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The Government of India nationalized the Imperial Bank of India in 1955, with the Reserve Bank of India taking a 60% stake and renamed it the State Bank of India.

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State Bank of India

What are the different types of sbi bank accounts?

State Bank of India offers different types of accounts. They are:

a. Savings Account

b. Current Account

c. Fixed Deposit Account

d. Recurring Deposit Account

e. Senior Citizen Deposit Account

f. Senior Citizen Pension Account

g. Etc.

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State Bank of India

How can you check your SBI account online?

The only option to get the account details online, you should have the user name and password for online banking with SBI.

If you have not applied for SBI's online banking facility, visit your branch and fill the necessary form to apply for a user name and password for online banking. After receiving the same, you can check your account details through online using bank's web page.

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State Bank of India

When did State Bank of India introduced ATM?


State Bank of India
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How can you check your account balance in sbi bank?

You can do via the following ways

1. Through internet banking logon to

2. Calling up customer care

3. Walking to your nearest branch and specify your acc number

4. Walking to your nearest ATM

State Bank of India

What was State Bank of India earlier known as?

Imperial bank of India it was in 1955 nationalised and there after known as state bank of India

State Bank of India

How can i check my SBI account online?

Go to the bank and request for net banking access. They will give you a login id and password.

Got to the website onlinesbi and use the id and password to check your account online

State Bank of India

What are the functions of sbi bank?

The State Bank of India acts as an agent of the ReserveBank of India and performs the following functions:

(1) Borrows money: The Bank borrows money from the public by accepting deposits such as current account deposits, fixed deposits and savings deposits.

(2) Lends money: It lends money to merchants and manufacturers for short periods. It also lends to farmers and co-operative institutions. It lends mostly on the security of easily realizable commodities like rice, wheat, cotton, oil-seeds, cloth, gold and government securities. The Bank can lend against agricultural bills up to a maximum period of fifteen months and in case of other bills up to a maximum period of six months.

(3) Banker's Bank: The State Bank of India acts as the banker's bank. In discharging this responsibility, the bank provides loans to commercial bank when required and also rediscount their bill. It also acts as the clearing house of the commercial bank.

(4) Government's Bank: The State Bank of India also acts as the agent of the Reserve Bank of India. As an agent, the State Bank of India maintains the treasuries of the State Government. The Bank also manages the debts floated by the State Governments.

(5) Remittance: The State Bank of India facilitates remittance of money from one place to another. It also helps in the transfer on the funds of the State and Central Government.

(6) Functions as Central Bank: The State Bank of India performs the functions of a Central Bank.

(7) Subsidiary functions: The State Bank performs various subsidiary services also. It collects checks, drafts, bill of exchange, dividends interest, salaries and pensions on behalf of its customers. It purchases and sells securities on behalf of its customer. It receives valuables and documents for safe custody and maintains safe deposit vaults.

State Bank of India

What is the sbi branch with code 99922?

The Code 99922 is given for all Internet transactions

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State Bank of India

Who is head of SBI?

mr prateep chaudhary

State Bank of India

What is the IFSC code for SBI saidapet branch?

IFSC Code for SBI-saidapet :SBIN0000912

State Bank of India
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What is pure banking?

This is a catch phrase from State of India Banking (Canada). The implication is that it is simple and uncomplicated.

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State Bank of India

What is total salary of a SBI PO?

State Bank of India

What is ABA no of state bank of India?

ABA-American Bankers Association Routing Number.

Its not applicable in India and hence SBI does not ABA routing Number.

However ABAs of State Bank of India in US:

SBI, California : 1220-3934-4

SBI, Newyork: 0260-0914-0

State Bank of India

Is axis bank is nationalised bank of India?

Axis bank is a private sector bank that is not owned by the government of India. A number of Insurance companies in India together own this bank. They are:

  1. Unit Trust of India
  2. Life Insurance Corporation of India
  3. General Insurance Corporation Ltd
  4. National Insurance Company Ltd
  5. The New India Assurance Company
  6. United India Insurance Company and
  7. The Oriental Insurance Corporation

Axis bank is one of India's largest private sector banks. They have more than 1095 branches in India and also have 4846 ATMs in all major towns and cities of India. This makes them one of the top 3 private banks in the country in terms of sheer branch and ATM numbers.

State Bank of India

What are the main duties of SBI?

The main duties of SBI are to accept the deposit from public and lend the same for various purposes. Apart, Issuing of DDs, selling insurance, Locker service, RTGS, NEFT, selling of various other services.

State Bank of India

Ifcs code of sbi ecil branch?

The IFSC Code/ MICR Code and complete bank branch details are given below:



Courtesy :

State Bank of India

Is state bank of India a government bank or private?

State Bank of India is a government bank. The Government of India owns the bank and controls the functioning of the bank. All employees of SBI are considered government employees and they are directly answerable to the government of India.

State Bank of India

What was the previous name of state bank of India?

State Bank of India was originally called the Imperial Bank of India and was established in the year 1806 when the British ruled India. Later when India got its independence, the government of India, took over control and was nationalized and renamed to State Bank of India.

State Bank of India

What about Uco bank and where it stands among nationalised banks?

UCO Bank, formerly known as United Commercial Bank is one of the oldest and major public sector banks in India. It was established in 1943 in Kolkata, India. Currently they have more than 2000 branches in India, including overseas branches in Singapore and Hong Kong.

They are one of the top 10 public sector banks in India.

State Bank of India

Ifsc code of sbi main branch berhampur?

It is SBIN0000033

For all SBI IFSC codes and other information of any branch you can visit

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State Bank of India

Name of dmd's of state bank of India?

Mr. N. Narsimhaman DyMD (National Banking)

Mr. Hemant Contractor DyMD (wholesale Banking)

Mr. Prateep Choudhary DyMD (International Banking)

Mr. S. Ranjan DyMD & CFO

Mr. N. Raja, DyMD & CDO,

Mr. A.P. Verma DyMD (Mid Corporate)

Mr. Diwakar Gupta DyMD (Rural Banking)

Mr. A. Krishna Kumar DyMD (IT)

Mr. Anjan Barua DyMD (Global Markets)

Mr. M. N. Rao DyMD & CEO, SBI Life

Mr. Sangeet Shukla DyMD & CEO Global Trade Finanace

State Bank of India

How do you get sbi account holder details?

contact sbi bank manager

State Bank of India

Which is the best book for SBI promotional internal exams?

Banking Guide Book by G.S.Subramanian

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State Bank of India

What is the starting salary of Indian Bank clerk?

15,000 is the starting salary of bank clerk

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State Bank of India

Procedure to cancel a demand draft of state bank of India?

Its a simple procedure, make a letter to the bank stating cancellation details, signed by authorised signatory,attach Demand draft( if DD is Lost , attach the acknowledement of DD Challan) the bank will transfer the fund to your account. It may be noted some banks have prescribed format for DD cancellation.


you can get all the info to make DD online and offline on official website of banks, you need just to search the correct words in google. you can try this link where how to make dd online is explained for almost all the available banks in india.


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