Transgender is a term used to refer to a variety of individuals, groups, and behaviors involving tendencies to depart from traditional gender roles. It is the state of one's self-identification (as man, woman, neither or both) not matching one's physical/genetic sex.

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Can a female become a hermaphrodite?

well no, a hermaphrodite is born that way.

The term is actually intersexed - when a person is born and they have the genes or physically appendages of both sexes. It can happen from broken chromosomes, from toxins deforming the fetus, it can come up randomly. There are a lot more people that are intersexed and we don't know it. Neither do they.


How can a male wear his clothes in a more feminine fashion?

If you are looking for a quick fix then a belt over the top of a fully untucked man shirt is a quickly and you can leave your trousers on but slip on a pair of heels. Hey presto you have a smart secretary. Even better if you can slip a padded bra on underneath. Adding a taste of lip gloss will also make you feel even more feminine and of course there's nothing to stop you wearing a pretty pair of panties or tights under your suit as long as you are thoughtful in the men's room.


How can a man get a womanly figure?

If you have the diagnosis of transsexualism after a minimum of 3 months of investigation and therapy, you would see an endocrinologist to get hormones. Besides that, you can do the following:

  • shave your legs
  • shave your armpits
  • shave facial hair
  • maybe wear a corset
  • get curves
  • get breast enlargement surgery
  • wear a long wig
  • wear makeup
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Is it normal for my older sister's bras to fit me even though I'm a guy?

try it on and if you like it then try her panties...

A bra can fit on a man with pecs, not just one with moobs. If normal or not depends on what the both of you look like. I also doubt there is enough research done on the matter to decide what is normal in this case.And this also means that you might be over weight.....but its okay nothing a little excercise can fix! :)


Why do some women like shemales?

Because they like that have all parts of man but soft warmth of woman and a little kinky.

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Are transgender women created by God?

There are individuals who are born with a variety of syndromes and genetic conditions that involve the sexual organs. This is obviously something over which people have no control. Rarely, there is ambiguity about what most of us take for granted: a clear distinction between physically male and physically female characteristics. How would believers determine that this and other sexual anomalies do not come from god?


There are no sexual anomalies, the answer to creation of Male and Female is defined in Genesis 1:26,27, there is no ambiguity there and there is no transgender. There is perversion of sexual acts and physical body parts, which is ramped this day and age, that is identified in Romans chapter 1. A man remains a man and a woman remains a woman as they were originally designed.

The two don't cross over unless forced through the perversion of the acts of men as are thoroughly defined in Romans 1 as stated above. So the answer to your question is a transgender woman created by God our Father? No she is not. A Transgender woman is an abomination created by men, usually a male who has been augmented with a woman's breasts.


How a enuch differs with a shemale?

A she-male is a derogative term for a biological male (chromosomal XY) who partially changes their body to the opposite sex, to make pornographic materials. Shemales might identify as women or men (or somewhere in between). They tend to only partially feminize themselves out of whim, fetish, or to make money.

The term "shemale" is also sometimes offensively used to refer to transsexual women, born wrongly (in their perspective) with male genitalia and who eventually correct their bodies via sex-reassignment surgery and estrogen therapy to be as close to biologically female as is medically possible. For them, they transition because they believe they are a part of the gender binary.

A eunuch is a biological male who either cannot have sex or can't procreate; almost always due to some external cause e.g. they have been castrated or an accident has occurred. The connotations are different: one is to make money and the other is due to upbringing, beliefs, or an accident.

In some (mostly historical) societies, young males were deliberately castrated and used for unique purposes, including bodyguards, servants, slaves, actors (playing women, since females were often not permitted to act), singers.

In modern societies, there is an underground network of guys, a good number who identify as gay, who have or perform eunuch surgery. Also, there are people in places where transsexual folks don't traditionally get sex-reassignment surgery, so they become eunuchs, live as female, and live in eunuch clans. However, they typically don't make up new pronouns. Male-identified eunuchs who get the surgery as a right of passage or by accident maintain their male identity. Those who get it for sex reassignment reasons usually take on the pronouns and identity of the sex they believe they are, not make up a new one.


How would you tell you parents you want a sex change?

grow some balls/ovaries and say mom, you did a good job and all, but i want to be a girl/guy.

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What is Transvestism?

Transvestism (also called transvestitism) is the practice of cross-dressing, which is wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. Transvestite refers to a person who cross-dresses; however, the word often has additional connotations.

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Do straight women turn lesbian once in a lifetime?

