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Living outdoors, whether it is in a rough lean-to, a tent, or a Winnebago with all the comforts of home, camping is a favorite pastime for many. Spend some time in our Camping category to learn all the joys of living in harmony with nature.

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What are some good dares for four teenage boys going camping?

Drink 4 big glasses of water, and don't go to the bathroom for 4 hours. Let the strongest person there give you whatever kind of wedgie, for as long as they want, as hard as they want it. Finally be put in a hanging wedgie till you pee your pants. Stay in the wedgie for the rest of the time. ...
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Where can you purchase Coleman fluid?

Lots of places sell Coleman fluid. Check your local stores such as Walmart, WinCo, Target, etc. ...
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What do you do at church camp?

Activities vary depending on the specific camp. Generally, you participate in outdoor and/or religion-based games and activities. Singing is a common activity. You would also likely have discussion about your religion, and spend time praying. ...
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What is a Boy Scout leader called?

The Scoutmaster is in charge of the troop program and will have assistant Scoutmasters. The troop committee chairman leads the troop committee which deals with administrative duties. The main youth leadership positions within a scout troop are: Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader. ...
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How do you fold down a pop-up tent?

I recently bought a popup canopy tent from They have instructions on their website and also this useful video on YouTube. Hope this helps! ...
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What is the value of a Western Field tent trailer built in the 40's or 50's?

I bought my 1969 western field tent trailer for $50.00
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How do you pinch a tent?

make sure the owners arent looking and steal it, make sure to leave no clues behind ...
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Who made the Wards Western Field Model 38?

I have one of the Western Field 38 and after some searching on the internet I found a sight with OLD mossberg catalogs on it. it looks like mine is a Mossberg Model 35 with No.3 Peep Sight and and the mulit post ramp sight. I think the No.3 peep was a lower cost option than the micro-click. Mossberg did in fact make that rifle for Montgomery Wards. ...
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Is the inside of the Greatland 7-8 Person Cabin Dome Tent - Blue 14 x 15 or does that include the screen room?

I just bought this tent. The interior size is 10x14 with a 5x14 front screened porch. The overall size is 14x15. ...
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Is there a nudist resort in Oklahoma that allows single young men?

Try the American Association for Nude Recreation. They have a very good site. ...
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How do you put together a camp mate tent with metal poles?

I am dealing with a campmate two-room tent so I might have hit on what will work for you. I had no instructions with this used package. Lay all the parts out and set together into four groups. Put the sides together and then the center. The base for the center legs are different with the key style adjusters. You should have four curved parts for the side walls and two for the center poles. Put the groups together on the...
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How do you firm up old camper cushions?

If they are made of foam inside, they cannot be firmed up. Foam has a limited life expectancy, and it loses its elasticity after several years. Decay happens faster if they are exposed to extreme heat. You may need to get new inserts for them. Call a camper store that sells campers and RVs and ask them. Start with the manufacturer of your camper if you can reach them. ...
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What is the best place to camp in North Carolina?

Lucky you. I supervise the camping category and live in North Carolina. It really depends on what type of camping you like, what type of outdoors you like and what you do while you camp. North Carolina offers a very wide range of camping adventures. There are many commercial campgrounds throughout the state. At the beach on the Outer Banks there is a KOA and other resort type of campgrounds. There are also Campgrounds within the Cape Hatteras State Park that have sites...
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How do you use nokia 5800 flashlight as torch?

e.g. with PhoneTorch app, which is a useful app to to use the LEDs in the phone like a torch (flashlight). ...
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What does trail etiquette mean?

Trail Etiquette is for hikers , skiers , campers, etc. You pack out what you pack in. This means you leave no garbage behind, and try to leave your picnic spot or campsite as untouched-looking as possible. If you have a camp fire , make sure it's out. Twice.Do not disturb the animals if at all possible. Never , ever feed them. Hand-fed bears lose their fear of humans and become dangerous. Hand-feeding other animals makes them less wary of humans...
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What to bring to pine cove camp?

It would helpful to know what grade level but here goes. I went to pine cove last year( ranch ) and am going back this year ( timbers ). There should be a packing list on the website. You should bring about 6 sets of clothes LOTS of socks bug spray. It is nice to have a care package with beef jerky in it from a parent or friend. Swim shorts. THEME NIGHTS be sure to bring something for most nights...
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What are wellie sticks?

wellie sticks are pegs used to hang your wellies upside down on the outside of a tent so when you are camping you don't have to bring your dirty shoes inside and if it rains they don't fill up with water :) hope that helps. xxx ...
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How do you clean a camper van water tank?

You take it off the camper empty out the water in it and take a scruber and just clean it out :) +++ I'd caution against using a scrubber, or anything abrasive. Rinsing with a solution of bicarbonate of soda (baking powder) is an old trick for cleaning the interior of things like fridges and water-tanks. After rinsing it out, if possible leave it somewhere warm to dry out completely before storing it with the filler loose so it can air without spiders...
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What is the best Coleman lantern?

There isn't really a best per-say, but different kinds of Coleman Lanterns favor different situations. They are all good lanterns, I wrote a review about some of these on my HUB, you can go check it out. ...
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What is the value of a Nimrod tent trailer built in 1969?

We purchased a Nimrod tent trailer which we think had been built in the 1950's in ~1980 and paid $150 for it. We still have the trailer, which, not surprisingly, has needed several repairs over the years (e.g., reinforce a partially rusted bottom; replace U-shaped bolt holding the axle on; etc. So many times we came close to losing the trailer due to these structural weaknesses along the way, but we always managed to get it back home to be able...
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What sleeping bag is the best for below zero weather?

If you are going to be staying outside in weather that is below zero, then finding a well insulated sleeping bag will be important. Try finding a sleeping bag that is not made from cotton. ...
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How do you scare a boar from a camping area?

SHOOT IT! Keep foodstuffs away from open areas, and keep activity around the site during waking hours if possible.Wild hogs normally shy away from human activities. ...