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Not for couch potatoes, Outdoor Activities explores the great outdoors and all it offers. From camping and hiking to gardening and spelunking, it's all out there, literally. Dust off those old hiking boots. Wax up the old surf board, or get your gardening tools out and enjoy this category!

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What happened January 24?

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Major events on January 24:

* Bucharest is named the capitol of Romania * The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale * Voyager 2 goes within 51,000 miles of Uranus * The US Department of Homeland Security starts it's run * American singer Neil Diamond is born * Serial rapist and killer Ted Bundy is killed on the electric chair

Is it legal to own a bow and arrow in California?

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Yes. Anyone including even convicted felons, are allowed to own a bow in arrow.

How do tourists spend their money when they go to the mountains?

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On handmade cat toys and native American doll key chains

To buy souvenirs

To rent a motorbike

Hire a Guide

Paying for some activities

What activities can you do when it snows?

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Make some hot chocolate, take it outside and danceabout in the snow, trying not to upset the delectabilitttty, and catch snowflakes on tounge/gloves/hair-that shouldn't take too much doing! Paint nails a yummy hue of red Watch an old movie Take a *snooze* - inside!!! Go: sledding::skating::skiing::snowboarding Mug of exceeding delish' & exceeding fragrant steaming chai in a lovely noice thermos. Bub'ly bath - a MUST. Organize an entire room from tip to top, and drawers/catchalls/underbed/closet. "Ohhhhhhhhh the weather outside is frightning..." *but I lovee every bit of iettttttttttt*

What is make in Korean language?

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he word for "make" in Korean language depends on the context and the specific meaning you intend to convey. Here are some common translations for "make" in Korean:

만들다 (mandeulda): This is a general verb for "make" or "create" in Korean. It can be used in a wide variety of contexts, such as making food, making a plan, making a decision, making a product, etc.

제작하다 (jejaghada): This is a more formal word for "make" or "produce" in Korean. It is often used in the context of manufacturing, such as making a machine, making a movie, making a product, etc. For more information visit : langmainternational(dot)com

생산하다 (saengsanhada): This is a verb for "produce" or "manufacture" in Korean.

What are some outdoor adventure activities?

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Hiking, exploring, canoeing, climbing, abseiling, kayaking, surfing and windsurfing are just a few of the outdoor adventure activities. 

What are some fun outdoor activities to do with your crush on Valentine's Day?

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Swimming,Rock Climbing, Organise a fun picnic in the park/ beach

How much is a daisy model 8 worth?

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The model 008 was made starting in 2005. Please state the condition of the gun in order to get an estimate of value.

How do you draw a snowflake?

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To draw the simplest form of snowflake, begin with a straight horizontal line, and cross it with a straight vertical line, forming a "plus" sign. Next, add two lines angled at 45 degrees in both directions through the centre line (they would form an "X" if not on top of the "+"). Voila! You have a snowflake. To draw more complicated ones, try printing one off the internet and copying it a bunch of times until you can draw it from memory. If you want to create your own snowflake, fashion a paper snowflake and trace it! You're snowflake will be different from every other snowflake!

What should you do in a sleepover?

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For a GIRLY sleepover ~ these are MAJOR things to do!!!

Hot Chocolate

Pillow Fight

Pick a favourite movie ~ late night maybe a horror or a ROM-com

Stay up as late as you can;)

Truth or Dare

Stuff as many marshmallows into ur moutha s poss.

tell secrets

play on ninendo wii, ds ect.


nail varnish,

lots of food and sweet stuff:)

go on trampoline if u have one

make videos for youtube

make up songs and dances


prank calls


What is an activity beginning with f?

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Fencing, field hockey and flag football are activities. Additional activities include fly fishing, football and figure skating.