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For many centuries, society has recognized its military protectors with awards and titles as a sign of respect and honor. Even for those who have served their countries, an understanding of the meaning and the qualifications of awards can be a real challenge.

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Military Awards and Medals
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Is there a list of medal winners by medal category such as Silver Star winners Bronze Star winners etc?

For US Medals at the very top of the "Pyramid of Honor" (The highest US medals awarded) lists do exist. The Medal of Honor, the highest medal awarded, has numerous lists that can be checked, as do the next highest, the Distinguished Service Cross.

There are monthly payments made for life for the medal, so any number of sources would also provide a verification list. Also, a DD-214 (Discharge Certificate) would list all medals and awards received by a service member, but would NOT tell you what the medal was awarded for; this would be found on the accompanying certificate with the medal.

Vietnam War
Military Awards and Medals

Is there a list of Bronze Star recipients from the Vietnam War?

The Bronze Star Medal is awarded for "Heroic or meritorious achievement or service." While there is no complete list compiled of Bronze Stars awarded during Vietnam, medals awarded may be looked up on the National Archives website. You can search by name and several other ways on the site linked below.

Number of Bronze Stars awarded (Source: National Archives):

  • Bronze Star for Service 26,215
  • Bronze Star for Achievement 2,159
  • Bronze Star for Valor 6,215
Military Awards and Medals
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What does 'plaque OR g 10 microns' mean on a medal?

It has so do with the amount of gold plating is on an item lets say a watch, you take it to the jewelers and by knowing how many microns the gold layer is he can effectively polish your watch or whatever it may be with out hitting the base metal there is a sight that explains it better and gives examples of micron thickness as compared to . You just have to search it out.

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Can a civilian receive a Bronze Star medal?

No. The Bronze Star Medal is awarded to a member of any of the US Armed Services for "heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving aerial flight, while engaged in combat against an enemy or while serving in combat with friendly foreign forces".

To correct the previous poster, The answer is yes, In rare instances a Civilian can be awarded the Bronze Star, Such as with the case of Joseph L Galloway

"Joseph Lee "Joe" Galloway (born November 13, 1941), is an American newspaper correspondent and columnist. He is the former Military Affairs consultant for the Knight-Ridder chain of newspapers and is presently a columnist with McClatchy Newspapers. During the Vietnam War, he often fought alongside the troops he covered and was awarded a Bronze Star for carrying wounded men to safety."

He was a reporter embedded with a unit in the and In 1998, Galloway received a Bronze Star with Valor "V" device for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire in the Battle of Ia Drang in Vietnam in November 1965. His was the only medal awarded to a civilian by the U.S. Army for valor during the Vietnam War.

He is depicted in the Movie "We Were Soldiers".

Joe E. Brown logged 200,000 miles at his own expense to entertain the troops in WW2. He was one of the few civilians to be awarded the Bronze Star medal.

Vietnam War
Military Awards and Medals
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How do you find a list of Silver Star winners in the Vietnam War?

I am a Silver Star winner from the Vietnam War. It is on 1st Aviation Brigade, APO San Francisco 96307.

General Orders Number 2554

Dated 14 June 1967

Date of action: 31 January 1967

This is not so much a improvement but a extention of above. Most units have web sites and list Silver Star recipients. As I was with the 173rd AIB and the 11th ACR, both have list of MOH,DSC and Silver Stars awarded.Names, rank and dates are provided. Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts were so numerous, it was decided not efficient to list.

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Good Conduct Medal with two stars mean?

The Navy & Marines uses Stars on their good conduct medals. Each Bronze star stands for each three years of good service. The stars switch to silver after 15 years of good service.

The Army and Air Force use clasps with knots to show each award. There break down is as follows:Bronze clasps indicate the second (two loops) through fifth award (five loops);Silverclasps indicate sixth (one loop) through tenth award (five loops); andGold clasps indicate eleventh (one loop) through the fifteenth award (five loops).

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Military Awards and Medals

What were the requirements for being awarded a Silver Star?

