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Is gorilla snot gel real snot?

No, thankfully. It is made of natural ingredients though, and no gorillas were harmed in its making.

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What is the best keratin shampoo?

keratin is a protein,necessary for hair, it cannot be absorbed by the body from shampoos. All these shampoos are fake ones. never believe these things. Eat protein rich diet.

Eat protein in grams equal to your weight for strengthy and long hair.

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How do you style emo hair without cutting it?

back brush the top layer of your hair and spray it till it's really BIG ;)

GIRLS: It's ALL about volume. having some of the bangs covering one of your eyes helps too.

BOYS: Having medium long hair helps a LOT. The bangs should go in a diagonal line across your face, covering one eye. The hair on the sides should be brushed in towards your face. If you have long hair at the back, use some gel/hairwax and brush it to the side. Spikes in the back looks really emo too, goes well with dyed black hair with the yellow "banana stripe".

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How badly does dying hair damage?

Dying hair can be different for everyone, depending on how strong your hair is, for example: if you've dyed/bleached your hair before it will be a lot weaker compared to someone who hasn't.

Using any type of dye or bleach will always damage your hair a bit. Semi-permanent/ demi-permant hair dyes are a lot less damaging but have the down-side that they don't last as long.

If you are going to dramatically change your hair colour by using bleach it will be a lot less damaging if you do it in stages.

If you are worried about your hair getting too damaged then there are plenty of ways to restore its health:

- Don't wash your hair every day, leave it for a few days after you dye it so the natural oils repair the dry and damaged hair

- Use heat protection when using heat

- Deep condition your hair (I reccomend using Aussie 3 minute miracle)

If you're still worried about dying your hair you can use a rinse or stain as these don't contain any harsh chemicals that will damage your hair, the only downside to these is that they last a few days ( rinse). In the UK you can buy rinses from stores like superdrug, you can buy stains online or in some stores, the main type of stain is probably manic panic.

I hoped this helped :)

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Are mohawks cool?

In some cultures

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What is the function of a thio neutralizer?

It stops the action of the waving solution and rebuilds the hair into it's new form

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Do hair products that claim to make hair stronger actually work?

There are many products that claim to make hair stronger, but I honestly would not recommend Garnier Fructis because it actually causes a waxy buildup to the hair, which makes it unhealthy, causing less growth and more breakage. I know myself because i used to use this shampoo. Pantene is a good product though, so far I have used it on my hair, and I have had no problems with it yet.

Making Your Hair Stronger

Yes, some products to strengthen hair can work. Hair is protein. Hair products have the same goal; to clean hair. That's all. It's just that some clean better than others. Hair products which claim to make stronger, can be true, as they just affect the hair roots (e.g. Head and Shoulders can help with the dandruff). They help with the shininess, and they can sometimes help with stronger hair (as they coat the hair to prevent split ends and breakages).

The more acidic the shampoo is, the shinier the hair, as the hair cuticles smooth out, instead of "fluffing out"

  • Your hair is made up of dead cells. There's no way that they could be regenerated. If anything, a hair product would basically act like a layer of lacquer on a wood surface. It'll laminate your hair, but the hair itself will still be as strong or as weak as before.
  • Hair is not made of dead cells, it was never alive, it's just protein. Hair can be made stronger if you are to repair the proteins, or coat the hair with something that provides a protective barrier that provides support.
  • Hair IS made of dead cells, Cells are made of protein. Ever wondered what protein does?
  • Hair products that claim to make hair stronger work most of the time. Products like Pantene Pro-V coat the hair in wax, making it appear more healthier and be more stronger. Garnier Fructis makes hair stronger by adding a thin layer of citrus oils to each strand. The oil makes the hair stronger, in a non-greasy way, and shinier. It is best to look for products that have citrus oils in the ingredients, for a more natural option to have stronger hair. Suggested product are Citre Shine lines and Garnier Fructis
  • Some hair products, that grab your attention, may cause weird things to your body. If you have acne, and have no idea what has caused it, ask your doctor. They say that most hair products can cause acne, according to how strong the product is. It is better off to use something normal, that way we are safe. Herbal Essence and Pro-V, happen to be the only shampoos out there that are good for you. Johnson's baby shampoo is also a very safe shampoo to use.
  • It is better off to look for shampoos that are made of citrus oils and such. Washing your hair everyday, at least 3 times a day, may cause your hair to fall out much quicker.
  • Hair is protein it is made up initially of 19 amino acids this reduces on the outer layer of the hair to 16 amino acids, but the inner layer the cortex still contains 19 amino acids when you colour or use any chemical treatment the hair can lose protein this can be replaced by using products that contain hydrolysed protein . these are proteins that have been shrunk in size helping them to penetrate the cortex layer of the hair ,this provides the hair with its strength. to take this a step further inside the hair is like a coil spring this spring like feature gives hair its strength. if you weaken the spring you weaken the hair, products to look out for must contain hydrolysed protein as these are the only proteins that can penetrate the hair fudge dynamite is great for course textured hair and joico k-pak reconstructor is great for all hair types. these are professional treatments that can be purchased from salons or on line .
  • to put things into perspective.
  • shampoo cleans hair
  • conditioner coats and protects hair giving good comability
  • reconstructors or reconditioning treatments rebuild and recondition hair.
  • so you can make hair stronger but not by gess work but by science


