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What jobs are there for a 14-year-old?

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What are jobs paying over 100000 dollars a year?

engineering, medical degree. honestly if you put enough effort you can make 100k a year easy. i do as a mechanic, i know my mother does as a warehouse machinery maintenance operations manager or something like that, after putting in the effort and moving up for 7 years. just bought her first house. and if none of those work out, you can always try drug dealing. i hear they make a bank

Jobs for Teens
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Jobs for 15 yr old boy after school and weekends?

* You can deliver newspapers. * You can work as a baby-sitter. * You can work as an actor or performer in motion pictures, television, theater or radio. * You can work in a business solely owned or operated by your parents. * You can work on a farm owned or operated by your parents.

However, parents are prohibited from employing their children in manufacturing, mining, or any other occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.

When You Turn 14 . . .

You also can work in an:

* office, * grocery store, * retail store, * restaurant, * movie theater, * baseball park, * amusement park, or * gasoline service station. You generally may not work in:

* communications or public utilities jobs, * construction or repair jobs, * driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, * manufacturing and mining occupations, * power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines, * processing occupations, * public messenger jobs, * transporting of persons or property, * workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed, or * warehousing and storage. Different rules apply to farms, and individual States may have stricter rules.

Student Career Experience Program

There is a need to attract diverse and talented students with skills which will be critical to the future workforce needs of the Federal Government. The arrangements for such jobs are developed under the Federal Student Educational Employment Program. That program provides for work-study partnerships between the students, the educational institutions, and various Federal agencies. The value of participating in The Student Career Experience Program is two-fold: 1. It enriches the educational process by giving students relevant job experiences; and, 2. It provides Federal employers with an opportunity to take an active role in developing their future workforce. The Student Career Experience Program gives students a "jump start" in their chosen career fields by providing valuable, paid work experience while they are still in school. After completion of their academic and work requirements, students will be eligible for permanent employment. The Student Career Experience Program Features: * Open to students from high school through graduate or professional schools, including technical and vocational schools; * Provides an opportunity to gain work experience directly related to an academic field of study; * Allows for a flexible work schedule on a part-time or full-time basis; * Allows students to earn leave credit for illness and vacation; and * Includes health and life insurance options Eligibility Requirements: Students are eligible for The Student Career Experience Program if they are: * Enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a degree student (diploma, certificate, etc.) in an accredited institution; and, * At least the minimum age required by Federal, state or local laws and standards governing the employment of minors; and, * Taking at least half-time academic or vocational or technical course load in an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, 2-year or 4-year college or university, graduate or professional school; and * A U.S. citizen or a national (resident of American Samoa or Swains Island). Non-citizens may be eligible for employment if: (1) permitted by a Federal agency's appropriations act; and (2) eligible to work under U.S. immigration laws. U.S. citizenship is required for conversion to permanent employment under this program. Students may contact their school guidance office, career planning and placement office, teachers, or Federal agency employment office where they are interested in working. They may also visit the OPM website at this address:

From other contributors:

* With a work permit from school a 15 yr old is allowed to work 20 hours a week. I had a part time job at a convalescent home in the kitchen, passing trays. I was just 15 yr old and the summer before High School. The convalescent homes are always in need of employees and especially in the kitchen. Tommie's Hamburgers, McDonald's or any fast food place near home is another great option in first jobs/part time work for 15 yr old. Wishing all the 15 yr old who are looking for part time work the best of luck and "My vote of confidence!" * It is quite difficult to find a job that fits that description (especially without a permit) but it is possible with enough effort put into your search. == == * a 15 yr old can babysit and or clean any neighbors house == == * For a 15 yr old it is kind of hard to find a job but you can always go to a neighbors house and ask if they need help with a errand or a job == == * You could try hair salons, cafes, fast food places, shops, bakers or a kids play center. Good Luck == == * This depends mainly upon the area you live in. There is also a major difference between a job and employment. If you're looking for a job (something that will pay you money for working) there are many many opportunities. When in a similar situation, I found an abundance of jobs helping people in my neighborhood with tasks like weeding, raking, mowing lawns, snow shoveling, and other odd jobs. Another way I've made money is refereeing sports. With a little bit of training, it's a great opportunity to enjoy athletics. If you're seeking employment, check out grocery stores, small shops, or other area retailers. Many of them will hire a responsible young person for the hours you're available. You've made a good first step by asking the question, now take some initiative and go ask people and businesses around you. == == * I'm 15 at the moment and I wash up at a pub. Depending on the amount of shifts I get I can make a fair bit of money. == ==

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What are good jobs for a 13 year old in Bowling Green KY?

When You Are 13 Or Younger . . .

* You can deliver newspapers. * You can work as a baby-sitter. * You can work as an actor or performer in motion pictures, television, theater or radio. * You can work in a business solely owned or operated by your parents. * You can work on a farm owned or operated by your parents.

