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Fighters are a type of military aircraft used for air-to-air combat. Ask questions in this category about types of fighters as well as their use in warfare.

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What is the rate of climb of the f-22 raptor?

The rate of climb of the f-22 remains classified, however with a thrust to weight ratio exceeding unity in this class of fighter a safe guess would be >50,000 ft/min.

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How fast is Mach 2.8?

2.8 times the speed of sound at that air pressure. Thus the mach numbers vary at altitude, compared with km/h measurements.

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How much does a Black Raven fighter jet cost?

two.three million pounds


It would be rather hard to buy a fighter jet for such a low price these days - 20-40 million would be nearer the mark.

In addition to which there is no such aircraft as a "Black Raven", so you'd also have to design, develop and manufacture one - considerably more expensive than any of the prices mentioned above.

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How do you buy a SR-71 blackbird?

The SR-71 Blackbird is a military aircraft so it is illegal to buy it unless you are the military or government. The price of the Blackbird is also insanely high.

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What does 'on the air' mean?

"On the Air" means that the program is currently being broadcast live. Most sports, news programs and radio talk shows are actually broadcast live, rather than being taped, perhaps edited, and then broadcast later.

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How many missiles does a fighter jet have?

Typically 2, one on each wingtip launch rail. However underwing missile launch rail pods can be added for special missions, making the total number much larger.

The basic missile load on the F/A-18 is 4, two heat seeking sidewinders on the wingtip launch rails and two radar guided sparrows on fuselage launch rails.


Very few fighters are limited to two missiles these days (although way back in the 1950s two was a common maximum load).

It depends on the particular aircraft, examples:

F-4 Phantom usual load - 4 radar guided Sparrow + 4 heat-seeking Sidewinder

Su 27 - up to 12 in a mix of radar-guided and heat-seeking (and the option of self-guiding).

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How many Spitfires were left after the Battle of Britain?

It's virtually impossible to answer that exactly without a huge amount of research. However in mid -September Spitfires were being delivered at the rate of about 4-5 a day. They were by then being shot down about 1-2 a day. There were 20 operational Spitfire squadrons then each having 12-16 aircraft, so this gives an estimated figure of between 280 - 320 Spitfires at the end of Battle of Britain.

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What is the best jet fighter?

There is no fighter jet that is the best. Each fighter is designed for a purpose like reconaissance or air support. The Fairchild Republic A-10 is probably one of the best close ground support fighters. It incorporates the GAU-8 Equalizer. It will turn a house into a crumpled mess. The SR-71 Blackbird is probably the best Reconaissance fighter due to it being able to cruise at 80,000 ft with a speed of Mach 3.2. The Hornet and Raptor are also well recognized due to them both being all-weather, multi-role, supersonic fighters. The F-35 Lightning II is set to be part of the new fleet of aircraft the Air Force will purchase. It is a fifth generation multi-role supersonic aircraft with stealth technology or (LOW). It is also capable of V/STOL which allows it to take off like a helicopter vertically with only a little bit of forward thrust. If you have ever played Call of Duty you will notice the Harrier will hover over an area. This can hold same true in certain battles to come for the F-35 Lightning II. Also, the Eurofighter Typhoon is modern with high speeds and excellent fighter-bomber qualities.

It is really for you to decide.

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What engine did the p51-mustang use?

It started out with an Allison V-1710-39 but later models were equiped with a Rolls Royce Merlin engine which performed better.

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Who invented the f18 fighter jet?

The F-18 was based on the YF-17 (the aircraft that "lost" the USAF LWF [Lightweight Fighter Program] ). The YF-17 was a development of the P-530 Cobra (which, in turn, was a roundabout development of the F-5 Freedom Fighter).

All of these aircraft were a product of Northrop, with McDonnell-Douglas providing much input at the stage between YF-17 and F-18 as completed.

The agreement between the two firms was that MDD would produce the naval variants (F-18, which became the F/A-18) and Northrop would produce the land-based versions (F-18L). Unfortunately for Northrop there were no orders for the F-18L.

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How fast can a fighter jet fly?

The US F-15 Eagle can top out around 2.5 Mach. But the NASA x-43 scramjet can toodle along at 9.6 Mach, but is not a fighter. The Eurofighter approaches a speed of 3.0 Mach.

