Hair Loss and Treatment

Hair loss can be detrimental to self-esteem but is a fact of life for many people. Ask questions here about how to treat hair loss in both males and females.

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Hair Loss and Treatment

Can You Freeze A Hair Relaxer?

my daughters been freezing and using her relaxers for years.she just defrosts it in the microwave,it works just the same as when you brought it from the shops.

Hair Loss and Treatment

Is dove shampoo good for hair?

Dove shampoo works very well on my hair. I have very fine hair and i find that it suits my needs. It also depends on what you want too. It feels great too. And if you have thick or curly hair it works wonders! It leaves a light scent in your hair so if you want a strong scent you may want to use another product though.

Hair Loss and Treatment

Can shampoo damage your hair?

You should always grab some good hair care products according to your hair type but some products are so versatile that any hair type can use it. If you’re having dry and rough hair then you should try Argan Hair oil. It is so good for dry hair. It makes it soft, smooth, and healthy-looking hair. Some shampoos can damage your hair if you choose the wrong product for a particular hair type. Either you can go for shampoo made for all hair types like Indique Hair mild shampoo that gives the best result if you use it with argan oil as well.

Hair Loss and Treatment
Haircuts, Hairdressing, and Hairstyles

What is the best keratin shampoo?

keratin is a protein,necessary for hair, it cannot be absorbed by the body from shampoos. All these shampoos are fake ones. never believe these things. Eat protein rich diet.

Eat protein in grams equal to your weight for strengthy and long hair.

Hair Loss and Treatment

Can too many vitamins make your hair fall out?

I dont think so

but it depends if you are allergic to certain things that contain vitamins!

But i dont think eating too many vitamins makes your hair fall out!

I agree. I take a lot vitamin C and other nutrients.

My hair and nails are growing faster and thicker.

PABA and panathetic acid is great for as well as B 12.

Hair Loss and Treatment
Medication and Drugs

Can mixing hydrocodone and alcohol cause hair loss?

Well it certainly is dangerous for your body! The best way to ensure strong healthy hair is to have a strong healthy body. The most common medical causes for hair loss are, medication, cancer treatments, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems. Anyone noticing signifigant sudden hair loss should see a doctor asap.

Hair Loss and Treatment

Does Revlon still make Flex shampoo?


Hair Loss and Treatment

How much does it cost for hair transplant in Nepal?

Nepal do not have any Hair Transplant surgeon yet. Nobody seemed to have explored the market in Nepal. Those intrested go to India for transplant which is the cheaper option.

Yes the India as well the Pakistan is the better option due to the low cost hair transplant by the best hair surgeons.

Hair Loss and Treatment
Medication and Drugs

How much does a year supply of Propecia cost?

Well sir,

I am from the U.S., and at least here, 30 pills of Propecia (a month supply if you take it as directed) costs about $85.00. So for the year (again if you take 1/day) = $1020.

Some men take propecia on a Monday / Wednesday / Friday schedule though, thereby cutting their "year supply" cost in half, and supposedly the results are the same with a MWF schedule, so that is something you ought to consider.

Hair Loss and Treatment

How old do you have to be to get your hair highlighted in a UK hairdressers?

I dont think there is a specific age limit haha its not against the law to get your hair highlighted, i think any age can get it to be honest, ive seen kids that are like 4 with their hair dyed !

Hair Loss and Treatment

Does Brylcreem Original cream damage hair?

ya it does witihin 7 dayz, my hairs got gray shade...!! better not to buy...n go with other brands..

Hair Loss and Treatment
Oral Health and Dental Care
Head, Ears, and Nose

Does plucking out nose hairs cause infection?

can plucking nose hairs cuse sinusitis?

Hair Loss and Treatment

Where Saw palmetto berry available in India?

The best formulation containing Saw Palmetto is the SEGALS brand, now available in India.
Visit or call +91-988-41-999-58 or +91-99-403-90-405 for complete availability details of Saw Palmetto based haircare/treatment products.

they are also available in Mumbai. I buy from Bandra revital trichology you can call

022-26419022 or visit

Hair Loss and Treatment

Can putting pomade in your hair make you go bald?

I honestly can't say but my brother started hooking up waves and his hairline has receded sum if you want waves use my method of putting water in your hair a little brushing and use the du rag a lot

Hair Loss and Treatment
Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)

Does baking soda make your hair grow faster?

No, Noting can but there ARE ways to prevent hair from falling out. ( On average you will lose 70 hairs a day but you should grow more )




No a baking soda cnt help you to grow your hair faster. you must get byour hair trimmed in 6-8 weeks,avoid heat and colour to the hair as this damages the hair and makes it look and feel unhealthy and try not to wash it very often - the natural oils help repair the hair, i go about 3/4 days between washes also a healthy diet and lots of water would be helpful..

Hair Loss and Treatment

Any tips for growing out really short damaged hair so it can become medium length hair?

if you have split ends, cut them off because as they split, they break off, causing your hair to stay the same length or even get shorter. if it's dry and brittle, try a good conditioner to restore moisture to your hair. keep your hair away from chemicals such as hair dye and chlorine, let your hair air dry after you wash it and don't use a straightener or curling iron, heat damadges your hair.

Hair Loss and Treatment

Why does hair in your mouth makes us gag?

This has everything to do with where the hair is in your mouth; the gagging only happens when it stimulates the soft palate of the mouth or the back of the tongue. This is called the pharyngeal reflex, or, as porn puts it: the 'gag reflex'. It protects your airway and does so, not only by responding to large chunks of meat you don't want to swallow in, but also by a hair tickling a sensitive area.

