Accepting Credit Cards

Accepting credit cards as a means of payment allows customers who do not have cash on hand to make purchases. Many businesses, especially online businesses, observe an upsurge in sales when they begin accepting credit card payments.

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Is it cheaper to use debit or credit cards in France?

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I asked this to a friend of mine who now lives in France

I wrote a summary of what they said.

In France, it is generally cheaper to use a debit card for transactions, as there are often fewer fees associated with debit card usage.

Debit cards are linked directly to the cardholder's bank account and typically do not incur additional charges beyond any foreign transaction fees that may be imposed by the bank. Credit cards, on the other hand, may come with additional fees, such as foreign transaction fees, cash advance fees, and potentially higher interest rates if the balance is not paid off in full each month.

I hope that this helped!

What bank has sort code 60-12-12?

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In the United Kingdom, a sort code is a six-digit number that identifies a specific bank and branch. The sort code 60-12-12 is associated with the bank Santander UK. Please note that sort codes are used for internal processing within the UK banking system, and different banks may have multiple branches with different sort codes. Always double-check with the specific bank or use an official source to ensure accuracy.

What credit cards does KFC accept?

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McDonalds accepts the following

-McDonalds gift card

-Credit Card


-City card

-Pay Pass

-American Express

- Eco card

Who are the top 100 richest men in the world?

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1 Elon Musk $234B +$715M +$97.5B United States Technology

2 Bernard Arnault $156B +$550M -$6.40B France Consumer

3 Jeff Bezos $155B -$945M +$48.4B United States Technology

4 Bill Gates $126B +$329M +$16.5B United States Technology

5 Larry Page $125B +$563M +$42.0B United States Technology

6 Larry Ellison $124B +$524M +$32.1B United States Technology

7 Sergey Brin $118B +$537M +$39.1B United States Technology

8 Mark Zuckerberg $117B +$1.02B +$71.8B United States Technology

9 Warren Buffett $116B +$61.1M +$8.96B United States Diversified

10 Steve Ballmer $116B -$160M +$29.7B United States Technology

11 Mukesh Ambani $87.8B +$266M +$708M India Energy

12 Carlos Slim $84.6B -$352M +$10.3B Mexico Diversified

13 Francoise Bettencourt Meyers $82.4B +$293M +$10.9B France Consumer

14 Amancio Ortega $74.3B +$987M +$19.7B Spain Retail

15 Jim Walton $72.6B +$216M +$8.69B United States Retail

16 Rob Walton $70.6B +$204M +$7.37B United States Retail

17 Alice Walton $69.6B +$217M +$7.94B United States Retail

18 Michael Dell $67.8B -$2.18B +$19.4B United States Technology

19 Julia Flesher Koch & family $63.2B +$65.7M -$3.83B United States Industrial

20 Gautam Adani $61.7B +$228M -$58.8B India Industrial

21 Zhong Shanshan $61.6B -$57.3M -$5.99B China Diversified

22 Charles Koch $59.4B +$60.1M -$7.65B United States Industrial

23 Jacqueline Badger Mars $50.5B -$96.9M -$4.30B United States Food & Beverage

24 John Mars $50.5B -$96.9M -$4.30B United States Food & Beverage

25 Zhang Yiming $42.3B $0 -$12.6B China Technology

26 Alain Wertheimer $41.3B +$225M -$2.01B France Consumer

27 Gerard Wertheimer $41.3B +$225M -$2.01B France Consumer

28 Phil Knight & family $40.0B +$371M -$3.82B United States Consumer

29 Klaus-Michael Kuehne $39.9B -$377M +$7.78B Germany Industrial

30 Jensen Huang $39.1B -$1.87B +$25.3B United States Technology

31 Len Blavatnik $38.8B +$184M +$2.84B United States Diversified

32 Colin Huang $37.0B -$166M +$8.21B China Technology

33 Ken Griffin $36.1B +$36.9M +$7.22B United States Finance

34 Tadashi Yanai $36.0B +$209M +$4.31B Japan Retail

35 Stephen Schwarzman $35.2B +$256M +$8.69B United States Finance

36 Ma Huateng $35.1B +$135M -$1.47B China Technology

37 Francois Pinault $34.2B +$48.1M -$1.49B France Consumer

38 Giovanni Ferrero & family $32.9B +$86.8M -$9.13B Italy Food & Beverage

39 William Ding $32.0B -$662M +$9.31B China Technology

40 Abigail Johnson $31.9B +$114M +$5.27B United

What is the best description of a debit card?

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A debit card is like a financial multitool in your wallet. It's your personal key to the kingdom of purchases and transactions. With a debit card, you're not carrying cash – it's your digital sidekick for buying groceries, grabbing a coffee, or indulging in a little retail therapy. It's a magic pass that lets you access your bank account effortlessly, deducting the amount you spend directly. Think of it as your financial Swiss Army knife, simplifying payments and providing the freedom to shop and spend securely, all with a simple swipe or a chip insert. It's the bridge between your wallet and the digital world, making everyday transactions a breeze.

How many cents in 1 dollar?

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There are 100 cents in a dollar.

Do you need a credit card to open a pay pal account?

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can you save mi one aplication for one credit card please

Which two numbers have a product of 36 and a sum of 13?

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4 & 9

For any two unknown numbers, we can say

nm = 36

n + m = 13


n = 13 - m


(13 - m) m = 36

Multiply out

13m - m^2 = 36

m^2 - 13m + 36 = 0


( m -9)( m - 4) = 0


m = 4 & m = 9

NB THis is good for any two unknown numbers, to be found against any constant.

Does cvs sell prepaid debit cards?

