Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an online learning game created by National Geographic. It allows children to learn about plants and animals while having fun playing games and chatting with friends.

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Animal Jam

What are some Animal Jam codes?

National Geographic Animal Jam Codes.Here is a list of gem codes that are still valid, starting from the oldest.

All these are proven to work.

  • explore2012 -- 1,000 gems (Will most likely work for all of 2012)
  • explorer -- 100 gems
  • NGKIDSROX -- 1,000 gems

Possible gems you can earn right now: 2,100

Here is a list of inventory codes that are still valid, starting from the oldest.

All these are proven to work.

  • gecko -- lime green gecko plushie (Note: This code is currently having major glitches. You cannot receive the item, even if you press 'Accept'. Animal Jam has been notified of this.)

Here is a list of gem codes that have expired, starting from the oldest.

All these have been proven not to work.

  • playwild -- 1,000 gems
  • playfree -- 1,000 gems
  • NewYearJam -- 1,000 gems
  • potion --1,000 gems
  • danceparty -- 1,000 gems
  • foodfight -- 1,000 gems
  • discovery -- 1,000 gems
  • campwild -- 1,000 gems
  • moviebytes -- 1,000 gems
  • playsmart -- 1,000 gems
  • festival -- 1,000 gems
  • hammock -- 1,000 gems
  • speedy -- 1,000 gems
  • gorilla -- 1,000 gems
  • celebrate -- 1,000 gems
  • treasure -- 1,000 gems
  • coralreef -- 1,000 gems
  • croc -- 1,000 gems
  • spooky -- 1,000 gems
  • deepsea -- 500 gems
  • treat -- 100 gems
  • phantoms -- 500 gems
  • feast -- 1,000 gems
  • roar -- 1,000 gems
  • Jamaalidays -- 500 gems
  • BFF4EVER -- 100 gems
  • PESKYPHANTOMS -- 1,000 gems AND a square Imprisoned Phantoms cage

Possible gems you could have earned: 23,700

Here is a list of inventory codes that have expired, starting from the oldest.

  • AJBDAY - Animal Jam 1st Birthday Cake
  • PESKYPHANTOMS -- 1,000 gems AND a square Imprisoned Phantoms cage

These are all the codes as of June 5, 2012.

National Geographic used to publish their magazine every other month containing 1-5 codes. Now, codes are not released anymore, and if they are, on the website and blog themselves.

Note: These codes are subject to change and may not always be valid.

Other note: Codes are not case-sensitive.

Animal Jam

What are some codes on Animal Jam?

Here are some working Animal Jam codes as of January 2015 (some may not work):

  • NGKIDS2015
  • NILE

==================================================================================== Hope It Helped!! Add clawlesswolf and fancy1215 cause they used it and it helped a lot!!! Thanks! =D

Hope this helped!

Animal Jam

What are animal jam codes for?

Some codes for animaljam are playwild, playfree, potion, foodfight, discovery, newyearjam, and danceparty. (do not put any spaces} ,gecko,campfire,treasure

Animal Jam

What are all the animal jam codes?

These are the Animal Jam codes that are still valid.

  • explore2012
  • explorer

These are the Animal Jam codes that are not valid anymore. (Note: dont use these codes that are not valid antmore)

  • playwild
  • playfree
  • NewYearJam
  • foodfight
  • potion
  • discovery
  • danceparty
  • campwild
  • moviebytes
  • speedy
  • hammock
  • playsmart
  • celebration
  • gorilla
  • treasure
  • festival
  • gecko
  • These are all the known codes up until today which is August 2011.

    National Geographic publishes a new magazine every month or every other month with a new code(s) in it.

    I will try to update this list when a new code comes up.

    Bye peeps.

    - Junior Shyliliy (On Animal Jam)

another code valid until may 31 2012 is PESKYPHANTOMS!

NOTE: (Do not listen to claims about codes for clothes, furniture, secret items, or codes that give you more gems on certain days. These claims are FALSE and Animal Jam would NOT do that.) There is on code to get a plushie it is gecko u get a green or orange geck plushie!!!

Animal Jam

Are there any game like animal jam but in 3D?

Well, there is one game were you are a bird. Its called 'Fly like a bird' there's 1,2 and 3 fly like a bird games. The best one is fly like a bird 3. It's where you choose your bird, then fly around as it. You can only chose a bird on 'Fly Like a Bird 3'. For the 1 and 2 'Fly Like a Bird' you will need the shockwave plug. Its only a short download but for the 3 game, you need unity plug. It's not so bad, but it is a multiplayer game though.

Animal Jam

Can you buy Animal Jam codes?

Codes can be found in Animal Jam/NG Kids merchandise, but the only way you can directly buy codes is by getting a Diamond/Gem/Membership Certificate.

DISCLAIMER: Any codes you get from Certificates are NOT reusable.

Animal Jam

How do you change your password on Animal Jam?

If you would like to change your password for Animal Jam, go to the Player LogIn section on the home page. Click on the 'Forgot Your Password' link and follow the instructions. An email will be sent to the email address attached to the account. Click the link on the email you receive or copy and paste the web address into your browser's navigation bar and then follow the instructions to change your password.

Credit and Debit Cards
Animal Jam

How much are animal jam gift cards?