This is true that some of the hair products, claiming for less hair fall or providing strength to hair, actually do not give any such result. Before going for any solution or product for the treatment of our hair problems we should check it's ingredients and make it sure that those products are good enough according to your hairs and to give you best possible results. All the human beings can not have same kind of hairs, they differs according to climate, living style and area. So it is not necessary that all the products are made for everyone.

Nizoral is a anti-dandruff shampoo, which works on Dry, flaky, red, itchy scalp. This shampoo cleans our head deeply and removes dandruff. This shampoo can be used by anybody because it's ingedients are suitable for every kind of atmosphere and climate.

Some products to claim to make your hair shinier, stronger, smoother, etc, but they don't, I don't recommend Pantene, it made my scalp itch and dry. I suggest using Dove, Herbal Essences,Burt Bee's, Or Loreal Paris. I tried them all and they made my hair stronger and silkier the very first use.

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How do you get green out of grey relaxed hair?

they covered my gray hair just the roots and now my hightlights are green?

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Can you dye dark brown hair bright red without bleaching it?

Yes, I do it all the time I have naturally dark brown hair and i use L' Oreal Feria power reds R76 Spicy red. It turns my hair very bright red, like I'm talking fire engine red I love it. The only thing that kind of sucks is it fades quickly, but that is true of all red hair dye

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Were do you buy gatsby wax in nz?

A shop called Cube at Botany Town Shoping Centre in east auckland. $20 each when its not on special. all colours

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Where can you buy Gatsby wax in Pakistan?

in pakistan lahore defence shop name 'bodyshop'

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What are some psycho billy haircuts?

Well, first of all there is not space between "Psycho" and "Billy." They are both one word.

Well depending on your sex there are many different ones. I am female and I have medium length hair, with u-shaped Bettie Bangs. You can do the V or u-shaped bangs. Make sure your hair is layered and razored too, it will look odd. You could also just pin curl your hair if you do not wish to cut your bangs. You can do kitten ears, victory curls, pin curls, riveter, psychobilly beehive, the mary ann do, quiff, woman pomp, chelsea hawk, etc.

For a man you could simply grease your hair into a pomp. Or a quiff if you'd like. There is also another mans cut called the psychobilly wedge. It's quite similar to the mohawk. You get it along the way. There are many more you can simply look up.

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What are the best hairstyles for a teenage girl?

I'm not sure who you were hoping to answer this question, but as a teenage girl I have found that SIMPLE is a really good thing. Too long hairstyles take too much time and effort to make it look "perfect". I haven't had it really short, but I would imagine there are drawbacks to that, too.

I think that for most girls medium length is the best. It's long enough to put braids and ponytails in, or more elegant styles. With a few layers that can be brushed out to frame your face it can look great up or down.

I think the main thing is to try and keep your hair healthy and trim the split ends when it starts looking sparse or dry. Besides that, I think the ball is in your court.

There are also some websites than can help you decide depending on the shape of your face.

Well, the best hairstle for a teenage girl would have to be whatever they would feel comfortable wearing for a period of time. Hairstyles vary from person to person. Lets say some girls can not devote much time for hair in the morning, so they should go with a simple haircut, that does not need much taming. If a teenage girl did have enough time, when getting ready, she could possibly get a hairstyle that would take little time. Overall, a teenage girl should pick a reasonable hairstyle, for she will be the one wearing it.

