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Love it or hate it, grocery shopping is a necessity. To seek out, find and pay for the food you need for daily living. An adventure for some and a chore for others, ask your questions here.

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Grocery Shopping

Is seafood considered to be meat?


Kiwis (birds)
Grocery Shopping

Does Safeway sell Kiwi?

Yes Safeway has Kiwis

Fruits and Vegetables
Grocery Shopping

What is the best selling produce item?

Potatoes, tomatoes, and the various forms of lettuce are the top three vegetables in the United States in terms of popularity.

Bananas, usually imported, are the most popular fruit among the public. Apples, strawberries, grapes, oranges and peaches make up 69 percent of the value of US fresh market production.

Jokes and Riddles
Grocery Shopping

How much was a loaf of Brad in 1975?

$8,710.72To find the answer, we must first quantify the value of Brad.

So how much is a human life worth? According to research by Stanford economists, a year of human life is worth about $129,000. Wolfram Alpha tells us that the average age of a person named Brad is 35 years, and that the average life expectancy for a human male (worldwide) is about 69 years. Assuming that procuring a loaf of Brad involves cutting down a Brad in his prime, we would be depriving him of 34 years of life - a value of $4,386,000.

Next we must decide if a "loaf" is a unit of volume, or a unit of weight. In the UK, government regulation defines a loaf by weight: 400 grams is a "small" loaf, and 800 grams is a "large" loaf. So let's go with weight, and let's split the difference and assume that we want a medium sized loaf of Brad... that's 600 grams, or about 1.3 pounds.

Since the average weight of a human male is 166 pounds (according to Wolfram Alpha), we can assume that Brad should sell for about $26,421 per pound - which, using our previous loaf weight of 1.3 pounds, sets the price for a loaf of Brad in 2010 at $34,348.

Finally, inflation must be factored in. According to an inflation calculator at, what cost $34,348 in 2009 would have cost $8,710.72 in 1975.

Thus, it is safe to say that a loaf of Brad in 1975 could be purchased for $8,710.72.

Additional answers from our users:

  • Typical of this site, the answer above is very US-centric, when there is no indication in the question as to where the 1975 Brad was to be purchased.

    Brad - in 1975 - was a rarity in Ireland, and research in the vaults of the Natural History Museum, cross-referenced with the data from the Irish maternity hospitals, show that a loaf of baby-Brad was retailing at £459.25.

    However, as the questioner has not specified if the Brad in question is an adult or a child, we need to cross-reference again, this time with the League of Irish Undertakers. Their files tell us that - at death - the average Brad cost £2,749.37.

    Therefore, the answer to the question depends on how mature the Brad in question is required to be. The maturity/price is a sliding scale.

    This answer - obviously - only applies to Irish Brads.

    When Ireland joined the European Monetary Union, it became illegal to trade in male humans for fun or profit.

  • Priceless! - not the loaf, the question!
  • And a final word of apology to Brad for any inference that he is a loafer.
  • One Pitt without a Jolly (1975).
  • We would need to know when in 1975 the loaf of Brad was to be purchased, and where. We would also need to know the number of Brads available at the time of purchase. For example, if the last loaf of Brad were to be purchased from a Brad the day before, we must assume the price of a loaf of Brad would go up (according to the laws of supply and demand).

    From here, there are a few possibilities:

    • The supply of Brads just dropped, and the demand for a loaf of Brad stays the same.
    • The supply of Brads just dropped, but so does the demand, as one family now has a loaf of Brad.
    • It is very difficult to determine the exact price, so just assume that when you travel back in time to acquire this loaf of Brad you'll need (at the very least) $8,710.72.
    • When you return, please tell us how much you had to pay. Buy it at the most available store, so we can get the general retail price.

(If you would like to know the answer to the question "How much was a loaf of bread in 1975?", click on the Related Question below.)

Grocery Shopping

Is Costco coming to Belleville Ontario?

Costco tends to build their stores in more populated areas. Belleville, Ontario does not have the population to support a Costco at this time. There are no plans through 2012 to build a store in Belleville, Ontario.

Grocery Shopping
Butter and Margarine

Can you buy clarified butter at the supermarket?

yes you can buy butter at supermarket.

Grocery Shopping
Cooking Techniques

Where can you buy J Hippy hot dogs?

Made in Denver Pa by Denver Meats company.

Can be found here.