However, parents are prohibited from employing their children in manufacturing, mining, or any other occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. from other contributors:

* Any job that requires little or no skills, such as a register worker at a fast food restaurant, is a good start. If you want a more personal job such as babysitting, visiting your local college campus and viewing the want ads is a good start. The jobs that are posted there are catered for students, and it will not hurt to ask even if you are not yet in college. == == * I disagree with above statement mentioning any job which requires little or no skills. Any person who will ever be intelligent should be intelligent by the time they are a young adult. When I was 16 I was working as a software programmer making 30k a year, at 19 I started a buisness selling software services. I am not 20 and make over 300k a year. I would feel very stupid if I spent my younger years working a cash register when I should have been learning and building skills to succeed. == == * at the age of thirteen you can get a job of a paper round == == * Another good job is a job as a cashier or stocker at a department store or general store. I work at PETsMART on weekends and i am making ~$9/hr. im a cashier there. == == * You should get a job doing whatever is most challenging. The first time I went out to give resumes I was more looking for a job doing cleaning like a chamber maid because I love to clean and it avoided confrontation(unlike in retail with constant customers). Coincidentally my first call back was from a retail store that I just happened to put my resume in. I didn't have any sales experience and was even gonna say no thank you because it seemed to be to much of a challenge but instead they gave me the job opportunity and I took it. I know the job like the back of my hand and having chose what I figured I wasn't capable of just built my confidence and now I know that I am capable of jobs like that. Point is don't conform yourself to one criteria of work,you can do ANY job if you tell yourself you can. And when you do you feel that much better about yourself.You feel you have no experience, the only way to get it is to start somewhere.

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Where can a 15-year-old get job?

When You Turn 14 You can work in an: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station. You generally may not work in: communications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, manufacturing and mining occupations,power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines, processing occupations, public messenger jobs, transporting of persons or property, workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed, or warehousing and storage. In addition, you may not work any other job or occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. When You Turn 16

You can work in any job or occupation that has not been declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. Hazardous Occupations You generally may not work in any of the following hazardous occupations: manufacturing and storing of explosives, driving a motor vehicle and being an outside helper on a motor vehicle; coal mining, logging and sawmilling, power-driven woodworking machines, exposure to radioactive substances, power-driven hoisting apparatus, power-driven metal-forming, punching, and shearing machines, mining, other than coal mining, meat packing or processing (including the use of power-driven meat slicing machines), power-driven bakery machines, power-driven paper-product machines, manufacturing brick, tile, and related products, power-driven circular saws, band saws, and guillotine shears, wrecking, demolition, and shipbreaking operations, roofing operations and all work on or about a roof, or excavation operations. Different rules apply to farms, and individual States may have stricter rules. * It depends on where you live. Most states require that you have a "work permit" to work and can show that you are able to attend school and work. You may be able to get this at the guidance department of your school. It will usually only allow for a few hours during the day and weekends. Call your local court house and ask them what the requirements are. * Having had my own 3 children start jobs while Freshmen in high school, I can say that many factors play a part of the job hunting experience. First, if you live in a rural area, you might try working for individual ranchers, homeowners, etc. (painting interior/exterior houses, fences; handing out flyers for a local small company; babysitting pets while owners are on vacation; make a property store-front on the road with crafts/foods/projects that you've made creative). However, if you're a city person, you might try (the admin. office at a Elementary/Jr.Hi/Hi School office; volunteer for the local Parks and Recreation day-time activities[they may even pay you]; typing for a Dr. or Dentist; pruning/mowing/removing trash from neighbors yard; running grocery errands for seniors; photography for birthdays & special events; etc.) Just remember, regular fast food co's. and discount retail stores are worried about their liability until you're 16, so... the rest is up to you have the desire to work and before you know it, you will have people contacting you. * Babysitting. * Bagging or stocking job at a local grocery store. Many grocers will hire baggers that are 15. * Fast food restaurant, e.g. McDonald's. * If you are able to work and do not want to work at fast food restaurants, try motels, daycare and lawn services in your phone book. * Go to a neighbors house and ask if you can help around the house if you do a good job they will recommend you with friends but be courteous and friendly at all times! :) * A little ice cream place. * I know that a son of a friend of mine, that was your age (15), put an ad in the little nickel paper (weekly ads) expressing his interest in earning monies. He received several responses from the ad. * Try looking at a simple, independent local store rather than a chain. When you turn 16 you will at least have some experience which is good. * A farm. * If you know computers you could try programming or being a Web developer, or you could do data processing. * I got a job in a pub in the kitchen when i was 14, washing up and things. Don't be scared to ask it doesn't get you anywhere! == == * They might be a little too young for a job but they might be able to work at a fast-food restaurant. == == * Mcdonalds == == * You can try the company Chick-fil-a

* You could find a job at the YMCA * Yes, you can. I'm not sure about the variety of jobs you can get, though. One of my friends is only 14 and she works at Starbucks, so there's one possibility. Since most places start hiring at 16, what I would do is just go around mowing lawns, washing cars, or walking dogs etc. for a decent amount of money. If you do it right, that money can add up very quickly. * Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's. Any fast-food restaurants. * And local shops that are run by big companies.

