Pakistan is an Islamic country in South Asia consisting of four federal territories and four provinces. With an estimated population of 170.6 million as of 2011, Pakistan is the second biggest Islamic population in the world.

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Calling and Area Codes

Where is telephone country code 92?

Pakistan is country code +92(dialed as 00 92 or 011 92 from many countries). Note that you must drop the trunk prefix 0 from the beginning of the Pakistani number when calling internationally. For example, Karachi's area code 021 becomes +92 21.

Karachi is area code +92 21.

Hyderabad is area code +92 22.

Lahore is area code +92 42.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are area code +92 51.

Quetta is area code +92 81.

Peshawar is area code +92 91.

Mobile numbers begin with +92 3.

(The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00, but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011, Japan uses 010, Australia uses 0011, and many other countries use different prefixes.)


Are Bollywood films popular in Pakistan?

Pakistani movies were very good and Pakistani people used to see Pakistani movies way back in mid 80s. after 90s bollywood movies boom started in Pakistan they became very much famous in pakistan you can hear bollywood songs every where just like bollywood is native pakistani film industry. and there is huge fan following in pakistan. bollywood is so much merged into pakistani people life and culture that you can not differentiate that bollywood is indian cinem or pakistani cinema.


Where can you find the BA result of Allama Iqbal Open University?

Check the related link for the official AIOU result website.

Punjab Pakistan

What is current KIBOR rate?

kibor rate on 16 November 2010?

Nokia Phones

Is spy cell phone software available in Pakistan?



How do you overcome Poverty in Pakistan?

Eradicate corruption. Eradicate extremist groups.

Transparency, safety and equality of freedom are necessary for the stability and consistency required to overcome poverty.


Who is best heart surgeon in Pakistan?

Saulat fatimi


Pakistan ka wo konsa city hai jis ko lihkte waqt 15 nuqtey dalney perte hain?

Pak patan shareef

Languages and Cultures
Arabic Language and Culture

What languages are spoken in Pakistan?


China and Chinese Territories

What is an example of demography?

Demography is the statistical study of human population. It can be a very general science that can be applied to any kind of dynamic human population, that is, one that changes over time or space (see population dynamics). It encompasses the study of the size, structure and distribution of these populations, and spatial and/or temporal changes in them in response to birth, migration, aging and death.

Examples for demographic changes and pattern can be given widely. Europe's population is declining day by day. Mortality rate is high in comparison to low birth rate, As a result growth of population declines. Poulation is aging there,

On the contrary in Africa or South Asia growth rate is on rise. Better medical care, comparative better living standard declines the mortality rate (especially death of new born and perinatal child death). Fertility still kept high. Number of children per family also high. In 1970 Pakistan's population was merely 60 million, now 40 years later it is more than 120 million. Its a demographic catastrophy, some can argue for that.

Hindi Language and Culture

Who kaun si cheez hai Jo agar gili ho to 2kg sukhi ho to 1kg or agar jal jaye to 3kg Batao kya cheez hai?

Answer: sugar.

For more Paheliyan visit the related link below.

Currency Conversions

What is the amount of 100 baisa in Pakistani rupees?

100 baisa to pak rupee


Who is Zinda Pir Sahib?

Zinda Pir Sahib was the founder of Darbar-e-Aalia Ghamkol Sharif Kohat Pakistan. He was ghous of his time. He belonged to Naqshbandi Silsila.

Note: It should be kept in mind that orthodox Muslims consider the system of 'Ghouses' unauthentic and against the spirit of Islam.

Authors, Poets, and Playwrights

Was Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal an educationist?

Not sure, but I can tell you I found out that He was a very successful Attorney, famous Poet, Philospher, Political figure and a Social reformer. He was educated in London. His poetry in Persian and Urdu is being taught in schools.


Pakistan ka komi parinda kon sa hai?

Pakistan ka komi Parnd


When did Bangladesh break away from Pakistan?

Deep split in culture, language and ethnicity. Turmoil in the East and growing resentment for West pakistan as a result. Then came the elections: moral of the story.... logon ke mandat ka ehtaram karo.

Then came the Mukhti Bahini and Indian support, then came all out war, then Niazi decided to surrender instead of continue fighting.

Punjab Pakistan
Casey Anthony Trial

Online complaint cell of chief justice of Pakistan?

