Elements and Compounds

Questions about the properties and characteristics of elements as observed in nature and in compounds. Chemical formulas are also converted to and from symbols in covalent or ionic bonds. All the questions you want to ask about the elements and the compounds they form.

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Elements and Compounds
Acids and Bases

Reaction of hydrochloric acid and magnesium?

Magnesium plus hydrochloric acid equals magnesium chloride and hydrogen.

Periodic Table
Elements and Compounds

What are the first 20 elements of the periodic table?

  1. Hydrogen (H)
  2. Helium (He)
  3. Lithium (Li)
  4. Beryllium (Be)
  5. Boron (B)
  6. Carbon (C)
  7. Nitrogen (N)
  8. Oxygen (O)
  9. Fluorine (F)
  10. Neon (Ne)
  11. Sodium (Na)
  12. Magnesium (Mg)
  13. Aluminium (Al)
  14. Silicon (Si)
  15. Phosphorous (P)
  16. Sulphur (S)
  17. Chlorine (Cl)
  18. Argon (Ar)
  19. Potassium (K)
  20. Calcium (Ca)
Social Sciences
Elements and Compounds

Why is ammonia in gas form at room temperature?

That is because ammonia's boiling point is -33.34 Celsius or -28 Fahrenheit. The average household temperature is about 28 to 32 Celsius depending where you live but wherever it is, it is definitely above the boiling point of ammonia.

Science Experiments
Elements and Compounds

How much does one gram of antimatter cost?

62.5 trillion USD

Software and Applications (non-game)
Elements and Compounds
Adobe Software

What is the serial number and authorization code for all Adobe software?

There are many websites that are offering all adobe software with authorized code to use them for a lifetime for free. You can visit NFKSOFT. It provides authorized code with the installation. Thanks, me later.

Cooking Measurements
Elements and Compounds

How many milligrams of sodium is in 1 teaspoon of table salt?

There are 2300 milligrams in one teaspoon of table salt

Elements and Compounds

How will you justify water is a compound?

See related questions.

Water is made up of elements Hydrogen and Oxygen with the chemical formula: H2O. It can easily be disassociated with electrolysis into the elements Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2), and reformed with combustion.

It has aspects of both covalent and ionic bonds. It is generally considered neutral, but can be a proton donor to act as a weak acid. H2O --> HO- + H+.

It can also act as a weak base, being a proton acceptor. H2O + H+ --> H3O+.

Elements and Compounds

Name two compounds in unpolluted air?

Carbon Dioxide is present in unpolluted air. Methane (animals grazing literally fart this out) is also present and Nitrogen oxides formed when lighting strikes. The electrical discharge is high enough to cause oxygen and nitrogen to combine. It is basically a natural fertilizer

In unpolluted air these compounds are present at levels of about 390 parts per million, 1.8 parts per million, and 1 part per billion respectively.

The most abundant and most important compound in unpolluted air is ...

water vapour -- present at levels which vary between about 0.1% and 5%, depending on temperature and humidity.

Elements and Compounds

What happens when a non polar solute is introduced into a polar solvent?

They will not mix

They remain seperate because polar Solute is only dissolve in polar solute

and non polar solute is always dissolve in non polar solvent

Ex :- Oils are non polar and water is polar so when oil is introduced in water they will not mix we see that oil remain unmixed and collect at top of water

Elements and Compounds

Is magnesium hydroxide a solid?

hydroxides are insoluble with exceptions of Ba, Sr, Ca and all ions of group 1 with a hydroxide are soluble...

therefore, magnesium hydroxide is a solid.

The question of its solubility in anything does not relate to whether it is solid or not. Temperature is also involved. Magnesium hydroxide is a solid at "room temperature". Carbon dioxide is a gas at room temperature, but a solid at low temperatures.

Elements and Compounds

What is sulfur's most common state of matter?

Sulfur is most often found as a solid.

Elements and Compounds

Where can you buy copper chloride?

Elements and Compounds

What element burns green in flame test?


Copper gives a blue green flame test.

Thallium (Tl) gives a bright green flame test

Elements and Compounds
Chemical Equations

When iron III sulfate and sodium sulfide are mixed what is the chemical equation?

If solutions in water of iron(III) sulfate and sodium sulfide are mixed, the reaction is:

Fe2(SO4)3 (aq) + 3 Na2S (aq) => 3 Na2SO4 (aq) + Fe2S3 (s).

Elements and Compounds

What is nitrogen's family name?