  • No, not all straight women turn to a lesbian lifestyle in their lifetime. However, there is a small percentage of straight women who have had bad luck with men in general and may choose to have a lesbian partner; or in a small percentage some younger women are talked into being bisexual or made to believe they should be in a lesbian relationship.

Where is the 2011 tranny awards held?

4712 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood CA 91602


Can you get pregnant from a shemale?

A shemale or transwoman is often male-bodied and, thus, has a penis, scrotum, seminal vesicles, etc., and sperm. Although the sperm have likely been altered by any hormone therapy, which is common in transgender people, it would still be possible to fertilize an egg and make someone pregnant.

Please don't use the word "shemale," it is offensive and dehumanizing, reducing a person to a fetish and sex object. Instead, use "transwoman" or "MTF (male-to-female transsexual)."


Are girls who are tomboys transvestites?

  • No, girls who are tomboys are not transvestites. Some younger girls have the genetic makeup of preferring not to be feminine and simply enjoy being more adventuresome similar to boys. Often these types of young girls choose careers where they may travel to other countries for different causes; become scientists; etc., anything to have a more interesting lifestyle.

How does a boy become a girl?

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Does Amazon offer its employees diversity training covering gender identity?

No. They offer diversity training covering sexual orientation, but not gender identity.


What is Lewis' surname from My Transsexual Summer?



What does Elijah Blue Allman think about Chaz Bono?

I hope he still loves him.


How are transvestites born?

I am a heterosexual male in my forties- I've never wanted to be a woman but I have been cross dressing since I was about 4 or 5 years old. At that age I had no conception of gender or sexuality however I had a compulsion to dress as a girl. I was brought up by two sisters and my mother and I'm not sure if being surrounded by females when I was a baby was the factor that led to my compulsion but I suspect it had a significant influence. My cross dressing has had no negative effects on me at all - I have a normal sex life and have only ever been sexually attracted to women and not men.

Just like anyone else. It is theorized that the hormones of the mother of a child can affect the orientation, sex and gender of her unborn child.


What is a shemale?

The term 'Shemale' is used as a derogatory term to refer to transwomen (male-to-female transgender) or transsexual women who are not transgender who display female secondary sex characteristics and have male primary sex characteristics). Such individuals typically have breasts of an adult female (through hormone replacement therapy and/or through breast augmentation), and usually have other female secondary sex characteristics, but have not undergone genital reassignment surgery.

The term (along with tranny, ladyboy and "chick with a dick") is frequently used in the adult entertainment industry.

Many people, especially transgendered individuals and transsexual women themselves, consider the term highly offensive for this and/or one or more of the following reasons:

  • The word has hateful connotations.
  • Transgender persons are not born with transsexualism and thus don't want surgery. Mainly only those born with transsexualism would want surgery.
  • Their gender identity is female, not "male," nor do they feel they are only "half-female."
  • Transsexual persons didn't ask for the wrong body, and after surgery, they don't have transsexualism anymore, and they never were transgendered in the first place.
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What is NuGirl?

The "NuGirl Feminization Clinic" is a big joke or publicity stunt: The only thing I could find on it was a video at youtube which quoted (as it showed beautiful young women (no way all these were male at one time, 2 or 3 maybe, but not all) that the young ladies dancing (if you could call it that, 1 or 2 were moving, the rest appeared to be Elk or Caribou listening to Indian snake-charming music) were all males and have have GRS/SRS in most cases forced. The first shows a pretty young brunette (at least I think so the video's pretty fuzzy) There is text printed to the side as this person in a PVC teddy, 4-6" heels and PVC wrist straps walks on the catwalk -

"Michael Warburton, Sex Offender, sentenced to undergo sex change" 1 {I'll come to discuss each one in time.}

Then a short haired blonde (same outfit) strolls up and we are told (by print) "Kelvin Macey, Wayward Teen Son, Sent to NuGirl by Desperate Parents: has secured a place at a top fashion school" 2

Next what appears to be a very cute brunette (same getup, same catwalk saunter) "Julian Thompson, Witness Protection Program, Feminization funded by the State Police Department." (That note is so off it's not funny.) "Assuming a new life as Julia" to ensure his safety." 3

Next up is long haired brunette, "George Matheson, Unfaithful Husband, Agreed to sex-change as part of divorce settlement. Co-sponsored by his new boyfriend and his ex-wife." 4

Now comes a pretty long haired blonde model and we are told "John Cooper, Widower and Solo Parent" I have to admit - she's dang hot. "Unable to find a new mom for his kids.." "as 'Jane' he hopes to find them a new dad." {BTW she may be gorgeous, but she has no sense of either rhythm or grace ....} 5

Last is a tall near platinum blonde. "Peter Southerland, Unemployed Actor" "Advised to become a girl by his agent.. soon to star in several x-rated movies." 6

1) Okay - chemical castration doesn't work for most sex offenders, a sex change with facial and physical femininzation surgery are not going to stop a sex offender; they would now just do the same thing as a legal female.

