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Questions regarding historical warfare objects, their identification and value.

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Why do army officers peak caps have two golden threads?

Answer Peaked or visor caps usually have a loose-fitting strap that sits on top of the bill. This strap is attached at each side with a button. For officers, this strap can be a gold or silver "rope" and usually doubled. The visor cap evolved from earlier forms of military hats. All hats had a chin strap to help hold the hat firmly on the head. Officer's hats evolved to have a brass strap or over-lapping plates. Also, when not in use, the...
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How much is a smith corona rifle worth?

50-500 USD depending on specifics
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What is the value of a hipoint 9mm luger pistol?

New models can be purchased for roughly $250 plus $25-$40 depending on options. If you go to a gun show you can buy them right from high-point for as low as 119$ and on for 139.99 ...
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What does the MC in Sten. M.C. MK III mean?

The British term for a submachinegun was a "Machine Carbine". MC. See the link below for some more info on the Sten. ...
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Who has the best army in the world?

This is a very subjective question, leaving people bound to claim their own country a having the best army in the world. In reality it comes down to what you define as best. If you define best as "which individual Army is most likely to win a war against a foreign power?", then the answer is undoubtedly the United States. Although they have a smaller Army than the Chinese in terms of manpower, their technology is, at this time, far superior making...
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What is a bursting radius and how is it different from a lethal radius?

The bursting radius is the distance from a device that may cause wounds. The lethal radius is the distance that will cause death to 50% of persons exposed. A White Phosphorus hand grenade has a bursting radius of about 35 meters- it will not kill 50% of all persons within 35 meters. The 40mm HE grenade launcher projectile has a 5 meter lethal radius- it will kill 50% of the people that are within 5 meters when it detonates. ...
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How does a Bullpup rifle work?

The exact same way a normal rifle does, except that the trigger is typically attached to the firing mechanism by some sort of linkage - this is also the reason bullpup rifles tend to be cited as having really jerky trigger pulls, although this has been rectified in some rifles through the use of a free floating linkage. The primary difference (and, indeed the very definition of what "Bullpup" means) is that a Bullpup's action (bolt/firing pin, breach, et al) is located behind...
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What is the value of a 1917 World War 1 trench knife with a brass knuckle handle and a metal sheath?

Value of WWI Trench Knife An earlier D knuckle guard style spike is currently bid at $160 as of 07 April 2005 on EBAY. M1917 1917 is the model designation. That knife was accepted by the Army in 1917. The M1917 Bayonet was made as late as the Vietnam era. Beware of Imitations A lot of newer knuckle knives are being sold as WWI originals, so be careful! Probably nothing if it is a knock off, up to $300 if it is authentic. The brass knuckle ones are...
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What is the year of manufacture of FN model 1922 serial 57475?

1941 ? see
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Where can you buy blasting caps?

Farmers still have occasional and legitimate need for dynamite, and most farm cooperatives sell it. But you would have to prove to their satisfaction (not easy) that you are a farmer, and have legitimate need of it. The same goes for the blasting caps that would be sold there, too. <><><> Above was correct, however, in the US, the Safe Explosives Act NOW requires that you have a license to purchase explosives, including blasting caps, This is issued by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol,...
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What is high port with a rifle?

Rifle held with two hands, in front of the chest, at a 45' angle to the body. Held this way while running. ...
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What is the value of a P38 9MM German Luger gun with 2 clips and certificate dated 1945 plus holster from World War 2?

I've got a listing for a Luger Krieghoff 1936-1945 Same specifications as Luger Krieghoff 36, except 1936-45 dated chamber, bbl. proofs. Est. 8600 production.$1950.00 WWII Collectibles Try to find the latest edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values updated each year. Try your local library. Remember condition isn't everything its the only thing. A "P38" and a "Lugar" are two different semi-auto 9mm pistols produced by Germany during the 1st half of the 20th century. The Lugar was standard issue in the Germany Army in...
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What is a radom p-35 9mm worth?

value of a weapons depends on overall condition. a random is ex. condition est. $600 - $800 ...
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Does the company T Williams of Smithfield and who sold Pipe brand knives still exist?

The Company of Thomas Williams of Smithfield no longer exists. Thomas Williams born in 1851 and died in 1918 was my husband's grandfather. The Company was founded in 1765 by the first Thomas Williams it was then passed to his son, Ebenezer, then his son, Thomas Johnson Williams, then to Thomas Williams (1851 - 1918) then his wife, Lillian, took over until his son, also Thomas Johnson Williams was old enough. The business finally failed about 1939. His brother was Denis Johnson...
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Worlds largest army?

WORLD TOP 12 ARMED FORCES: 1. Russia (1,027,000 active) (22,010,000 reserve) 2. North Korea (1,106,000 active) (8,200,000 reserve) 3. South Korea (687,000 active) (8,000,000 reserve) 4. Vietnam (455,000 active) (5,000,000 reserve) 5. China (2,285,000 active) (1,510,000 reserve) 6. India (1,325,000 active) (2,142,821 reserve) 7. United States of America (1,580,255 active) (864,547 reserve) 8. Iran (510,000 active)(1,800,000 reserve) 9. Brazil (327,710 active) (1,340,000 reserve) 10. Cuba (49,000 active) (1,159,000 reserve) 11. Ukraine (129,925 active) (1,000,000 reserve) 12. Turkey (510,600 active) (428,700 reserve) ...
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Why are there two dog tags on a military dog tag chain?

One dog tag was immediately taken from the necklace (or other part of the body) of the dead person (usually by a responsible officer)to represent proof that that specific serviceman had been killed and as positive identification of the serviceman's name, serial number, branch of service and religion -- for official records. The other tag remained at all times on or with the body of the dead serviceman so his or her identity, etc. would not be misplaced or lost. vcs In...
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How does a Naval Commissioned Officer address a Chief Warrant Officer?

All Warrant Officers are addressed as "Mr." I usually addressed them by their first name. In formal situations they would be Chief Warrant Officer xxx. In informal situations with lower ranks present, I sometimes used the term 'Gunner' when talking with those with a specialty in weapons or EOD. ...
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Which is of higher rank a General or an Admiral?

Generals and Admirals have equal ranks. Generals serve in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. Admiral is the equivalent rank in the Navy and Coast Guard. There are different ranks for Generals and Admirals with different designations. Here are the current ranks, the number of stars and the service equivalency: one star - Brigadier General = Rear Admiral (lower half) two stars - Major General = Rear Admiral (upper half) three stars - Lieutenant General = Vice Admiral four stars - General = Admiral five...
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How much is a world war 2 bayonet worth?

depends on the brand and where it came from and time it was made. any way it ranges between $100-$400 ...
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How do you identify World War 2 German uniform badges?

Identifying WW2 German badges is fairly easy with the many books and webpages on the subject. The difficult part is determining if they are Originals or Reproducitons. Nazi militaria has gotten so expensive, the it is easy to replicate to a high degree of accuracy. As an example, there are companies that reproduce many German uniform items such as visor caps that include the label and sweatband details. If you inherited the collection, it might be very advisable if you document how you obtained...