Eurofighter Typhoon is reported in all reasonable sources to fly at about 1,300 mph - that is mach 2.

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What is the meaning of 18-135mm f3.5-5.6g ed-if af-s dx?

This is a Nikon lens that was originally released around 2005. AF-S stands for Auto Focus-Silent Wave Motor. This means that the lens has an autofocus motor built into it, so the cameras used with it do not have to have AF motors built into them. "DX" refers to the size of the camera sensor; the sensor has a 1.5x crop, which affects the focal length and the aperture. "18-135mm" refers to the range of focal lengths of the lens. "f/3.5-5.6" refers to the aperture of the lens; as the lens is zoomed in to longer focal lengths, the aperture gradually increases from f/3.5 to f/5.6. "ED" refers to the Extra-Low Dispersion elements, which reduce the chromatic aberration of the lens. IF stands for Internal Focus, which means the lens length does not change when focusing. The front element of this lens does not rotate when focusing either, so the orientation of front mounted accessories such as polarizing filters does not change during focusing.

In photography, the "focal length" of a lens is usually stated in millimeters (mm). The higher the number, the greater the magnification. A "normal" focal length for a 35mm film camera is around 50mm. A focal length of 18mm is considered "wide angle" and 135mm is sometimes referred to as a "portrait" lens. Lenses with higher numbers (200-1000) may be called "tele-photo". The listing for a lens as 18-135mm means it is a "zoom" lens. This means the focal length can be changed by the photographer usually by turning a ring on the body of the lens. As to "f3.5-5.6", in this listing, it is the range of the maximum size of the aperture. The aperture is the opening in the camera that allows light in to take the picture. The f number -- called the "f-stop" is calculated by dividing the diameter of the aperture opening by the focal length of the lens and expressing the answer as a properly reduced fraction (with the top number a 1). The f-stop is the bottom of the fraction. For example: a camera with a 100mm lens that has a maximum aperture of 50mm, or an "f-stop" of 2 (50/100=1/2). On a zoom lens, since the focal length changes, but the aperture does not, the f-stop will change with the focal length. So, the first number 3.5 means at the lower focal length (18mm) the maximum aperture opening is 1/3.5th of the focal length, or about 5mm. The other number 5.6 means at the higher focal length (135mm) the maximum aperture opening is 1/5.6th of the focal length, or about 24mm.

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How much would a Messerschmitt Me 109G plane have cost in 1928?

There is no simple answer to this question. This was a military plane and as such was purchased by the military. I suppose there is an answer if you had access to Nazi supply records.

The Messerschmitt's 109 series started only in 1935... and the G version came relatively late (about 1941-1942) to duty.

One openly recorded sale of Bf109 planes was in 1944 when 12 new BF109G Gustavs were sold to the Swiss Air Force for 6 million Swiss Francs.

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Why did World War 2 fighter planes have numbers on them?

All military aircraft have numbers assigned, not just in WW2, but before and after that. All American military planes have what is called a 'Bu Number' , this is a 5 or 6 digit number that follows the aircraft till it is scrapped. In each unit they are sent to, there will also be a Squadron or Wing number and often an emblem, especially in the US Navy and Marines.
All British military aircraft have a 2 letter, 3 number coding, for instance a Buccaneer that I worked on was XK527. These are usually written small under the tail and large under the main wing. Many RAF Squadrons also identify their planes by a a larger number or letter on the front fuselage or tail fin.

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Do fighter jets refuel in the air?

Yes, most fighter jets can routinely refuel while flying.

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Have any F-15 Eagles ever been shot down?

At least two F-15 have been shot down. On the first day of Desert Storm, Pilot Maj. Thomas F. "Teek" Koritz and Maj. Donnie R. Holland was killed by AAA fire on a raid and also a F-15 was also shot down by a SA-2 on 19th of January.

There are several basic models of the F-15 Eagle available. Several nations have utilized this fighter since the 1970s.

See the related Wikipedia link listed below for more information:

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Will it be possible to attach a nuclear missile onto a F-22 Raptor so that nuclear bombs can be fired like a missile?

