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Why would too much homework cause death?

It's very unlikely, but if you stay up half the night doing it, you could compromise your immune system and become ill. ...
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What causes people to rebel?

People take arms in their hands when they are oppressed, have fire in their stomach, when their basic human and civil rights are grossly violated by the oppressors. In India, the Maoists have rebelled against the authority after they capitalized the sufferings of the tribal people, who were denied their land rights even in their home land where they have been living for centuries,after they remain starved for days together, denied to collect fire woods for their livlihood. ...
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What did Amelia Earhart do?

Amelia Earhart (1897-1937?) was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean solo. On an attempt to fly around the world, her plane went down in the Pacific Ocean and the whereabouts of her body (and that of her navigator Fred Noonan) are still unknown. Some believe that they have found her bones on a small atoll called Nikumaroro (Gardner Island) near Tuvalu. See the Earhart related link for more info. ...
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Real world intersecting lines?

I think the road is a intersecting lines do you think that is write?
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Where did the superstition 'open an umbrella indoors' come from?

It seems to have originated somewhere in Africa or Egypt thousands of years ago. It was thought to insult the Sun Goddess if an umbella was opened while indoors. ...
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Give some real examples of intersecting lines?

If you are talking about lay lines there are several in Scotland and Great Britian, a Scotish Castle in Edinbrugh that continues to Stonehenge. There is an intersection of these lines in New Mexico and in Central and South America. These intersection of lay lines is said to have electromagnetic forces and can be a place of healing the physical body. ...
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What is a socio-fact?

A Socio-fact is an institution or an organization that is a subsystem of culture. ...
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Are there any UFO sightings that have been proven?

If you mean how many UFOs have been proven to be alien spacecraft the answer is: none. That is why they continue to be known as Unidentified Flying Objects. ...
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Where did Jean Paul Sartre attend to school?

He attended the Ecole Normale Superieure and furthered his education at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and the French Institute in Berlin. ...
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Is nudism illegal?

In most locals, no. Most areas of the United States of America, however has strict regulations as to how much clothing you are required to wear while out in public or can be seen in public. ...
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How many people have ever lived since the beginning of time?

== Several people have made estimates based on mathematical formulas and best guesses. As of midyear 2002, the estimated Number of people ever born was 106.5 Billion. (The current world population at that time was estimated at about 6.2 Billion.) See related link (below) == Estimates are that between 69 billion and 110 billion people have populated the earth since about one million years ago. Assuming that we start counting from about 55,000 B.C. , the time when modern homo sapiens appeared on...
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How many sides and corners does a beehive have?

The cells of a beehive are hexagonal and have 6 sides and 6 corners.
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Is there any CNN world mobile award promo lottery?

its fake. they give you a mobile number answered by a Dr Bosch who speaks with a fake accent which is actually a disguised nigerian accent. ...
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Why are teenagers so lazy?

they are not lazy, they are tiered of school and parent's telling them what to do constantly. ...
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What do you think of homeless people?

Homeless people are just people like everybody else. People, that for a variety of reasons, are in financial crisis. Once homeless it is hard to break the cycle. They need compassion and a little help in a way that they can keep their human dignity. ...
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In geography what does LAPDOGS stand for?

Latitude Altitude Prevailing Winds Distance from the Ocean Ocean Currents Great Mountain Barriers Seasons good my son very good learning it can also mean i want a burger from the KRUSTY CRAB ...
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What is the history behind Vito Cruz street?

vito cruz street was named after an alcalde mayar of pasay hermogenes vito cruz circa 1871. He was also one of the local leaders of katipunan in pasay who fought in spanish revolution and filipino- American war.later he was consider as one of the "fundador" of Iglesia filipinas Independiente (Aglipayan Church) in pasay city. during the spanish era, the territory of pasay extended up to malate area since the inhabitants of pasay were all under the ecumenical territory of malate church. ...
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Can you help name who killed Candy Clothier?

Earl Taylor was the likely suspect, but the case remains unsolved.
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How many ghost sightings have been reported in America?

Annually, the total would be in the hundreds.
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Is it a fact are women lower class citizens?

Not at all. Women are treated like princesses. They do not do their share of the work. ie. They do less heavy lifting, take more time off for periods, maternity, etc yet receive the same pay. Men are assumed guilty / women assumed innocent in a sexual assault incident. The antidiscriminatory acts in Australia, discriminate in favour of women. Women are actually put up on a pedestal. ...
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Is Davis an English name?

Yes it can be and recorded in England in the 14th century, although it i also common as a Welsh surname ...
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Is the president book of secrets real?

Yes, but it is not Known by the Public. the Book is real but is Kept in a Hidden Location which I'm PRETTY Sure you can figure out by watching National Treasure: Book Of Secrets ...