The giftcards can cost up to $20.00 and ranges to $30.00.

Animal Jam

What is the cutest animal on animal jam?

Well it depends what you think is cute. There is ALOT to choose from like if you are a nonmember like the seal,wolf,panada,monkey,tiger,koala, and the bunny. But if you are a member you can get a horse,croc,doliphin,shark, turtle,rhino,and a elephant with the nonmember animals too.

Animal Jam

What are the codes for Animal Jam?

playfree=1000 gems

playwild=1000 gems,

newyearjam=1000 gems,

potion=1000 gems,

discovery=1000 gems,

campwild=1000 gems

foodfight=1,000 gems

danceparty=1,000 gems

ngkidsrox=1,000 gems = actually works

If the code does not work then check the spelling and make shure the code is in the right place.

Good luck to all the jammers out there!!!!!!!

Animal Jam

What is the animal jam code for a lion?

  • get a gift card at Toys R US
  • get the code typed in and then pick what u want then ur done
Animal Jam

What are the animal jam codes for November 2011?


Animal Jam

Can you break the bridge in animal jam?

I have heard of the issue, in fact I have contacted the Animal Jam HQ.

(They even talked about breaking the ice!) Here is what their reply is:

Hey there, Jammer!

It's super wild to hear from you! However, it sounds to us you've heard quite the wild rumor in Jamaa, is that right? If so, we're thrilled to hear you enjoy jumping on the bridge in Coral Canyons as much as we do! Have you noticed that it cracks when 3 or more Jammers jump on it?

We know many Jammers and their friends have tried breaking this bridge for many seasons. Unfortunately, we haven't heard of any Jammers successfully breaking it yet, but can you imagine what would happen if you were the lucky Jammer to break it? We'd be careful though.... those cracks look pretty dangerous!

You know what else? We've heard many Jammers have tried breaking the ice in Mt. Shiveer, but it's best to be careful because it must be FREEZING under that water!

Have fun and don't forget to play wild!

Animal Jam HQ

Animal Jam

Can you buy any pets in animal jam without being a member?

Unfortunately not.

Actually, you can get a hamster free.

Animal Jam

What are 2011-2012 animal jam codes?

here is codes the really work: festival,*gives you 1,000 gems* spooky, *also gives you 1,000 gems* and... oh and coralreef *gives 1,000 gems*

umm if none of these work im very sorry but i should work oh and if you want to buddy me my user is snowybunny725.

Animal Jam

How do you be an epic den on animal jam?

Non-members can't be in epic dens. Only members. But non-members can still make cool dens! Actually, most of the non-member dens I visit are better than other member dens! Here's some tips to help make an Epic den!

- Make your den unique!

Don't put random stuff randomly in the den! That's all i see now a days. Make your den look cool by adding your own special touch!

- Make you and your den noticeable!

Aj HQ said that they also are looking for dens that jammers like to hang out in. Make sure to invite your friends over Once in a while!

- USE Epic Wonders!

What did Aj make Epic Wonders if not for to help jammers make EPIC DENS! I know it's pricey, but the things there are great!

- Themes!

To help make an Epic den, try to go with a theme! For example, a beach theme! Use that waterslide den and add umbrellas, lemonade stands, smoothie machines, beach balls, beach towels and other "beachy" things!

Animal Jam

What are some animal jam codes for November?

roar- gives u 1000 gems

Animal Jam

What are rare items on animal jam?

Rare items are items you can't find in stores. Some of them include:



-Basket of Candy

-Fox Hat

-Spartan Armour

-Blue Pillow

-Star Blanket

-Giant Candy Cane

-Heart Chocolates

-Worn Blanket

-Clover Blanket

-Non Member Bat Wings

-Legendary Glove

-Rare Spiked Collar/Wristband

You are most likely to get a rare item by trading with someone. tie is not rare anymore fox hat not rare anymore spartan armour not rare anymore turckey wereath is rare

Animal Jam

Were do you buy animals on animal jam?

You click the icon next to the big icon with yourself on it (bottom left) then you click new animal (Make sure you have 1000 gems) then you pick your animal, name and then your ready with your new animal!

(hopes this helps)

Animal Jam

Why did animal jam membership say your card number is wrong?

i know why. cause maybe someone figure out your card number then went in your animal. Did you do it lower case cuz if u did you do the letters uppercase. Are you putting it in the right zone? Did you register it at a cashier?

Animal Jam

How do you get rare pets on animal jam?

You can get a rare pet if you know the hints that theyre telling you but here is an easier way to get a rare pet go to the snuggle up your pet then get a hamster then ull get a rare pet of ur choice but heres someone that doesnt know a hamster is also a rare pet thats why u can get a free rare pet too so if you purchase any rare pet youll get any rare pet of youre choice i hope this could help.

Animal Jam

How do get plushies on animal jam for free?

Trade someone!! :) I have a few plushies, user:


feel free to add me! :D

Animal Jam

Can you get a seal in animal jam on the crane game?

Yes you can get a seal. I won one only a couple minutes ago.

Animal Jam

What are 2012 animal jam codes?

there are a lot of codes i don't know about. here's one that is totallt prven and works:


Animal Jam

What are animal jam codes for gems?

well i forgot some but not one there is tresure may have spelled it wrong but if you know how to spell it is tresure


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