Weapons with ranges less than 2000? miles were banned by Salt II, however with Russia pulling out of the treaty, and it never being ratified by the US congress, yes it is possible.... The issue is the limited size of the internal weapons bays of the F-22, it can't carry a large cruise missile. It is also a question of necessity. With 2 large stealthy bombers, and one very large unstealthy bomber capable of carrying 16 - 30 tomahawk cruise missiles, why laded down an air superiority fighter with a 4000 pound weapon. It also must be called into question the need. Yes I am sure a W72 type warhead could be loaded onto maverick or harpoon type AGMs but why when conventional warheads can accomplish the same. When a weapon of this type is $10,000,000 and to use it is far more expensive endeavor, why not use a $50,000 bomb dropped by a cheaper airframe such as the f-18, 16, 15, or even the 117

The F-22 could almost certainly carry an AIR-2 Genie air to air missile with its 1.5 kiloton yield W25 nuclear warhead, but the last of these were removed from service in 1985. However the Genie was only intended to shoot down bomber formations, not attack cities.

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What is the world's best fighter plane?

This question is highly debated and in any conversation, or forum, it can boil down into a mindless argument that never ends. Most answers for individuals are based on their nationality. This answer will be un-biased.

Top Candidates:

F-22 Raptor- USA: This is usually accepted as the best fighter. This is due to the fact that is the only Stealth Fighter currently in service , Excellent Maneuverability, and its amazing technology. It poses 2D TVC giving it its amazing agility. Its air-to-air combat abilities are unmatched. NOTE: The F-22 Program was recently cancelled by President Barack Obama. 183 of these Generation 5 fighters are still in service in the United States.

F-35 Lightning II - USA: This Aircraft is more of a ground attack, multi-role fighter. It is the best Ground-Attack fighter. It beats the Eurofighter in that category because of its Stealth technology. In this group, it is the only one with V/STOL capabilities, meaning that it can take off vertically.

Eurofighter Typhoon - UK, Germany, Spain, Italy: The Eurofighter has great BVR and WVR capabilities. It has reduced RCS features but lacks true stealth. In this group, it is the 2nd best ground-attacker.

Dassault Rafale - France: This is usually viewed as a cheaper, less capable option to the Eurofighter. Never the less, it is still a highly capable aircraft. It has reduced RCS features and it's 2 seats give it greater awareness in a dogfight and reduces pilot fatigue. It is the aircraft originally designed as a carrier-based aircraft.

Su-35BM - Russia: The 30 year old Su-27 airframe is still going strong with its great maneuverability, durability ,and adaptability. It also has great BVR capability but not on par with western designs like the F-22, Eurofighter, and Rafale. It has the largest RCS in this category making it highly visible to radars.

PAK-FA - Russia: This aircraft (when it comes in service in 2011/12) will be the 2nd best fighter after the F-22. It will incorporate technology from the Su-47 and the MiG-1.42. It will be stealthy. Little information is known about it and is still just a design on a paper. And by then all the other aircraft will have had extensive upgrades. It will definitely be more agile than the F-22 due to its 3-D TVC.

J-13/14 - China: It could challenge the the F-22 and PAK-FA. It will be a stealth aircraft. It might incorporate much features and technology from the PAK-FA including 3-D TVC; however at this time (2011), this is solely a prototype, and is years (probably a full decade) away from production.

Other candidates: Japan have been researching new stealth aircraft. But they are unlikely to go in service. They will probably just buy the F-35 or if the USA lets them, the F-22. UPDATE: Japan is reported to have ordered F-35.

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Where can you find information about bi-plane fighters and aces in World War 2?

Go to this site:

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How much does a fighter jet f-15 cost?

1 F-15 costs


F-15A : $22 million

F-15B : $23 million

F-15C : $35-$50 million

F-15D : "

F-15E : $65m/$70m/$90m/$100m

Fuel consumption : 0.70 km / litre

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What is the fastest jet airplane?

