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It's easy, it's filling, and it's convenient and often inexpensive. Compared to other foods it's something that is quick and easy and many of us resort to it because it's no fuss. The fast food culture has greatly influenced world economy, public health and people’s living style. Fast food restaurants are widespread all over the world.

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Goals in jollibee food corporation?

it is to overwhelmed the customer and also kids who really entertained

Fast Food

Did McDonald's sell bubble gum-flavored broccoli?

Well, no, McDonald’s didn’t sell bubble gum-flavored broccoli—but they did test it on some unlucky children.

On Nov. 13, 2014, Don Thompson, the now-former CEO of McDonald’s, spoke at an event hosted by a venture capital firm. According to Business Insider, someone asked him what the fast-food giant was doing to encourage children to eat healthier, and he mentioned that, in addition to reducing Happy Meal fry sizes and redesigning their milk jugs, yes, they’d even tested out bubble gum-flavored broccoli.

Thompson admitted that the broccoli concoction "wasn't all that," saying it confused the children who tried it. Thankfully, McDonald’s never released their godforsaken creation on the wider universe.

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What are Taco Bell goals?

Taco Bell's goal for their business is to make alot of money and give it all to Katie Bontrager so she can be rich and give money to the hobos like Ryan Taylor.

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How many teenagers in the United states work at fast food restaurants?

super lots perhaps 75% of teenagers. their happy with the poor conditions of the job and low pay, not to mention that they will only be there for so long because there is not 1 slight chance that they will get a higher position or race!

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How much fat does a double cheese burger from McDonald's have?

about as much water does

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How can i apply for panda express?

go to panda express, ask for a job application, and when they give it to you, fill it out at the place. if they don't give u a job application, just say OK thank you, then walk out. that's what i would do.

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Does fast food rot faster than regular food?

Fast food has something in it that doesnt make it rot

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How much is a burger at McDonald's?


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Unlock code for diner dash game for your PC?

try buying the game or googling for it

Fast Food

What is a Canadian fast food specialty?


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Dominos Pizza

How does the domino's pizza tracker work?

The Domino's Pizza Tracker is set to change when the change is entered on a computer at your local Domino's store. After a set time, the tracker automatically advances (to help correct forgetfulness.)

Fast Food

What are Pros and cons of fast food in schools?

pros: taste, convenience, price

cons: msg, oils, fattening if eaten to much.

Fast Food

Define table appointment?

Table appointments is the utensils for dining.

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What is double-frying?

Double frying is sometimes call par-fried. It is simply this: fry your dish (french fries, egg rolls, fish, etc.) for 2-3 minutes at about 325 degrees. They outside should be light golden, but not more. The food, such as french fries, will actually be a bit limp. Take the food out onto paper towels to drain away the excess oil. Let the food cool. Then raise the oil temperature to 375. Put the food back into the oil for 3-4 minutes, or until it is as done as you want it to be.

This process insures that the inside will be well cooked and the outside not burned. It will also result in much more crispy foods. Larger foods, such as egg rolls may actually be fried 3 times. Many restaurants par-cook the food well before serving time and refrigerate (or even freeze). Then they do the 2nd frying at serving time. This is how fast food restaurants generally do the french fries we all love.

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What are the advantages of silver service?

what are the advantages of silver service to an establishment?

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How many calories does in and out burger have?


Fast Food

What is the healthiest meal to get at Wawa?

Buffalo Blue Chicken Wrap 330 Calories...Filling and only 90 fat calories

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Who sings the new sonic hot dog commercial?

sounds to me like Joyce Vetter

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What are the Slogans to quote for ad zap?

Singapore airlines











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Are there fast food restaurants in Thailand?

There are hundreds of American fast food restaurants in Thailand all over the country. McDonlad's, KFC, Pizza Hut are everywhere. but rarely found are Burger King and Subway. I don't think there is any Taco Bell yet.

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Where is bomb burger?

Bomb Burger is going to open in Downtown Huntington beach in a few months it looks like... The same guys that did Chronic tacos are doing it. Should be rad!

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What restaurants are open Easter Sunday?

Most restaurants are open on Easter Sunday. In fact many restaurants offer Easter specials, holiday buffets, etc. Some restaurants require you to make reservations on Easter Sunday since they are so busy. For more detailed information on a specific restaurant, check their official website.

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Advantages and disadvantages of fast food?


1. already made; quick and easy to acquire and consume

2. cheap

3. widely available


1. low nutrition level

2. low quality ingredients

3. often fattening

4. unhealthy overall

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Who sings new jingle for sonics hot dogs?

I think it's Dolly Parton!!

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Hourly pay for mcdonalds?

minimum wage


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