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Crafts for Children is for involving a child in the crafts world, such as coloring printouts, craft ideas using regular household items, drawing lessons, paper folding and simple origami, or simply getting a child interested in the world of Arts and Crafts.

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Crafts for Children
Arts and Crafts

7 year old boy birthday party ideas?

Opt for a theme! A movie, a colur, a style of fancy dress, here are some sggestions: Pirate, red blue and yellow, movie characters, football, or animal theme.

Get the children coming to dress in the theme, and play games based around the theme. E.g if you were doing animal them, play funky animal music, get the children to make masks and play pin the tail on the donkey. If you were opting for a pirate theme for example, make a treasure hunt, and make up a game called walk the plank where you blind fold the children and get them to walk around the room, who ever bumps into somebody else has to "walk the plan" and face a forefeit card which you can make up saying ideas like "crawl around the room like a cat" or "sing a nrsery rhyme".

If you don't want to have a party at your house, there are many other options:

  • Try you local sports centre for a fun activity filled party. They normally do a secial all inclusive birthday package with a selection of fun activities to chooses from, party food, and party bags.
  • Take your child and a group of his mates to the nearest "bear factory" for a cuddly party and inbrace the inner child.
  • Take the birthday boy and a few friends to a near nature reserve, or animal sanctory, pack a picnic and treat them to an ice cream and a paddle in the pool. Or fly a bird at a bird sactory!
Crafts for Children

How do you make a calculator out of cardboard?

Abraham Lincoln
Crafts for Children

How do you make an Abraham Lincoln puppet?

Supplies: 2 Popsicle sticks, paper (as many pieces as necessary) , things to color with (all colors is best) (optional, googlie eyes (optional, 1 pair of scissors, and something sticky (glue, tape, or staples).

Directions: outline a face, outline a top hat separate, color (circle/oval like a face, top hat black), outline a body (optional), cut body (if chose a body), color body black like a suit (if chosen body), add tie (if chosen a body, optiona)l, cut through face at mouth line (if you want it to talk), glue top of head to one Popsicle stick (if talking puppet), glue bottom of head to a Popsicle stick (if talking puppet), lastly, glue body (if chosen) to bottom of face.


Crafts for Children

What makes there color pink?

Red and white.

To be specific, if you mix the paints red and white you will get pink. If you want to get pink light (called magenta) you need to mix red and blue light.

Crafts for Children
Ceramics and Pottery

How do you make homemade soft modeling clay?

I don't think there's a way to an exact same replica. Although you can search a tutorial on youtube on how to make cold porcelain. Cold porcelain is kind of just like clay or play-dough. It hardens once its exposed to air.

Crafts for Children

Why were sock monkeys made?

I'm not completely sure why, but I believe it's the same reason that Laura Ingalls had a doll made out of a corn cob: They did not have enough money to buy real dolls and toys, so they made them out of the resources that were around them.

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Crafts for Children

What are the colors of the rainbow in order?

Red and yellow and green and blue?

Crafts for Children

How do you make a model of Qutub Minar?

Stack up toilet rolls and tape them together. For the minaret you can make a ball with a point out of plastiine and glue/tape the entire thing togwther. Thenyou could it with paper mache and paint on the details

Crafts for Children

What does sandpaper feel like?

like french toust smajed

Crafts for Children
Glue and Adhesives

Why did your glue stick turn black?

Most likely because it was left somewhere damp and then got mouldy.

Crafts for Children

What is the history of pressed cardboard glitter houses and when did they first appear?

Carole, check out this website for information about these wonderful little houses. "Papa" Ted has a wonderful site all about the history and care for these. He even offers replacement windows and ddors to help renovate any "fixer-uppers" you may have.

Crafts for Children
Crayons and Markers

Weight of a box of crayons?

A box of 24 crayons weighs on average about 300 grams

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Crafts for Children
DIY Projects

How do you make a sofa pillow?

