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A wedding is a social event that unites two people through marriage. Generally, weddings involve various ceremonies such as exchange of vows, presentation of money, flowers, rings and symbolic items, and public proclamation.

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Where does groom stand during wedding ceremony?

The groom stands to the right sideways to watch his bride come down the aisle and his Best Man stands beside him. ...
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Regret note can't attend bridal shower?

Just that. " I regret I will be unable to attend. " No explanation is required. You may send a gift or not , as you please. The invitation imposes no obligation on you except for a response. ...
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Who pays for the grooms cake?

The same person that pays for the wedding cake which is traditionally the bride's side. ...
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Does a bride wear her garter during her wedding ceremony or only during the reception?

Traditionally she'd wear it thru the ceremony (who has time to remember to put it on in between) and again - traditionally this is your 'something blue'..... Personally, I had two on. One as my personal keepsake and then the one to toss .... ...
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How much to get married at city hall in Georgia?

$51 in Lawerenceville for License and marriage and then $5 per copy of your license. ...
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What do the bride's parents give as a wedding gift?

Traditionally... Their brides primary gift is the reception. The grooms family provides the honeymoon. Anything beyond those two gifts is considered "bonus". ...
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How much does a wedding in Ghana cost?

An average wedding in Ghana costs about 150million cedis. The cost of hiring the place for the reception and the food and drinks cost the most. ...
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How much money should the father of the bride give her and her new husband?

There is no special monetary amount a father has to give his daughter on her wedding day. If the father is fairly wealthy he can give her a sizable amount of money; a home; piece of land, but for most fathers who work hard and have moderate means financially then give what you can and don't break the bank trying to impress your daughter and your new son-in-law. Your daughter will love you no matter what monetary amount you give her...
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Should the mother of the bride wear hose?

Wearing nylons when in a wedding party is up to the individual. If the mother of the bride is wearing a long dress or she has a tan on her legs and the weather is warm then no, she does not have to wear nylons. However, nylons can firm up a woman's leg and give them a softer and more shimmer of a look. ...
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What order does the wedding party enter the reception hall?

The order of the wedding party entering the reception hall: The MC will announce the newlyweds as 'Mr. & Mrs.' The maid of honor and best man follow the behind the newlyweds. If there is a flower girl she will follow the maid of honor and best man. The brides maids and users are paired up and follow the main of honor and best man. I have NEVER heard of, or seen, the Bride and Groom come in first. The order is usually; the...
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What is Washington State's law regarding the ownership of an engagement ring if the donor broke the oral contract?

I don't think it will be stated in the State law, but traditionally, engagement ring is a promise for wedding. If any party breaks the promise, the engagement ring shall be given back. ...
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What can a bride give to her bridesmaids as a gift?

A nice necklace is a good gift, pair of earrings or something personal that you know they would like are nice gifts. If you have a theme wedding you could do something in your theme or colors. Another good idea would be a care package that they can use on the day of the wedding or bridal shower; for example a beauty basket with some bottles of lotion, moisturizer, comb and mirror combo and some scented candles or aromatherapy oils. You...
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What is the most popular wedding dress price range nowadays?

Off the peg dresses from UK wedding dress shops range from c£500 to £1200. UK made to measure dresses from wedding dress shops start from c£1200 and (other than designer dresses) mostly range from £1500 to £2500. For designer dresses, re-mortgage! UK high street shops (e.g. Monsoon, Debenhams) stock wedding dresses from c£300 ...
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What should be worn by brother on sister's wedding?

a suit (tuxedo) would be the most formal
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How much does a sondra celli romania gypsy wedding dress cost?

She has said in interviews that the average gypsy spends between $5K and $9K on a wedding gown. She adds that if the groom comes into more money during the process, the bride will add more to the dress. ...
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Where did janine butcher get her wedding dress from?

I want to know where the necklace is from??
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When does the bride hand the bouquet to bridesmaid?

In most cases, the bouquet is handed to the Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor after her father gives her away and she is standing beside her groom at the altar. In some cases, she holds onto her bouquet throughout the entire ceremony. ...
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Who pays for engagement party hostess gifts?

Unless it is the bride and groom putting on their own engagement party then they get the engagement gifts anyway. However, if it is a parent of either side of the family; relative or friend that puts on the part (they are the hostess) you do not give a gift and only need to give the future bride and groom a gift. ...
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Should you contact your first love of 10 years before he gets married if he got engaged two months after you broke up?

No, i do not think it is a great idea. You should try to move on instead . Let it be , if he is moving on then why don't you move on as well. ...
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What should a best man give as a wedding gift?

Money is always appreciated by most newly married couples because they could buy something they need or put it towards their honeymoon. Only give what you can afford. Since the groom picked you as his best man you could buy him a watch (does not have to be cost hundreds of dollars) and have it engraved on the back and your name and the date of the grooms marriage. Silver plated flasks for alcohol are still used. ...
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Do you need liability insurance for a wedding reception?

Wedding Liability Insurance You can get a special event policy for under $300 depending on the size of your wedding and the budgeted cost. The best company I have worked with is Abacus Insurance. You can also get cancellation coverage. If the wedding is canceled due to weather etc, this ensures a refund of your deposits and some other coverage. FYI-during my insurance classes my teacher told me of a wedding he attended where a woman got drunk left the wedding and was...
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Which finger for wedding ring if divorced?

Some people who are divorced prefer not to wear the ring at all and some may wear the ring on the middle finger of either the left or right hand. ...