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For centuries, humans have decorated their bodies with symbols. The art of piercing, tattooing, and scarring have been used as symbols of bravery and social standing. Tattoos and body art remain popular today.

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What is the history of the nautical star?

Nautical Star History Nautical stars were first tattooed on early sailors because they relied on the stars to find their way, therefore they always had a star to be with them and always knew where they were going in their own lives and at sea. It was kind of a sense of security and guidance. Here is more input: I believe the design you are all talking about is the traditional design for the face of a ship's compass. The 4 longest points indicate the...
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What is the symbolic meaning of a sparrow tattoo?

Back in the days of the tall ships, sailors would get a sparrow tattoo for crossing a sea, i.e., from the US to England. A seaman with 5,000 miles or more under his belt earned the right to a sparrow tattoo. Some called it a swallow. There you go. More answers from WikiAnswers contributors: It may not mean anything, but I know a lot of men in the UK who have bird tattoos on their hands and wrists have been released...
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What tattoos symbolize determination?

The Japanese koi fish is a symbolizes determination and courage. They make a great tattoo ...
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What is the symbolism of a swallow tattoo?

Symbolism of a Swallow Tattoo: Here are opinions and answers from contributors: Swallow tattoos are just that; tattoos of the swallow bird. Reading about it, they are the traditional tattoos of birds that are commonly seen on people. The swallows are an old sailor's tattoo. Sailors got them for proof of the Navy and trust. I'm getting one on my hand next week. Sailors also got mum and dad with an anchor behind it. Long ago, a sailor would get a swallow tattoo...
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What were traditional nautical tattoos and piercings sailors got and why?

Traditional Tattoos and Piercings I believe that tattoos originated after James Cooke first arrived on Tahiti. Tattooing was very popular in the South Pacific. Fletcher Christian and George Stewart of Mutiny on the Bounty fame both had stars tattooed on the left of their chests. Perhaps these were early Nautical Stars. FAQ Farmers have offered these: Sailors got their ears pierced because it helps improve eyesight (I think its an acupuncture site). A black pearl earring for survivors of a sinking ship . Golden earrings were...
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What does a koi fish tattoo symbolize?

Koi Tattoos: According to Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. More generally, the Japanese associate koi (also known as carp) with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. More input...
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What does the tattoo on Trey Songz's chest say?

TO GOD I PRAY MAY APRIL'S SHOWERS RAIN DOWN ON HER FORREST AND GROW THE STRENGTH THAT STARTED WITH ONE ROSE April is his mother's name, Forrest is his little brother's name, and Rose is his grandmother's name. ...
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Can getting a tattoo affect your kidneys?

No! it's doesn't affect your kidneys if u didn't take care of it, yes, the ink can fade into ur skin and hurt u. (New Respondent) Modern inks very rarely have side effects, due to the omission of things like Iron Oxide which caused allergic reactions in RARE cases. If you do have any serious medical conditions then please speak to your doctor and let the tattoo artist know beforehand, but as for affecting your kidneys, it ain't gonna happen New answer No these days tattoos...
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Why do all the new Rockabilly Girls have tattoos of swallows nautical stars and cherries?

Rockabilly Girls' Tattoos Simply, it's right for the era. Tattoo imagery has changed a great deal over the last couple of decades, designs such as those you mentioned were fairly popular during that time period as they were simple to do, looked good and held up well in the long run. A good source for the imagery is anything to do with Sailor Jerry - his work is becoming trendy now and is readily available in stores and online (also would like...
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What was tattooed on the brothers hands in boondock saints?

The tattoo that Connor has on his left hand/index finger says, "VERITAS," which is Latin for "Truth." Murphy also has a tattoo in the same place but on his right hand, that says, "AEQUITAS," which is Latin for "Justice/Equality." ...
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Does sky ferreira have tattoos?

Yes, she has a tattoo of a cross on her fore arm and her tear drop on the inside of her index finger and I also think she has a tattoo of a crown type thing on the side of her neck near her hear in the video "one" ...
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Where did Kat Von D get those little studded finger gloves that she wears on LAink?

