Also known as ladybirds and lady beetles, ladybugs are beetles belonging to the family Coccinellidae. This family of over 5,000 species can be found worldwide and some species are considered garden pests. Questions about ladybugs can be found here.

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Why are ladybugs called ladybugs but they are not all ladies?

That the ladybug (Coccinellidae family) is of the same color of red as the cloak of Our Lady Mother of Jesus of Nazareth (7-2 B.C. - 30-36) and that its seven spotssymbolize Mary's seven joys and seven sorrows in life is one explanation for the name.

Specifically, the beetle in question is the seven-spotted ladybug (Coccinella septempunctata). Not all ladybugs are red in color. Not all ladybugs are limited to just seven spots.


How many eyes do you have?



What do ladybugs eat?

Aphids, mealybugs, mites, scaleinsects, and thrips are what ladybugs [Coccinellidaefamily] eat. They may supplement that diet with fruits and vegetables such as grapes, as in the case of Asian or Japanese ladybird beetles [Harmonia axyridis]. Or they rarely may be non carnivorous, as in the case of the mildew eating lady beetle [Psyllobora vigintimaculata].

Note: Ladybugs (US) are ladybirds (UK).

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  • Ladybugs can be a gardeners best friend. They are often used to control such insect pests as aphids, scales, and mites, which they eat. Several species of ladybugs do feed on plants but most feed on the small pests mentioned above.
  • Ladybugs primarily eat aphids, a kind of small green insect that feeds on plant juices. This makes ladybugs very useful for pest control, as aphids are harmful to many crop plants.
  • Ladybug's favorite food are aphids and mites. They simply walk up to the little critters and eat them. As aphids and alike are often destructive to gardens, ladybugs can be purchased commercially as a natural garden pest control in many areas.
  • A ladybug eats aphids usually but sometimes other plant-eating insects. Ladybugs can eat up to 5,000 aphids in their life which is why farmers seem to like the little critters.
  • Ladybugs usually eat some sort of plants. If you have a pet ladybug, put in some plants for it. They also eat insects called aphids, usually found on plants because they feed on plants.

They eat aphids, which makes them a great form of organic pest control
They eat aphids, mealybugs, scale insects, leaf hoppers, larva, mites and various other soft bodied insects.

How do you call ladybugs in spanish?

mariquita (mah ree KEE tah)


Are there such things as male ladybugs?

Yes. They are known as ladybugs but that does not mean they are all ladies any more than all mandrake plants are male


Are the orange ladybirds poison?

No. Ladybugs are not poisonous to humans. However, they can have toxic effects on some animals. Ladybugs have a foul odor which deters some predators from eating them and their bright colors also help as a deterrent. In nature, red and orange, are warning colors that indicate to another animal or insect that the potential "lunch item" might not be a good choice.


Is the ladybug endangered?

YES! There are many kinds of Lady bugs but there are some that are endangered! A nine spotted ladybug is very rare, thought to be extinct but seen in 2006. Check the related link for more on Ladybugs.

And bugs are NOT the least endangered but the most, because the smallest change in temp, environment, etc affects them greatly! Look at the Honey bee.

Food is NOT from a store. It takes all kinds of bugs to produce the variety you see on your table!

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Signs and Omens
Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings

What is the spiritual meaning of ladybugs?

Ladybugs are supposed to symbolize the Virgin Mary, and thus are very sacred. That's why you always have to be careful that you don't hurt them, or so the legend goes.


What eats ladybugs?

They eat aphids.


How many years old do ladybugs live to?

The total life span of ladybugs is 1-2 years on average.


How do ladybugs eat aphids?

Ladybugs eat aphids by using their little mandibles or "mouths." These mouths let ladybugs bite, so when they find an aphid, they usually grab it with their front legs, and hold it up to their mouth to bite and eat.


How can you tell age of a ladybug?

U count the dots on them.

Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings

What is the spiritual meaning of the seahorse?

The Heraldic meaning is "Readiness for all employments for king and country" and also "power of the water." Symbolic meanings for the seahorse are: * Patience * Friendliness * Protection * Inflexibility * Perspective * Generosity/Sharing * High-Perception * Persistence * Contentment


What does it mean to call someone ladybug?

Different word for ladybird, the red insect with black spots, could be interpreted literally as hard on the inside soft on the outside, could mean you are pretty.


What are names for ladybugs?

ladybird bettle,lady bettle,lady bug,bettle.


How do you tell a ladybugs gender?

ask it politely if it would be so kind as to supply you with the information to answer that rude question.


Do ladybugs have symmetry?



Why did God have to create bugs couldn't he find anything else to pollinate the world?

Because God found it good. All animals have a purpose, and we should be happy with that. Bugs do more than pollenate, they also fertilize, eat and destroy the bacteria and germs of dead and rotting carcasses that could otherwise be harmful to the environment and us. They also serve as food for nearly every other living creature. They are the first line of defense, a sort of 'clean up crew' before the other scavengers come along.


What kind of food do Norwegians eat?

They eat much the same as any Western nation, but they do eat more seafood. There is a very tasty Norwegian goat's cheese called geitost (pron. yay-terst) which looks and tastes a bit like caramel. Another tasty Norwegian treat is called Lefse. It is like a patato pancake. They are qood with butter, cinnamon sugar, or berry jams.

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Does Atlantis have spiritual meaning?

The myth of Atlantis can be seen in a spiritual light. In the myth we are taught that the people of Atlantis rose to a tremendous height of awareness, but became controlling of nature. They began to clone animal/people combinations and slaves. Their science began a religion and they were destroyed.

==new answer== Yes, very much so. New information is available from the akashic records. " Atlantis Remembered, history of the world, volume one" isbn# 0-944386-28-8

Many spiritual questions were answered here. Many past speculations are cleared up here. The akashic records are where all thought and action for all time are stored, in subconscious mind.

Syllable Count

How many syllables are in the word ladybug?

Three la-dy-bug

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How does a conifer's triangular shape help protect it?

the answer is SUNLIGHT!!!the shape of triangle help that the needles get more sunlight and protect also with snow , so the tree wont hold much weight!

Iroquois Indians
Navajo Indians

What kind of food did the Iroquois eat?

Mostly corn, squash, beans and what game or fish they could hunt.

cow ,donkey and dairy chocolate

brries,nuts,deer,wild turkey,migratory birds,salmon,trout,bass,and witefish


What do turkeys eat all year around?

Wild turkeys eat acorns, seeds, small insects wild berries, and 80% grass.

If you are raising them you can put them on pasture and then suplement their diet with a commercial game bird feed.


What looks like a tiny red ladybug?

um. . .a tiny reed ruby looks like a tiny ladybug.


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