Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm tree. It is commonly used as a flavoring or ingredient in foods and beverages. It is also a favorite additive in many beauty products.

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Why does the coconut has a fibrous husk?



What is coconut diethanolamide?


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Where is Ancel grated coconut sold?

Giant supermarket in Waldorf Maryland.

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Coconut Oil

Is coconut oil perishable?

Yes, coconut oil is perishable.


What is the hormone found in coconut water?



How do you sweeten coconut milk?

You might want to add a bit of sugar to it.


What is kakang gata?

The first pressing of the coconut milk, It's the coconut creme.

Botany or Plant Biology

What are the diseases affected the coconut tree?

The Coconut palm is vulnerable to a couple deficiencies. Boron, manganese, magnesium and potassium deficiencies can effect this palm. Nutritient deficiencies are first noticeable in the yellowing around leaf edges and stunting of the growth rate. In bad cases and if something is not done the Coconut palm can die. To stop or attempt to stop deficiencies from happening, use foliar fertilization on a normal basis.

Coconut palms are VERY VULNERABLE to Phytoplasma or deadly yellowing caused by little bacterial organisms. This disease is the top killer of these palms. The symptoms vary greatly from yellowing to fruit drop and death of affected trees.


How much protein does coconut milk have?



What is the difference between coconut flavoring and coconut extract?

coconut flavoring make it taste similar to coconut but does not have the real flavor, on the other hand, coconut extract has real coconut flavoring and is more sweeter than the coconut flavoring


Why do coconuts have milk in them?

Technically, they have a special type of milk in them that only the coconut can produce.


What are some adaptations that coconut seeds have that help them in dispersal?

They float.

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Shake It Up (TV Series)

What happens if you put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up?

The Department of Homeland Security shows up at your door.

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Coconut Oil

Is coconut oil sperm friendly?

yes, it's even used as sperm expander in artificial insemination


Do square coconuts exist?

Contrary to popular belief every fruit that you can image has been made into shapes that are out of the ordinary. Cocouts have been made into many shapes, squares, pyrimeds, even pentigons.


What is the meaning of coconut grove?

Coconut Grove is a neighborhood located in the City of Miami, Florida in Miami-Dade County,


What is the special adaptations of a coconut fruit?

it has fibrous husk that traps air and allows it to float in water.


How do you know if flaked coconut is bad?

Smell the coconut and if it smells off of sour, discard and use a different bag of coconut.


Is a Coconut a nut or a fruit?

  • The jury is out on whether the coconut is a fruit, nut or seed. A Botanist considers the coconut one-seeded drupe (aka: dry drupe.) A drupe is a fruit with a hard stony covering enclosing the seed (much like a peach or olive.) 'Drupa means 'overripe olive. The coconut and all drupes have three layers: exocarp (outer layer); the mesocarp (fleshy middle layer) and the endocarp (hard, woody layer that surrounds the seed.) The definition given as coconut can be all three: a fruit, a nut or a seed. Until proven otherwise the coconut comes under: fruit; nut and seed.


Do coconuts fall off trees?

Yes, in fact you are more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than to be killed by a shark.

Coconut Oil

Where to buy coconut oil in Beaumont Tx?


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Does motor oil have a shelf life?

It appears from my limited research that it depends how it is stored, not too hot and not too cold it will be okay for years if it is in the original sealed container. Some companies will only guarantee it for two to five years on the shelf but others the web say that if it is shook well to remix the additives in the bottle then they haven't any problems. Don't store it any other container and don't leave open to air as it oxydizes. Opened bottles will deteriorate much quicker. Motor oil does have a shelf life. Depending on whether it is synthetic or conventional, it can be stored from any time of two - five years.

I had an unopened plastic container of gear oil (SAE 80 ie thick) and over a number of years the container started to collapse, suggesting that the oil was reacting with the plastic or, more likely, that some more volatile or smaller molecular particles had passed through the container walls reducing the pressure inside. Thus I would suggest that the oil properties changed over time, probably for the worse. The shelf life of oil will, in addition to temperature, temperature change, humidity depend on the container that it is in and its make up (what kind of oil it is )


How do you find coconut water without sugar added?

Lately you can find coconut water with no sugar added in most health food stores. Coconut water has as many electrolytes as most sports drinks, more potassium than a banana. (Plus it tastes great!) As well as calcium and magnesium that you don't find in conventional sports drinks. Not to mention no added sugar if you can find it!


How do you dry out a coconut?

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Is coconut water the same as coconut juice?

Coconut water or coconut juice, It looks almost like water.

The tender or young green coconut is plucked from the tree before it matures. It is full of water or may contain a little soft coconut too. If it has some soft coconut, the water is mildly sweet.

If this young coconut had been allowed to mature on the tree, this water would have turned into thick white coconut flesh.

You can find the coconut vendors in the countries selling on the road side. They have a good business during summer months.

This coconut-juice or coconut water has many medicinal properties and is used for treatment.

  • Coconut water is good to drink in summer as well as in sickness when a person is on a liquid diet or is dehydrated.
  • It is a very effective oral liquid to treat dehydration.
  • The coconut water cools your body in summer as well as quenches the thirst.
  • It dissolves kidney stones.
  • It kills intestinal worms.
  • If you are asking this question this question is stupid and your an idiot.

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