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Are there legitimate ways to make money online?

There are some free solutions out there that are great. Others aren't. If you can't find a free solution that meets your needs, you might want to look into finding a mentor, or coach. For Blog Tips and advice, how to make money blogging try: Advice on avoiding scams: Online advice from Work at home moms: First, never, ever pay a fee to get a job. Many scams will want you to pay a registration fee, materials fee or information fee.

You will most likely not find a true online data entry job. What you will find are jobs that utilize your data entry skills along with other skills. Jobs like at home customer care representative, transcription, writer, proofreader, editor, blogger, telemarketing from home, mystery shopping, virtual assistant, and freelance projects. A good resource for these types of jobs and other home workers at where a very experienced community can help you be aware of scams. Unfortunately, there is no good way for the average person to make money online. There is no easy money online. Any money made online requires a lot of time and work, you need to have the knowledge and skills. In general, almost all money making sites on the web are scams. Never pay a fee with being promised you will make money online. Under no circumstances should you give any money making site your credit card number. You can sell items at auction sites, like You can sell items at You can start a blog for free, like at and monetize with Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate program or there are many third party programs you can join and add ads to your blog. You can sell craft items at at any online craft store, like and there are many others. You can offer to tutor students online. You can write articles and submit to websites, like Associated Content.

You can buy yard sale or thrift store items and resell for profit on or Find stuff around your house to sell also. Money can be made online with affiliate marketing. All you need is a computer, access to the internet and a bit of time to learn how You could become an affiliate or sell content to publishers on the web in the form of articles or e-books. Sign up for survey sites like SurveySavvy. You won't get rich but you could easily make a little money. You will not make a living filling out surveys. I have found numerous questions related to this topic of earning money on the internet. This process of earning money can be fast and also slow but steady. I believe I should start a discussion on this topic, so that it benefits many people in the long run. There are no easy and quick way to make money online. Most advertisement for paid survey, typing at home, typing ads are scams, to take your money. Those are the people making money online, they usually are affiliate links, they make a commission selling this information. If someone wants money to tell you how to make money online, it's a scam. No legitimate company needs money for someone to work online Under no circumstances should you pay companies for a "Get rich quick" scheme..Or anything that promises wealth with a load of HYPE to lure you in. I.e , big house, nice car, holiday on beach, and don't forget the "Thank you so much you've changed my life" messages by supposed customers of the company. Basically the only way you can make money is to start an online business, become an EBay investor where you look for stuff cheap and sell for more, good example being the woman who got a house for 12p. I can't say much more as I'm no expert on this myself, but don't give people money for any "Guaranteed money makers" or "Get rich quick" schemes, as not only could you find yourself out of pocket. You could find yourself in trouble if everything's not above board. There are a considerable number of free and effective strategies available to aid you in how you can earn money online. If like most of us including me,i'm sure you can't afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for marketing firms to bring customers to your website ? While these companies promise their services will bring results, what they do or don't do for you, may or may not prove as effective as doing it yourself. There are literally tons of people online everyday, most of them are looking for information, some of them will purchase something .Therefore that should give you your first clue as to how to earn money online? Blog vendors offer you a variety of templates you can choose from. Most likely you will find among them one that offers the look and feel you're looking for. Blogging became popular and grew up along with the development of the wordpress script. Today, blogging is not just a way to express your ideas but is also the biggest (in terms of numbers) source of income for online entrepreneurs,myself included. Websites that can teach you all the techniques to drive traffic to your sites or affiliate sites and potentially earn huge dollars online. Making $500 a day online is quite normal and you can get started very quickly if you know the right techniques. Web designers, magazines and press need new photos ,images and most importantly good content daily. Often they will look for photo marketplaces and agencies to buy photos that fit their need or article sites or plr agencies to source their content. Website owners can earn money through various ways,and i have searched scores of sites on the net in search of the holy grail .Whilst i can't say i have reached utopia on my search, i can say that i have found some fantastic ways to earn money online along the way.It really is all about research and a little patience thrown in whilst carrying out that research. Rest assured the internet is still a goldmine but you must be a good digger and experienced enough to identify the cash spots to become rich. Ultimately the internet can provide us with the most convenient ways of doing almost anything. We can be sitting at home at the same time we are selling out whicjh i for one love as it beats working for a living . Internet marketing is not as easy as you might think, or as some scam merchants might try and lead you to believe. 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Moreover, Paypal is now recognized as one of the most secure online transaction merchants. Ad placement is one thing but paying people is another thing. While they keep guessing, you can start earning, as Adsense and Adwords are no longer a revolutionary new product and the domain of only the guru's, and those in the know.There are some fantastic courses available to allow you to have access to it as well and promoting it can give you the opportunity to make serious money if you put forth the effort. Advertising ads on blogs is an effective method to make money online and you should know when to put ads on your blog. You should ask yourself before putting ads on your blog when should I put advertising ads on my blog? Ads can be easily customized to display specific products or product categories in non-contextual mode, or highly relevant contextual ads based on your page's content. 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Start your business by working evenings and weekends while keeping your present job as long as practicable. This way, if the business does not meet your expectations, you have not incurred debt and will still have a job! Start developing a permanent vested income for the future by starting now PayPal is a globally trusted organization and if you haven't heard of paypal they were founded in 1998. PayPal, is an eBay company,which enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. PayPal's service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and utilizes the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution.PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with 86.6 million account members worldwide and growing. Excellent content makes them come back. 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If you don't mind working hard, you can create a website or blog. On that site, you can put up Google AdSense ads or affiliate offers. When people find your site and click on those things you can make money. You can also make money by doing some freelance writing on sites like Demand Studios or you can use another site like HubPages, InfoBarrel, Break Studios, Suite 101 and Bright Hub. If you can create iPhone apps, you can make money online doing that. For little bits of money, you can do surveys and such.