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Can you dye dark blonde hair bright red without bleaching it?

yes. when you dye your hair a darker shade than what it is you dont have a problem. its when you dye your hair a lighter shade that you need to bleach it

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How much Liability involved in hair cut at daycare?

Short answer: there may be liability, but it is essentially meaningless, since there would be no measurable damages in most instances. Your question is not clear as to whether an adult or another child gave the "haircut", and I am assuming that that by "haircut" you mean the child's hair was cut in a way that did not turn out to be especially flattering. If the child is a very young infant, and this was the "first haircut", the parent might be terribly upset, and there may be technical legal liability(any unconsented to touching can be considered an "assault", however, we know that caretakers of infants have to handle them to change diapers, etc., but a haircut would not be incidental to the caretaker's duties). Having said this, even if there is legal liability as to an infant's "first haircut" or any other child in a day care setting, there are no real damages. What could a jury award for the cutting of some hair that will readily grow back in days and weeks? Such a case would have no value, unless the child was a model or movie star who lost an income opportunity due to the "haircut." If another child at the day care administered the "haircut", it would be a supervision issue by the day care operator, but ultimately, you reach the same question: what is the value in dollars and cents of such an incident? I cannot imaging any self-respecting lawyer taking such a case.

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What are some redneck haircut styles?

a mullet

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How much money does a hairstylist earn?

Hairstylists usually earn $25,000 their first year. After that there isn't a limit to how much you can make. It's the only industry that you decide how much you make and when you work.

A hairstylist can make up to $50,000 or maybe even more depending on how many hours one works, what kind of salon, if you stack clients, etc. I work at a moderate pace, 35 hours a week, and after taxes, supplies, chair rent, training, etc, I bring home about $22k a year. Not getting rich, but I don't like to be on my feet 12 hours a day either.

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Why do forty percent of people change their hairstyles?

forty percent change their hairstyles either one of two things they want to fit in or they want it changed because they like another persons hairstyle

New answer

Some people just want a change, having the same hair style for a long time can be boring to some people. Changing your hair is not always about wanting to fit in, some people want a style that is easier to manage or to look more sophisticated.

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Can giddiness and heaviness in the head and shoulder stress be linked to menopause or is it something else?

Most of body responses are slowddown because of hormonal changes during mensturation,linkage stays the same at the period of menupause,To regain the balance of your body,using food stuff rich in vitamin E,highly reommended.vitamin E,balances disorders in your body because of hormonal deviation,Dates are easily turned into enery too,so mixing dates and milk would be a great solution for regaining the lost energy,it doesent matter when you have it. wish you fitness and hapiness hamid

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What is Paige hyland hairstyle?

Her hair is short and layered it is a great haircut that looks way better than a bobI

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How do you wax a snowboard properly?

Waxing your snowboard provides immediate benefits and is easy to do. With a few tools and an hour anyone can put a fresh coat of Snowboard wax on their snowboard and slide better than ever.

Tools you will need

  • Base cleaner or citrus cleaner - to clean the dirt/grime, and old wax off your base.
  • Iron - don't use the one your mother uses on her clothes.
  • Wax - Snowboard or ski specific wax only.
  • Scrapper - a medium ski specific scrapper is preferred over a long snowboard scrapper.
  • Abrasive Pad - for finishing the job.

Steps for waxing your snowboard

  1. Clean the base of your snowboard with base cleaner, or a citrus cleaner.
  2. Drip the wax on your board using an old iron, but make sure to use snowboard/ski specific wax. If the wax smokes the iron is too hot.
  3. Smooth the wax out with your iron, spreading it evenly over the surface.
  4. Then you need to scrape as much of the wax of as you can using a scraper.
  5. Finish the job by using an abrasive pad to smooth out the wax using a tip to tail direction.
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What are mullet haircuts really called?

Mullet is the proper name for them. Also called "hockey hair" because the mullet was quite popular amongst hockey players.

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What do perms do to oily and fine hair?

they make it curly!

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What brand hair extensions does Ariana Grande have?

she has asda smart price ones, whcih are £2.00 per extension which is good price, she s buzzin

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Why do rural men still wear mullet hair styles?

*because they r stuck in the past! *Because it's a free country and they can have their hair any way they want.


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