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A wedding is a social event that unites two people through marriage. Generally, weddings involve various ceremonies such as exchange of vows, presentation of money, flowers, rings and symbolic items, and public proclamation.

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If the invitation did not say anything about black tie and the ceremony is at 630 pm is it okay to wear a suit?

Yes. Whenever there is confusion, it is advisable to call the host or hostess and ask what is expected. However, typically an evening wedding would require a suit unless otherwise noted. ...
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What is 14KF on a white gold wedding band?

14 carat fine. Actually it means that it is 14 karat white gold.
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What is it like to be left at the altar?

“I left my ex-fiancé a month before the wedding, Backstory: I never actually proposed to her, she more or less did it to me. We were in a mall and she wanted to go to a jewelry store to look at engagement rings. I wasn't expecting to walk out of there with one but we did. The salesperson even took a ‘just engaged’ Polaroid.” “She became more and more controlling, and I couldn't take it anymore....
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How much money should a godfather of the groom give as a wedding gift?

As always , let your ability to give and your feelings for the receipient be your guide. As a Godfather, your primary care is for this young man's Faith life . ...
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How long should you know someone before getting engaged?

it depends on the factors of how u truly feel in ur heart and if he/she feels the same way ANSWER I have been married for 49 years and i can tell you that you have this feeling that you want to spend and give your life to this women or man is or can be brought at anytime and that is true love. Friendly : It only takes a year to know someone before getting engaged. It's enough to...
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What is the meaning of throwing of dove during wedding?

It symbolizes the couple's new life together. Aside from this, doves can mean purity. ...
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How do you conduct weddings in spiritualist church?

This service can work as a conventional wedding or, with minor alterations, be used as a Unity Ceremony. I get lovely responses from the couples and the guests. Rev. Karen Buchholz First Spiritualist Church of Terre Haute Opening Prayer: Let us form a Circle of Love in our hearts, and begin with a moment of prayer, Heavenly Father, let us connect our hearts and souls with You and each other, Let us bring to this Circle of Love a sense of Respect...
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Can you buy white gold engagement rings in nigeria?

Well, pure solid white gold alloys formula used engagement rings maybe!But you can buy engagement rings alloys yellow gold with Rhodium Plate, call artificial white gold; yes; because Africa product Rhodium plate for yellow gold; but not for pure solid white gold formula; you can buy engagement ring in America and Canada in pure solid white gold formula... for the best interest to the Consumers, see web. page Living Life Enterprises Presents. ...
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Who pays for Christian weddings?

It depends upon the family, but traditionally, (in the West) the bride's family paid for the wedding. ...
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When sending a personal gift whose name is first the bride or grooms?

When writing anytime its always mr. And mrs. Anytime other than that its always ladies before gents. ...
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Can guests wear white to a CHINESE wedding?

Not really. If it was a traditional wedding, where the bride family is traditional and she wears red, wearing white is unlucky. As white is the colour for Chinese funeral. And in a modern wedding, the bride will probably wear white. So....pick another outfit, it's their day.. ...
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What does best man mean in Germany?

bester Mann. i looked it up on an online translator.
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What does a rabbi say at a wedding?

At a traditional wedding, the Rabbi reads the Ketubah (wedding contract) under the wedding canopy, as part of the ceremony. See also: The Jewish wedding ...
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Do you give an engagement gift to someone if you are not invited to their engagement?

No, if you are not invited to someone's engagement party then you do not send a gift. ...
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Should a mother of the groom wearing a street length dress and open toed sandles wear hosiery to a Sept wedding?

If the mother of the groom is blessed with flawless skin and a bit of tan then it is fine to go without hosiery. However, if she is not it is best to wear hosiery. Fine department stores or lingerie shops carry hosiery that have elastic at the top of the legs and are comfortable to wear (unlike full panty hose.) ...
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How do you write on the wedding card to say not to attend the party?

The small card that comes with the wedding invitation you should write in it that you are sorry, but you can not attend. Then put the card in the self address envelope that already has a stamp on it and mail it off as soon as possible. If you know the person well then you could phone and let them know what you cannot attend even after sending the reply. Etiquette states if you are invited to a wedding and cannot...
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Do the bride's parents go in a wedding car?

When going to the church the mother and father of the bride along with the maid of honor; brides maids; flower girl can go in the limo, but after the wedding is over the bride and groom if going for pictures first should leave the church on their own and the parents from both sides of the family along with the wedding party should meet the bride and groom along with the photography at a designated area for wedding pictures. ...
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Is the godfather of the bride supposed to buy her wedding gown for her?

No I have never heard that. There's a old custom that the bride's parents pay for the wedding but in these days many couples pay for everything themselves. ...
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In America what hand does your wedding ring go on?

It goes on the fourth finger of your left hand. Before medical science explored the circulatory system, it was believed that a vein ran from this finger directly to the heart - this vein is named vena amoris, Latin for 'the vein of love.' ...