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Drug Tests

How many times does job corps make you drug test?

From what i heard, the test you pre-enrollment, then after you get enrolled, they test you again and then random testing after that, if they get suspicious or youre acting DUBIOUS lol but that's just what i heard so yeah :)

Jobs for Teens
Fast Food

How many teenagers in the United states work at fast food restaurants?

super lots perhaps 75% of teenagers. their happy with the poor conditions of the job and low pay, not to mention that they will only be there for so long because there is not 1 slight chance that they will get a higher position or race!

Jobs for Teens

How do you get a paper round done fast?

i have had a paper round for over a year now and i get it done but folding the and putting them in a bag and delivering them in the morning so i can still go out with my mates after school and know that i don't have to do it when i come home.

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Math and Arithmetic

What are the applications of permutation and combination?

These are usually first studied for the purpose of computing probabilities, but they are

fundamental mathematics and come often in many different contexts.

Jobs for Teens
Childcare and Babysitting

Can you put out flyers in your neighborhood?

If you put out flyer's in you neighborhood be sure not to attach them to any part of the postal box, not even the post. As a postal worker I know that anything put in or attached to the postal box is to have postage paid for it. The last thing you want is the US Postal carrier collecting a sample and estimating how many were put out and you getting a letter from the Postal Service requesting the postage for your flyer's. I know it is a hassle to put them on the door, but that would be better. You also need to be sure your neighborhood does not have a no soliciting ordnance as well. Now days most neighborhoods have a local newspaper try putting an add with them. Usually for Teens they let you put in a few lines for not too much of a price. Once you checked with you neighborhood association

for any restriction then do put out your flyer's JUST DON'T PUT THEM IN OR ON OR ATTACHED TO THE U.S. POSTAL BOX.

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Salary and Pay Rates

How much money does a psychologist earn?

It varies - depending on location, experience, education, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual wages of wage and salary clinical, counseling, and school psychologists were $64,140 in May 2008. The top 10 percent earned more than $106,840.

There are WIDE variations in part because psychologist is a fairly broad term - pay is going to vary depending on where one practices and what kind of practice one has, not to mention education, etc. For instance, a psychologist in NY is going to make a lot more money, probably, than a psychologist in a small town in the Appalachian mountains. On the other hand the latter's cost of living is MUCH lower.

More input from contributors:

  • There are too many different ranges of psychology to put it simply. But, generally, around $50,000+ salary. It most definitely could be higher but it depends in what field of study and if the demand is high. However, that's if your willing to spend several years on psychology education. But it all "pays off" and it's definitely worth it.
  • Most careers in psychiatry earn up to about $163,144. Due to the fact that psychiatrists are medical doctors you would or should be expecting to make up to more than 100k.
  • Psychiatry is much different than psychology. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that can prescribe medicine to his/her patients. Most psychiatrists no longer provide therapy but tend to treat mental disorders by prescribing and managing medication. A psychologist holds a PhD or a PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) and treats mental disorders using psychotherapy. The tend to make much less than a psychiatrist. Depending on where they work...(private practice, hospitals, schools) psychologist salaries range from 20,000 to well, well over 100,000. There is no real median.
  • Psychologists can be paid very different salaries and rates. Some of the best therapists charge their clients hundreds of dollars per hour. Counselors at clinics and non-profit organizations might make minimum wage. The best income in the field goes to psychiatrists, who have an MD.
  • Some psychologists work for the state in administrative positions, evaluating people at prisons and mental health facilities. Others may work at state employment service or other state facilities that need psychologists. The specific dollar numbers vary from state to state. Some psychologists work for private industry and some are self employed. The pay scale varies greatly, partially depending on the opportunities that came to the psychologist and partly depending on the skill of the psychologist. Some psychologists who work in a private office can make a very good living, but like most professions, only the best will be able to make the top dollars. If you aren't very good you won't get many customers in a private practice situation. If you ARE very good, you can set your own price and you'll still get people pounding on your door to give you money.
  • In Australia psychologists wages can vary widely depending on the area you have chosen to practice in. On average entry level positions (straight out of university) earn about $50,000 p.a. and more experienced psychologist earn up to $80,000. Clinical psychologists tend to earn $10-$15,000 more than registered psychologists, however, the top earners (once they have some experience) are organizational psychologists, who can earn up to $120,000. Any more earning potential than this tends to come from either owning your own practice or developing new psychometric tests.

