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Are There Weapons Made Of Platinum?

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If you are referring to the game, I don't know, but if you are referring to the real thing, yes, a sword can be made of any metal or material. It's usefulness and durability would be dependent on the material used.

How do you disassemble a marlin 30-30 lever action rifle?

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That depends on which Browning centerfire semi-automatic rifle you are addressing - there are more than one.

Visit the Browning web site to get an owner's manual for field stripping instructions or locate the Gun Digest Assembly/Disassembly book for centerfire rifles for detailed disassembly instructions.

What breed of horse was used to pull chariots in the years of the Roman empire?

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As far as I know the Romans did not use a specific breed of horse for their racing. The race team owners bought their horses from specific breeders, who bred the animals for speed and endurance. Matched teams were also in demand. I don't think that they even had named breeds of horses such as our Thoroughbreds, Tennessee Walkers, or Appaloosas.

What was the sword used for besides war?

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Not sure how specific you are looking for but more or less they were used for killing, but beyond that it really depends on what type of sword among other things... sorry I couldn't be of more help :P

How fast is an airsoft grenade?

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I think that the slowest Airsoft guns would have to be those Mini Electic toys that look like small versions of real guns. These are definitely toys that use AA batteries and shoot at about 150 fps with 0.12g BB's.

Can you reuse paintball grenades?

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if they hit you when they're in the air, ya. but only if the person through the grenade hard. when they explode, it's just messy, and it's a pain in the butt to clean off your splattered mask.

How do paintball grenades work?

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a paintball grenade works by having the paint under pressure, most commonly by using rubber tubing. when it is thrown, there are two small balls that hold the paint in that pop out releasing the paint in multiple directions.

Is a bow and arrow a machine?

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First answer: it is not a machine

Second answer: as crowbar is thought to be a machine, I´d say a bow is a machine too. The definition of a machine is:

a. A device consisting of fixed and moving parts that modifies mechanical energy and transmits it in a more useful form.

b. A simple device, such as a lever, a pulley, or an inclined plane, that alters the magnitude or direction, or both, of an applied force; a simple machine.

Do note, the bow is the machine, the arrow is not.

How fast can a military jet cross the Atlantic ocean from the US East coast to London England?

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The SR-71 "Blackbird" holds the record for flying from New York to London in 1 hour 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds, set on 1 September 1974. This equates to an average velocity of about Mach 2.68, including slowing down for in-flight refueling. Peak speeds during this flight were probably closer to the declassified top speed of Mach 3.2+. (For comparison, commercial Concorde flights took around 3 hours 23 minutes, and the Boeing 747 averages 6 hours 15 minutes.)

What did Germany invent?

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Germans produced the first commercial motorcar, the diesel engine, tachometer, coffee filters, they discovered alzheimer's disease, and invented the Bunsen burner, Fahrenheit temperature scale, x-ray crystallography

Which state did the British test their first Atomic Bomb?

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The british tested their atomic bombs in Australia.

Who led the American forces in Korea?

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Depends on when, South Korea had many leaders.

What weapons did they use in the Mexican revolution?

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Mexico's role during the war was that of close air support during the war in the Pacific. They used P-47 Thunderbolt airplanes during the conflict.

What types of weapons did King Arthur use in battle?

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he used swords bows and arrows

What is the name of the superhero in The Avengers movie that uses the bow and arrow?

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Hawkeye is what the avengers call him but his real name is Clint Barton

Are there laws for shooting a bow and arrow in Illinois?

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There are laws regulating almost any and every activity within the State of Illinois, especially when it concerns, guns, bows, and wildlife. In addition to Statewide laws, there are also a wiode range of local laws and/or ordinances that must be consulted. Here are the basic laws in the State of Illinois:

There is no minimum age required to shoot a bow or bow hunt, although anyone born after January 1, 1980 must take and pass a hunters safety class in order to hunt, but not to shoot a bow and arro.

The State of Illinois does not classify a bow of any kind as a firearm, therefore no Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card is required to own, purchase or use a bow.

Since a bow is not classified as a firearm it and its use are not subject to firearm laws.

Generally, you can shoot a bow and arrow anywhere you choose so long as it is safe. Yes, you can shoot your bow within city limits, in your backyard, or your basement. It is not a firearm and is not subnject to firearm laws or ordinances.

However, it is important that you check your local laws very carefully, as some cities and counties (like Chicago and Cook county) continue to violate your rights by passing restrictive laws that have been sot down by the US supreme court.

What do you call putting the arrow in place on a bow?

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The word is nock.

The nock (noun) is the notch in the end of an arrow.

To nock (verb) means to place an arrow on the bowstringinpreparation for shooting.

What is the arrow velocity of a long bow?

