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Hindi is one of the 22 official languages of India. It is also spoken in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. It is closely related to Urdu, and is believed to originate in the fourth century.

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Hindi Language and Culture

What is the full form of NASA?

It's National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Hindi Language and Culture

Hastmaithun se kya nuksan ho sakta hai?

hastmaithun hafte me ek bar karne se koi nuksan nahi hota hai. agar aap ise roj karte hai to eska nuksan ho sakta hai. kuch is tarah ke iske nuksan ho saktain hai............... * balon ka tutna * yaddas ka kamjor hona * wajan ka girna * shadi ke baad santan paida karne mai asafhal hona * body main kamjori aur thakan

Hindi Language and Culture

Wo kaqun si 3 sabzi hai jiske aakhri you tar aata hai?



Hindi Language and Culture

Duniya ka kaunsa janwar hai jiski 3 ankhein hain?

The tuatara, a lizard-like reptile that lives only in New Zealand, has three "eyes." It belongs to a group of reptiles, but today, the tuatara is the only surviving member of that group.

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Hindi Language and Culture

Deswar ma kal subha kya ayega?

0880 kal ayage

Hindi Language and Culture

What about you Hindi meaning?

"What about you" in Hindi is:

आप क्या Āpa kyā

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Hindi Language and Culture

Where can you find a list of junior hockey team tryouts in one place?

A good place to start is: Some leagues have compiled lists, and others require you to look into team sites. EDIT: Go to the webpage of the league you want to play in and there should be a link somewhere that gives the date and place of the tryouts for each team. Do not go to a tryout that is supposed to be for multiple teams from the same league. These tryouts really serve no purpose other than making money for the team. Often times, Jr A teams will invite Jr B coaches to their tryouts to pick up any kids that weren't quite good enough for the Jr A team. That is more likely a legitimat tryout.

Hindi Language and Culture

Who kaun si cheez hai Jo agar gili ho to 2kg sukhi ho to 1kg or agar jal jaye to 3kg Batao kya cheez hai?

Answer: sugar.

For more Paheliyan visit the related link below.

Hindi Language and Culture
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Kabuter teetar tisra panchi jiske last main tar ho konsa panchi hai?

Kabutar,teetar tisra

panchi jiske naam ke last me "tar

Hindi Language and Culture

What are soybeans called in Hindi?

Soybeans are called "soyabeans" in Hindi.

Hindi Language and Culture

What do you call your great grandmother in Hindi?

In Hindi,

Great Grandmother = Parnani (mother's side)

Great Grandmother = Pardadi (father's side)

Also for reference,

In Hindi

Grandmother = Nani (mother's side)

Grandmother = Dadi (father's side)

Hindi Language and Culture
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What do you call a Alien in Hindi?


Hindi Language and Culture

What do you say for 'foot' in Hindi?

For 'foot' we say 'charan, pair' or 'paon' in Hindi.

Hindi Language and Culture
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Wo kon sa pathar hai Jo pani mein nahi doobta?

Namak ka Pather

Hindi Language and Culture

What are some GK questions in the Hindi language?

There are thousands of GK questions (Samanya Gyan Prashn-a) in Hindi. It is not possible to provide vast numbers of questions here on WikiAnswers in Hindi.

Hindi Language and Culture

How do you write an essay in Hindi about Himalayas?

WikiAnswers will not write your essays for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information.

Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write down what you would say. What would you tell them about this topic? Look up information about the Himalayas! How would you tell your friend about this information in Hindi?

If you just start writing, you will be through with your assignment before you know it!

Hindi Language and Culture

What is word for clove oil in Hindi?

'Laung ka tel'.

Hindi Language and Culture
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What is the plural form of giraffe in Hindi?

"Bohot saare Girrafe"

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Hindi Language and Culture

Isy fill kar k bhejo dil lekar dil k gaya dil ne mera kha kar mar gaya in 7 blanks mein 1 he lafz aaye ga?

dil lekar dil k gaya dil ne mera kha kar mar gaya in 7 blanks mein 1 he lafz aaye ga?

Hindi Language and Culture

What is called banyan tree in Hindi?

I don't know about Hindi. But Yeah Hindi and Nepali is similar and in Nepali its called


Hindi Language and Culture

Hindi divas kab se manaya jata hai?

Hindi-divas 1949 se pratyek varsh 14 september ko manaya jata hai.

Hindi Language and Culture

What does Hindi paraphrase 'apna ullu seedha karna' mean?

'Apna ullu seedha karna' means contacting someone with the explicit purpose of being selfish, to serve one's own interests.

Hindi Language and Culture

What do you say 'akalmand ke liye ishara hi kafi hota hai' in English?

one hint is enough for a wise person.


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