2) This is funny "Be a good boy or you lose your "----"" Little Harsh don't you think? Unless he's Adoph Hitler reincarnated, then it's up to the law and not his parents.

3) Bwhaahaaha, "Julian Thompson, Witness Protection Program, Feminization funded by the State Police Department."

It would be the State Department, not the Police State Department or it would be the State Police. Besides, Witsec: Witness Protection, is handled by the US Marshals, not State Department.

And worse - if she actually was in Witsec: she's now dead. You don't allow your name and picture and any connection of any kind out (on the web or on tv, or radio or. ..) when there are people looking for you i.e. want you dead.

4) "George Matheson, Unfaithful Husband, Agreed to sex-change as part of divorce settlement." Ok - what would cause you to do this? Money? A man is prepared to lose everything to keep his penis. It's him. Gun to your head? maybe. Divorce no way.

5) "John Cooper, Widower and Solo Parent" "Unable to find a new mom for his kids.." "as 'Jane' he hopes to find them a new dad." How many ways this is wrong is uncountable: you want to really confuse your kids? Tell them you are getting a sex-change. Better to be a single parent. PLUS now you are adding a man and a woman that the kids don't know to the mix.


6) The only one possibly believable: "Peter Southerland, Unemployed Actor" "Advised to become a girl by his agent.. soon to star in several x-rated movies." I understand act-persons will do almost anything to get a job depending on the person and the job.

Okay, I've been serious, the truth is, this is meant to be publicity: I don't know where these girls came from or where they are going, but this certainly will get them some notice. Someone does need to teach them to dance, more about grace and poise and a little flair. All in all, hooray for the publiist who thought this up! Note: along with the view of the girls walking the catwalk are pictures of the supposed men they were; no way, some of these guys are in their 30's and by then surgery is not gonna get results like we see.


Why do men want to wear pantyhose?

Pantyhose have always been very typical womens clothing although today less women wear it. So if you want to dress like a woman you would probably go for the most typical type of clothing. Others like the way it feels against their skin. Often, it can be hard to find underwear/lingerie made out of soft/silky materials, so men buy clothes/underwear that is marketed at women.

Some people (who are male and identify as men) crossdress (dress up/put makeup on in a way that is commonly seen as feminine) because it's a sexual fetish for them or because they like feeling more feminine sometimes. It is important to distinguish crossdressing for fun from being transgender, which has nothing to do with sexual orientation or practices.

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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover transsexual mastectomy surgery?

No. Most insurance companies do not cover sex reassignment surgery. Now Aetna apparently covers the first $50,000 of transsexual-related costs, so I believe mastectomies are covered. If you have a medical reason like breast cancer, insurance should cover the removal of the cancer. You might be able to get BCBS to cover it if the reason is stated as cancer prevention (if, for example, you have a family history of breast cancer).


Are shemales born male or girls?

A shemale is a girl with a penis, so you can guess.

Ohh, you still don't know, they are girls...


Who paid for Chaz Bono's surgery?


I heard Miriam Rivera of transgender fame was hurt physically Is that true and how can you help?

There was a story of her being assaulted in Feb 2007 that appeared in the NY Post, but no other news outlet appears to have any info on this, and searching the web in detail, there is no hard evidence to be found. Knowing the Post's dubious background and stories, placing trust in a story by them that is not confirmed elsewhere is begging for trouble. I was recently with my dear friend Miriam and she is still the wonderful girl that we've all grown to love and cherish. I met with her and her Gorgeous friend Pamela Fontini and spent a wonderful evening chatting with Miriam. Yes, it's true Miriam was brutally attacked and thrown out of a fourth floor window of her home in Manhattan. She was sleeping and two men snuck into her home and struck her above the eyebrow with a Hammer. This left her unconscious and she was then thrown from the fourth floor window. The motive is yet to be fully determined, but petty theft is most probable, jewelery and household items were taken. Miriam broke both her wrists and her elbow and sustained many more severe injuries in the fall and most probably the only thing that allowed her to survive was that she was unconscious It's taken the courageous Miriam 2 years to fully recover but she is now back and just as gracious and full of life as ever. I hope this helps to dispel any rumors and I thank God for such wonderful Ladies Like Miriam to inspire all Transgendered Women to carry on.


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