The FastestThe Fastest object ever created in the world is a US satelight created by NASA, capable of going 14 Mps (Miles Per second), 50,400 Mph (Miles per hour). If this were a Jet air plane of some kind, it would go Mach 66.2 (66 times faster then the speed of sound) Additional DirtActually, the A12, the SR71's predecessor, was capable of mach 3.3, (2511.96 mph), based on the formula of mach 1, (761.2 mph), times 3.3, while the SR71 was capable of mach 3.5+, (2435.84 mph). This was primarily due to differences in reconnaissance equipment. It's hard to say

Officially, the fastest jet plane ever built is the SR-71 Blackbird, built by Lockheed. It was capable of speeds in excess of 3.5 mach (more than 2,200 miles per hour). It was decommissioned in 1998. No one knows for sure whether a faster plane exists, but many people suspect that the SR-91 -- if it actually exists -- is capable of speeds in 5-mach range.


The fastest known jet airplane is the SR-71 Blackbird. However faster aircraft have been flown by the U.S. military. But they are rocket powered and experimental which does not fall into your question of the fastest "jet" airplane. Currently the fastest commercial airliner is the Lockheed L-1011 with a listed maximum speed of .95 Mach. However, until it was retired the Concorde was the fastest (supersonic) commercial airliner.

Fastest production business jet class aircraft is the Cessna Citation X (model 750). Its maximum cruise speed is .92 Mach (although it's suspected that the aircraft has flown faster) ...Steve Fossett holds the US continental crossing record in a non-military aircraft with a Citation X in 2003, at an average speed of 726.83 mph.

Manned or Unmanned?

The standing manned jet speed record is currently held by the SR-71, as posted. Experimental manned projects may have exceeded that, but have not been announced.

The scram jet is even faster. But the current crop are all small and unmanned. Scram jet engines don't work at less than the speed of sound. They have to be launched from supersonic aircraft or attached to the nose of a rocket booster to get the scram jet up to minimum operating speed. The Boeing X-43, which is NASA's unmanned scram jet project, recently hit 7,546 mph or mach 9.8 in a test run. There is a report that another scram jet neared mach 10, but did so with a gravity assisted dive.

(this is someone different) It is NASA's X-43B. I know because my dad helped make it.

(this is someone different again) Although the X-43B is the fastest airplanes there are other Supersonic and hypersonic airplanes including the XB-70 Valkyrie, Tu-360, and X-15, MiG-25R Foxbat-B, there may be many others but lots are kept unrevealed.

There was also a Rocket Plane Created by NASA that could reach mach 6 (6x the speed of sound)!

Last Time Through For This OneThe answer to the original question is -- the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.

Estimates of the Blackbird's top speed vary, but its true maximum has never been made public, and may remain in the dark for decades. Credible estimates range from Mach 3.2 to Mach 3.5; I suspect the truth holds an even larger number.
NASA has built a prototype jet that will hit Mach 9.6 - that makes the Lockheed fighter look like a little old lady.

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When was the f-14 tomcat invented?

The first flight was on 21st December 1970

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What is the worlds fastest fighter plane?

The fastest one is Russian MIG-25 (speed: 3,645 km/h, 2,385 mph).

The MiG-25 is the fastest interceptor that was actually put in service, but the max air speed was limited to Mach 2.83, or around 1,865 mph at altitude. This plane was caught on radar at Mach 3.2 one time but both of the planes engines were destroyed from the heat. The YF-12A variant of the SR-71 Blackbird airframe was the fastest interceptor type of aircraft built, although it was not put into production.

the fastest air craft is the Lockheed SR-72 martin its lockheed martins new plane the SR-71 is the 3rd fastest plane the Lockheed SR-91 Aurora is the 2nd fastest plane in the world

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How much does it cost to buy a p-51 mustang?

$50,000 - $60,000

In 1945-1950 US Dollars

Thats probably x 310 if youre converting it on today's dollars

More Information

The USAAF paid North American Aviation around $51,000 per plane in 1945. Inflation since then would put that cost at approximately $650,000 in today's money.

Though more than 15,000 P-51s were built, only around 150 survive in flyable condition worldwide. A number of these have been converted to a tamdem two-seat cockpit configuration, and are used for commercial "fly the legendary Mustang" enterprises.

Occasionally, one comes up for sale. Asking prices I've seen start at around $1.5 million, but actual sale price data is not readily available.

