The suspense and thrills of danger and the unknown are greatly leveraged in this genre of literature. Frankenstein is one of the earliest novels to set the stage and many of these literary classics have been adapted for the screen.

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What does pennywise do to gorgie in it?

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George is killed and drowned by IT, also known as Pennywise. The recurring phrase "We float, we all float here" is first heard at this point in the novel.
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What was Pennywise really?

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Pennywise (the dancing clown) was a character in Stephen King's IT -a book, later a film. He first appears in 1740, removing 300 people from a Derry township. It was destroyed in 1985 (apparently) by the second Ritual of Chud. The book implies that just as there was a creator of things, and the Turtle, so there was also a destroyer of things, as there is always a balance. This is what Pennywise is.
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What are some ideas for a scary story?

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Only you can tell what you think is scary or not! If you're going to be a writer, you need to think up your own ideas. Here are some links to help you out.
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How old is Mr White in the story Monkey's Paw?

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We are not told his exact age, but he is called "an old man" and one point, we read that he had courted his wife nearly forty years before the start of the story, so he should be somewhere between sixty and seventy years old.
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What is the moral lesson of the clock in the masque of the red death?

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The Moral lesson of the clock is that time runs out in life and when it dose there death is waiting. Observe the time my son and flee from Sin.
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What does the tree house symbolize in the movie stand by me by Stephen King?

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Stephen King did not actually write the film; instead, the film was loosely based on his short story "The Body". This story, incidentally, was inspired by King's real life experience of seeing a friend hit and killed by a train when King was very young. If the treehouse can be said to symbolize anything, perhaps it would be the idyllic comfort and safety of childhood in a small rural town. King's stories often treat childhood as the most sacred, vital part of the human life cycle, though his young heros frequently grow up in extremely difficult circumstances, and they almost invariably find themselves faced with horrific, murderous enemies; in most of these stories, at least some of these children die.
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How did the narrator kill the old man in the story The Tell Tale Heart by Poe?

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Suffocates him with a mattress then dismembers him and hides him underneath the floorboards. He killed him for looking at the killer with his "filmy" eye. Sad to think that nowadays, we would know this old guy just had a cataract.
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Will you tell me a scary story?

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NO I WONT just kidding my sister and I were watching a scary movie. At the part where the evil man from the dreams tried to kill somebody we heard a scream from outside. We paused to see if it was part of the movie. There was a red head 13 year old was screaming and knocking at the door fast. We opend the door and she ran in and closed the door fast. We noticed her hand was bloody and a knife was sticking out of her back and was covered on blood. We helped her out and called our parents. We lied and told them she was a friend from school. She explaned that her boyfriend has gone crazy. He tried to kill her. We clean up the blood and removed the knife. It wasn't in too deep. We were cleaning the cuts when we heard somebody opened the door. We forgot to lock the door. We ran downstairs to the tv and turned it off. Then we shut the lights off down stairs and hid in a big closet down in a trap door we go down in case of bad storms. We put furniture and a food storige. There was a food we never seen before. Appearantly it couldn't go bad. We brought some into the closet with us. The girl told us her name and we told her ours after that we were comepletely quiet. I couldn't hold it in my throat hurt so bad when I let out a loud cough but I covered it with my jacket. When I heard foot steps. Then somebody opend the door to the trapdoor. And more foot steps. When they opened the door and I screamed loud when I heard a " are you okay? Calm down!" I saw it was my mom. She pointed at the girl" who is she?" and we told her she was a friend. It wasn't school so she phoned her parents and she stayed over night. We decided to put in Wolverien and the Xmen indtead because the other movie was too scary after what happend. So after it was time to sleep the girl touched my shoulder and asked if I was awake. I answered yes then she asked if we could watch one more movie but turn the sound down. I agreed it was a good way to try to fall asleep. So I put in Dinner for Smuks and we laughed so hard. Then suddenly she asked if I went to a surrtan school. I said yes and she asked if I could meet her at the door next time there's school. I agreed it would be a good idea after what happend. Next time there was school I woke up and I was late so I missed the bus. I got to the school yard and I saw the girl waiting for me. When a man was talking to her so she ran. I ran after her to make sure she was okay. I heard a loud scream. Then a teacher told me to get inside but I pushed away and ran. I saw the girl lying on the ground with blood on the ground and the man wad gone. The teacher saw me crying and he told me he went to called the police. I saw eyes staring at me in the trees. I have been telling myself it wasn't my fault but how can I convince myself that? Sorry for answering a question with a question........speaking of sisters(lol) where is mine.....she was suppose to be back three hourse ago.
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Why did ladies fancy ichabod crane?

