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Now globally recognized, Burger Kings can be found everywhere. Founded in 1954 by James Mclamore and his partner David Edgerton, Burger King’s first outlet was in Miami Florida and known as Insta Burger King. Get your questions about this Fast food giant and “Have it your way”

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What are the responsibilities of service crew?

Cleaning up after you, taking your order, etc. But if theres a nasty employee, probably not washing their hands after using the restroom, and then making the food. :p ...
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How much is a burger at McDonald's?

Prices may vary by location & depending on if it is franchised or corporate. McDonalds Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is as follows: Hamburger: $0.89 + tax Cheeseburger: $0.99 + tax McDouble: $1.00 + tax Double Cheeseburger: $1.29 + tax ...
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How much does Burger Kings soda cost?

an extra large dr pepper has a total of 2.37
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Do they serve beer at Burger King?

No, they do not serve acholic bevarges in the US. However, you can buy beer from Burger King in many European countries. ...
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How many calories are in Burger King's Whopper?

There are 670 Calories in a regular Whopper from most Burger King restaurants, according to 2,345 calories don't eat it fat boy ...
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Does McDonald's put mayo on their burgers?

They don't put mayonaise on a regular hamburger unless you ask for it.
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How many calories in Burger King biscuit?

According to the burger king website, it has 390 calories. 230 for the biscuit and 170 for the sausage patty. ...
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When does Burger King sell lunch?

11am through 5pm Eastern Time, like most common fast-food eateries and diners. Actually, most Burger Kings will sell items other than breakfast from 10:30 through midnight now. ...
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Which caps are correct McDONALD or MCDONALD?

Generally, neither. McDonald's spell their name like this: McDonald's
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Do provinces exist in India?

No, they don't. Country -> States -> Districts is the Government structure. ...
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What is the Burger King Thursday special?

it is a double cheese and baken burger
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Is there a Burger King in calas de mallorca?

there used to be but since summer 2010 there unfortunately isn't anymore
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What do you need to know to work at Burger King?

To get a job at Burger King all you need to know is where it is. They will teach you everything else. ...
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Does Burger King paint lines on there burgers?

no not at all there charbroiled which give them a great taste, folks
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Is Burger King a common or proper noun?

The noun Burger King is a proper noun, the name of a business.