That would depend on the type of psychologist. it can vary between £20,000 and £100,000 per annum, times that by just less two to get USD or EUR. the most, i think, is found in psychologists working with people with eating disorders, and teenagers in general... i think. while for example those who help adults with issues caused by things like domestic violence get around £40,000.
How much do psychologist get payed
Depending on the specialty, psychologists get paid between $90,000 and $200,000 per year.

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How much money do teen and tween models make?

It all depends on where they work and how many offerings they get ......if they are not that well known and only have one job they prob will not get paid 2 much prob like maybe $60-$100 a day that they are booked

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What are some stores similar to Tilly's and Pacsun?

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Where can a 14-year-old find jobs?

When You Turn 14 . . .

You can work in an: office, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station.

You generally may not work in: communications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor vehicle or helping a driver, manufacturing and mining occupations, power-driven machinery or hoisting apparatus other than typical office machines, processing occupations, public messenger jobs, transporting of persons or property, workrooms where products are manufactured, mined or processed, or warehousing and storage.

In addition, you may not work any other job or occupation declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor.

Different rules apply to farms, and individual States may have stricter rules.

From other contributors

  • it's very legal to work in the US at the age of 14. most jobs won't hire you but that's they're choice. but good recommendations are supermarket, fast food places, hair saloons, the mall is always looking.! That's a great place for girls only because they are there most the time anyways.
  • I did a search for jobs and found that teens of 14 and above can legally have a job. if you are 14-15 you can only work from 7 to 7. this is because you need time to study and get on with your school work remember this is important
  • You Can Work Sweeping Hairdressers Pays around £30 a week or u can get A PAPER ROUND I GET PAYED £16 A WEEK
  • There are lots of jobs a responsible 14 year old can do.

But first, I want to address the person who says it is legal for a 14 yr old to get a job. It might be legal where you are, but laws and regulations vary from state to state, maybe even from city to city. It would be best to check your local ordinances. The area where I live requires anyone under 16 to get a work permit in order to get a 'real' job like in a store.

For a teenager there are plenty of jobs you can do if you are truly willing to work, starting at the bottom, of course. Some pretty good suggestions have already been made, but the possibilities are really limited only by your own imagination.

Get creative. That is the REAL way to get ahead. You may find yourself doing some pretty distasteful jobs, but you may also get paid quite well for them.

For example, you could offer the service of cleaning pet 'droppings' from neighbors' yards. Yuck. But if they don't want to do it, they may pay a premium for the service.

You could also: >babysit (you can even just play with or otherwise occupy a small child for a busy parent works at home or just would like an extra helping hand. Also, in this vein, someone may hire you to spend time with a handicapped relative or visit with an elderly family member - just talking to them and keeping them company, reading to them, playing cards or other games...) For a job like this, it would serve you well to take a course in First Aid and CPR.

  • petsit for people who can't bear to leave Fluffy alone all day while they go to work.
  • walk dogs (I personally hate to walk the dog - especially when it's rainy or cold)
  • run errands (if you are close enough to local businesses to ride your bike, walk or have access to public transportation) - pick up groceries, run to the post office, drop off dry cleaning, etc
  • do yard work - mow the lawn and pull weeds in the summer, rake leaves in the autumn, shovel snow in the winter
  • if you have any special talents you could do something like tutor other kids or you could give piano lessons, whatever you can do well
  • water plants and/or the yard, bring in the mail and newspapers, for close neighbors who are out of town (start out with people who know you are responsible and trustworthy - they will make good future references!)
  • how about part time light housekeeping? I hate cleaning my own home, but I don't mind so much when I help my grandma or sister. It's different when it's not your own AND when you are getting paid for it. :)
  • just offer to do odd jobs for you neighbors: scraping and painting a fence, washing windows, pruning hedges, washing cars, help clean out a shed or garage...these kinds of things.
  • you might be lucky and find a farmer who'll hire you to help feed and water livestock, clean stalls, pick produce, or any number of odd jobs. Maybe a local repair shop would pay you to sweep up, pick up lunch for the employees, etc. A nursery or greenhouse might have something you could do. And a bonus for all of your hard work at any of these kinds of jobs? If you work hard and pay attention, show interest, you may just pick up some skills that could serve you well in the future.
  • When I was a teenager, I helped my grandmother do the bookkeeping for my grandpa's HVAC business. Many years later I was able to help my husband keep records for his first business because of the skills I incidentally picked up years before. Also, by helping my other grandpa work in his yard and garden, I developed an interest and the basic skills I needed to start my own greenhouse/nursery.