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There wasn't much selection for boyfriends in sleepy hollow the best being Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt, the town rowdy. So the girls were eager for some variety and when Ichabod Crane came to town the naturally were eager to make his acquaintance.
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Will there be a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2?

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No, but they are thinking of doing A Nightmare On Elm Street 2. Only it won't have Jesse it will be about where Nancy and her friends are now in college, and again they are haunted by Freddy. But nothing is official.
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Is there a copy of A visit to Grandmother online?

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Yes, William Melvin Kelley's short story, 'A Visit to Grandmother,' is available to be read online. Kelley is particularly known for his novel, A Different Drummer.
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How did Victor happen to be brought up with Elizabeth?

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Elizabeth was brought to Victors family to live with them as a child. They took her in as a foster child more-less
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In the summers of the sisterhood the second summer why do Lena and kostos split up?

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They break up because, kosto's get married to the girl he got pregnant when him and Lena broke up . later they find out that she was never really pregnant and get back together in the 4th book .
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Is there a poem that have a figure of speech?

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The vast majority of poems have figures of speech of one kind or another, whether idioms, metaphors, similes, hyperboles or personification.
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What were famous quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder?

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I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
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What actor originally immortalized Dracula's archnemesis as Van Helsing?

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Dracula's Archnemesis: Van Helsing Nosferatu by FW Murnau in 1922 was based on Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. John Gottowt played Professor Bulwer, the equivalent of Van Helsing. It was an unauthorized version of Dracula, so all of the names were changed. Nosferatu was released again in the 1990's with all the original names from the book restored, including Van Helsing. In 1924, Hamilton Deane obtained permission from Bram Stoker's widow to adapt Dracula for the stage. Deane was to play Dracula, but he changed his mind and played Van Helsing instead, becoming the first actor to play the role using the original name from Stoker's book. In 1931, Edward Van Sloan played Van Helsing in the movie Dracula. At the same time, Eduardo Arozamena played Van Helsing in the Spanish version. Van Sloan was the first actor to reprise the role of Van Helsing in a sequel, Dracula's Daughter, in 1933. Van Helsing has also been played by many other actors in movies, television, and on the stage, Sir Laurence Olivier and Sir Anthony Hopkins among them. PETER CUSHING- Although not the first to play Van Helsing, Peter Cushing has played him more times than any other actor, thus immortalizing the character in cinema history. Most of the popularity related to that character can be traced back to Cushing's many portrayals of the vampire-hunting doctor. Well, he certainly wasn't Hugh Jackman. Before he became the main character of his own movie, Van Helsing was Dracula's archnemesis in uncountable movies, stage plays, and television shows. Although Hugh Jackman is well known currently for his portrayal of "Gabriel" Van Helsing, the actor I feel who really immortalized the role was Peter Cushing as Abraham Van Helsing in about 7 or 8 movies from the late '50s into the '70s. Edward Van Sloan played Abraham Van Helsing in the 1931 movie "Dracula", this is the first time the character appeared on screen. Edward Van Sloan played Abraham Van Helsing in "Dracula" (1931). A Spanish version of the film with a different cast was shot at the same time on the same sets. Eduardo Arozamena played Van Helsing in that film. Someone seems to have a strange obsession with Professor Van Helsing lately. To answer the question, many actors have played him for the better part of a century. If the question would name a specific production, answering would be easier. Hamilton Deane, who with the permission of Bram Stoker's widow, adapted Dracula for the stage in 1924. Deane planned to play Dracula, but decided to play Van Helsing instead. Many actors played Van Helsing in movies before Hugh Jackman. Go to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and search characters using the name Van Helsing. Click on the first one, Professor Abraham Van Helsing, and you can see them all. Edward Van Sloan and Eduardo Arozamena were the originals, both playing Van Helsing in separate movie versions of Dracula in 1931, and Sloan later reprised the role in a sequel called Dracula's Daughter. The above answer is misinformed. Eduardo Arozamena played Van Helsing once, and Edward Van Sloan played him twice, long before Peter Cushing first played the role for Hammer Studios in 1958. Peter Cushing, however, did play Van Helsing more times on film than any other actor, opposite Christopher Lee who holds the record for playing Dracula in more movies than any other actor. Peter Cushing played the original Van Helsing opposite Christopher Lee's Count Dracula. Edward Van Sloan played Prof. Abraham Van Helsing in "Dracula" (1931). A spanish version of the film was shot at the same time on the same sets. Van Helsing was played by Eduardo Arozamena in that version. While "Nosferatu" (1922) was based on the same story, in an attempt to avoid licensing the work, did not use the character of Van Helsing. Go to the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, search for Van Helsing under characters, and click on the first one to see all the actors who have played the vampire-hunting professor over the decades. You decide: 1922 Nosferatu: Unauthorized film of Dracula with all the names changed. John Gottowt played Professor Bulwer. In 1979 this movie was released again with the names matching those of the book, and Gottowt is now listed as Van Helsing. 1924 Dracula: Hamilton Deane obtained permission to make Dracula into a stage play with himself as the Count, but Deane decided to play Van Helsing instead. 1931 Dracula: Universal made two versions of Dracula in this year. Edward Van Sloan played Van Helsing in the English version, and Eduardo Arozamena played Van Helsing in the Spanish version. Peter Cushing played the part of Van Helsing in several Hammer Film productions of the 1960s and 1970s.
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What does all work no play makes Jack a dull boy mean?