Nitrogen is in the "Niter Family". I've never heard it called that. Sometimes called the nitrogen family and sometimes the pnictogens.

The family is nitrogen N, Phosphorus P, Arsenic As, Antimony Sb and Bismuth Bi commonly called group 15 of the periodic table which used to be called either Va or Vb.

Elements and Compounds

What is the formula for aluminum ferrocyanide?

The formula for aluminum ferrocyanide is Al4(Fe(CN)6)3.

Elements and Compounds

Write the noble-gas electron configuration for silicon?


Computer Programming
Elements and Compounds
Atoms and Atomic Structure

What is the charge of Cs?

Cs also known as cesium has an atomic number of 55 which means it has 55 electrons. as well as having a atomic mass of 132, which means that there are 132 particles in the nucleus made up of protons and neutron, protons having a positive charge and neutrons having a neutral charge (no charge), electrons have a negitive charge that orbit the nucleus creating the atomic structure for Cs. hope this helped :D

Elements and Compounds

What are some products of combustion?

water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide (in incomplete combustion)

There's also nitrogen oxides.

Really, it depends on what you burn. A sulfur fire, a magnesium fire and a tire fire have radically different combustion products.
<<>> when combustion occurs it's sometines useful to separate out the byproducts from the main products. For example, when oil is burnt, the main products are carbon dioxide and water. That means the heat energy comes from atomic bonds formed between the carbon and oxygen, and between the hydrogen and more oxygen. Those are main products, while byproducts are things like carbon monoxide, sulpur componds and nitrous oxides. They are unwanted products which can be removed by filtering the fuel and/or the exhaust gas.
Elements and Compounds

What type of substance will neutralise potassium hydroxide solution?

Potassium hydroxide solution is neutralized with an acidic solution.

Elements and Compounds

What is hydrogen sulfide symbol?

The chemical formula for hydrogen sulfide is H2S.

Elements and Compounds

What are the super phosphates?

superphosphates are water soluble fertilisers and are used extensively to promote root growth especially plants belonging to the clover family .They are manufactured by mixing finely ground rock phosphates with sulphuric acid (produced by burning sulphur and absobing the SO2 gas produced in water). The final product is a mixture of dicalcium phosphate and calcium sulphate. Brian Robertson New Zealand

Elements and Compounds

What is the colour of zinc sulphate?

Zinc sulphate, also known as "white vitriol" is a white crystalline substance.

Like Salt it is essentially colourless but appears to be white.

Elements and Compounds

How many atoms are present in two mole of H2O?

each mole of h2o molecules contains 2 moles of hydrogen atoms and 1 mole of oxygen atoms. Therefore, three moles of atoms make up one mole of hydrogen molecules. And, six moles of atoms make up 2 moles of h2o. There are 6.023E23 atoms in a mole. So, six moles of atoms is equal to 6(6.023E23) or 3.614E24 atoms Wouldn't that be 36.14? More precisely a mole is simply a term that denotes a particular quantity. Just as a dozen equals 12 of something a mole is a specific quantity of atoms a dozen trucks or a dozen cotton balls still equal 12 of each. So to it is with a mole. A mole is 6.0221367 X 10^23, or 6.0221367E23. To put that as a number most people recognize you take 6.0221367 and move the decimal point 23 places to the right. That makes a mole equal to 602,213,670,000,000,000,000,000 which, don't quote me, lol, I believe is in the sextillions. Whatever it is it is an extremely large number! People can sometimes get confused at this next step. Your question asked how many "atoms" are present in 2 mole of H2O. H2O is a molecule, the sum of 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. To draw a parallel think of it like this: how many tires are there in 2 dozen vehicles? It takes 4 tires per vehicle and 2 dozen cars are 24. 24 X 4 = 96. Same logic applies here because it requires 3 atoms to make one water molecule. 2 mole of water molecules are simple to equate. It is 6.0221367 X 10^23 multiplied by 2. 3 atoms per molecule so as the original respondent stated there are 4 mole of Hydrogen atoms and 2 mole of Oxygen atoms in 2 mole of water molecules. That number, hold on to your hat, is 3.61328202 X 10^24 or 3,613,282,020,000,000,000,000,000 and I believe that is Three Septillion Six Hundred Thirteen Sextillion Two Hundred Eighty Two Pentillion Twenty Quadrillion. Which is alot, alot, alot, alot, lot, lot, lot, lot, lot!


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