Bring up this website and scroll down to the Silver Star, it will give you the requirements. Title 10, United States Code § 3746. Silver star: award The President may award a silver star of appropriate design,with ribbons and appurtenances, to a person who, while serving in any capacity with the Army, is cited for gallantry in action that does not warrant a medal of honor or distinguished service cross- (1) while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States; (2) while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force; or (3) while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

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Military Awards and Medals
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How many oak leaf clusters denotes 5 awards?

500 and 55 thousand

To correct the above post, 4 bronze oak leaf clusters indicates 5 total awards of a single medal (the initial award +1 OLC for each additional award). Starting with the 6th award, a silver oak leaf cluster is worn instead (silver OLC indicating 5 previous awards). The 7th will add another bronze OLC, and so forth. Caveat, this is for the Army. The Naval services use stars instead of OLCs to indicate previous awards.

Military Awards and Medals
US Marine Corps

Where do badges go above ribbons on class a uniform?

1/8 inch above the top row of the awards

U.S. Marine Corps Order P1020.34G, Ch. 5, Para 4002.

Military Awards and Medals

What else do Congressional Medal of Honor recipients receive?

Those awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor receive the highest decoration any US citizen can receive. CMH recipients receive in addition to the award several additional benefits. These include:

  • Name included on the Medal Of Honor Roll (38 USC § 1560)
  • Life long pension of $1,940.00
  • Receive a supplemental uniform allowance
  • Free space available transportation on military flights (DOD Regulation 4515.13-R.)
  • Issued special ID cards and entitled to special PX and Commissary privileges for the service member and all dependents.
  • Internment at Arlington National Cemetery with a special grave marker emblazoned with the image of the medal and gold lettering.
  • Children of recipients who are qualified are eligible for enrollment in any US military academy without need or nomination, and with disregard for quotas.
  • 10% increase in pension, not to exceed maximum (10 U.S.C. § 3991)
  • Recipients and dependents are permitted to use military recreation facilities for life.
  • Receive a Medal of Honor flag (14 U.S.C. § 505)
  • Standing invitation of all Presidential Inaugurations and Inaugural Balls.
  • Recipients may wear the military uniform when ever they wish, as opposed to standard regulation for those authorized who may only wear uniforms at special occasions and occasions of solemn dignity.
  • States offer special CMH recipient auto tags at no additional cost, and some states waive all fees.
  • It is traditional for all service members to salute recipients as a show of respect.
  • Special parking is set aside at many military installations solely for CMH recipients.
Military Awards and Medals

How many Medals of Honor did President Bush award?

Some people are suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) and want the answer to be zero but it is actually 11.

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Military Awards and Medals

What do Bronze Stars on a World War 2 theater ribbon mean?

Bronze Stars on a World War II Campaign RibbonEach bronze star on the ribbon of a campaign medal or ribbon bar represents a campaign that the wearer served in. When the wearer has been in five campaigns they turn in the four bronze stars & replace it with a silver star, silver represents five campaigns.

For example, three stars on an ETO ribbon would mean the veteran served in three campaigns in the European Theater of Operations.

The EAME or E.A.M.E. (European, African, Middle Eastern) Theater Ribbon was a way for the U.S. Military to recogize where a person served during WW 2. It was given to all who participated in the European, African and Mediterranean theatres.

As for the EAME ribbon itself, The colors of the ribbon have their own significance: the brown stripes on the outer edges represent the sands of the North African desert. The wide green stripes in the middle represent the forests of Europe. The narrow green white and red stripes on one side represent Italy and the narrow black and white stripes on the other side represent Germany. The narrow red white and blue stripes in the center represent the United States.

Bronze Stars worn upon it are Campaign Stars, NOT to be confused with the Bronze Star Award for Valour. The two CAMPAIGNS mentioned here are:

Rhineland: Sept. 14, 1944 - Mar. 21, 1945

Central Europe: Mar. 22 - May 8, 1945

For one example, a pilot might have these for piloting a B-17G based at Deenethorpe, England, on strategic bombing missions over Europe, Sept. 14, 1944 to V-E Day.

