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Not for couch potatoes, Outdoor Activities explores the great outdoors and all it offers. From camping and hiking to gardening and spelunking, it's all out there, literally. Dust off those old hiking boots. Wax up the old surf board, or get your gardening tools out and enjoy this category!

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What is a Rollerfeeder?

A rollerfeeder is a bird feeder that fully spins in a counter clock wise direction..It allows birds to feed while preventing other small animals like the squirrel out. ...
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What do the rings on a waterfowl lanyard mean?

They are bands that are found on banded ducks. Certain agencies band ducks with aluminum tags to collect migratory information. Once a duck is harvested, the band is called in to give the agency data on the bird (lifespan, migratory path). Placing the bands on the lanyard is a way of showing off ones trophies as banded ducks are fairly rare (ie you have to do a lot of hunting to find one) ...
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What are some good Parkour spots in Fort Wayne?

There some good walls around New Haven Middle School. Downtown would also be a good place to go. the thing about Fort Wayne is all the training spots are spread out. there's no one good place to train everything really. ...
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What is the purpose of the green O-ring on a Heckler and Koch USP 45?

Makes sure the barrel fits properly, ensuring a more accurate shot. Recommended for replacement every 20,000 rounds fired. ...
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Is there a nudist resort in Oklahoma that allows single young men?

Try the American Association for Nude Recreation. They have a very good site. ...
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Who is or was L L Bean?

L.L. Bean, (Leon Leonwood Bean) was a man who loved the outdoors. Leon when hunting one time, and came home with extremely wet and cold feet, so he decided to create a boot that would be dry and comfortable. He therefore created a rubber bottom, leather top boot, which he called the Maine Hunting Shoe. All of his friends really loved them, so they asked him to make them some boots as well, which he did, and then proceeded to make...
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What kind of plastics are used to make fishing lures?

Tough acrylic-but quiet a lot of the time they have light acrylic on the outside and bolser wood on the inside. ...
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Is Tiger USA a good knife brand?

Yes, Tiger rocks. Don't let the cheap price fool you. I just got my Tiger Extreme Ops and i love it. It's 1045 surgical, black powder coat with spring assist that has a good lil snap on it! Lots of fun. The design is way cool as well. ...
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How do you make a club like the kids next door? a tree house on a tree (make it sturdy) then invite friends/classmates and ask them to go to your house to visit or hangout during saturday/sunday and make daily missions like pranking or spying or buying some toy water guns to use it as your weapons ...
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Why do most nudist resorts only allow senior citizens?

They don't, membership by all age grooups is encouraged.
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Where is the best skydiving place to go to in Texas?

Texas Skydiving- 1055 Private Rd. 7002 Lexington, TX
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Is there rifling in a 45 pistol barrel?

In almost all of them, yes. There have been a very few rare 45s that were made with smoothbore barrels to fire shot cartridges. ...
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How do you play horse shoes?

You plant a stick in the ground then try and throw horse shoes around them from a particular distance. ...
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How can we do sports after school or outside when your schedule is totally full Want to try for track and field?

My schedule was also full but that's when you pick the most important thing to you. ...
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Is the 410 fps v3 jg r36k full metal gearbox aeg rifle with 3x zoom scope - mk36 r36k from airsoftmegastorecom metal?

No, but neither is the real gun it is based off of. Don't be deterred though, it is still durable and lightweight, and its an excellent gun for the price ...
Asked in Valentine's Day, Outdoor Activities

What are some fun outdoor activities to do with your crush on Valentine's Day?

Swimming,Rock Climbing, Organise a fun picnic in the park/ beach
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What are some examples of fun outdoor activities?

There are many outdoor games that can be played, like tennis, cricket etc. One can even go cycling which is a great exercise. also there is great activity called geocaching You could take up surfing. ...
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What size wheels does a 54 cm peugeot carbolite 103 tube special use?

Most likely it uses 700c wheels. But there is a small chance it uses 650c. ...
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How much would a trampoline cost?

The average trampoline would cost around the $150 - $200 range.
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How old would a savage model775A 16ga shotgun serial number 242863 be?

I can say that the savage model 775 shotgun was made between the years 1950-1965.I am afraid that is the best That I can do. ...
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How do teenagers spend their free time?

shop party hang with friends txt-talk on the phone chill go to the movies go bowling read...