Sofa pillows can add some spice and style to your living room. While you try to buy them at department stores, it is usually hard to find exactly what you're looking for. Most of the pillows that are sold in these stores are fairly generic and very pricey. If you're not satisfied with the sofa pillows you find out in the marketplace, you can make your own sofa pillows at home. Not only will you have a one-of-a-kind pillow but you'll also save a little bit of money. # == # Step 1 Choose your fabric. Before you start to make your pillow, it's important to decide on what kind of fabric you would like to use. Head to your local fabric store and purchase the fabric that suits you. Keep in mind that the fabric needs to be relatively thick. # Step 2 Gather all the materials you need. Make sure you have everything you need before you get started. Choose thread that matches the fabric and have a sewing machine available. Gather the fabric, fabric liner, scissors and a sewing needle. If you want to add extra décor to your pillow, make sure you have a significant amount of that readily available. # Step 3 Sew the frame of the pillow. Decide on how big you want the fabric to be and cut the fabric. Double up the fabric. For example if you want a square pillow, decide how big the pillow will be. Double up on that amount of fabric leaving a little bit extra for shaping your pillow. # Step 4 Sew the pillow liner in. Once you have your fabric ready, sew the pillow liner to the side of your fabric that won't be showing. # Step 5 Sew your pillow together. Once the pillow liner is ready, it's time to sew the three corners of your pillow together. You want to leave one corner open so that you can stuff the pillow. # Step 6 Stuff your pillow. Once your pillow is three quarters of the way done, it's time to stuff it. Use your favorite pillow foam or pillow stuffing and fill the pillow up. Try to get as much stuffing in there as possible because over time sofa pillows tend to lose their form. # Step 7 Sew up the final corner. Once your pillow is successfully stuffed, it's time to sew up the final corner. Once it is sewed up, cut away any excess fabric. # Step 8 Add any extra decorations. Now it's time to get creative. Add your favorite décor to your pillow. This can be beads or tassels. Once you are finished adding the décor, your pillow is complete. Congratulations and enjoy that one-of-a-kind pillow! # == #* -fabric #* -sewing machine #* -thread #* -needle #* -décor of your choice #* -pillow stuffing #* -scissors #* -fabric liner

Crafts for Children

What do you get when you mix green and yellow color?

It's lime green, blue is a primary colour, it cannot be derived from others.
A brownish color.

Math and Arithmetic
Crafts for Children
One Piece

How do you cut out stencils and leave islands bridges ties and strips so it will be in one piece?

Cut away what you don't want.

Crafts for Children
Airplanes and Aircraft
Waste and Recycling

How do you make an airplane with waste material?


Not an easy task, however many have been successful. The first thing you will need is a good engine.

Or alternatively the first thing you will need is a good set of blue prints, for a previously build aircraft then you will know exactly what you will need, and can even get a rough idea of how long and how much it is going to cost.

There are laws against flying a hand built aircraft without a licence, and there is also insurance to consider.

If you own a large area of ground then a microlight aircraft could be a viable project.

Crafts for Children
Chris Brown

What is a good acrostic poem for valentines day?





Crafts for Children
Roman Empire

How do you build a sphinx for school project?

Drop a huge deuce on a piece of cardboard. Hope it looks like a sphinx.

Crafts for Children
Optical Illusions
Women's Rights

Does Sufism believe in women's rights in Islam?

Sufism is part of Islam . All true sufis practice Islam and shariah . Hence they have no other view , their view is same as is islamic view . Women have rights as mentioned in Qu'ran and Hadith .

Crafts for Children

Where can you buy a Sock Monkey in Mississauga Ontario?

they offer monkeys of all types and sizes at reasonable prices. They apparently have pick up locations and shipping options.

Arts and Crafts
Crafts for Children

What color does pink and red make when mixed together?

A darker pink

Arts and Crafts
Crafts for Children
Wood Crafts

How do you build a pyramid out of popsicle sticks?

Building a Model PyramidYou would need lots of glue to hold it together.
  • You might search online or go to a library to look for tips or patterns, or talk to an artist or art teacher for tips on how to do it. If you cannot find a pattern, you could study pyramids and use a picture to make one. Of course, you would have cut the sticks to length as you went up the pyramid and put each stick in a little from the one below it. It shouldn't be extremely hard to do even without a pattern and should be fun
  • Cut four sticks of the same length and glue them together in a square frame.
  • Step 2
  • Cut three sticks, one long enough to reach from one corner to another diagonally. Then cut two short sticks long enough to reach from the two remaining corners to the center stick. Glue all these sticks in place on the square frame.
  1. Step 3
  2. Cut four sticks long enough to reach upward from the corner of the square frame slanted to the center. Glue these four sticks in place to form a pyramid shape.
  3. Step 4

Cut sticks and glue them in place to fill in the four sides of the pyramid.

  1. Step 5

Clean any hot glue strings that may remain from the model pyramid by simply pulling them off.

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Crafts for Children
Glue and Adhesives

Is RoseArt washable school glue ELMERS?

No, they are separate companies. Rose Art is also a PVA glue.

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Building and Carpentry
Crafts for Children
Glue and Adhesives
Cornflour and Cornstarch
How To

How to make glop without cornstarch or glue?

you need cornstarch or you cant make it :(

but still here are the ingridients with cornstarch but without glue


1 cup of cornstarch

a small amount of water

Crafts for Children
Crayons and Markers

How are crayons used?

Crayons are colored wax that are used to draw pictures on paper.


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