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Part of the reptile family there are about 2,400 species of snakes in the world. Snakes live almost everywhere, in deserts, forests, oceans, streams, and lakes. Some species are ground dwellers, others live in trees, and other snakes spend most of their lives in water. This is the place to ask your questions about these cold blooded reptiles.

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Does a rattlesnake eat a jackrabbit?

A very hungry rattlesnake might eat a jackrabbit. But normally, they don't. They will usually attack mice, shrews, and other small mammals. ...
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Can you feed your baby corn snake breast of chicken?

no it is better to feed it baby mice.Because without any bones to eat it will those calcium. A mouse has all the right nutrients for your baby Corn. ...
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Can you feed a corn snake fish?

you probberly could but its not very natural for them. The best food for a corn is when they are fully grown is mice Please do not feed your corn snake fish. When they are little they should be eating tiny pinkie mice, and as they grow you increase the size of the mouse. ...
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Do birds eat snakes?

Some birds do, but not all of them. The birds which eat other animals are called birds of prey. The osprey, bald eagle and red-tailed hawk are three examples of birds of prey who will eat snakes. ...
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In Hindu mythology what is snake symbolic of?

To know the answer to this question we must know the seven basic forces we have and the gods associated with them. The seven basic forces and gods: 1. Dreaming force - Indra 2. Illusory force - Shakti 3. Voluntary force - Brahma 4. Semi voluntary force - Vishnu 5. Involuntary force - Shiva 6. Status altering force - Shani 7. Compulsive force - Yama. Hindu gods with snakes: It is obvious that of the seven basic gods only Vishnu and Shiva are associated with snakes. Vishnu...
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How long can a water moccasin live out of water?

They're snakes and breathe air. They can live indefinitely out of water, though they're good swimmers and spend a fair portion of their lives in and around water. ...
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What is the difference of tycoon from taipan?

Tycoon is a type of cyclone defines in japan while taipan is a snake the most venomous snake of world ...
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Can rope keep snakes away?

Simply, NO. I have read this in a few "stories," but it is folklore. The best remedy is to clean the area; remove anything that will attract vermin like rats or mice; seal doors, cracks in wall and other points of entry; install aluminum window screen around outdoor raised patios or decks. Make sure the screen starts about 6 inches below ground and extends to the top of the opening. Commercial products like Snake Away have not been successful. ...
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Why does your snake pee on you when you hold him?

It's a defense mechanism. Reptiles don't normally have that much contact with people, but they DO get used to being handled over time. Also, if it is your pet snake, taking it out to hold warms it up and gets it moving, which promotes bathroom time. ...
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When do snakes mate?

The breeding season usually occurs during early spring. Many species have just come out of hibernation, and are ready to search for mates. In captivity - snakes will breed all year round - since they're usually kept in regulated conditions so there's no actual 'season' ...
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Do baby gopher snakes bite?

All snakes have the potential to bite! It depends on how you handle them and whether they feel threatened or not! ...
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Are rattlesnakes vipers?

Yes - they belong to the 'pit vipers' - in that, in addition to extremely toxic venom - they also possess heat sensitive 'pit's which enable them to hunt in complete darkness. Edit - Viper venom varies by species, but most viper venom is lethal only to the young, old or those with weakened body systems(dehydration, sickness, etc.). Most viper venom is designed to break down the blood and tissue of the victim. The venom literally 'predigests' the victim's tissue, blood, and...
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Do all snakes hibernate?

No - not all. Only those living in temperate climates (where the winter temperature drops very low) need to hibernate. Snakes actually brumate, not hibernate. It's like hibernation, but they just slow down, not go to sleep for months. ...
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Do snakes breath out of there tongue?

No - Snakes breath with their lungs - just as every other air-breathing animal does! ...
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How Snakes are considered?

Snakes are reptiles.
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Where do snakes hibernate?

Snakes and other reptiles have dormancy dens where they feel safe enough to sleep. A snake can dig its own hole but often with take advantage of hollows, like cracked foundations, or piles of brush. ...
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What eats a snake other than an owl?

Fox , Coyote There are a lot of animals that will eat snakes other than owls. Almost any raptor (hawk, falcon, eagle, etc.) will eat a snake. There are a number of other mammals that will, as well, such as skunks, badgers, raccoons, weasels, and many more. Predatory wading birds like herons will also eat snakes - even other snakes will eat snakes! Really, just about any predatory animal that is large enough can eat a snake. ...
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Can corn snakes be black and white?

Wild corn snakes are reddish-brown in color, with black lines, but domestic corn snakes can come in nearly any color. ...
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How are snakes killed to make snake skin products?

Unfortunately - They're usually beheaded - or gassed if someone wants a complete skin. ...
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What types of snakes dont eat mice?

There are relatively few species that wont eat mice (or rats) the tentacled snake is a specialist in eating termites, and many of the garter snakes will feed almost exclusively on fish (though they can be coaxed into taking rodents). Most arboreal species don't eat mice, as they're in the trees most of the time, so they prey on birds and other animals they find in the trees. The ring-necked snake and worm snake eats invertebrates such as earthworms and slugs. Water...
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What does it mean to dream of a snake kissing you?

Snakes can symbolize a number of different and conflicting things. A snake can refer to an untrustworthy person: "That snake in the grass!" It can also represent healing or regeneration. So the actual meaning of this dream depends on the context and the significance of a snake to the dreamer. In general, the dream could suggest caution, because someone who is being affectionate may not be entirely honest. ...
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Are all water snakes poisonous?

No. The only poisonous watersnake in North America is the cottonmouth, otherwise known as the water moccasin. Ok. Not only are cottonmouths not poisonous, they are also nowhere near the only venomous snake in North America. There are lots and lots of venomous snakes in North America. To answer the ask: no, water snakes are not poisonous and they are not venomous either. Edit from Drake Tinker: The north American cottonmouth or water moccasin IS poisonous. The snake is a semi-aquatic pit viper usually...