You Can get the mostly anywhere.Try Lazena Girl or tatto clothing stores would likely have them. ...
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What does the shark tattoo in hawaiian mean?

Polynesians also considered the shark to be a sacred animal. For them, the shark tattoo served to protect them from their enemies. A Polynesian fisherman would also sport tattoo symbols to protect him and his vessel from sharks in the waters where he fished. In Hawaii, you'll hear about the protective power of the aumakua, a row of tattooed dots around the ankle that keep sharks at bay. Legend tells of a woman swimming in the ocean and being attacked by a...
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Why does a dove symbolize hope?

a dove symbolixe hope because in christian religon noah sent a dove with an Olive branch that was first seen By Noah after 40 days and 40 nights during the Great flood. It symbolized hope as it lead them to believe that land was close by and their ordeal was near to being over , and when jesus was and a dove decended on Jesus head at the time of his babtisim.also peace and tranquility ...
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How do you give a tattoo with just a needle and ink from a pen?

Pen ink won't stick in ur skin. Your body will push it out and the little bit that does stick will fade and look like crap. You can buy tattoo ink and put a staple/paper clip/needle that is sharpened and dip it in the ink and poke it into the skin a dot at a time. Hence the name pick and poke. If you aren't in prison there is no reason to do it like that. You can buy a...
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How many tattoos does drake have?

Drake the rapper doesn't have none yet.
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Why did kat von d fire pixie acia?

Pixie wasnt doing her job correctly and had an argument with Kim Saigh, Kim said Just Do Your Job Probably Pixie , And then Pixie flipped out and said Dont F***in Start With Me , New answer In the end Pixie wasn't doing her job. She was supposed to keep the tattooers supplied with what they needed, they were constantly running out of things that Pixie was supposed to take care of, or she ordered the wrong things. Also she was constantly...
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Symbols of fatherhood?

Yes, there are several universal symbols for father. many of the symbols for father can be viewed on the offical universal family flag and the universal symbol for father. ...
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What is the symbolism of a nautical star tattoo?

The nautical star symbolizes "finding one's way". It shall help you find your own path in life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The symbolism of the nautical star does not mean to find your own path in life. I can see how people might think that and it sounds OK I guess. The real symbolism of the nautical star comes from sailors when cellestial navigation, with cellestial charts, first started being used. Nautical star tattoos, only two, were place on your chest. They were there to help...
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Does an eye tattoo hurt? moran. Do u really think that have a needle getting jabbed repeatedly in your eye wouldn't hurt? --------------------------------------------------------- If you mean getting the eyeball tatooed, it is done very differently to any other tattoo. The ink is usually injected under the layer of skin: The sclera is visible as the white area of the eye. It is composed of connective tissue that forms a protective layer around the eye. A thin layer of tissue, known as the episclera, covers the front part...
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What household objects can substitute for a zero gauge earring?

No household object is an entirely safe substitute for a plug or tunnel. The best plan would be to use a smaller sized plug/tunnel wrapped in teflon (PTFE) tape to the appropriate size. Alternatively any sort of pipe/tube (pen lids can often be the right size) wrapped in teflon tape will work just fine in the short term. ...
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What is the Italian Gothic Style?

If you mean music,you can just listen to Lady GaGa's album The Fame Monster(I am not sponsoring anyone). I am familiar with the style with buildings. They have a mid-evil style. Sort of like a gothic style. Hense Italian GOTHIC style. There are some sculptures i know of that have the mid-eval, gothic style. ...
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What does a Japanese rat tattoo symbolize?

the rat is a sign off gud luck to the japanise
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How quickly do ear tattoos fade?

It depends. Do you mean a tatoo in your ear? My best friend and i got matching tattoos in our ear and my faded fast but hers didnt fade at all. I guess it depends on your skin or maybe how good the tatoo artist does, or even how you take care of it afterwards. I had gotten it re done because it had color in it but the one in my other ear didnt fade at all. I hope...