surface, likely began many centuries ago. With enough weight to counteract the buoyancy of the trapped air, almost anything is possible, and was probably attempted. Breath-hold or 'free' diving's origins, however, can be traced back to several thousand years BC, most likely attempts to salvage sunken treasure from wrecked ships. Both commercially and recreationally, free diving is still, by far, the most common and frequent. Cheapest, too. Strictly speaking, however, Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or SCUBA, using pressurized (150 atmospheres/approx 5300(!!!)lbs) air with a downstream user-demand regulator valve can be very closely dated. In his (highly reccomended) 1953 book, "The Silent World", Capitaine Jacques-Yves Cousteau describes how, in June, 1943, he first tested (his own design of) the world's first (23kg) 'aqualung', accompanied by Phillipe Taillez as (surface) dive-boat 'tender' and Frederic "Didi" Dumas as 'safety' (skin) chase diver. Capitaine Cousteau's wife, Simone was to observe only, using mask and schnorkle.


Does Amy rose were diapers?

Maybe. In SADX, she appears to either be wearing diapers or strangely misshapen briefs.

Olympics Wrestling
High School

Do high school wrestlers wear a cup?

I'm an Alabama All State NCAA wrestling champion and I'll be honest, you can wear a cup but it's not suggested because it can affect certain movements and it can actually hurt you more than help.

I always wear a jockstrap and cup for EVERY sport. I play baseball, football, and hockey, as well. For wrestling I wear a soft cup brief that does not interfere and is also relatively unnoticeable if that bothers you. The soft cup is nice since it is flexible but also protects you.

I agree with the previous poster in that I also wear a cup and jock for every sport whether required or not. I feel it gives me the confidence and edge to play all-out without having to worry.

I have been wrestling since age twelve. My first coach insisted that we wear a cup and I have ever since. I am now a senior in H.S. It gives me a peace of mind. I have friends who wrestle and do not wear one and they have been injured.

I have been wrestling since 11 and on my first wrestling practice the first thing I asked him was if we had two wear a cup and he said that it is not needed. But if you want to wear one then that's your choice.

Nope never, jockstrap or brief only.

I am a senior this year and no one wears a cup on my team. Most everyone wears briefs. And yeah you can get hurt there. Freshman year I was in a tournament and got hit there. I took my medical but had to forfeit. It hurt so bad I couldn't continue.

In most cases a cup would create an unsightly bulge in a wrestling singlet, and cups are generally never worn, except perhaps by one organ athletes. Not to say they wouldn't come in handy, as it seems in every tournament you will witness at least one victim curled up on the mat clutching his groin.

I have to admit that yes I did wear a cup for wrestling (as well as for every sport). Like a previous post stated, it gave me the confidence to go all out in whatever I did. That said, it certainly wasn't common to wear a cup for wrestling.

Soft jock strap under the singlet every time.


When do you change an adult diaper?

An adult diaper shouldn't get too wet. Just like with baby diapers, keeping a wet adult diaper on for too long can result in diaper rash and bad odor. To prevent diaper rash, the diaper should be changed as soon as it becomes wet or soiled. People who wear diapers because of bed wetting should change their diapers when they awake. Some adults are able to change their own diapers. But many adults need help keeping themselves clean. If a person is invalid or mentally impaired, they'll need someone to change their diaper for them.

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Do dental fillings crush from scuba diving?


It's unlikely that fillings would ever crush, but theoretically an extremely badly made filling could crush from the pressure of a deep descent. A more common dental issue associated with diving is empty pockets of air in a filling expanding as you ascend and causing pain.

It's worth mentioning that you're a scuba diver to your dentist, and check out DAN(.org?) (Divers Alert Network) for dental health related issues.


No, fillings do not crush, and no, they do not trap air. This is an urban myth. There has never been even one authenticated case of either ever recorded. If you think its your teeth, its most likely your ears, believe it or not, its really hard to tell the difference.

Answer Improvement.

Far more frequent than problems with dental work are sinus problems. One old, hoary way of testing if your toothache is really a sinus problem is to hop on the heel of one foot on the side that hurts. If it throbs every hop, it's sinus and not dentistry.

