Carbonated Beverages

Often referred to as soft drinks, sodas, or even pop, carbonated beverages are fizzy drinks that are powered by carbon dioxide. To find answers to your questions about ingredients, availability, and other questions come into our Carbonated Beverages category. Who knows? The answer to the age-old question of whether Pepsi or Coke is best might be hidden here somewhere!

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Does Coke stop your growth?

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Too much sugar instead of vital nutrients certainly can. Thus, limited amounts are best for the human body, depending upon caloric intake, body mass, and exercise.
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Who made Jarritos soda?

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The brainchild of two entrepreneurial families, the Hills of Mexico City and the Fernandez of Chihuahua, Novamex was founded in 1986 and combined the synergies of the Fernandez family holdings in bottling plans, soft drink sales and distribution companies with the Hill's know-how in the area of soft drink syrup development at their company, Frutas Concentradas. Both families and their companies shared the same vision: to export Mexican products to the United States where the growing consumer population would create demand for authentic Mexican beverages and food.
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Is there an expiration date of Verdi Spumante?

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there is no expiration date however it may go flat. but, if it was stored correctly it shouldn't ever go bad.
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How do you do the soda experiment on eggs?

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First you need to hard boil as many eggs you need for the experiment. Then pour soda into cups; use both dark and light colored sodas so you can compare/contrast the effects of different colored sodas on your teeth. Put the hard-boiled eggs into the cups (one egg per cup) making sure that the egg is completely covered with soda. Allow the egg to sit overnight. The next day, remove the eggs from the soda cups. Discuss how the eggs are stained because of the soda which is why we must brush our teeth to keep them from being stained. I like to follow up with a lesson about brushing with fluoride toothpaste afterwards and have my students "brush" the egg clean.
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What makes soda or a soft drink so addictive?

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Colas and some other soft drinks will have caffeine in them which can be mildly addictive, however a short period of abstinence from colas will at the worst cause a mild headache for a day or two. I believe that the combination of caffeine and sugar magnifies the effects of both ingredients. But peer pressure plays it's part as well.
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Is Dr Pepper a Pepsi or Coke product?

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It is neither. Although, Dr Pepper became insolvent in the early 1980s, prompting an investment group to take the company private. Several years later, Coca-Cola attempted to acquire Dr Pepper, but was blocked from doing so by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Around the same time, Seven Up was acquired from Phillip Morris by the same investment company that bailed out Dr Pepper. Upon the failure of the Coca-Cola merger, Dr Pepper and Seven Up merged (creating Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., or DPSU), giving up international branding rights in the process. After the DPSU merger, Coca-Cola obtained most non-U.S. rights to the Dr Pepper name but, did not fully take the product.
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How much percentage of acid is there in coke?

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The pH or acid level of Coca Cola Classic is 2.5. For perspective, pure water is neutral at a pH of 7. Pure hydrochloric acid is extreme at a pH of 0. At the other end is at a pH of 14. You stomach is too acidic for all but the hardiest of living things to survive at a pH of 1.8-2. The higher the pH the more alkaline or basic. The lower the pH the more acidic. So, yes Coca-Cola is acidic, but not as acidic as the contents of your stomach. The acid in Coca Cola is not bad for your teeth in small amounts, but the sugar is. Be sure to brush often as the bacteria in your mouth have sugar and produce acids that are stronger than Coke, and stick to your teeth, that will cause cavities. If you drink a lot of acidic beverages (soda, lemonade, wine, V8, vinegar etc) it can cause irreversible damage to the protective enamel coating on your teeth, making your teeth more vulnerable to cavities and more sensitive to pain. To minimize acid damage, drink less acidic drinks, use a straw when drinking, or drink water / eat food after or with acidic drinks.
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Who is Soda's girlfriend in the book the Outsiders?

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Soda's girlfriend is Sandy, but at the end they still broke up. EDITED TO SAY: They broke up because Sandy got pregnant, and her parents sent her to live with her extended family, in another area. Soda was crushed.
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Why does Dr Pepper taste so terrible?

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Because you have no life for posting this question.
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Does soda water contain iodine?

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Only in incidental trace amounts.
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What will happen if you give a cat soda pop?

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It depends what the drink is if it's Moutain Dew, Coke, or Pepsi don't cuz it will either A. Throw up everywhere B. Urinate everywhere C. Diarrea everywhere
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Do fizzy drinks make you fat?

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some times they do but with some people they just bloat them up.
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What is coking process?

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┬žDestructive distillation of coal to make coke a process for thermally converting the heavy residual bottoms of crude oil entirely to lower-boiling petroleum products and by-product petroleum coke.
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What variables can affect the taste of a soda?

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There are two major factors that affect the quality of fountain soda. First, the quality of the water mixed with CO2 will alter the taste. Second, the percentage mix of syrup to water/CO2 will affect the flavor. The mix varies in each geographical region.
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Where to buy Leninade in Austin Texas?

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Check your local novelty soda stores or just weird/odd stores in general. Also, BevMo does have Leninade, but it is not usually in stock.
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What does size 7x mean?

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Could you write a longer question? Generally, the x means times. Like my hand is seven times bigger than my son's hand. But if it's clothing it means extra-large.
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How many brands of root beer are there?

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There are hundreds of brands of root beer.