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Components of Indian financial system?

There are basically 4 components of INDIAN FINANCIAL SECTORS are:





India Business and Finance
Canara Bank

Where is canara bank 00866 branch?

Nagapattinam - Branch

Phone Service Providers
India Business and Finance

How can you see your BSNL landline bill online?

See the related link for BSNL's demonstration of viewing your bill online.

History of India
India Business and Finance

Why is India poor country?

India is developing country and not a poor country. Also it has one of the most promising and resilient economy. One of the main reasons why India is a developing country and not a developed country is because of British colonization which stole many of India's precious resources such as diamonds and gold which India used to have in massive amounts.

However, few hindrances which stops India from becoming a developed country are :-

1) Overpopulation leads to too many demands on limited resources.

2) Corrupt politicians. Rich and educated do not care.

3) Indiscipline. Everyone wants all types of rights without responsibility.

India Business and Finance

What is the educational qualification of Ratan Tata?

Ratan Tata is a Bachelor of Architecture with Structural Engineering from Cornell University and also completed the course of Advanced Management Programme from the Harvard Business School.

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List of cooperative society in India?

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Who is the founder of union bank of india?

Union Bank of India (UBI) was registered on 11 November 1919 as a limited company in Mumbai and was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. At the time of India's Independence in 1947, UBI still only had four branches - three in Mumbai and one in Saurashtra, all concentrated in key trade centres. After Independence UBI accelerated its growth and by the time the government nationalized it in 1969, it had grown to 240 branches in 28 states. Now it has over 2500 branches all over India.

A Glorious Past - A Brighter Future

Union Bank of India was established on 11th November 1919 with its headquarters in the city of Bombay now known as Mumbai.

The Head Office building of the Bank in Mumbai was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the nation in the year 1921, and he said on the occasion:"We should have the ability to carry on a big bank, to manage efficiently crores of rupees in the course of our national activities. Though we have not many banks amongst us, it does not follow that we are not capable of efficiently managing crores and tens of crores of rupees."

His prescient words anticipated the growth of the bank that has taken place in the decades that followed. The Bank now operates through over 2800 branches across the country. The Bank's core values of prudent management without ignoring opportunities is reflected in the fact that the Bank has shown uninterrupted profit during all 90 years of its operations.

Union Bank has been playing a very proactive role in the economic growth of India and it extends credit for the requirements of different sectors of economy. Industries, exports, trading, agriculture, infrastructure and the individual segments are sectors in which the bank has deployed credit to spur economic growth and to earn from a well diversified portfolio of assets.

Resources are mobilised through Current, Savings and Term Deposits and through refinance and borrowings from abroad. The Bank has a large clientele base of over 24 million.

On the technology front the Bank has taken early initiatives and 100% of its branches are computerised. The Bank has also introduced Core Banking Solution with connectivity between branches. 100% of the business of the Bank is under Core Banking Solution making it a leader among its peers in infusion of technology. Many innovative products are developed using the technology platform to offer an array of choices to customers, adding speed and convenience to transactions. Technology will also enable the Bank to derive substantial cost reduction while creating the requisite capacity to handle the ever increasing volume of business in a competitive environment that offers immense opportunities.

At the end of September 2011 the Bank achieved total business level of Rs.3,42,856 crore (Rupees Three Lakh Forty two thousand Eight hundred fifty six crore)

Behind all these achievements is a dedicated team of staff, which is truly cosmopolitan in its composition. Many generations of members of staff have contributed in building up the strong edifice of the Bank. The present team of over 29000 members of staff distinguishes itself with its customer centricity, willingness to learn and adherence to values enabling us to be recognised as a caring organisation where people enjoy their work and relationship with customers.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Top 100 org ranking pharmaceutical companies in India?

Ranking of parenteral drugs (i ) ltd

History of India
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Which are the top 100 cities of India?


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Indian Multi National Companies Name list?


India Business and Finance

Is basil international limited company registered under security exchange board of India?

Yes, basil international limited company registered under security exchange board of india.

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Who is the richest person in India?

Lakshmi Mittal, 55

Company: Mittal Steel

Net worth: $20bn Named after the Hindu deity of fortune and prosperity, the steel tycoon is "quintessentially Indian", despite having lived in Britain since the 1970s, says The South China Morning Post. Born in a remote village, he got his start when his family moved to Calcutta and opened a small steel mill. Within 20 years, Ispat International was hailed as "the best steel firm on the planet". The 2004 merger with rival International Steel Group also made it the largest. Today, Mittal Steel, of which he owns 87.4%, continues to expand, but ironically, it does no business in India. It's "one of my biggest disappointments", says Mittal.

India Business and Finance

Which bank is Top Private Bank In India?

ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank are two top most private banks in India. They are both neck to neck in terms of growth, branches, ATMs, revenue etc and are the top competitors in the private banking space in India. They are both smaller only when compared to SBI the largest government bank in India

Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank HDFC
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Reserve Bank of India

Who are the top 10 entrepreneurs in India?