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As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, CVS, the pharmacy and retail store chain, did sell prepaid debit cards. They typically offered a variety of prepaid cards from different issuers, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. These prepaid cards could be used for various purposes, including making purchases and managing personal finances.

However, the availability of specific prepaid cards and their terms may vary by location and could have changed since then. I recommend checking with your local CVS store or visiting their official website to confirm if they still sell prepaid debit cards and to inquire about the specific brands and options available.

What are the various fields in which computers are used?

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Computers are used in all kinds of fields. Most of the fields that I know are in the Military: Air Traffic Controling

Criminal Justice




Aircraft Carriers Their are other diffrent fields where computer are used. To see the types of fields that are in the military, Naval mostly, go to on google. Good luck Hope that answered your question

Mentionthe different field's in which computers are used?

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The Docks, Longshoremen Casuals ect. The reasoning behind this is that they are union and it would violate union code per-say. For example. If a computer comes into the picture and you have 2500 large shipping containers and you have to organize these and figure out where they go. Everything is done by clerks who don't have modern computers because if they had computers to do the job it would put people out of work.

The Docks, Longshoremen Casuals ect. The reasoning behind this is that they are union and it would violate union code per-say. For example. If a computer comes into the picture and you have 2500 large shipping containers and you have to organize these and figure out where they go. Everything is done by clerks who don't have modern computers because if they had computers to do the job it would put people out of work.

What kind of math does an architect need to know?

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The math skills needed to create or construct a building are not many indeed. If you have ever watched someone build anything, you may have seen them use a tape measurer or a ruler. they are not supposed to. The ability to measure is a basic math skill. It is how an architect communicates the length or size of things we want to build. We must be able to add and subtract these numbers but also must be able to use fractions of these numbers. Today, we deal with measurements that are both the English system and the Metric system. Architects use math to convert between these two systems of measurement. You may also find architects using the many formulas and principles of geometry to create a building. Think about designing a building. How strong do the walls and beams and ceilings need to be? You figure that out with math, knowing the weights and strengths of the materials. How much of the materials do you need? It depends on the sizes of the walls, rooms, ceilings, all of that is math. Is concrete cheaper, or steel or cinder block? It depends on how much of each you need, what they cost to buy and build. How long will each stage of the construction take, and how can they be planned to overlap to get the building done the fastest? How much does each sq. foot. of the building rent for, and how long will it take to pay off the investment? How will it affect traffic in the neighborhood? How big does the garage need to be to hold the cars of what percentage of the people who work in the building or customers/clients who visit the building?

What about windows? How many sq. feet per wall? 567. How much heat will build up in the rooms because of the windows? That will affect how much air conditioning you need. Also windows leak heat during the Winter so more of them means more heat too. How many electrical outlets do you need? How many amps do you need from the power lines? How many circuit-breakers? How many lighting fixtures do you need? In modern buildings, the lighting system is considered part of the heating system--which is why you see lights on in skyscrapers in the middle of the night when nobody is there.

For big, tall buildings, architects are even concerned with how the wind affects them, how it swirls between buildings. They use computer models for this. Also things like earthquake resistance.

There's almost every kind of math here! Geometry and trig, calculus, accounting, engineering, finite element analysis, computer modeling, etc.etc.

What are the disadvantages of being a photographer?

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Photographers may have difficulty finding steady work. Photojournalists often work freelance, only getting paid when one of their images is printed, while portrait and event photographers must constantly advertise their services in a highly-competitive market.

Are possums dangerous?

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No. Possums are not dangerous.

The possum is unlikely to attack a human being unless it feels it is left with no other choice. The possum is giving away both height and reach and knows it is likely to come off worse in a fight with a human. Usually it will 'play dead' if it is caught unawares. The best advice is to go along with the possum's game and leave the little chicken alone safe in the knowledge he knows who's boss. That way nobody gets bitten.


Only the North American opossum plays dead.

True possums - the marsupials found in many parts of Australia - do not play dead, but they will scratch or bite if cornered. They are very docile creatures and just want to be left alone. If trapped, like any other animal, they become scared for their life and will defend themselves. Other than that, just give them a way out and they will take it. There is no reason to ever fear a possum. They are a very clean, disease free animal, although they are known to harbour ticks and fleas, and pose more of a danger to domestic pets than to people.

Incidentally, the "playing dead" strategy is not a choice - it is a physiological defence over which the opossum has no control. It is not trying to show anyone "who's boss" - it is an instinctive defence mechanism.

What stores accept visa credit cards?

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Visa gift cards are accepted at most stores in the United States of America. Depending on where you live most stores also accept MasterCard for purchases.

Can you withdraw money from a debit card at a grocery store?

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before the transaction is done it will ask you if you want "cash back".. But this requires a purchase..

Can you use a Wal-Mart Credit card anywhere?

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Anywhere that accepts MasterCards (most places do!) You can apply in less then 1 minute at any Walmart register. Ask any Walmart cashier about it the Walmart MasterCard.

What gas station accepts discover cards?

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It would depend on the location. If you aren't sure, it is usually posted on the gas tank. Some companies will accept it in one city or state, and not in another.

What other store accepts sears credit card?

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hat other merchants accepts sears credit card.

Does Taco Bell accept credit cards?

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Taco Bell has announced that it will accept credit and debit cards at all of its company-owned restaurants and many of its franchise locations.

"Participating restaurants will accept the four major credit and debit card brands: VISA, American Express, MasterCard(R) and Discover(R) Card. To ensure the quickest speed of service possible, Company restaurants will use payment terminals with a high-speed satellite connection and do not require a signature on most transactions. Taco Bell has installed VeriFone Omni 3750 payment terminals in all company-owned restaurants. BA Merchant Services and Paymentech will provide authorization and settlement services for transactions."