Crayons and Markers

Crayons and markers are often the first writing implement a child ever has their hands on. Both crayons and markers come in a very wide variety of colors and qualities. Some types can be picked up at the local grocery store, and are responsible for the majority of artwork found taped to fridges. Other varieties are of a much higher quality, and are used by commercial artists to create much more complex work.

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Crayons and Markers

How do you get out Sharpie marker?

pure alchohol or hand sanitizer work.OR! toothpaste. this really does work. No joke...

and if it is on a hard surface (not clothes) you can use an expo marker

I can add, that if you use common hair spray (aerosol) spray the spot, blot, spray and then blot, you will see the stain coming up. That works on carpet and upholstery as well.

Inknix is an ink remover that you purchase from an office supply store, choose a small local store to support our small businesses. Call to see if they stock it. If not, they can normally they can get it from their wholesaler and have it the next morning.

I guess they are working on the site for the product because is under construction apparently.

Crayons and Markers

What is a recipe for edible crayons?


1 Bag pretzel rods

1 Bag candy melts ( any color) Wilton makes these.

Crayon Wrappers (can be strips of paper)

Wax paper


1. Cut Pretzel rods into 3" pieces ( use serrated knife)

2. Place 1/4 to 1/2 of candy melts into microwaveable bowl.

3. Melt bowl of candy melts in Microwave - Stirring every 30 seconds until melted

4. Dip each end of pretzel rod into melted candy melt.

5. Place on wax paper to dry.

6. Wrap dipped pretzel rod with crayon wrapper once completely dry

Crayons and Markers

Why does drawing dry erase marker over permanent marker help erase it?

It does seem a little counterintuitive that adding more marker would help to get rid of the marks, but this trick really works! Dry erase markers have a unique makeup of chemicals so that they can be easily erased from surfaces that won’t absorb them, like a dry erase board (they are, of course, not so erasable when you get them on your clothes—no, I’m not bitter). Some of those chemicals are alcohols, which act as solvents and dissolve the permanent marker, making it erasable.

Also, as I learned this week, it also works on five-year-old dry erase marker! Who knew.

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Crayons and Markers

What metric unit would you use to measure the length of a crayon?

Centimeters should give enough granularity.

Crayons and Markers

Is it possible to be allergic to crayons?

I cannot see this to be the case with modern crayons. Perhaps when they still contained toxins.

YES IT IS! My friends daughter is! She has had 27 trips to the er since she started school in August. She is allergic to the dyes in all major brand of crayons. It is possible to be allergic, it isn't always the toxins. Although a few major brands still contain lead and some brands use phthalates a chemical used to make the crayon more flexible. There are no long term studies on the side effects of phthalates, but some research has shown the chemical compound has been linked to cancer (not that that should shock anyone, everything can be linked to cancer).

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Crayons and Markers

What do you call it when a bunch of kids throw crayons and poster paint at you?

an art attack (homework Huh)

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Crayons and Markers

How many inches is a crayon?


Crayons and Markers

Is crayon a common noun or a proper?

The word crayon is a common noun, a singular, concrete noun. The brand name Crayola is a proper noun for crayon.

Crayons and Markers

Can a steam mop remove crayon from floors?

Yes They are very different form the everyday mop as it heats up and kills 99% or bacteria and dust mites, it is used to clean floors and carpet, While using the steam mop please take care as it burns skin quickly and has been noted for many burn hazards.

a better way to get crayon out of carpet is to use a paper sack and an good old clothing iron, with the steam setting turned off. It works for candle wax also. place the paper sack over the melted crayon or crayon coloring, and heat with the iron on the bag, it pulls the crayon out of the carpet, once the waxy substance is removed, oxyclean will pull any possible color left behind out of carpet. Baby wipes believe it or not take stains out of carpet also... I keep them around even though my baby is almost 7!

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Crayons and Markers

Eating Crayola chalk is harmful?

I would recommend reading the package looking for any details on what you should do if it's consumed. I have been using chalk since I was 4 years old and I don't think it's harmful to anything. Most likely they wouldn't make the chalk toxic if consumed.

Crayons and Markers

Is melting crayons a example of chemical change?

No it is an example of a physical change

Crayons and Markers

Is crayon a conductor or a insulator?

it is a conductor, but rather a very weak one. VERY WEAK

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Crayons and Markers

Weight of a box of crayons?

A box of 24 crayons weighs on average about 300 grams

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Crayons and Markers

How long is a crayon in cm?


Crayons and Markers

What is a group of crayons called?


Unidentified Artworks
Crayons and Markers

How do you find information on an old crayon portrait that has a label on the back that reads Pasco and Rob't Pelan?