The 10 most famous entrepreneurs from India all have the same entrepreneurial spirit. These ten entrepreneurs did not inherit wealth from their families, or sign million dollar sport contracts. Each of these ten entrepreneurs started with a dream in a country that is known for producing successful entrepreneurs. They earned their millions the hard way through hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

  1. Tulsi Tanti is an entrepreneur who saw potential in an unshaped idea which he ventured into and made huge. Tulsi Tanti is Chairman of Suzion Energy LTD, a company that deals in wind energy. In 1990 Tanti invested in two windmills and from there realized the enormous potential. In 1995, he formed Suzion and has made Suzion Energy the sixth largest wind energy company in the world.
  2. Shiv Nadar is the Chief Executive Officer of Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL), India's largest info tech conglomerate. While working as an engineer with another company, Nadar knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur by setting up his own business. He quit his job and launched his own company making office products mainly copiers. In 1970 when IBM quit India, Shiv Nadar's HCL stepped in for IBM.
  3. Rahul Bajaj is Chairman of the Bajat Group which is one of the top ten business groups in India. His company has diversified interests in everything ranging from automobiles to home appliances. After the recession and stock market collapse in 2001, the Bajaj Auto was hit hard. However, the company re-invented itself and become a major success.
  4. Dr. Pratap Reddy developed India's first corporate hospital group, The Apollo Hospital Group. He has revolutionized India's whole health care sector and today has over 750 corporate hospitals throughout the country. The idea came to Dr. Reddy when a patient could not make it to Texas for open heart surgery and died. Dr. Reddy created a medical infrastructure in India which made medical care more affordable and accessible for everyone.
  5. Naresh Goyal is the founder and Chairman of JetAirways, India's largest domestic airline. After he graduated college, Goyal joined the travel business. By 1974, Goyal founded JetAir to look after sales and marketing of foreign airlines in India. In 1991, Goyal took advantage of the open skies policy of the Indian Government and set up Jet Airways for operation of scheduled air service on domestic flights in India.
  6. Narayana Murthy is one of the founders of Infoys Technologies Limited. In 1999, Infoys became the first Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ. By 2006 the company employed over 50,000 people and had a turn over of two billion dollars. Murthy has always believed that honesty, transparency and moral integrity are the key factors in business.
  7. Anil Dhirubhai is the Chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. After receiving his MBA, Ambani joined Reliance Company. He was responsible for India Inc's entry into overseas capital markets. In 1997 the 100-year Yankee bond issue was launched under his command. After the split in the Reliance Group, Ambani formed his own company and became Chairman of several of the Reliance entities.
  8. Azim Premji is Chairman of Wipro Technologies which is one of the largest software companies in India. As a student Premji was summoned home due to the death of his father. During an annual meeting, a shareholder advised Premji to sell his shares. This made Premji even more determined to make the company a success. Today Wipro Technologies is the largest independent R&D service provider.
  9. Ekta Kapoor is known as the reigning Queen of Indian television. She is the creative director of Balaji Telefilms and was awarded the startup entrepreneur of the year in 2001 by Ernst & Young. At nineteen she ventured into the TV-serial production arena. Her company Balaji Telefilms has produced over 25 serials which are shown four times a week on different channels.
  10. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon LTD, the largest Biotechnology Company in India. Shaw started Biocon in 1978 in a rented garage space. Faced with a variety of problems and challenges since biotechnology was a new field and woman entrepreneur was very rare, Shaw overcame all entrepreneurial barriers and made Biocon a success.
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What iis the meaning of reliance?

Reliance means being certain about something based from past experience.

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Where is Reliance Industries Limited's office in Kolkata?

34, Reliance House Chowringhee Road Middleton Row Kolkata -700071

Near Kolkata Metro Rail Bhavan

India Business and Finance

You are studying 1st year ece can you prepare from this year for gate what are the coaching centre in trichy for gate?

from first year you dont need coaching. Just get two book:

GATE Elec & Comm By RK Kanodia

GATE eng. Maths By RK Kanodia

Read these two book along with your semester course. you will be preapared in 3rd year. no need to go coaching.

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Who is the CEO of Reliance?

Mukesh Ambani is the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries. Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is a group of companies headed by Anil Ambani. Neither organization has a CEO.

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India Government

How many types of deficit in Indian budget?

Currently in 2010-2011

1. Revenue Deficit

2. Fiscal Deficit

3.Primary Deficit.

There used to be these 2 more type which have been now abolished

4. Budget Deficit

5. Monetised Deficit

History of India
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How rich is India?

India is the 4th richest in the world. See the related link below.

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India Business and Finance
Dow Jones Industrial Average

What was the consumer price index for the March 2007 quarter in Melbourne Australia?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded the Melbourne CPI at the end of the March 2007 quarter as 153.8, a rise of 0.2% during the quarter ending March 2007.


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Information Technology

How is the career job scope in information technology after 2008 in India?

well there is a great scope of IT in India..

IT hubs are openin in India and foreign MNC's and even Indian companies are looking forward for talented guys...The jobs in this sector are more but the professionals are not as dont worry bout the jobs in this sector...there are plennnttyyyyyyy!!!!...

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India Health

What is the percentage of ESI deduction in India?

1.75% of gross salary from employee side and 4.75% of the same from employer's side.

New Delhi
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Dealers of MB crusher in India?

The Following are the dealers of MB Crusher at different places in India but operating Exclusively on all India basis : 1.Worldcon Technologies


+91-9849050064 , 9849915064 Email :

2.Suretech Infrastructures


Tel.Nos. :+91 22 27424888/3633 Fax No. : +91 22 27424685 E-mail :

Url :

3.Kanmore India


All India




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How many zeroes in one crore?

There are 7 zeroes in one crore (Cr).

One crore equals ten million (written 1,00,00,000 rather than 10,000,000).


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