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It is a quote popularized in the movie The Shining. But, the phrase in it's self means: If you work all the time and do not take the time to relax, let go, and play then you will become boring.
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What year was Louis from the 'Interview with the Vampire' turned into a vampire?

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According to the movie's narration, 1897 was the year it happened. In the novel, Louis de Pointe du Lac was turned by Lestat de Lioncourt in 1791.
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What are the correct pronunciations for the twilight character names?

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Bella, edward, Alice and jasper are easy. emmet is pronounced em-et, rosalie is rose-a-lee, carlisle is car-lial and Esme is ez-may
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What is the best known horror novel?

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Dracula by Bram Stoker are two of the most famous horror novels of all time.
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What was the first gothic novel?

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The first Gothic novel written was The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole, in 1764. He wrote it based on a dream he had, in which he found himself in an ancient castle. Other authors of Gothic novels used his ideas and themes to write their own stories later on.
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What is the difference between gothic and horror?

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Well, horror is scary, like with killing and demons and stuff. Gothic is more like witchcraft. ANSWER: Gothic tales depend primarily on Atmosphere for their effect on the reader: such devices as creaky staircases, damp dungeons, and gloomy mansions are used, sometimes with elements of the Occult, to produce a sense of inescapable Gloom and Doom which threatens the Heroine with unmentioned terrors. There is never - or extremely seldom - any actual blood and gore to be found. The plot of such stories almost always involves the heroine meeting a Dark and Forbidding Lord, who winds up rescuing her from the Menace - or, whom She rescues. For their time, these novels were remarkable for the equality of the protagonists; the heroines are always strong, capable women. Jane Eyre is one example of the Genre, as is Northanger Abbey. These stories were Extremely popular during the late 18th Century and the Victorian Era, particularly with women, but have generally enjoyed great popularity since the invention of the Novel. Many elements of the Gothic Genre have been blended into the Romantic Novels of today. Horror, on the other hand, is usually much less subtle in its efforts to raise the hair of the reader or viewer. Monsters, Vampires and the Undead, combined with buckets of blood and gore, are the usual tools employed. Sometimes, the Horror Genre brings out the "Monsters Under The Bed" of small towns, as in "The Lottery"; sometimes it gleefully rampages through a bevy of College students. Sometimes it can be Socially Valuable, as with Frankenstein, in which the Monster is actually the Victim of intolerance. In Some Horror the Monsters are just plain folks. Think of Misery. In the Horror Genre the Terrors are Real. In Gothic they're Atmospheric.
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What are the Sarah Fincher passwords?

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The Sarah Fincher Passwords are.... Houseofusher theraven pitandpendulum amontillado drjekyllandmrhyde peterquint lucywestenra miltonarbogast tanginabarrons (or tangelabarron) newyorkgoldandsilver leonardshelby inatschool - ? carlkolchak
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What are the vampaneze?

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The Vampaneze are in the series "Cirque Du Freak" ( The Saga of Darren Shan in Britain) and are the cousins of the vampires. They broke away from the clan, because they thought that it wasnt noble to leave a human alive after feeding upon them. They always kill when they feed. They have purple skin, and red hair, lips and nails. They are not necessarily evil, because they have noble ideas, and they do not think that killing humans is a crime. They never lie, and are extremely loyal. The vampaneze dont have purple skin, and red hair, well some do, because Steve (too hot to be a vampaneze) doesn't have purple skin and red hair, but oddly enough his eyes change color. vampire's eyes change color, but vampaneze's dont( i would know im a vampire) (not jokin')