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Whether it's going to the grocery store, an antique mall, auto parts store, or clothing store, shopping is something that people do daily. Sometimes, it's a quick trip to pick up an item that is needed, but it can be an all-day event done "just for fun." Ask questions such as where you can buy an item, the best places to shop, the features of an item, and anything to do with products and shopping here.

Asked in Easter, Shopping, Clothing

What stores are open on Easter Sunday?

It depends on where you live. Most grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and the like, are open on Easter Sunday. In some parts of the country stores such as Walmart and Target are open but in other parts they are not. Most retail clothing, accessory, and electronic stores are closed on major holidays. To find out holiday hours for the stores in your area, see their website or give them a call. ...
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What hours is Target open on Easter Sunday?

According to their ad, Target stores are closed on Easter Sunday.
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Is Target open on Easter Sunday?

All Target stores are closed on Easter Sunday.
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Where can you buy dolce vita boots in Canada?

You will be able to find Dolce Vita boots online if you are in Canada. They are available from sites such as DJPremium, Nordstrom, Zappos and KarmaLoop. ...
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What are Go Go Gorillas hours open?

10:00 am - Midnight
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Does target have a layaway?

yes target has layaway.
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What is man made sole?

Basically - plastic
Asked in Shopping, Office Supplies

Where can you buy antonella pens in us?

you can buy them from some online stores:
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What size pillow fits a euro sham?

Use 28" x 28" pillow insert, if you want your 26" x 26" euro sham to be stuffed completely. ...
Asked in Shopping, Breads

How much was bread in 1975?

In 1975 a loaf of sliced bread cost about .38 cents.
Asked in Miscellaneous, Shopping

What type of lunch box is good for a 14 year old girl?

i would suggest that if you want a plastic bag, thats fine. but it will cost a lot of money since plastic bags go quick. a lunchbox will be fine too. it doesn't really matter. whatever works good for you, and whatever you want. :) don't stress about a lunchbox. Well... if your just gonna keep it in ur school bag and only open it to get food, then a simple coloured plastic one should do. But if ur more of...
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Who is the Chief financial officer of Dollar Tree?

Kevin S. Wampler is chief financial of dolllar tree
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Can you use a School ID as a valid photo ID to exchange merchandise?

Yes you can. I did it like all the time. Just don't change drastically if you know what I mean. ...
Asked in Shopping, Fuel Economy and Mileage, France

How much does gas cost in France?

October 2010: Approx. €1.41/litre (US$7.30/US gallon)
Asked in Shopping, London

What time does London Drugs open on Saturdays?

It depends. On every other Saturday which is an even number its from 8 30 Pm to 9 30 PM, if its an odd number and on an opposite day of a skipped day it's 3 40 AM to 7 30 PM, unless its a holiday then you need to calculate the amount of hours the holiday is and divide by 7 and times by 20, then figure out idf the day after is an even number, then you must...
Asked in Shopping, Weight and Mass

What is the meaning of lb in unit measurement?

lb means pound,pound is the unit of measurment. When you see lb after any number, it means telling the weight in pounds. ...
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Do crocs make your feet sweat?

Yes, crocs do make your feet sweat. Do not be fooled by the holes haha. Anyway, my parents both wear them at home and after like 30 minutes, there feet were like waterfalls, No joke YES: I used to own them and they really made my feet sweat. ...
Asked in Shopping, Cough and Cold Medicine

Can you buy any robitussin at any store?

Most likely yes.....but if so some places may only have adult.Not the kids which is for 4-11 yr olds. ...
Asked in Shopping, Shoes

What is a shoe size 1 in children's equal to in women's?

The difference is thatWomen'sshoes are always 2 bigger then mens.
Asked in Shopping, Camels, Milk

Where to get camel milk powder in Canada?

Camel's milk powder is quite uncommon in Canada. Your best bet would be to look in a Middle Eastern market, or order it online. ...
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What does L' Air du Temps mean in English?

Literally, it means the air of the time, but it was probably intended more to mean 'the spirit of the era', referring to the post-war 1940's when it was created. ...