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Which is better eurofighter typhoon or f-22?

The Ef-2000 (Eurofighter 2000) Is the most advanced aircraft out on the market. The EF-2000 relies on BVRW beyond visual range warfare. The EF-2000 uses the simple delta wing configuration which is pretty similar to the mirage and the dassualt raffle. The EF-2000 was made to fly at supercruise AKA able to fly at a sustained speed of or over mach 1 without using an afterburner which drains the fuel dramatically. The Ef-2000 can also be called the typhoon for it's ferosity in battle. The EF-2000 is made up of carbon fibre composites, titanium, aircraft grade aluminium and plastics. The EF-200 is made unstable deliberately to reduce the drag and increase the "agiability". The Ef-2000 carries an X-band pulse doppler radar called the ECR-90 and also carries radar jamming systems. The Engines (my equal favourite part) the EF-2000 is made up of two EJ200 eurojet engines. Each engine is capable to sustain supercruise. each of these engines produce over 60kg newtons and with the afterburner 90kg newtons. The engines of the EF-2000 are also equipped with single crystal turbine blades (which is essential for modern day warfare.) The weaponry (my equal favourite bit) the EF-200 has the BVRW the pilot can engage an aircraft from this system giving it the slight edge over the other aircraft. The EF-2000 carries ten short range missiles and ten medium range missiles. The EF-2000 uses thirteen points which it can carry weaponry, The Ef-2000 also carries a 27mm Gatling gun which all this weaponry can be used and managed by a single monitor which shows the weapon and the status of the ammo heat ect. The EF-2000 Carries a on-board missile warning system which shows the pilot if they have AA missiles after them so they can engage their flares. Another feature the Ef 2000 has is the radar jamming equipment which is handy for the aircraft but not making it into a AWAC. The F-22 is rather simple to explain because it is not a fully stealth jet that avoids radar detection but the F-22 is stealthly enough to make it difficult for the opposing pilot to detect the F-22. The F-22 also has a bomb bay that has all it's weaponry it it (except for it's M61A2 vulcan 20mm rotary canon it the right hand side wing root) and has a hydrolic arm that launches the missile out of the bomb bay in less than 1 second. The answer to this question is that both planes aren't better than each other because the F-22 is an excellent interceptor and the Eurofighter is a great mulit-role fighter.


The F-22 is not an interceptor, it is an air superiority/dominance fighter.

The answer to your question highly depends on what you mean by "better".

*If you want to bomb the living daylights out of something in a somewhat hostile airspace while defending yourself from a few enemy jets, then a flight of Eurofighter-2000 "Typhoons" is definitely the way to go.

*If you want to remain undetected while quickly and effectively clearing an extremely hostile airspace filled enemy aircraft and SAM sites on the ground, then a flight F-22 "Raptors" is the way to go.

Although the Raptor is capable of carrying and dropping bombs too, it will of course not perform as well as the "Typhoon" because the Raptor is not a multirole fighter. With the F-22, the majority of its combat focus is set for air-to-air engagements and remaining undetected.

If you mean "better" as in putting an F-22 against an EF-2000 in BVR (Beyond Visual Range), then the Raptor will shred the Typhoon into pieces before the typhoon even knew that there was a Raptor in the area. The Raptor can achieve this because of mainly 2 things:

-Defense: It can remain undetected to the EF-2000 in BVR because the Raptor is optimized to remain "invisible" to x-band Radars in BVR, denying most opponents, detection and tracking capabilities. This means that the opponent is denied a firing-solution.

-Offense: Because of its high supercruising speed (Mach 1.8 without afterburners) and high cruising altitude (18 km), coupled with a very advanced AESA radar (AN/APG-77), the Raptor can provide its AIM-120C AMRAAMs with a very good flight-envelope. This means that the AMRAAMs coming out of the F-22's bomb bays will have a high launch velocity and a high launch altitude, giving the missiles much more speed and range and the target less time and speed to survive.

In WVR (Within Visual Range) things get a little more complicated because the F-22 loses its stealth-advantage dramatically and with both jets being extremely agile, I would say a lot will depend on who the better pilot is.

A better comparison IMO would be EF-2000 VS either the F-15E or F-15SE.



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