Hydrocarbons include Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Aromatic and Alicyclic compounds.

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How hot is the fire on a grill burning propane?

553 degres

Chemical Bonding

What type of chemical bonds in propane?

Propane is a hydrocarbon in which carbon and hydrogen atoms are linked together through covalent bonds.

Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning

What area will a 15000 BTU propane heater heat effectively?

32x24 ft room with good insulation assuming cold like VT or MI.


How many gallons of propane does a 60 lb tank hold?



Is ethane a dipole-dipole?

No. Like other hydrocarbons ethane is nonpolar. So the strongest intermolecular forces in ethane are London dispersion forces.


What products are produced when butane reacts with oxygen?

Butane reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water vapor:

2 C4H10 + 13 O2 → 8 CO2 + 10 H2O

If there is insufficient oxygen, combustion may be incomplete and some soot (carbon) or carbon monoxide may be produced.

Fossil Fuels

What does hydrocarbon fuel contain?

Hydrocarbon fuels contain a mixture of molecules classified as "hydrocarbons" along with various other non-hydrocarbon components which may or may not have fuel value. A hydrocarbon is a molecule that has a carbon backbone with hydrogen attached along the backbone. Simplest hydrocarbon is Methane (CH4). Hydrocarbons are generally associated with fossil fuels, but need not come just from fossil fuels. For example: Methane is a common byproduct of decaying organic matter. Global warming alarmists have noted the large amount of methane emitted from belching and flatulent cattle.

Hydrocarbon fuels usually contain other organic and inorganic compounds such as alcohols, keytones, ethers, and esters. They may contain partially oxygenated and nitrated compounds. Some contain hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds. Since many (if not most) hydrocarbon fuels are fossil fuels and fossils are found in the ground - other common components of the ground (aka "dirt") are also mixed in with the hydrocarbon fuels. These inorganic compounds usually manifest themselves as ash after the hydrocarbon fuel is burned. Some of the common inorganic components are silica compounds and metals, although other nonmetallic components like Boron may also be present.

Organic Chemistry

Is cycloalkane a saturated hydrocarbon?

Yes, because all the valencies of carbon atoms are satisfied by sigma bonding and cycloakane does not undergo the addition reactions.

However many chemists would say that only alkanes are fully saturated and these have no ring structure and a general formula of CnH2n+2

Organic Chemistry

How do you convert ethane to n butane?

This conversion is a two steps reaction, 1-photochemical halogenation of ethane, 2- wurtz reaction of ethyl chloride.

CH3-CH3 + Cl2 ------- sun light -------> CH3-CH2-Cl + HCl

2CH3-CH2-Cl + 2Na ---------anhydrous ether -------> CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 + 2NaCl

Organic Chemistry
Chemical Bonding

Does C2H5OH have hydrogen bonds?

C2H5OH is the formula for ethanol, an organic compound. Hydrogen bonds are possible for ethanol at the intermolecular level, between molecules, but not for the intramolecular carbon-hydrogen or the oxygen-hydrogen bonding within the molecule. Hydrogen bonds are much weaker than true chemical bond.

A good example of a hydrogen bond is that which makes water a liquid at normal temperature and pressure.


How are methane ethane propane butane use for?

They are used as fuel, in domestic and industrial burners and as LPG in Vachels, butane is also used in cigarettes lighters.


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Workplace Health and Safety

What is the Threshold limit value for methane gas?

Methane (Natural Gas) gas exposure limit - 500ppm

See the link below.


What does propane combined with oxygen make?

water and carbon dioxide.

Cooking Measurements
Fossil Fuels

How many BTU's per gallon of liquid propane?

The Dept. of Energy says 91,330. The American Gas Association says 91,600.


Why does the propane tank hiss when turned on?

It's the sound of the lines filling with propane, not the propane tank.


Is the combustion of propane exothermic?

Yes, the combustion of propane is significantly exothermic.

Elements and Compounds

How do you calculate the molecular weight of a compound?

To find the molecular weight (also called the molecular mass or molar mass) of a compound or chemical, you need two things: the molecular formula of the compound and a periodic table.

The molecular formula tells you how many atoms of each element is present in the compound. To find the molecular weight, just add up the atomic weights of each element present in the compound, being sure to multiply by the number of times that atom appears. The atomic weight of each element is found on a periodic table.

See the Related Questions and the Web Links to the left for a periodic table with the atomic weight of each element.

Here are some examples:

1) What is the molecular weight of methane, CH4?

The formula for methane is CH4, which means there is one carbon atom (C) and 4 hydrogen atoms. From the periodic table, the atomic weight of carbon is 12.011 grams per mole, and the atomic weight of hydrogen is 1.01 grams per mole. Adding them up, we have

12.01 + (4 × 1.01) = 16.05 grams per mole

2) What is the molecular weight of table salt, or sodium chloride?

The formula for sodium chloride is NaCl. The molecular weight of NaCl is just the sum of the atomic weights of sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl):

22.99 + 35.45 = 58.44 grams/mole

3) What is the molar mass of octane, C8H10?

Answers: The molar mass of octane is just 8 times the mass of carbon plus 10 times the mass of hydrogen:

(8 × 12.01) + (10 × 1.01) = 106.18 grams/mole


Is methane a pure substance or mixture?

Methane is a pure substance.


Why hydrocarbons are bad conductor of electricity?

As there are no free electrons to carry the electric current, hydrocarbons cannot conduct electricity (whether molten or not).

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Can you use copper pipe for propane plumbing?

Copper tubing is used for underground propane service lines but should be installed by a licensed propane company. See www.propane101.com/gasserviceline.htm for a better explanation.


What derivatives of ethane has the highest boiling point?

Ethylene glicol for its BP of 197.3 °C, 470 K, 387 °F


Which has higher conductivity ethanol or ethene?

ethanol is more conductive (4000000pS/m while ethene is less than 100) you can say that always alcohols or ketones which are more polar tha hydrocarbons without oxygen will be more conductive.


What is c4 gas?

Butane, methylpropene

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Alchemy Classic

How do you make methane in alchemy classic?

vegetable waste and earth or swamp



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