A vegetable in which the stem and sometimes roots are eaten. It is green and produces flowers.

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Can you lose weight by eating celery and apples?

You can certainly have a better diet by eating celery and apples, but you are unlikely to lose weight just because you eat celery and apples.

If you have the "negative calorie" idea in mind, it is false. Celery and apples may take more energy to chew than many other foods, but eating them will not result in a calorie deficit. The only substance that can have an effect like this is cold water. The body uses energy to warm the water, and there are no calories in water in the first place.

If you want to improve your diet, you should certainly include more fruit and especially vegetables, while also cutting back on animal products, processed and excessively sugary foods, and any alcoholic beverages (empty calories).

Calorie Count

How many calories in one stick of celery?

There are:

  • 9 calories in one large stalk of celery (11" to 12 " long)
  • 6 calories in one medium stalk (7" to 8" long)
  • 2 calories in one small stalk of celery ( 5" long)



Why do you get celery with chicken wings?

It cools your mouth after something spicy


Can goats eat celery?

Yes goats will eat any greenery or vegetable.

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How much celery seed equals 1 rib of celery?

One rib of celery would equal about 1/4 tsp. celery seed but, be aware that celery seed does not have the exact same flavor as celery stalk so only use it in a pinch.


Does celery make you retain fluid?

Yes and No. The celery is essentially stems, which absorb water (other fluids i do not know). so if you don't chew your celery very good and it hasn't digested yet, it does. The no part is that it most likely wont absorb non-water fluids.

*****No. Celery contains a lot of water, which is why it is preferred as a low calorie food. Salt intake retains water or fluid.


What animals eat the fluffy green part of celery?

rabbits , hamsters and Ginni pigs


Does celery store its food in the stem or roots?


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What do you call celery seeds in Telugu?

Celery seeds are nothing but "vammu" in Telugu, "ajwain" in Hindi


Can you eat celery leaves raw?


They are quite tasty and enriches a salad in a positive way.


What is the Kannada word for 'celery'?

In Kannada, celery is called Gudda Sompu.


What percent of celery are made of water?

About 77 percent


Do rabbits eat celery?

Yes, rabbits do eat celery, although it's not very good for them. Dark-coloured celery leaves are healthy and can be included in the rabbit's "salad" (see the question below for more info about the rabbit diet), but the light/white leaves and the stalks themselves are low in nutrients and can lead to diarrhea.

If your rabbit really loves the white leaves and the stalks, then you can give them as an occasional treat (but most rabbits would prefer a bite of carrot or a blueberry). The House Rabbit Society recommends no more than 2 tablespoons of treat food a day for a normal, healthy 6 pound rabbit.

If you do serve your rabbit celery stalk, make sure you cut it up into chunks because the thin spines have been known to cause problems.


Can dwarf rabbits eat celery?

Yes, mine loves it. Have you tried parsnips? Mine LOVES those.


How do you keep celery crisp?

Start by trimming each stalk, rinsing and placing them in a plastic bag rather than storing the bunch intact. Store in the bin in the refrigerator, well away from the sides and back of the fridge to prevent freezing which will ruin it. Sprinkle the celery occasionally to keep it crisp. If the celery has already wilted, then soaking in cold water for several hours will return some of the crispness. I wash and dry very well, then wrap in aluminum foil, making sure to cover completely. Then place in the crisper drawer. I use first method, plastic storage bags, but wrap the veggies in damp paper towel before placing them in the bag. This also works well without having to trim each piece and the moisture from the paper towel eliminates the need to add water. They last much longer in a veggie drawer. I can 100% vouch for the tin foil method. I've actually had celery last for months tightly wrapped in tin foil. No need to trim.


Can you feed your chickens celery?

no it will turn green

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With what do you cook celery seed?

I use celery seed in potato salad. Has a much better flavor than just celery stalks.

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How much celery seed equals 1 cup celery?

Celery seed often will not work as a substitution for celery stalks and leaves. It will depend on the intended use in a recipe. The seeds will impart some celery flavor but will lack the crisp texture and moisture that the green fleshy parts of celery provide, and the uncooked seeds can be hard between the teeth when bitten.

As a rule of thumb, and in an emergency, you could substitute celery seed in soups, casseroles, or some sauces that are enhanced by the flavor of celery. If that is the case, 1 teaspoon of seeds (depending on the freshness of the seeds) could provide similar flavor to a cup of chopped celery.

In most recipes where the fresh, moist, and crisp qualities of celery are needed, you might be better off to just leave that ingredient out, and perhaps add 1 to 3 Tablespoons of liquid (such as water, white wine, apple juice, or chicken broth) to the recipe to replace the lost moisture content. Or consider if chopped bell pepper, onion, carrots or other vegetables might work as a substitute instead.


How many weight watcher points is celery?

0 point plus value!


What is the difference between chard and celery?

Celery is grown for both it's top leaves and stalks, but primarily the latter. it is a member of the parsley family. Chard is a member of the beet family, cultivated for it's leaves primarily, and to a lesser extent it's stalks. Chard is much the more versatile of the two, and also much easier to grow.

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Why doesn't your 8 week old holland lop rabbit want to eat?

If it's been more than 12 hours since your rabbit last ate, you need to take it to the vet immediately. There may be more than one cause for it to stop eating, but the most serious problem is that after a rabbit stops eating for so long, it goes into stasis, or ileus, and it's digestive system slows down and then eventually stops. It takes a lot of time, medicine and money to get it going again if it gets to that point. Save yourself the hassle and heartache and get your rabbit checked out immediately.

AnswerIs it really hot out? The bunny won't eat a whole lot when it is hot. If this is the case blow a fan by it(NOT directly on it) or you can freeze water in an empty pop bottle and give it to him to lean against, just make sure you peal the label or your bunny will eat it.

Does he seem to show an signs of illness. Maybe you should try to switch the type of food you give it. If this bunny came from someone else, try and see what type of food it ate there and get that kind.


Is celery a taproot?

No celery is a plant with many edible stalks. However Celeriac (also know as celery root) a relative of celery but is not part of the same plant.


Does raw celery have a high sodium content?

Unlike many other vegetables, celery is relatively high in salt (sodium). The average stalk of celery contains about 35 mg of sodium. Those on a diet of 1000 mg or less of sodium may wish to avoid celery and choose a lower-sodium vegetable.


How Long Does Celery juice Last refrigerated?

a week in a closed glass jar in the fridge with lemon added

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Calorie Count

Is it true that celery has negative calories?

The common misconception is that celery contains "negative calories." All foods contain calories. The way you must look at it is how many calories does one stalk of celery contain, versus how many calories it takes to digest it. According to the nutrition data website, one 8 inch celery stalk contain about 6 calories. Many people believe you actually burn that off when chewing. Though celery does take a rather conscious effort to chew, chewing burns about the same amount as watching the grass grow. The calorie loss is going to be during the digestion of the celery.

Celery is actually loaded with latent energy, but the plant's composition only allows us to metabolize a small amount. The latent energy is packed tightly in the form of cellulose; a complex sugar which humans are unable to metabolize. It's not that the celery is difficult to digest, but rather it provides fewer calories than what is needed to digest it--so the overall effect is "negative calories."

Keep in mind, the amount of calories you lose is very minimal. This is not the miracle diet food. The amount of calories lost will probably be no more than 10-12 calories a day. The good thing is celery can quickly satiate your hunger, preventing you from eating other high-calorie foods.


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