BUT...make sure you are reliable and responsible. Word of mouth is the best way to build a business even if it's just babysitting or odd jobs. Don't make promises you can't or won't keep. Don't take on jobs that are beyond your abilities. And NEVER take your promises lightly. Who would want to hire you if you keep canceling or putting them off because your friends asked you to go to the mall, or that cute boy or girl asked you to help them with their homework or to go to a movie with them...finally.

Negotiate price BEFORE you do a job. Might not hurt to get something in writing...people will take advantage of a kid - of anybody - if you let them.

And most of all BE SAFE! -Don't take a job from someone you don't know. -Don't take a job from someone you DO know if something doesn't feel right about it. -Make sure your parents or guardian know exactly where you will be at all times, who you will be with, and when you will be home. I would keep a journal or planner with your schedule in it, including the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your employers in it; as well as what kind of work you do for them, which days you work for them, and the time (i.e. Thursdays 10am-2pm - yard work for Mrs. Smith; 456 Elm St. #555-5555) -Keep in touch with parents during the day. If you babysit from 9am to 3pm for one person, cut someone else's lawn a 3:30pm, and walk a neighbor's dog at 4:45pm, your parents should know your schedule. Call when you arrive and again when you leave each location for your own safety. -Don't follow the same route everyday walking to a job, or if you are walking neighbors dogs. -And, above all, if something doesn't feel right, trust your instincts. Don't hesitate to tell someone 'no.' And make sure to mention your unease to anyone who will listen.

So, be creative, be responsible and be safe. And you should do just fine.

  • Well I am 14 and I want to try and get my first job by sweeping hair at a hair dressers but I am living in Coquitlam and the nearest Hairdressers is at Zellers now do I just go and walk up there and ask can I have a job here sweeping hair.
  • movie theater
  • You can go to and start selling things. If you collect baseball cards or stamps, start selling those. If you have old clothes lying around your house, try putting that up on eBay. Also, a lot of adults have a lot of junk in their house (old clothes, antiques, shoes- things they never wear) and they just don't have time to put it on eBay or don't have the computer/internet knowledge. You can take pictures of their stuff and charge a commission for posting it for them.
  • I had my first job when I was 13 working off the books at a bagel store. Try finding a small bakery or cafe that needs some help. They can pay you cash so you don't have to worry about taxes. That way you can afford your mobile! Hope this helps!
  • I'm 14 and I'm applying to both Taco John's and Byerly's. They both allow you to work at 14. I'm also going to apply to a few places that say you need to be 16. On occasion they make an acception and let 14 year olds have jobs.
  • You can do house chores for EX: mopping, sweeping, doing dishes, washing and folding clothes.
  • In Ohio you can work at 14 as long as you get a physical and a permit
  • Try contacting a local golf driving range! They might have a place for you to collect the golf balls at the end of the day. You can earn money and get fit at the same time!!!
  • I am 14, and got my first "real job" at 13 working at a Lemonade stand at the local flea market, thru that I got contacts and now work at hockey games and concerts where i make as much as 100$ for 3 hours work.
  • You can work in a supermarket where i live and some fast food restaurants hire at 14. You may not get good pay at first and you do start at the bottom like pushing carts and bagging but minimum wage just got raised to 6.15 an hour and after you work there for a couple of months you can get a raise if your good
  • I live in Colorado and some establishments who hire 14 year olds are six flags elitch gardens, water world, and more but I'm still searching.
  • I am 14 years old and I found an excellent job doing yard work. You can always find relatives, friends, etc. who will hire you. You can also work for parents who will pay your expenses as well.
  • Like many people have said there are various odd jobs you can do in your village/town e.g car washing, mowing lawn, babysitting, walking dogs, building websites, helping elderly collect their shopping, Kennels and cattery's, washing up at pub restaurants
  • the opportunity's I would say are endless but you are still young so that limits how much you can do I'm afraid, but odd jobs are your main focuses at this age.You are lucky because here in the UK people are kind enough to let you do decent jobs even if it is illegal, I worked at a kennels and cattery's at the age of 13 to 14 and was paid 3.50 an hour which was because they were generous people but it was very hard work so I quit I'm now searching for a job myself and I'm nearly 15 Why not try putting an advertisement in your local post office window to catch peoples attention!
  • go to your local supermarket and ask around
  • there is a lot of different jobs you can do. mowing lawns, walking dogs, baby sitting, lots of jobs. but if you don't like the idea of doing a ton of odds and end things and you want one job with a weekly payment of at least $60 a week then your in luck!!!from ages 13 to 17 you can get a job like that at the Boys and girls club. This is a cool place that teaches kids about respect,using their talents and having fun! look in your phone book for youth organizations and look for a boys and girls club in you town. I'm almost positive that you will find one(unless you live in a super small town.)
  • Check the civil listing in your state or province's Child Labor Law. Then see what jobs you can have. Then, even if the employer says "We don't hire 14-year-old." You can show them the document where I says you can and then force them to take your application.
  • try mowing lawns or babysitting in your local community
  • Depends on what you consider a job. My neighbor had her 14 year old son post flyer's on gang boxes (main mailboxes) around the neighborhood offering to walk dogs and do yard work. He might also consider babysitting.
  • McDonald's
  • I'm sure laws in different states are different, but when I applied for a job, I had to get a work permit from my high-school counselor. Talk to them. They should have all the answers you need.
  • a 14 year old boy can't get a job. you have to be at least 16 to get a paid job. you can get a job around you neighborhood.
  • Actually, you can get a paid job at 14 in most states. You'll have to check the Child Labor Laws for your state for rules and restrictions, but you can get a job at 14. Check at grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and retail shops in your area for a job. You will most likely have to get a work permit from your school.
  • I think that 14 year old females should be able to work just like elder people, and males it seems like this world is not fair with elders & teens, this may not be the truth but its I think is the truth
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Does a trial shift mean you got the job?