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This guy's done some research on it. I can't vouch for the accuracy as I don't know the gent. But since there's currently no answer on here I guess this is better than nothing.

He calculated 187 miles per hour.

250 feet/ sec converts to 170 mph, 300 feet/second converts to about 205 mph. Those look to be fairly common speeds for a modern compound bow.

How do you make a cardboard bow and arrow?

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Caution : these should only be constructed and used under adult supervision

Hobby Bow

Needed Items :

a garden cane,

a length of string (depending on how long your cane is)

a hacksaw and metal snips

some cardboard

a drink can


  1. With your hacksaw make slits in each end of the cane (about 1 cm in length)
  2. Slot one end of the string in one of the slits and wrap it round the end of the cane (remember to leave enough string to tie a knot).
  3. Do the same with the other side remember to pull tight so that you can launch arrows


  1. Take a small length of cane (different from your bow)
  2. Cut a triangle out of a drink can with metal snips
  3. Wrap the triangle around the end of the cane to make the point.
  4. Cut out four cardboard triangles and stick them to the other end of the arrow.
  5. Make a slit in the tail end of the arrow so that it can fit onto your bow.

Working Bow


1 long piece of flexible but strong wood (tree branch or yew plank)

2 to 10 straight, tough, thick branches for arrows (30cm-45cm long)

A length of tough string or flexi-cord

Sanding paper

Coal or wood campfire



First heat the length of bow wood over the fire

Then sand it down making sure impurities and bark is all off

Cut 2 slits at both ends of the bow staff(1-2.5cm)

Find somewhere to rest the staff in a bending position to allow it to shape (a tree that can hold it and some weighty stuff on each end to hold it down).

The object is to slightly curve the bow so that it bends the way you want.

Now sand and straighten the arrows and use knife to sharpen ends, or make your own sharp ends from materials available to you.

Leave the bow to shape for a few days, then test stretch it to see if it gets more than 30 lbs of draw.

Survival Bow:

You start by finding five sticks or branches cut to the same length (which should be roughly from the ground to your chin) and as straight as possible. Use friction by rubbing the stick in the warped areas to bend them to be as straight as possible. The circumference should be roughly the same as the widest part of your thumb. Next you're going to cut four of the five sticks to be about five inches shorter than the fifth, and notch the longest stick at both ends for the bow string. Then you take the longest stick and surround it with the other four (So the longest stick is in the center with the four shorter sticks around it)

Tie very tightly together in the center and at both ends with what ever cordage you have handy (It should be tied in three places when you're done). Voila, you have a bow. Please note you will have to stress the bow; that is to say you have to put your bow string on so the bow bends slightly and hold for about 20 minutes and repeat. Pull a little further till you get about 24 inches of pull without breaking the bow. Do this slow and easy or you will find yourself making a new bow.


Number of Arrows: Start 20 potential arrows. You will probably end up with 5 or 6 good arrows.

Wood: Any straight sapling, shoot, or sucker without branches or knots. They should be between 24 to 30 inches long and between 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter. Shorter arrows remain straighter, fly better, and don't break as easily. Remove the bark. Tie all the arrows together into a bunch to help to preserve their straightness. Cure the arrows for one to ten days (but not in the sun) and hand straighten each day as necessary.

Point: Whittle the narrow end of the arrow to a point. Harden the point of a green arrow by charring it over the hot coals from a campfire.

String Notch: Notch the thick end of the arrow for the bow string. Wrap twine around the notch end to strengthen it and to prevent it from splitting.

Practice: Shoot each arrow at a very soft target (a pile of leaves or a pile of some very loose dirt). Keep the arrows that fly straight on a regular basis. Discard the unpredictable arrows.

Feathers: slice a line in the bottom side on four sides. Cut a feather in half and slide it into the slit you made.

How much would an eviction cost if you're trying to break your lease?

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This is a good question. Breaking a lease generally means that you are moving out of the apartment before the lease ends. If you paid any rent in advance, such as the last month's rent, you may forfeit that and your security deposit. The specifics depend upon the terms of your lease and what you agreed upon at the time you signed it. Technically the landlord could sue you for loss of revenue during the time your apartment is vacant up to the time your lease would have expired (this rarely happens). But since you moved out of your apartment voluntarily there is no eviction. An eviction is a court proceeding in which your landlord is asking the judge to force you to move out of your home. This is generally for nonpayment of the rent or for serious or repeated violations of the lease terms.

What date was the bow and arrow invented?

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The original hunting weapon of the first people to occupy the Americas was the spear-thrower or atlatl. The bow was a comparatively recent development, perhaps around 2,000 years ago or as late as 1,000 years ago.

One of the oldest bows found archaeologically is from a mound burial at Mounds Plantation Site, Caddo Parish, Louisiana which was carbon-14 dated to 1050 to 1070 AD.