I realize this sounds like voodoo. The science of it is that a swollen sinus cavity will press down on the same nerve plexus that hurts when an upper tooth gets problematic. However, that bouncing motion will really throb with a swollen sinus but won't do a thing to a tooth ache.

Doubt me? Try it :}

Another answer

I don't think a filling can be crushed, but if it is fitted badly and there is a pocket of air underneath the filling there is a possibility that as you ascend the air will expand causing the filling to pop out, however I think this rarely happens. Someone mentioned telling your dentist that you are a diver, but unless they are a diver themselves they will have no idea why you are telling them that so you will probably jut get an answer along the lines of'oh really? ? That'snice'

Video Games

Is there any video games with diapers?

yeah just get a video game about babies they have diapers.


How do you make a diaper cake?

There are several sites that offer instructions on making a diaper "cake" (actually a unique arrangement of diapers designed to look like a cake, for those who don't know). Here are a few of the sites:

As for decorating with the words "Pamper Me" or other slogans, I suggest looking at sites that offer to sell the cakes, and getting some decorating ideas. Here is an example site with some good photos:


Emma Watson

Has Emma Watson ever worn diapers?

I'm sure she wore them when she was a baby.

Sanitization and Germs
Cloth Diapers

How do you get rid of poop stains from a cloth diaper?

Try 1/4 cup bleach, 1/4 cup dishwasher detergent (like Cascade) mixed together in hot water in the sink or pail. Then put in the diaper for 15 minutes and wash immediately after that. This works for formula and other stains, too. It originally was a hint from Heloise and I've used it frequently for the past few years.


Do police officers wear diapers?

Some of them do and some not.


Where will you find diapers for teenagers?


They have some of the best diapers you can get. I use the Abena Abri-Form Briefs for school.

Also if you wanted baby like diapers in teen sizes,


Actually, those are rather great sites to check out. But you can also just find Goodnites pull-ups at any store.

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Why do schools forbid girls from wearing stirrup pants?

Wearing Stirrups to SchoolI'm 48, and I've been wearing stirrup pants since the 80s, and there's nothing wrong with them. I get compliments all the time from both men and women, and I have women ask me where I buy them... on the Internet, of course. They are not considered slutty or out-of-date; they just make a women's legs look long and slender. Other pants do nothing for me except make my legs look two times too big because there is too much room. With stirrup pants, they're tapered right down to my ankles, and I look quite good for my age! AnswerProbably because they haven't revised their dress code since 1985?

Or that they accent the features that men love on a woman. Tightness and such.

Answer1) What is it about them that they find revolting? 2) They are coming back again. AnswerBecause stretch stirrup pants are from the 80s. Its nice to know that some schools have some sort of fashion morale.

Because the child that wore them would be picked on.


1). Because it's not the uniform!

Real answerBecause it is "inappropriate" which it's not but whatever. It turns men on. Lol!MAYBE BECAUSE THEY'RE UGLY!!!

When where diapers invented?

Cloth diapers have been used since ancient history. Sometimes they used skins from animals as diapers. In 1942 the first disposable diaper was made, in Sweden.


How can you get your parents to put you in diapers andpacifiers?

Start wetting the bed and cry at night


How can you get back into diapers?

Start wetting yourself and wetting the bed.


Can Adults wear diapers on a plane?

It is permitted.

^no its not you piece of shitE, i am richard bransons step daughter.

However i feel more comfortable when wearing diapers because i have gastro problems, xxx

Men's Health

Are there any vitamins in sperm?

There are lots of good things in sperm. * Sugars: Fructose, sorbitol, inositol * Proteins and amino acids: glutathione, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), creatine * Minerals: Phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium * Vitamins: Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin B12, choline * Hormones: Testosterone, prostaglandins * Body byproducts: Lactic acid, urea, uric acid, nitrogen It also contains minerals, such as zinc, and trace amounts of other important nutrients, like calcium and magnesium. Semen contains very little fat, and few calories. One teaspoon contains about 5 calories, and the average ejaculation produces about a tablespoon of semen, for a total of 15 calories. So it is probably good for you.


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