The Country Store

3110 Mount Joy Rd.

Mount Joy, PA


Darrenkamp's Markets

Elizabethtown, Mount Joy and Willow Street


Kiefer's Deli @

Lancaster Central Market

Green Dragon

New Easter Market

Roots Market

York Central Market


Old Country Deli @

Lancaster County Farmer's Market

Williamstown, NJ

Redner's Market

423 North Reading Road

Ephrata, PA 17522

Phone: 717-738-1696

Shaw's Market

101 North Main St

Manheim, PA


Sensenig Meats

6999 Cannery Rd

Hanover, PA


Strasburg Creamery

1 West Main Street

Strasburg, PA


Weavers Market

Adamstown Store

2610 North Reading Road

Denver, PA 17517

(717) 484-4302

Grocery Shopping

How much does a slice of bacon cost?

2.50-3.50 pack of 10, so around .25-.35 ea.

Grocery Shopping

Where can you get malt barley syrup in Winnipeg?

Grape & Grain on Osbourne

Food & Cooking
Grocery Shopping

Where to buy peanut butter and jelly graham cracker sandwich?


Grocery Shopping
Food Safety

How can you contact Nabisco about a product problem?

To contact Nabisco, you can call customer service at 1-855-535-5648

M to F: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET.

You can also write to them at

Mondelēz International

100 Deforest Ave

East Hanover NJ 07936

If you wanted to contact them online you can visit:

Marketing Advertising and Sales
Grocery Shopping

Where is Everyday Value Brand sold?

Wal-Mart, Kroger and Whole Foods, just to name a few. Typically, your local grocery store should carry Everyday Value brands.

Grocery Shopping

What does brown bread cost?

Prices will vary widely depending on whether the brown bread is purchased from a bakery, grocery, supermarket or discount store. Prices also depend on the type of brown bread and the brand name.

Grocery Shopping

Where is Ancel grated coconut sold?

Giant supermarket in Waldorf Maryland.

Organic Foods
Grocery Shopping

Is organic chicken worth the price?

This depends on your perceptions of what is valuable. Organic chicken may be worth the extra cash, because...

  • The meat contains no added growth hormones.
  • The chicken was not fed genetically engineered foods.
  • The chicken was not fed antibiotics.
  • The meat was not sprayed with chlorine or ammonia.

Keep in mind though, that organic chicken may not be raised very differently than conventional birds. They can still be fed poultry and cattle by-products, kept in dark warehouses, and abused. It is always best to know your farmer.

Food & Cooking
Italian Food
Grocery Shopping

Where to buy donkey salami?

Not sure about donkey, but in parts of Italy, you can still get mortadella made of horsemeat. Now it is mostly made of pork sometimes with pistachios.

Grocery Shopping

How do you open a woolworths account online?

You need to fill in your details

Cooking Measurements
Grocery Shopping

How much rice will is needed for 3 people?

About 1-3 gallons

6 serving I think is enough!

Food & Cooking
Grocery Shopping


It seems that neotame is only available through online orders. You should do a search of neotame suppliers.

Grocery Shopping

Have Grape Nuts Flakes been discontinued?

I guess so! I can’t find them. Post website directed me to Walmart and Target, but none there!

I’m boycotting Post!!!

The Legend of Zelda
Grocery Shopping

How much is a sack of vegetables?

It really depends on the size of the sack. Sacks come in many different sizes.

it depends on the wiegth of the sacks and the kind of vegetables.

Desserts, Snacks, and Treats
Grocery Shopping

Does Nabisco's still make cheese tid-bits crackers?

Got this answer from a channel 4 NBC news article: "For your answer we contacted Nabisco, the company that makes Cheese Tidbits. And it says, unfortunately, the reason you cannot find them in your local grocery store is because Nabisco discontinued the product at the end of 2002. It wouldn't say why because of proprietary reasons, but it does still make "Cheese Nips", which is widely available."

I just found some little crackers that reminded me of the Tid-Bits I used to eat. They are called Macaroni and Cheese Crackers by Kraft. I got them at Walgreens and they are exactly the same as the Tid-bits (shape and taste) except they don't come in a box, and they are not made by Nabisco.

Also for unknown reasons, companies always discontinue tried and true products that people love and enjoy all in the name of progress. But in reality, when something is correct and working properly - don't change it.

Food & Cooking
Grocery Shopping

Why can't i find Pillsbury peanut butter cookie dough at grocerie stores?

Probably because Pillsbury does not make peanut butter cookie dough for retail sale.

Medication and Drugs
Grocery Shopping
Medical Supplies

Where is CVS in Fremont CA?

CVS/Pharmacy is at the Fremont Hub Shopping Center; or the Brookvale Shopping Center; or 200 Driscoll road Fremont, CA.

Grocery Shopping

How much do bananas cost per pound?

about 50 cents to a Canadian dollar


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