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Includes questions related to the use of images, letters and sounds to represent words and phrases.

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What does seeing a ghostly white wolf signify?

It could mean different things depending on the context. Did you see it in a dream? Did you see it when you were awake? Was it a vision or a hallucination or is it possible that you saw a real live white wolf? If you had a dream of a white wolf the interpretation would require more information: Did the wolf look at you? Did it chase you? How did the wolf make you feel? What do wolves mean to you personally? Did...
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What is full form of security?

Full form of Security is: S-Sensible E-Efficient in work C-Claver U-Understant R-Regular I-Intelligent T-Talent Y-Yield management ...
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What does iron cross with skull on top mean?

Death. It is an ancient pirate symbol used in flag-form (black flag and white skull and crossbones). They would fly it on the ship as a way of telling their victims they were about to die. A kind of psychological warfare in the slow approach of a sailing ship full of people about to kill you. It was quite effective. ...
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What is the symbolic meaning of a sparrow tattoo?

Back in the days of the tall ships, sailors would get a sparrow tattoo for crossing a sea, i.e., from the US to England. A seaman with 5,000 miles or more under his belt earned the right to a sparrow tattoo. Some called it a swallow. There you go. More answers from WikiAnswers contributors: It may not mean anything, but I know a lot of men in the UK who have bird tattoos on their hands and wrists have been released...
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What is the spiritual meaning of a white squirrel?

It all depends on the socially relevant religious/spiritual structure influencing the masses. and that your sexual instincts are in open revolt with your spiritual instincts and vicaverca ...
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What does the mentioned dog in the book Slaughterhouse-Five symbolize?

The dog that the one creep, Lazarro, feeds the watch springs to out of spite? I would say it represents the average soldier on either side, who was offered a chance at patriotism and glory by enlisting (the delicious steak) but discovered that the war was confusion, cruelty, and destruction on an unimaginable scale (the sharp little metal pieces). So the average soldier in the war is, like the poor dog, writhing in pain and misery, not sure why it is happening...
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What does the yellow equals sign in blue box mean?

It is a symbol created by the HRC, (Human Rights Campaign), an organization working to advance civil equality and personal liberty for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. The equal sign (=), symbolizes human rights and is often cited as a token for the ongoing struggle and persecution the LGBTQ community still face. ...
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What is the symbolism of a swallow tattoo?

Symbolism of a Swallow Tattoo: Here are opinions and answers from contributors: Swallow tattoos are just that; tattoos of the swallow bird. Reading about it, they are the traditional tattoos of birds that are commonly seen on people. The swallows are an old sailor's tattoo. Sailors got them for proof of the Navy and trust. I'm getting one on my hand next week. Sailors also got mum and dad with an anchor behind it. Long ago, a sailor would get a swallow tattoo...
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What does an artichoke symbolize?

An Artichoke symbolises peace in many countries such as; Libya, Egypt and Somalia. Countries which are located in North Africa. Many American states such as Kentucky have adopted the Artichoke in order to achieve peace at the senate. ...
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In Hindu mythology what is snake symbolic of?

To know the answer to this question we must know the seven basic forces we have and the gods associated with them. The seven basic forces and gods: 1. Dreaming force - Indra 2. Illusory force - Shakti 3. Voluntary force - Brahma 4. Semi voluntary force - Vishnu 5. Involuntary force - Shiva 6. Status altering force - Shani 7. Compulsive force - Yama. Hindu gods with snakes: It is obvious that of the seven basic gods only Vishnu and Shiva are associated with snakes. Vishnu...
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What is the symbolism of the 3 primary shapes?

Circle * Connection, community, wholeness, endurance, movement, safety, perfection * Refers to the feminine: warmth, comfort, sensuality, and love. Rectangle / Square * Order, logic, containment, security. * Rectangles provide a fourth point, which is mathematically the foundation for 3D objects, suggesting mass, volume, and solids. Triangle * Energy, power, balance, law, science, religion. * Refers to the Masculine: strength, aggression, and dynamic movement. ...
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What symbol represents respect?

I don't know of any symbols that specifically mean respect. Plus, various symbols and shapes mean different things in different cultures. But symbols work by association, so you could make a symbol that means respect for you in your circumstance. Respect means "to look back at" or even "re-look." So, a pair of spectacles, a eyeglass, binoculars, etc. could all be more literal symbols. A rearview mirror might be interesting. Choose something meaningful to you. ...
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What does 2 crossed skeleton keys represent?

it is a kind of cross over between a religion entertainment , and it represents spirituality. and frightenes ...
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What does leafy sky mean?

i would think that means the sky is very cloudy-- the clouds shaped like leaves ...
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Why is black colour associated with evil and white with divinity?

The dark color is associated with the mysterious dark void of the unseen unknown similar to the human ignorance and fear to palisade in one's own convictions to reject the Truth which in religious doctrines was considered evil.Black color was used in pagan rituals/witchcraft to create fear experienced by ignorant people in unexplained phenomenons eg: lunar & solar eclipses-night etc. Biblical and many religious scripture have described evil as dark.Both oral & written literature have described evil as dark eg: Milton-'Paradise Lost'. Darkness is...
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What Is the symbolism of a rainbow nautical star?

Nautical stars historically have symbolized travel, safe journeys, finding your way, and most obviously, the sea and naval endeavors. The rainbow historically has been used as a symbol of peace, and more contemporarily, as a symbol of gay pride. A rainbow nautical star could mean a variety of different things, ranging from hopes for a safe & peaceful voyage to a symbol of solidarity amongst gay sailors. ...
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Finding a tiny black feather meaning?

Not all naturally occurring phenomenon can or should be interpreted as omens. Finding feathers isn't usually something of note, unless you have asked a specific question of your spirit guides, in which case the interpretation is very personal. ...
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What color represents excitement?

Yellow usually represents excitement.
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What is the meaning of throwing of dove during wedding?

It symbolizes the couple's new life together. Aside from this, doves can mean purity. ...
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What does delta mean in chemistry?

It means a change in. For example if you had Delta(y) that would mean a change in Y values in respect to another variable ...
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What is meaning for in hand paid?

It means you work by hand and they pay you by hand. (: - It means to pay an individual for services when the money paid is not accounted for by tax agencies. ...
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What do dark clouds symbolize?

DEATH? Something bad is about to happen? Bad weather....
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Why does a dove symbolize hope?

a dove symbolixe hope because in christian religon noah sent a dove with an Olive branch that was first seen By Noah after 40 days and 40 nights during the Great flood. It symbolized hope as it lead them to believe that land was close by and their ordeal was near to being over , and when jesus was and a dove decended on Jesus head at the time of his babtisim.also peace and tranquility ...