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Man has always had affinities for color. This section contains questions concerning the various mixtures of colors, discussions concerning hues and shades, like colors, and the interesting names of the colors around us.

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What is prang color wheel?

Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors in the color wheel.
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What colors make brown?

Mix equal proportions of red and green to make brown. If you want it more of a reddish hue such as "burnt sienna", then add more of the red. If you want it more of a darker brown hue, add more of the green. Here's a tip : use the darkest red (like alizarin crimson) and the darkest green (like Sap Green). The related link on understanding mixing colors will give you an overview of mixing starting with the primary colors. It has...
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How do you fade colors with a colored pencil?

To achieve a fade, start by practicing on a blank piece of paper, you will need to master the technique first, as it is the only way to gauge how much distance the colour will travel. Better to become familiar with a technique elsewhere than risk ruining a piece you have been working on. To fade a single colour out to white - start with an intense application of your colour (at the center of your page) and as you more away...
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What is black people's favorite color?

It can be any colour, depending on the persons personality
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What color is Baroque?

The color name Baroque specifically means a rich bright red on the orange side. Like a scarlet(orange red) or blood red. In the Baroque period (1500 to 1600 ac) paint pigment colors came from the earth and among the most popular was bright red chalks. Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael among other old master used this color a lot. This color is also used a lot with gold in Baroque jewelry (red fire corals) and decorative painting. ...
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Why is black colour associated with evil and white with divinity?

The dark color is associated with the mysterious dark void of the unseen unknown similar to the human ignorance and fear to palisade in one's own convictions to reject the Truth which in religious doctrines was considered evil.Black color was used in pagan rituals/witchcraft to create fear experienced by ignorant people in unexplained phenomenons eg: lunar & solar eclipses-night etc. Biblical and many religious scripture have described evil as dark.Both oral & written literature have described evil as dark eg: Milton-'Paradise Lost'. Darkness is...
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How did Picts make blue war paint?

The ancients made a very good blue dye from the plant woad. To achieve the dye, the aerial parts (above ground: leaves, flowers and stems) of the plant were finely chopped and packed tightly into a wide mouthed container. Boiling water was added until the plant material was completely covered and the container was set aside for about an hour. Then the infusion (liquid) was strained off. At this point lye was added and the mixture was beaten with a whisk or similar...
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Would lilac and sea green be a good combination for a wedding?

Yes! It's a beautiful combination! :)
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What does the color russet look like?

Russet is a reddish brown color that is the same color of a russet potato. It can also be called rust, burnt sienna or earth brown. ...
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What color represents excitement?

Yellow usually represents excitement.
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What color is Chablis wine?

It's a white wine, usually a chardonnay. ------------------------ Any wine bearing Chablis on the label will be a white wine made 100% from Chardonnay. Other grape varieties are made into wine in the general area of Chablis, however they are not permitted to use Chablis on the label (they have to use the generic Bourgogne AOC designation instead). ...
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PINK COLOR stands for?

The most romantic color, pink, is more tranquilizing. Sports teams sometimes paint the locker rooms used by opposing teams bright pink so their opponents will lose energy. ...
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What does the color Terracotta look like?

The word terracotta means "baked earth". It is a color I would most commonly refer to as clay, or an orange based brown. If you've seen the very common clay flower pots, they are referred to as terracotta. ...
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What colors go best with coral?

possibly black.
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What does it mean to have no favorite color?

well it doesn't really mean anything. It just means you like all sorts of colours, or it means you like nothing at all. ...
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How do you turn orange into pink?

First add a little drop of red to your orange then add white you'll get a color called salmon pink add more red and you'll get coral pink. Less red you'll get a peach color. If you add only white to orange you get apricot or flesh color. ...
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What matches slate grey?

Only another slate grey from the same dye lot will match a slate grey. Take it from one who has had a horrible (an expensive) experience in trying to match greys. Go with a contrasting color and don't try to match it. Slate grey is a great color and can take just about any other color as a contrast. ...
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Where can you find pink deer rifles?

I have seen a few at Gander Mountain. Academy outdoors and sports might carry them. You might also check with the Bass Pro Shop in Outdoor World in Rockwall, TX. Other than that, you might be able to buy one offline. I think dicks sporting goods might have them. If your getting it for your daughter Rossi makes kids guns and Ithink they come in pink ...
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What color goes with green?

The color yellow can look very good with green. ( i would disagree with this personally because green and yellow will make you look like a Norwich city football supporter, unless you are one. But that is just my opinion.) If it's an olive green, believe it or not, a dark purple will work (if you put olive and say, plum or eggplant next to one another it actually looks nice - I didn't believe it 'til I saw it!) The color pink...
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Does black and black match?

of course not u must b a luni they would just clash u dummy. If you want to look like a Goth or a Johnny Cash fan, then yes they do match. ...
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Does gray glow in black light?

Light gray or silver generally do. Dark gray tends to not light up like white or silver do. Most light colors glow a little under black light, though. ...
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Is blue a flavor or a color?

Blue is a flavor ONLY in Ice/slush type beverages, or if it contains a large amount of dye. Otherwise, blue is a color. ...
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Does pink and orange look good together?

Yehhh The orange which has to be a bright orange and a pink which is also, dark It will SO go together good luck ...
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What are other colors that look like the color tan?

peach, apricot, and brown are probably most popular