EBT Cards

In the United States, Electronic Benefit Transfer ("EBT") cards are a form of ID issued by state governments to facilitate the payment of benefits from federal and state-run needs-based public assistance programs. They are currently used for distributing benefits under programs such as TANF (commonly called "Welfare") and SNAP (commonly called "food stamps"), although their use could be expanded to other programs in the future as paper vouchers and checks become obsolete.

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EBT Cards

Does woodmans markets accept ebt cards?

Yes, Woodman's stores in WI accept EBT cards.

EBT Cards

Can you use your Florida EBT card in Alaska?

Theoretically yes.

EBT Cards

Does schwan's except ebt cards?

They will take the EBT card but they will charge you $1.00 delivery fee that you have to pay in cash. At least that is how it is in the Carolinas.

EBT Cards

Can a VA ebt card be used in NC?

I don't think that would work. It is a federal program, however, the cards are made for your state. I work at a grocery store, and I have tried cards from other states and they HAVE NOT worked. However, the store that I work for is only in Kentucky, Virgina, Alabama, and Tennessee. Guess Which store that is? If anyone can answer this, you've passed the test. You can now work for this chain. Anyway, I think the answer to your question is No.

EBT Cards

Can you order food with a ebt card?

no. you can not buy any HOT food with your card.

EBT Cards

Does Trader joes accept EBT cards?

Yes they do accept EBT, they started doing it a couple of months ago.

EBT Cards

Can buy energy drinks with an ebt card?

Certain ones yes

EBT Cards

Does Bristol Farms accept the EBT card?

I am a representative of Bristol Farms' grocery chain in California and yes, we do accept EBT cards.

EBT Cards

Does Target accept EBT cards?

Yes, most Target stores accept EBT but not all of them.

EBT Cards

Does Ralph's accept ebt cards?

Yes they do

EBT Cards

Can you get cash from a California ebt card?

Yes, if you have cash aid benefits on your EBT card. See http://www.ebtproject.ca.gov/WordsToKnow.aspx

EBT Cards

Can you check your Pennsylvania's EBT card balance online?

Yes, go to www.ebt.acs-inc.com. JPMorgan no longer services EBT accounts for Pennsylvania.

The link you posted is a scam

Fast Food
EBT Cards

Do fast food restaurants accept ebt cards?


EBT Cards

What restaurants except ebt card?


EBT Cards

Does kfc accept ebt cards?

No, but the health food store prolly does!

EBT Cards

Will Utah ebt card work in California?

Debit card:

A Utah debt card should work in California

EBT Cards

Does Trader Joe's's accept ebt cards?

Yes all locations accept EBT

EBT Cards

Can you use an ebt card and coupons together in Florida?

yes you can. buti have noticed at winn dixie if you use your ebt card you do not get coupons back like the save $10 ones that print out of the register

EBT Cards

How do you apply for an EBT card in Hennepin County?

Go to Century Plaza, at 330 S. 12th St, in downtown Minneapolis. They are open Monday-Friday, until 5pm. The process takes a good couple of hours, so plan to arrive by early-afternoon at the latest.

EBT Cards

Where can someone replace an EBT card in NYC?

go to 145 Hoyt st in Brooklyn, ny 11215 with id they give a new one

EBT Cards

What items can you purchase with a Mississippi EBT card?

can you purchase diapers witha mississippi snap card

EBT Cards

Can you buy deli meats and cold food items with a ebt card?

Yes you can. I do it all the time. You can't buy hot food with it for reasons I cant understand. You can buy the hot items with cash EBT but not FOOD EBT.

EBT Cards

Does the fresh market accept ebt cards?


EBT Cards

What can be purchased with North Carolina Ebt card?

you cxan purchase any thing food related that not already warm

EBT Cards

What stores in wa accept ebt cards?

Almost anywhere that takes debit/credit cards will take EBT cards, but if you are using it for anything other than basic food, the purchase would come off the CASH side of the card, not the food stamps. Papa Murphy's does allow you to use food stamps for their pizzas because they are not cooked when you buy them.


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