M.Q.M is the PLOTTER of Badami Bagh Incident in Lahore black mailing THE pUNJAB gOVERNEMENT BY INITATING LIVE CURRENT SPEACH INFRONT OF KARACHI PRESS CLUB INITATED BY RAZA HAROON - WHY M.Q.M has takenthis drifted measure to destablise Punjab Government and to defame Shabaz Shareef Punjab Government basic idea how to black mail PUNJAB GOVERNMENT - to destablise and to compell the Punjab Government to briing them towards joint Interim Setup in Punjab and Sindh get millage from Punjab Government in forthcoming elections - Intellignce Agencies has to initiate hot pursuit againstevery movement of M.Q.M lEADER WHOS AIRCRAFT LAND IN ANY CITY OF PUNJAB and to keep a close eye on every movement of all M,Q.M Further more to keep an eye in Lahore - based all newly establishing hidden corners of M.Q.M at first step to initiate Pollice Raid on all Guest Houses in Cantt Areas - Farm Houses in Defense Areas - specially Resaurants being runned under cover with the patronage of Govt Officals - part time undeclared bussinesses - which are likely be to out of sight from the civil administrations eyes - WHY EXTREME LEVEL OPPURTUNIST -FASCHIST BELIEVE ON GUN POINT POLITCS M.Q.M initiated sudden move in favour of CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY - WHEN THE SHIA COMMUNITY OF KARACHI HAVE LEFT THEIR FAVORITE HIDDEN FAVOUR FROM M.Q.M WHICH THE PARTY ENJOYED FROM 1985 TO 2013 - FROM KARACHI - NOW THE HIGHEST CONCERNS OF M.Q.M ARE STRIVING THEIR BEST TOWARDS PARADIGM SHIFT FROM SHIA COMMUNITY TO CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY AT THE THRESHOLD OF OF NATIONAL ELECTION LIQUIFY THEIR RANSOM ACCOUNT TO EXPAND THEIR NETWORK OF HIDDEN GUN AGENDA OF LAWLESS NESS IN PUNJAB SPECIALLY INLAHORE AND MULTAN - AND STRIVING THEIR SATANIC AGENDA TO BECOME COALATION PARTNER IN PUNJAB AFTER THE BLOODY 5 YEARS OF COALTION PARTNERSHIP WITH PPP IN KARACHI - CAUSING OF INSECURITY UPON THE HEALTHY HEN OF PUNJABI CORPORATE SECTOR - SO OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES OF PUNJAB HAS TO KEEP A STRONG EYE ON M.Q.M OFFICES internal and external every movement of their workers every movement and to nip the evil MQM in the BUD - WITH FULL FOCUSSED FORCE IF WE PAKISTANI WANTS TO SAVE THE PEACE FUL PUNJAB FROM THE MONSTER OF M.Q.M .

Personal Finance
Mission Statements

How do you evaluate a schools mission and vision?

You need to answer a few questions about them. For example:

Are they (mission & vision) high and altruistic, or are they modest and pragmatic?

Are they practical?

Are they achievable?

Does the school actually live up to them, or are they window dressing?

Do you agree with them, or not?

Can you see yourself or your child learning within this framework?

Tourette's Syndrome

Scope of MSc psychology in PAkistan?

i am also confused about this

Political Office Holders

Who is the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, and assumed office in June 2013.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan is currently Mian Nawaz Sharif.
Nawaz Sharif

Oil and Petroleum

Who is petroleum minister of Pakistan?

Syed Naveed Qamar


Where was Pakistani cricket player Inzamam-ul-Haq born?


India Government
India Military

Can a commerce stream student join merchant navy?

Well...In India one can definitely do that...all he/she needs to do is approach a private institution for Merchant Navy, for e.g. In India, Chate Academy For Naval Jobs....complete d relevant course.....n the institution itself will offer u a Nice job in any of the ships it has affiliation with.....The course fee is upto 150000...provided u r physically fit 2 join merchant navy.....if u r physically weak, then they will charge u more money....for girls...there r only couple of job titles available in merchant navy, i.e. ship doctor and radio officer....for males..there r wide opportunities in merchant if u r doing it from an institute which has affiliation with domestic shipping companies then max salary u can expect is 20000 p.m. in d beginning.....on d contrary part, an institution having affiliation with intl. shipping companies will offer u a starting salary of 1000-1500$ it domestic or has a minimum contract wit any ship of 6 varies frm ship to ship...max is 9 months....2-3 months fully paid leave....bonuses, one-way ticket 2 any of the continents, i.e. Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. 4 ur entire family members wit blood relation.... i hope this information is useful 2 u....Best of luck...n 1 more thing...make sure u r physically fit 2 take such a life-threatening bt most enjoyable careear....

Ancient India

Why Mohenjo- Daro is famous in Pakistan?

It is an ancient city of the Harrapan Civilization. The city is famous for having running water to nearly every house and being a planned city. Mohenjo-daro is also famed for the discovery of many seals and inscriptions in Indus script. To see photos of some of these, visit 'Indus Script Dictionary' on Facebook.


What is the meaning of the urdu word gumrah?

'The person who has lost the right way.'


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