Old Crayon Portrait


"Crayon portrait" is an umbrella term for an art approach that encompasses both free hand, and photographic renderings. Photographic crayon portraits, are large format, most around 16 x 20 inches, with a vignetted or sometimes domed oval format to the artwork. They were often originally framed in a large guilded, or ornately decorated frame. They were the commercial portrait offspring of the first attempts at photographic enlarging through the Woodward Solar Enlarging Camera, patented by Woodward in 1857. The weakly printed solar enlargement required the crayon portrait artist's touch up work in order to strengthen the image. The combining of crayon and photograph gave birth to a new commercial portrait aesthetics in both photography and portraiture that enjoyed great success from roughly 1860 through about 1905, and in some isolated areas until the Great Depresion. These were the first "life-sized" photographic images that were available for portraiture. Artists used bromide, silver, and platinum prints as the photographic base. An out of print book (1882) by J. A. Barhydt describes the process of making the portraits, "Crayon Portraiture: Complete Instructions for Making Crayon Portraits on Crayon Paper and on Platinum, Silver, and Bromide Enlargements." Now and then a copy shows up on eBay for around twenty bucks or so. Unfortunately, the genre is not highly valued as a topic to historians of photography, as evidenced in most texts on the subject.

Concerning the dating of one of the artifacts . . . the enlargements were made from an earlier daguerreotype, ambrotype, tintype or late, any variety of the smaller prints made from glass plates. As a result, dating the image can be tricky and may require research. A daguerreotype made in 1847, for instance, might not have been enlarged until 1867. While clothing styles may have been updated on a few images, this is rare by my experience, and I have examined thousands of crayons as a photographic materials conservator who specializes in them. If there is a question regarding the date of the artifact, seek a conservator's examination--or date the artifact as closely as possible to a decade using circa; c1865, c1875, etc. To assist the dating of artifacts, there are books available showing clothing styles of the 19th century and how fashion changed from decade to decade. Attempt to date both the original and the enlargement if possible.

Concerning "Pasco and Rob't Pelan," These portraits were nearly all mail-ordered in response to ads in local papers or on the backs of cabinet cards. Some were contracted by traveling salesmen, who would take the original and then deliver the portrait back. Check for a historical society in Pasco, Washington to see if they have any information on this family or person. Robert most likely ordered the enlargement, and is quite possibly not the person in the image.

I am currently finishing my thesis work on historical and social implications surrounding the process. The thesis will be available through Boise State University sometime next year, and I hope to follow the thesis with a full book publication, which takes about two years.

Best regards, DiAnne Iverglynne

Great info Diane. I have a 16X20 crayon family portrait of a native family. Ornate frame and wood planks for a back. Letter "P" signed on bottom right. and advice about this.

Crayons and Markers

How do you get crayon out of suede?

First treat the crayon stain with WD40 let sit for a few minutes then treat again. Then treat with liquid dishwashing detergent and work it in gently. wash in as hot a water as you feel safe with

use a laundry detergent and color safe bleach

wash at least 12 min on high

rinse with warm water.

This suggestion is meant more for washable fabric obviously but if you are careful I think that you can make it work for you. the WD40 is the trick to break it down and the dish detergent is a grease fighter. I wish you well.

I had to do this process to an entire load of laundry worth over $200. It worked.

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Crayons and Markers

How do you get crayon off car windows?

I find that sponge eraser thing with Mr. Clean on the box will take crayon off most things.

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Crayons and Markers

How much does 1 crayon weigh?

5 grams

Crayons and Markers

How many grams are in a box of 24 crayons?


Crayons and Markers

What heat transfer is when sunlight melts a wax crayon left outside?

It is endothermic because energy is being absorbed and causing the crayon to melt

Crayons and Markers

Did Harold smith the Crayon maker have kids?

Yes Beacause in order to make crayons he needed kids for creativity

Crayons and Markers

Does permanent marker smell good or bad?

It's a matter of personal preference. Some people like the odor; some don't. Keep in mind that the solvents used to keep the ink flowing cause liver damage if ingested (sniffed) in large amounts. -------It's an opinion type thing. I personally think they small great so don't label yourself weird if you also think so.

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Crayons and Markers

How are crayons used?

Crayons are colored wax that are used to draw pictures on paper.

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Crayons and Markers

Is eating chalk harmful?

An abnormal craving to eat substances which are not normally consumed by humans is called Pica. Chalk is not harmful in the sense that it can poison you. Because of it's consistency, however residue is easily ingested into the lungs and could possibly cause pulmonary distress. A person who finds themselves wanting to ingest such things as chalk, talcum powder, etc. is suffering from a mineral deficiency. They should have a complete medical evaluation.


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