Campaign Medals (theater ribbons) are on page 3 of United States Army Service Medals

Note that you need to be careful on the Internet. I just read that EAME stands for European/African/Mediteranean theater, but the ME really stands for Middle Eastern.

More input:

  • My late husband, a Chief Gunners Mate, had 13 stars on this ribbon, and he told me that each star stood for a different campaign. In addition he had the following: American Defense; 1 star. Philippine Lib. 2 stars; World War II Victory Medal; American Area (Good Conduct Medal); Commendation Ribbons.


Here is a quote from the US Army website.

A service star, also referred to as a battle star, campaign star, or engagement star, is an attachment to a military decoration which denotes participation in military campaigns or multiple bestowals of the same award. Service stars are typically issued for campaign medals, service medals, ribbon awards, and certain military badges. Service stars are different from award stars, which are issued for multiple awards of meritorious and combat decorations. The United States military issues bronze and silver and gold service stars, with a silver service star issued "in lieu" of five bronze. For instance, six campaigns, served on a campaign medal, would be annotated by one silver and one bronze service star. In some situations, service stars are only issued after the second award of a decoration. For instance, three awards of a Sea Service Ribbon would be annotated by the ribbon with two bronze service stars. The United States Army also occasionally issues award numerals, instead of service stars, to denote multiple awards of certain ribbon decorations. In addition to award numerals, the United States Army uses the same Gold award star that is worn on many Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard decorations to denote the tenth and final award of the Army Sea Duty Ribbon. Service stars issued for actions in which a United States Navy vessel participated are also placed on campaign streamers, which are affixed to the U.S. Navy flag. The regulations for this originated in 1942, which defined naval campaign areas and designated engagements. Participation in such engagements, by ships and by individuals, was then denoted by service stars. The United States Army followed a very similar practice with ground campaigns and battle engagements. A common point of confusion is to confuse bronze and silver service stars with the Silver Star Medal and Bronze Star Medal. The main difference between the two is that the Bronze and Silver Star Medals are individual decorations while service stars are worn on awards and are not individual decorations or medals.

Military Awards and Medals

What is a military CIB?

A CIB is a Combat Infantry Badge, you would receive this if you went to combat as an Infantry Soldier in the US Army.

- - - - -

Requirements to receive the CIB.

1. Must be an Infantryman or Special Forces soldier. Now Special Forces medics earn the CIB. Further, you must be a Colonel or below--if you don't have a CIB by the time you make general, you never will.

2. Must be assigned to an infantry unit at brigade level or below.

3. Must personally engage in infantry combat against an enemy.

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Military Awards and Medals

Is there a list of airman's medal recipients?

Na u dont say

World War 2
US in WW2
Military Awards and Medals

What was the bronze star medal given for?

Not to be petty, but medals are not "won" they are received or given for Valor, achievement or service.

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Military Awards and Medals

What does seeing an oak leaf mean?

One Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster indicates second award of a certain military award. Some duplicate awards contain bronze service stars.

Military Awards and Medals

Can you wear navy medals to a civilian funeral?

Yes, you can, if you want. There is no restrictions imposed by Naval or any civil authority. It is yours to wear and the choice of wearing it as totally your discretion.

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How much are civil war medals worth?

that's like asking what a Toyota is worth. you need specifics

World War 2
Military Awards and Medals

Can you get copies of World War 2 medals awarded to your late relative?

You need to fill out a form furnished bt the National Archives in St.Louis. It usually takes about 6 months. Here is the website: Here is more input: Contact the American War Library at 16907 Brighton Avenue, Gardena CA 90247 (310) 532-0634. In the British, Canadian and Australian military traditions , only the person who was awarded the medals may WEAR them. A family member may have them, and display them at home.

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How can you find out why a relative was awarded a medal?

This would be listed in their discharge papers. If you don't have that you can PROBABLY get a copy by going to the National Archives and Records Administration website and requesting it. I say probably because many records were lost in a fire in 1973 but they can usually find copies of discharge papers from other sources.

