Cricket (Sport)

A team sport of 11 players each, Cricket is a game in which teams bat in successive innings and attempt to score runs, while the opposing team attempts to stop them. The number of innings is agreed on by the teams before the game, which can last one afternoon or several days.

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Cricket (Sport)
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Sourav Ganguly
Yuvraj Singh

What religion is Yuvraj Singh?

yuvraj singh religion sikh

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Cricket (Sport)
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What are fundamental skills of Cricket?

Above all, hand-eye coordination.

Cricket (Sport)
Sachin Tendulkar

What is the name of sachin tendulkar's coach?

Ramakant acherkar

Cricket (Sport)
Sachin Tendulkar
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Sourav Ganguly

Who faced highest number of balls in test match history all together in all matches?

Having played 167 test matches and scored more than 13,500 runs, the simple answer would be Sachin Tendulkar. However, there are no exact stats available about it.

Cricket (Sport)

What is the highest losing test match score?

The highest first-innings Test match score which ended up losing

a Test match is 586 - by Australia against England in the 1894-95


The highest fourth innings Test match score which ended up

losing a Test match is 451 - by New Zealand against England in the

2001-02 season.

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Cricket (Sport)

What is a 'flat wicket' in Cricket?

The more grass a wicket has on it, the more "lively" it will be.

Which means that the ball is more likely to move around. If a

wicket is flat, then it will be bare and is unlikely to offer

assistance to bowlers. Batsmen usually enjoy the wicket being


Cricket (Sport)

How many times has Anil Kumble taken 10 wickets in Test Matches?

Anil Kumble has taken 10 wickets 8 times in Test Matches. He has also taken 10 wickets in an inning of a Test Match at Delhi against Pakistan in 1999.

Cricket (Sport)

What is the length of a cricket bale?

26 inches is the length of a cricket bale.

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Cricket (Sport)

How many matches are there usually in an Ashes series?

There are usually 5.

Cricket (Sport)

How many runs has Sehwag scored in One Day Internationals?

8090 runs in 245 ODI matches till July 2012.

Cricket (Sport)

Who has bagged most 'Man of the Match' awards in the Test Cricket?

Jacques Kallis has bagged the most 'Man of the Match' award In test cricket

23 Times in 162 matches.

Cricket (Sport)

What are the top five longest six in cricket history?

1. 158 metres Shahid Afridi vs South africa

2. 147 metres Chris Gayle vs South africa
3. 143 metres Shane Watson vs Bangladesh
4. 139 metres Shahid Afridi vs New Zealand
5. 136 metres JP Duminy vs Scotland

Cricket (Sport)

Who made first century in T-20 World Cup Match?

Chris Gayle of West Indies scored the first ever century in T-20 against South Africa in 2007; the first T-20 World Cup.

Cricket (Sport)

How many referees are are there in a Cricket match?

Only one 'match referee', however two umpires are there in the field and 1 third umpire, out of the field.

Cricket (Sport)
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What is the maximum weight of a cricket bat?

There is no maximum weight so legally the weight could be as much as the player wants objections. The normal weight is between 1 and 1.4kgs.

Cricket (Sport)

What is length and width of pitch of cricket game?

It should be 22 yards (20 m) long and 10 ft (3.0 m) wide.

The cricket pitch consists of the central strip of thecricket field between the wickets - 1 chain or 22 yards (20.12 m) long and 10 feet (3.05 m) wide

Cricket (Sport)

How many maximum runs gets in one wide ball?


Cricket (Sport)

How do you bowl off spin while bowling?

When you roll the ball you want to twist your hand at the same time when letting go. This will cause the ball to spin or curve.

Cricket (Sport)
Indian Cricket Players

What is the height of cricketer Murali Vijay?

Murali Vijay height is 6' 0.83" (185 cm).

Cricket (Sport)
ICC Cricket World Cup

When did Zimbabwe play his first ODI World Cup?

Zimbabwe played his first World Cup in 1983.

Cricket (Sport)

How many referrals are allowed in a Cricket match?

two every innings for each side. you lose one if your wrong but do not lose one if you're correct. only in matches where it's been agreed in advance

Cricket (Sport)

Who is the fastest woman bowler ever?

Former Australian cricketer Cathryn Fitzpatrick is still considered as the fastest woman bowler.

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Cricket (Sport)
Indian Cricket
Indian Cricket Players

Is umesh yadav play any international cricket?

Yes. Umesh Yadav played International Cricket. He made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe in TRI-SERIES onJune 2010( on that time unlucky he didn't take any wickets)

Cricket (Sport)

Who hit most sixes in one test inning?

The record of most sixes in an inning of a Test Match is goes to Wasim Akram player of Pakistan. He hit 12 sixes in an inning against Zimbabwe in 1996

Cricket (Sport)

What year did the cricket world cup start?

it started in 1975 and was held in England


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