Hair as a substance can't cause you to gag and, frankly, why would it? You get hairs in your mouth all the time without noticing it, while eating, for example, and while asleep hoovering them up from the bed. Hair is just dead tissue (contrary to what those products for women tell us), usually covered in grease and dirt; but that's nothing to worry about.

Hair Loss and Treatment
Growth Rates

Can you change the way your hair grows?

Besides from getting older.....most likely no.

Hair Loss and Treatment
Alcoholic Beverages
Beer and Brewing

Does beer make your hair grow?

Yes...Beer is rich in proteins and vitamins, through the natural barley and hops, it does contain nutrients for helping to develop healthy hair.

Hair Loss and Treatment

What did the people use to wash their hair in the 1930's?

people used bar soap to wash there hair. And it was common to wash your hair only 2-4 times a year. However people showered two times everyday: before breakfast and before dinner. They also wore lots of perfume and washed there face with tea tree oil, honey, or olive oil. Makeup was lots of white face powder. People sometimes used scented hairsprays to make hair smell great too. people took showers with bucket of water.

Hair Loss and Treatment

How can you make your hair grow thicker and longer?

There is no real miracle that can help you grow your hair thicker and/or longer. You can help by using really good conditioners and deep conditioning treatments, to help your hair grown longer and stay healthy. Frequent trims (about 1/4 of an inch every 3-4 weeks) will also help keep you hair healthy, which you will want if you are growing it long. Don't do too much heat styling (blow drying, curling, etc.). For the thickness, maybe try products like Nioxin. Or before styling after your shower, use KMS's Volume/Thickening cream products. They seem to work well. The main thing about it is keeping your hair healthy and free of split ends and dryness. Use good conditioning products if you must use heat on your hair on a regular basis.

Here is more advice:

  • Use Nixon it will thicken your hair and make it grow faster. Also take a vitamin called biotin good for hair, nails and skin.
  • Eat and drink tons of vitamins. What helped me SO MUCH was Yoplait nouriche SuperSmoothie. It's Amazing! My hair is a lot thicker, longer and shiner. People have even pointed it out. My nails have grown much longer to.
  • While products may make your existing hair LOOK thicker, there isn't anything you can put on hair to accomplish your goal. Hair is composed of keratin. That is the same substance as your fingernails. Both are actually dead tissue, but the hair roots and nail beds are living. So, like all living tissue, they can be nourished by vitamins minerals and other nutrients, which are carried by your blood. There are specific products on the market which target hair growth, but any quality multivitamin will help.
  • Trimming the ends (also filing the nails) stimulates growth and increases circulation. But the tip that works best is to INCREASE CIRCULATION, either by standing on your head, brushing vigorously or by massaging your scalp. Doing this in several 10 minutes segments throughout the day will yield the most benefits to anyone wishing to improve the quality, thickness and texture of their hair. It does wonders for your complexion too.
  • Actually too much brushing cases hair to break... so I wouldn't do it. By massaging the roots helps a lot.
  • Use Mane-N-Tail shampoo, its suppose to be used for horses but humans use it to, you can find it at Wal-Mart, it makes my hair grow really fast.
  • Take a protein content food and do regular trimming avoid chemical based shampoo and treatment avoid hot iron rollers and curlers
  • You can make your hair thicker by keeping your hair in braids and not putting so much heat in it. Too much heat will cause the hair to break off.
  • It is best to eat a healthy diet consisting of fiber and calcium. It is also key to exercise regularly and stray away from consuming alcohol or smoking. Regular trims are important (about every 6-8 weeks.) It is also important to massage the scalp and do not over shampoo! This cleans out your sebaceous glands and restricts the natural flow of your own oils.
  • Cutting off the ends of your hair doesn't actually help. What you need to do is take a multivitamin. They make Hair, Skin and nail vitamins that help your Hair grow. If you consistently take those it will help. Also try not to wash your hair everyday it will strip your hair off the oils and nutrients that help it grow. And if your gentle with your hair that will help for example instead of putting your hair in a tight ponytail try a braid.
Hair Loss and Treatment

What type of doctor treats hair loss?

Ans1> Dermatologist - A doctor specializing in matters of the epidermis (skin).

Family doctors or internists can direct you to a (specialist) dermatologist (or maybe later, a hair restoration surgeon), but only after running basic tests to determine if the origin of the problem is hormonal, dietary, disease-related, drug-related, stress-induced or the result of physical activities. Many hair loss problems are resolved with simple therapies.

Remember that early detection and intervention are essential to treating and preventing future hair loss. More men and women are deciding that they want to address the problem while they're younger instead of delaying treatment. When hair restoration is deemed necessary, the track record for the 2 million global patients (2007) is remarkably positive. 93 percent of them have hair transplant procedures targeting the scalp area and 7 percent have procedures targeted at non-scalp areas of the body, like eyebrows, face/mustache/beard and eyelashes.

Ans2>A Cosmetic surgeon can provide various treatments for hair like hair restoration, transplant and more.

Hair Loss and Treatment

Can you put a keratin treatment on perm hair?

I know you can treat your hair after a perm but not a treatment on before a perm because you will irritate your scalp because of the scratching but if you do treat your hair before give it at least 48 hours to set .

Hair Loss and Treatment

Does catalase have anything to do with gray hair?

It has been shown, that as a person ages, they tend to make less of the enzyme Catalase than they used to. This results in the increase of hydrogen peroxide, which in turn leads to the hair going grey and eventually white. There are people who are trying to turn grey, (or white), hair back to it's former color with Catalase supplementation, either by taking a vitamin supplement or by eating foods rich in Catalase, but as of January 4, 2011; there is no proven way to restore hair color by increasing the amount of Catalase consumed.

Hair Loss and Treatment

Can a boils in head cause hair fall?

No boils on the head are caused by heat, and will not affect your hair.


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