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The study of human behavior which is affected by genetics, perceived behaviorial controls, attitude, and societal norms

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What is male bondage?

It can mean to enslave a male by force, although "bondage" is used in some groups/communities for a form of subservience that is agreed to. ...
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What is reckless behavior?

Texas' definition: "A person acts recklessly, or is reckless, with respect to circumstances surrounding his conduct or the result of his conduct when he is aware of but consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur. The risk must be of such a nature and degree that its disregard constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that an ordinary person would exercise under all the circumstances as viewed from the actor's standpoint." ...
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Is stress a learned behavior?

No; stress is a neurochemical phenomenon which every human is capable of experiencing from birth. Some people may be more susceptible to stress, and they may learn to have a stress response to stressors when others might not. In this sense, chronic stress about specific things can be 'learned'. ...
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Why do people fight?

Fighting is defined as a conflict between two parties with different views. One of the greatest gifts of humanity is the ability for us to be different. However, this is also one of our greatest flaws. The human psyche is programmed to be different. This is why teachers, parents, and other adult figures often tell children to "be different". Yet, this causes problems. For years, psychologists and sociologists have been asking "why is this true?" This is also evident in animals. Even if...
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What is the foundation of individual behavior?

"Human behavior" is expressed as effect of how we come to self identify, with our body oriented 'sense of self'! "Every decision you make, stems from what you think you are and represents the value you put upon yourself" ["A Course in Miracles", ACIM]! Thus, when a child fails the expectations of their parents, the parents usually project some degree of "guilt" upon the child, and the child internalizes this sense of guilt, into their 'body oriented sense of self'. Thus, whatever...
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How do you soothe a tongue bite?

In the past when I have accidentally bitten my tongue I have helped it heal by using a good, antiseptic mouthwash. (2) eating fresh raw pineapple ...
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What is black people's favorite color?

It can be any colour, depending on the persons personality
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What are the five subjects of social science?

There are more than 5 subjects that come under 'social sciences'. The 5 most common (generally) are: - Geography - Economics - History - Psychology - Sociology And then there's: - Politics/political science - Philosophy & ethics - Law - Anthropology - Criminology ...
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Why do girls act aggressive around guys?

It's just a way the say they like you, I've acted like that to a guy before and it's just a normal thing. We want to sound firece, It's a girl thing. But sometimes it's not because of that. Some times it's because girls are annoyed. Try to back off when a girl gets annoyed or aggerssive around ya'. It will let cute girls know that you like them and annoyed girls to say I'm cool. ...
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Are girls more hardworking than boys?

some are and some are not Well, it has been noticed that a few more boys get bad grades in general, but that is mostly because of their personality, etc. It really depends on the way they think about school, and that depends on the adults and other children. The way they were raised makes a difference for both genders. Boys tend to get obsessed with video games and the such more than girls do, which is one reason why they are...
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What is essential to successful communication?

The ability to truly listen to what the other person is saying is the primary necessary factor needed in real communication. There is a big difference between hearing someone and actually listening to what they are saying. And with true listening comes the ability to sympathize or empathize, to respond appropriately and constructively, to understand and comprehend, to share and acknowledge and to eliminate any possibility of a misunderstanding of what the other person is attempting to say. Effective communication also requires that...
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Do women have better verbal ability than men do?

Women have always been more verbal and overtly expressive than men as a general rule. Men are more introverted, and less expressive about feelings. Additional information The above is absolutely correct. Men were the hunters of ancient times. As such they needed the skills to cover great distances and find their way home. The male spacial perception skills are superior to females because of that need. Females tended to remain "back at the village", meaning that they remained in the company of other females....
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Why are girls more talkative?

Girls tend to be more social and care more about emotions. They have less of a need to prove themselves, and more of a need to connect and bond with others. This seems to be the result of evolution. Obviously, females are needed to give birth to young, as well as nurture and raise them. To give the optimal chance to the offspring, it is best that the father provides for the family. To help keep a father around, the mother would...
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What does it mean when a person puts dog mess at your front door and a trial of ashes in your yard?

It means you have terrible neighbors with too much time on their hands. With all the misery on this planet, you would think people would find something more constructive to do. GROW UP WORLD! Or it could mean that your dog defecated in someone else's yard, and you refused to clean it up. So they put it in your yard to send a message. ...
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Why do people talk bad about others?

Why people talk bad about me I've wondered the same thing, and couldn't figure out why. But I've found an answer that has given me some peace, and helped me to prevent talking bad about others. Here's what I found: There are three general motives behind people talking bad about another person. 1. They're talking with someone to solve a problem they're having with the individual, but lack the skill to do it in a kind way. 2. They want to discredit the other...
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What is incentive for motivation?

Motivation does not only make your life/work interesting but also gives a new perspective to life. Motivation in itself is an incentive since not many people can even achieve this high of self introspection. Once motivated any goal in your life would seem achievable. No hindrance will be able to deter you in reaching these goals. The key behind the success though is being self motivated. If you are the one who feels that motivation would require extra money, holiday, respect etc...
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Does culture affect individual personality?

Yes. Culture provides many of the categories and ideals that individuals strive to adopt (or else to avoid) in their lives. Whether to be aggressive or passive, stoic or easily excitable, independent or collaborative, all of these attributes (and many more) are influenced by cultural images of what successful or interesting or nice people should be like. Often there are specific images for that person's group (society, ethnicity, gender, class, age, etc). So there are certain ways to have an "artistic" personality and how...
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What do you call a group of professional people?

A doddering of seniors A twaddle of Democrats A condescension of reporters A kegger of collegians A trust-fund of peace marchers A hypervapidity of Maureen Dowds A gesticulation of Italians A corruption of Congressmen A moustache of policemen A tumescence of pornstars A shriek of liberals A waddle of Rosie O'Donnells A crimewave of Kennedys A tapper of Idaho Senators A nattering of elderly ladies A caring of staff nurses A nextplease of dental nurses ...
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Why do you need to understand human behavior?

All of us are members of human society and we have to deal with our fellow humans, and to do so successfully we need to understand human behavior. However, if you were to find some remote cave that nobody ever visits, and live there in isolation from the rest of the human race, then it would not be necessary for you to understand human behavior. ...
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What is inappropriate behavior?

Showing your genitals to people who do not want to see them. It is very innappropriate behavior. As is getting on tables and yelling, or yelling in general. You should not do these things unless you know your company personally and are well aquanted with them. Don't fart too. ...
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Why do girls travel in packs?

The same reason anyone travels in groups. Without the pack or group support, individuals are vulnerable to every dangerous aspect of life whereas there is perceived safety in numbers. ...
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What is idiosyncratic behavior?

Something that is unique to you; things that have happened to you due to both internal and external sources. ...
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Why do people group things?

Because then they can find things easyer and it is simple
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Why do people visit space?

People visit space for several reasons: to study what is there and learn more about our universe to travel to new places and explore them to learn how to survive in space so that we can travel even further because we're just curious about everything! ...
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What are some examples of shortcomings?

A shortcoming is usually a description of the weaknesses within a person's personality or character. Examples: Lack of patience Over confidence Lying Gossiping Avoiding responsibility Always being late Easy to anger Lack of empathy ...