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The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is an island nation in South Asia surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar. In 2009, the city had an estimated population of 20 million.

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When is Sri Lanka's Independence Day in 2011?

They'll celebrate 63 years of Independence from British rule on February 4, which is this Friday.

Sri Lanka

What is the sri lankan accounting standard?

Its called SLAS (Sri Lanka Accounting Standards)

You can find more info at

Sri Lanka

How tall is Mahinda Rajapaksa?

6 feet

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How to get results for Ordinary Level exam in 2007 in Sri Lanka?

The results of the current examinations can be obtained by entering relevant information in the right-side tab of the homepage of the official website of Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka which is given below in related links.

To get past results, you should go to the office and fill an application for inquiry.

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Who is the sinhalese god?

The culture of Sinhalese is similar to Indian in certain respects. Buddhists monks went to Sri Lanka from N India. They follow Budhistic philosophy.During Ravan's ( Ramayan period) period they were worshippers of Shiva.

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Is GIT exam compulsory in Srilanka?

Until 2010 I guess it was not, but for those who are facing GCE A/L in 2012 on onwards, it is said to be compulsory.

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National dress of sri lanka?



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Is 'ratnaike' a sri lankan surname?

mmm........... Rathnayaka is a Sri lankan name but i don't know abt "ratnaike".


Ratnaike appears to be a spelling variation of Rathnayaka. Sri Lankan surnames can be spelled in a number of different ways. The Naike version is somewhat pretentious, as it is associated with people like Bandaranaikes.

Other ways to spell this name include





Sri Lanka

How many licensed specialized banks are there in srilanka?

There are 11.

They are:

Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Hatton National Bank

DFCC Vardhana Bank

Seylan Bank

Sampath Bank

Amana Bank

NDB Bank

Union Commercial Bank

Nations Trust Bank

Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC

Sri Lanka

How do you calculate gratuity in Sri Lanka?

The amount of gratuity widely changes, but it is usually between 8% and 10%.

Sri Lanka
Tamil Language and Culture

What is please in Tamil?

thayavu seithu

Sri Lanka

What are the three names of His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa's sons?

From the eldest to the youngest, they are;

1.Namal Rajapaksa

2.Yoshitha Rajapaksa

3.Rohitha Rajapaksa

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Gold medal winners from ceylon at british empire and commonwealth games?

Ceylon, or as it is now known Sri Lanka, have won a total of 10 mdeals at the commonwealth games of which 4 have been gold:

* Ansdale William Henricus at 1938 British Empire Games: Boxing - Mens Featherweight Division (57kg) * Duncan M. White at 1950 British Empire Games: Athletics - Mens 440 Yard H * 1994 Commonwealth Games: Shooting - Womens Air Rifle (Team) * Chinthana Geetal Vidanage at 2006 Commonwealth Games: Weightlifting - Mens 62kg Combined

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What is Aircraft maintenance engineer salary in sri lanka?

2$ per towel

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What languages are spoken in Sri Lanka?

The two official languages of Sri Lanka are Sinhalese and Tamil, though small segments of the population speak English, a type of Malay Creole found only on Sri Lanka, Portuguese Creole, and Dutch.
There are many languages. Sinhala is the main language.
There are many languages. Sinhala and tamil are major languages.
Some Srilankan's speak Tamil and some speak sinhala.

There are many languages in sri lanka but Sinhala is the main language.

Sinhala is the major language.Tamil is the next. No other significant language

There are two main languages, Sinhala and Tamil.

70% speak Sinhala, Rodiya is a dialect. The Tamil language is spoken also Sri Lankan Creole Malay. English is spoken also Portuguese, but only be a few

Languages used in Sri Lanka are mostly Sinhala, Tamil and of course English

Tamil, Sinhala and English are the main languages of Sri Lanka

Sinhalese. But most ppl speak English here.
Major nation in srilanka is sinhala. There are many languages. Sinhala is the major language.
The national language of Sri Lanka is singhala it it spelt like a bunch of squiggly line but it is very interesting to learn singhala is only spoke in Sri Lanka but other people who live in Sri Lanka may speak English or French and most of the time the people speak Tamil. The history of Sri Lanka is also very good to know I am only 9 and I am learning about the history of Sri Lanka. But if you think about it I live in Sri Lanka so there you go you now know the national language on Sri Lanka and it is a very good tropical island Aswell so if you come here on holiday check out the beaches the culture and most of all the people get to know them because they are really nice the first 6 weeks I was here I felt like I was living the dream but then after you spend quite a bit of time here it gets even better.

Hope you learnt something
National Languages are Sinhalese and Tamil, both of which are spoken widely throughout the country.

English is also spoken among the people.
there are three widely used languages.




government support all three
The main language used in Sri Lanka is the Sinhalese language (Sinhala). Secondary languages used being English and Tamil.


Tamil singalish English
the official languages are Sinhala and Tamil.
the most common languages spoken in Sri Lanka are Tamil and Sinhalese and English.
Natinal language is Sinhala.Tamil and English also spoken.


Sinhala is the most spoken Language in Sri Lanka.
Main language is Sinhala.Tamil and English are spoken as minor languages.
Tamil and Singalease
Sinhalese and Tamil.
Sri Lanka has a language that no one else in the world uses as a primary language. The language is Sinhala, an ancient buddhist language used even years before sanskrit.

Now 89% of the island uses that language, in fact 1 of every 100,000 people speak sinhala on the island. But that leaves 11% of the island to speak something else. 6% speak Tamil, and only 4% speak it well. 5% speak english and only English. So that leaves you with three languages that are spoken on the island nation of Sri Lanka, and out of the 89% that speak sinhala 53% can speak little English with it.
Sanskrit and Lancastrian
Sinhala, Tamil and English.

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When was Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara born?

Kumar sangakkara is the gretest player we ever had. He is a left handed batsman. He is a former captain for the team.

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Sri Lanka

What is the capital of Sri Lanka?

The national political capital is Sri Jayawadenapura Kotte (Kotte, meaning Fortress), just east of the major city and former capital of Colombo. Most of the administrative functions, and diplomatic missions, are still centered in Colombo, some 30 years after the official relocation of Parliament in 1982.

The two cities are located on the lower west coast.

Since 100 AD, the national capital has been located in several cities, including Kotte. Their historical order is:





Kotte (1391)

Kandy (1592)

Colombo (1815)

Kotte (1982)

Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is the official capital of Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia.

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Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

How can buy sandhi sudha oil in sri lanka?

i need to buy sandhi sudha oil in sri lanka

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What are the qualities of a Sri Lanka man?

They are kind hearted men, but with some cultural problems they can be childish. They can be intelligent but in my opinion they don't achieve their full potential, and most of them are trustworthy. They are known for their faithfull nature,so they are gonna still love you in the morning.

So, in my humble opinion, Sri Lankan men are super awesome.

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Where to download Tamil old video songs for free? free old tamil video song

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What is the former name of Sri Lanka?


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Sachin Tendulkar

India vs srilanka cricket oneday live score?

Too late for the last game but live scores of all internation matches can be found on

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Air Travel

In which direction would you travel by airplane to go from sri lanka to myanmar?

Northeast is your answer!! :)

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Which Indian Islands lies between India and Sri Lanka?


Sri Lanka

What is the Muslim population in Sri Lanka?

nearly 21 lakhs


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