However, in the case of the Bronze Star, it may not be listed on the discharge papers. In 1947 Congress authorized all WWII recipients of the combat infantry badge and combat medic badge to receive the Bronze Star. Many vets weren't even aware they were entitled to the Bronze Star.

Other than the Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross, there are no centralized registries of Military decorations.

Or you could just ask them

Some nations DO have central registries of military medals and awards, going back, in some cases, 175 years. In the British and Commonwealth nations, the awarding of honours and medals is recorded in the Offcial newspaper of Parliament, where all new laws and regulations are also published.

In Great Britain that publication is the London Gazette, in which every military award is listed after it has been presented to the recipient.

In France, the lists are kept by the Marshall of the Lists, in the main armoury in Paris.

In Canada the lists are kept by Veteran's Affairs Canada, and are available on-line thru their website. EVERY man who served Canada in World War One ( 1914 to 1918 ) has his records available to the public thru the Canadian Archives website, all 665,000 of them.

The information above is incorrect. A DD-214 (Discharge Certificate) should list all awards and decorations a servicemember received, but would NOT say what it was awarded for. A certificate awarded with the medal would have a "narrative" listing what the medal was awarded for. A copy of the Certificate would be in the Official Personnel Record.

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What types of jobs did women take over in World War 2?

mainly factory and manufacturing jobs because all of the men were at war.

AnswerMost did seem to stay home with the children considering the number of men that were military. I also believe that it was around that time that women nurses became a popular career! AnswerWe worked our tails off in factories and in different places where they needed help making things for the forces. start of world war 2Women's jobs were simple. They were factory workers driver for the womens air force and more working in hospitals nurses AnswerThey worked in factories and helped manufacture ammunition for the war. Some women also had to look after their next door neighbor's children while they went to work in factories. AnswerWomen basically took most men's job while they were off to war fighting. They packed parachutes, worked in munition plants, were nurses and cared for the men that came home injured; they were secretaries to the staff of the Army, Navy, Airforce. They helped build planes, pumped gas, worked in mills of all types. The were switchboard operators, also. In addition, some joined the armed forces. There were women snipers, machine gunners, tank drivers, scouts, and just about everything else needed for our military. The unfortunate thing is, when the men came back from war most women lost their jobs and thus, women started to really fight for their rights. Women had a good awakening and realized they were more useful than just staying home cleaning the house, cooking and looking after children.
  • There were women snipers, machine gunners, tank drivers, scouts, and just about everything else needed for our military.

Not in the US or German military. I suspect the other poster may be refering to the Russians.



tank drivers

building ships

working in factories-making bombs and aircraft parts

air raid wardons

driving fire engines


ambulance drivers

wrvs volunteers



Women also delivered aircraft from the factories to the operational airfields in England, flying over the same combat zones as the RAF pilots, the only difference was that the planes the women flew had no ammunition for the guns.

Women manned anti-aircraft guns and worked in the operational stations of the RAF. Many women in the armed forces were employed as drivers, including the present Queen of England. They also drove buses and acted as conductors.

Military Awards and Medals

What are the medals given to soldiers?

Germany in WW2
Military Awards and Medals

Is There Pride in Serving in your Military?

Military Awards and Medals

Is there a stipend paid for a Silver Star?

No, but it has swayed more than one Promotion Board.

Metal of Honor recipients are awarded 1000$ extra per month in most cases. Distinguished Service Cross recipients are awarded 20% extra pay for their retirement if they served at least 20 years on active duty. Below that metals are only a way to show the service and improve promotion points for an individual.

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Is there a replacement certificate available for a Golden Shellback?

yes, the certificates are printed by Tiffany Publishing Company located in Norfolk Va. QM Certificates are also available from the United States Naval Institute. Many ships had certificates specially printed to their own design. Of course you can buy a replacement but it won't have all the "official signatures" on it that your original had. If the yeomen/personnelmen on your ship were sharp they would have placed a photocopy of your certificate in your service record. If you're still on active duty that should be easy to check; if you're retired you'll have to request a copy from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis Old Bubblehead


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