Trial shift means they are interested in hiring you; but they want to see how you do first. That's why it's called "trial". If they don't like how you worked, they probably won't hire you.

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Is it illegal to work under the age of 13?

Yes it is illlegal. you cannot work till your are 13 years and 9 months old.

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What age does journeys hire?

they hire at 16 but some prefer 18

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How much does a graphic designer earn monthly?

R 15.000

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What do you learn from babysitting?

How to be responsible. And if you're smart, you'll also realize you're not ready to have kids of your own.

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Is about looking for job?

Brampton, Ontario - L7A 1N3 Phone: 905-970-0817 HYPERLINK "" Objective: To obtain a position as a POSITION in which a strong dedication to the total development of work force and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized. Highlights of Qualification: Over 6 years of supervisory experience with the ability to work on cross-functional teams Dedicated individual who thrives within fast paced and diverse work environment Flexible and reliable contributor who strives to accomplish set tasks on time Strong interpersonal skill used to effectively work with staff at all level Proficient in computer system: Microsoft Office: word, excel, access database etc. Employment History: Temporary Assignment Jan. 2007 - Apr. 2008 Warehouse/Mail room Associate, Courier Company (Central Group Personnel Service) Quality Control Inspector, for swimming pool equipment (AIMCO Staff Solution) Machine Operator Jun. 2004 - Jan. 2007 TNT-Eberspraecher, Brampton, Ontario (Automotive Parts Manufacture) Operated robotic welding machinery to build automotive exhaust system, while following standard operating procedures and safety instruction manual. Worked with all current welding techniques including oxyacetylene and arc welding Conducted spot inspection using varies inspection tools and leak tester to measure the quality of work produced. Document result demonstrating compliance with specification. Trained and coached new staff on organizational policies and procedures. Conducted monthly safety meetings, maintained a clean, orderly machine shop, and insured compliance with all company regulations. Delivery Driver Dec. 2002 - May. 2004 Little Guys Delivery, Markham, Ontario (Express Courier) Safely load/unload packages into vehicle Plan trip route using maps and navigation system Pickup and deliver various packages to/from customer location, satellite station and headquarter. Accurately complete all required paper work upon delivery: invoice cash, check cash etc. Yassin MOUSSA Phone: 905-970-0817 - HYPERLINK "" Supervisor, Shipping Department Aug. 1994 - Jun. 2002 Nuevo Americana - Toronto, Ontario Supervised a team of seven warehouse specialist in consignment and customer order processing, and inventory control management As warehouse supervisor I was responsible for effectively managing the warehouse traffic, order fulfillment and shipping and receiving functions. I was proficient in scheduling work and dealing with customers and vendors when my position so warranted. Sales Representative (Intern) May 1993 - Jul 1993 Eaton's - (Calgary, Alberta) Department Store Maintained excellent customer service and selling skill to advise and assist customers Picked, priced and replenish shelves according to set standards Accurately processed sales and returns using point-of-sales cash register. Education: Western Canada High School 1988-1991 High School Diploma Training: Eberspraecher Training Center Certificate of Completion, Welding Curriculum Powered Mobile Equipment Operator Certification Quality management System Training ISO-9001 Documentation Training Reference Available: Upon Request: Page PAGE 1 of NUMPAGES 2

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What places hire 14 year olds in McAllen Texas?

Child labor laws prevent a business from hiring anyone under 16, but you could mow lawns, get a paper route, babysit, wash cars, feed/walk dogs.

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How old do you need to be to sweep a hair salon?

