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Despite being the world's second largest country, Canada only has 33 million people. Questions on its people, places and past are welcome here.

Asked in Canada

What percentage of Canada's income is tourism?

3.2 % in 2009. Government revenue attributable to tourism in 2009: $19, 157 m Government revenue in 2009: $585,799 m Data from Stats Canada. ...
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What human rights are ignored in Canada?

Freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, and property rights, just to name a few. __ While Canada is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, Human Rights are pretty much protected here. We do have Freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, and property rights. You aren't jailed for speaking your mind or believing any particular faith. You can own property (which is not a human right by the way). Canada is protected by its Charter of...
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Where in Canada can you buy ezo denture liners?

Apparently no where i have driven miles looking, not to be found. I have used them for 30 years, there is nothing on the market that even comes close. ...
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Does the Queen control Canada?

Queen Elizabeth II is the Monarch of Canada, which operates courtesy of the Canadian Parliament and Canada's governmental officers. Properly, according to Wikipedia: "The monarchy of Canada is the core of both Canada's federalism and its Westminster-style parliamentary democracy, being the foundation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Canadian government and each provincial government." ---------- Practically from experience: Not at all. The role of the Queen is purely ceremonial and represented by the Governor General, another completely ceremonial role. The GG is selected by...
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Important crop of the prairie provinces?

Wheat is the biggest grain crop, although there is a lot of barley, canola, flax, and rye grown as well. ...
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What is the color of the New Democratic Party of Canada?

The New Democratic Party (NDP) main colour is orange. However, green is their second colour. ...
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Where is the windiest spot in Canada?

Located at Main St.,corner of Portage avenue.Winnipeg Manitoba
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How much does it cost to mail a letter to Canada from the US?

The price of postage for a one-ounce ordinary size non-rigid first class letter to Canada is 75 cents. First-Class Mail® International Letter Maximum Value for Contents: $400.00 Max. length 11-1/2", height 6-1/8" or thickness 1/4" $0.75 The USPS online Postage Price Calculator for Domestic and International Retail Prices is at the Related Link. ...
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Can a Canadian citizen be deported from Canada?

In a word No. If born here absolutely not. However, should one lie on their application for Citizenship, and a Judge determines that they did, then the application is fraudulent . Thus any Citizenship from that application is null and void and does not exist, ergo you can be deported. (But you are not a Citizen at this point) ...
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What resources does Canada have?

Some resources that Canada has are nickel, zinc, uranium, lead, copper, gold, silver, coal, potash, and pulp. ...
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What time does the sunrise in ca?

The time of sunrise and sunset is very dependent on the date and exact location. A difference of 15 miles can change the time of sunrise or sunset by a minute. Please re-post your question with a city name or zip code. You can easily calculate the time of sunrise or sunset by visiting the web site of the U.S. Naval Observatory at http://www.usno.navy.mil/USNO/astronomical-applications/data-services/rs-one-day-us. ...
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What are the natural resources of Central Canada?

Mining, oil and wheat farming
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Is Canada bigger in land mass than Great Britain?

Canada is the second largest country in the world, second only to Russia. Canada is many times larger than Great Britain. ...
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Is it difficult for US citizens to relocate and seek employment in Canada?

American Immigrants to Canada This info is from the citizenship and immigration Canada website. If you want to be a permanent resident, there's a point system where you have to score high enough. Having a college education is a lot of points; grad school is more. There are points for speaking English and French. There are also points for having job skills, and a chart tells you what skills are worth how many points. There's also a skilled worker program where you can...
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What does Canada mean in native Canadian language?

Canada, or 'Kanata' means village/settlement. That is the meaning of the word in the Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian language (which is just one of the languages that was spoken by Canadian natives). Kanata is not an Iroquoian word but an Algonquin one. The two language groups are separated only by the Saint Lawrance River but they are of greatly distinct language groups. On the order of that between Sweden and Finland (Indo-European and Uralic). The actual meaning of Kanata would be either 'this place' or 'that...
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How big are common loons feet?

A common loon's foot is about the size of a human palm.
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Who are Canada's two founding nations?

Great Britain and France. --------------------------------------------- France had little or nothing to do with the Founding of the Canadian Confederation other than abandoning it's people when it lost a war to Britain. Even Britain played a minor, rubber stamp, role. When used in this context the term "Nations" refers to groups of people, most specifically "Founding Peoples". Founding Peoples is the term used in the Constitution though Founding Nations is used elsewhere. Canada has many Nations, of which three claim special status over the others as...
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What kind of fruits does Canada import?

Avocados, melons, mangoes, grapefruit, ugli, kiwi, grapes, pineapples, pomegranates, passion fruit, papaya and bananas ...
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How do you drop sexual assault charges Canada?

Although not a Canadian - I believe the laws of both our countries are similar enoogh to say that YOU, as an individual, can neither bring nor drop sex assault charges. Once the assault report has been made to law enforcement it wouild be up to the prosecutor, not the victim, to determine if there were sufficient information to proceed with the case or not. ...
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What are disadvantages of a broad niche?

It's like adaptations that allow them to to survive in the summer and the freezing in the winter. ...