U wll have to be the age of 16 and if you work at a hair salon to sweep the floor whenever there is hair on the ground to keep your salon clean.

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Where can a 12-year-old get a job?

1. Babysitting 2. Dog walking 3. Chores around the house 4. Things like paper routes, lemonade stands ect. 50 CENTs 5. Selling your stuff 6. Being a tooter

Oh, yeah, I heard when you turn 13, you can work for five hours on Saturday in stores by doing small things.

AnswerBabysitting, lawn mowing, weeding someone's yard, dog walking or pet sitting (for fish, hamsters, birds, lizards, etc) for people who go on vacation. Answerlawn mowing, cleaning peoples windows, taking out there trash, things like that. i was really surprised at the things people would pay young kids to do just so they don't have to. mostly older people. i used to sell GRIT magazines. AnswerDifferent states and countries have different child labor laws, but in most Western countries you must be at least 14 years of age to hold most "regular" jobs.
  • Babysitting
  • Baby watching, where you entertain the child to give parents the opportunity to get tasks done around the house (cleaning, taxes, or anything else) that they have a rough time taking care of while dealing with a child
  • Walking dogs or pet sitting
  • Lawn care, e.g. mowing lawns or raking leaves (a lot of people despise even having to water their lawns.
  • Going to the shops for the elderly
  • Cleaning jobs for friends, family, and neighbors, such as tidying garages or washing windows.
  • Car washing, i.e. cleaning cars, vans, lorries, etc
  • Paper rounds/routes
  • Selling household items, i.e. yard or garage sales
  • If you have any outstanding skills, then definitely put them to work. For example, if you play an instrument well, give music lessons. If you're really good at Math, Science, English, or any other school subject, then tutor kids of a lower grade level. If you're really good at building websites, then offer your services to new businesses (As one FAQ Farmer attests, "I built a website for a local golf course and made big bucks when I was twelve, and HTML is really simple to learn.")
  • If you're the arts-and-crafts type, then find a craft you really enjoy making, and then sell them. Anything from making greeting cards (in which case, take advantage of the season: make Christmas cards at Christmas, Valentine Cards at Valentine's Day, etc), to making pillows, potholders, jewelry, and everything in between. People really love handmade things.
  • Sell lemonade
  • Think about creative ideas, such as cooking for seniors, or opening a mini arcade.
  • Volunteer community service, such as helping the elderly.
  • Ask around at local businesses. For example, sweeping up hair in a hair salon or picking up phones in a shop.
  • Caddy at a golf course
AnswerIf you are really good at doing hair like scalp braiding or twisties or something you could have people pay you to do their hair AnswerIt depends on the location, and the actual job. In Canada, (s)he must be at least 16 in order to work for a registered business. If (s)he is working for someone private, then age restrictions may be waived depending on the private employer's requirements. AnswerAll kinds! There is yard work, like raking, mowing, weeding gardens, or even shoveling in the winter. There is dog walking, or even newspaper delivery. One thing that you can do is to have your mom or dad help you make up your own personal "business cards" on the computer. You could then hand these out to your neighbors. They could tell your name, and what you can do. If possible, try to have set prices for things you will mow a yard for this much, or rake for this much. Remember to adjust your prices accordingly if it is a much smaller or much bigger job than average. Always give a fair amount of work for a fair price. Remember, word gets around if you are a good worker, as well as if you are not.

Well, first of all babysitting, paper routes, allowance, walking dogs, etc. There is a good one I did as a kid, I lived in an apartment complex and i went around asking people if I could take their trash out for a couple bucks, after an hour I had about $8. It's a pain but at the same time, a job...

AnswerAnother job that a lot of people haven't mentioned is a helper at a horse ranch, even if you live in a rural area they should at least have one horse ranch. Its a great job because you get to work with horses, feed them, ride them, except for the fact that you have to pick up after them.

Plus I bet it pays a good amount of money for the average teenage girl.

AnswerIf your 12 and up you should start out small like getting your parents to give you an allowance, babysitting, and do work for your neighbors. then as you get older, go searching for a job. Answer for Virginia State:You must be 14 years of age to have an established job in the state of Virginia. This does not include things such as yard work or babysitting. You could work at a place like Kroger at the age of 14, depending on their specific requirements, but you will need a work permit until you turn 16. AnswerUnfortunately there are few opportunities for those under the age of 16. When I was 12 (about 8 years ago) I mowed lawns with some friends. It was a team kind of thing.

I went around and gave out business cards to all the people in the neighborhood and let them know that we knew what we were doing and were available anytime.

Estimate the cost of a yard. Remove money for large areas like pools and add money for obstacles such as swing sets and small trees.

Figure out how much money it would take for you to want to do the job.

After you hook about 6 solid customers get an employee. Have them mow some 3 easier lawns with 90% commission and get some more. Essentially the idea is to create a territory.

After one of your employees finishes a job call the homeowner back and ask them "Was your lawn mowed adequately today?" If not go fix it.


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