Emo was introduced in the 1980's as a music genre known as 'emotional hardcore' but has now developed its own fashion and subculture.

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What does emo mean?

Emo has two different meanings. One is a style of music. The other is a label people use to describe a group. The group of teens that use the label say that emo is short for emotional, but the term originally came from the Indie music style called Emotive Hardcore. It is a sub-genre of punk.

The music:

It's basically punk rock, except the lyrics are about emotional things rather than being a rebel. Emo is a kind of rock music which describes several independent types of music with common similar roots. Mid-tempo hardcore punk, pioneered around roughly '85 by the D.C. band Rites of Spring. It's in no relation to the pseudo-emocore/mall punk of today. Google REVOLUTION SUMMER/MID-WEST EMO for more information on the legitimate genre.

The People:

It is a label people give themselves for being apathetic and emotional to an extreme (usually miserable), but wallowing in it and not wanting it to change. They tend to feel they are misunderstood and that life is not fair to them in specific. It is in fashion with some of the group to cut themselves and wear heavy eye make-up. The hair cuts tend to have awkward sharp angles and are often glossed. Many of the guys wear very tight jeans, often women's. The girls tend to lean more towards late 70's to early 80's fashion.


Where can you get emo scene backpacks?

Try Unearthed, Trigger or any major fashion stores, these may stock Emo backpacks.

You could also look online for Alternative fashion stores in your area, which will almost certainly have them in stock.

Online retailers such as eBay, Amazon & alternative clothing websites are also an option; these websites will over a far wider & more diverse range of choices.

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Are there emo boys in Minnesota?


Haircuts, Hairdressing, and Hairstyles

How do you style emo hair without cutting it?

back brush the top layer of your hair and spray it till it's really BIG ;)

GIRLS: It's ALL about volume. having some of the bangs covering one of your eyes helps too.

BOYS: Having medium long hair helps a LOT. The bangs should go in a diagonal line across your face, covering one eye. The hair on the sides should be brushed in towards your face. If you have long hair at the back, use some gel/hairwax and brush it to the side. Spikes in the back looks really emo too, goes well with dyed black hair with the yellow "banana stripe".

Punk Rock Music

What are some good emo or punk acoustic songs?

Cute without the E - taking back Sunday

Swing life away - Rise against

The Academy Is... with the song About A Girl. Not really emo or punk, but considered emo-pop by some people. Look for the acoustic version.

Perfumes and Colognes

What are good Emo perfumes?


There's no such thing as "emo perfumes". Emo is a lifestyle, a style of music and a fashion style. Not a smell.

I agree with the user above although emo is only a music genre and a old fashion choice. It's not a smell and you can't get emo movies either.


What is the real name of veer in utran?

Nandish Sandhu is the real name of veer in Utran.


How do you win over an emo boy's heart?


Like any other person. Talk to him, be interested in what he's got to say, and accept his subculture. Emos aren't any different from other people. If he follows the emo lifestyle, then you could write an emotional, romantic poem. That's cute. Oh, and just flirt normally. Say "hi" to him every once in a while. Smile to him. He'll wonder what you meant, and I can garantuee that he will think about you. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Oh, and being attracted to an emo isn't being a poser.


What is the average weight of an emo boy?

The average weight for a male of any height from 14 to 20 years of age is 105-150 pounds.

By age 20, most males have begun to live in the real world, that is to hold a job that contributes to their own support or concentrating on their education and their future.


Is there a dating website for preteen emo's?

not that i know of just try one of the major social networks.

we are not allowed to post specific websites anyways sorry.

About all internet communities has a teen (13 years) age restricion, and dating sites are 18. Period.


What are some cool Scene girl clothing stores?

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Psychological Disorders

With what do emos cut themselves?

they dont all but its because of depression or family friends or the feeling that everyone hates your or beacause of love is usually why but a razor or just any knife its rlly sad my best friend cuts herself and if u do too just no that it dosnt help hun and it makes it just so much worse and your not alone if your hiding it then dont tell your closist ever friend the one person that loves ya and u love to like family and let them help you thyl listin and theyl no what to say

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Does it mean your emo if you have an emo haircut?

actually. no. hearing this from someone who is emo will help a lot.(I'm emo)Iit does NOT mean your emo if you have an emo haircut.

How can you secretly be emo?

being emo is a state of mind. a way of feeling.

you can hide it by just not acting depressed at school.

but it makes things hard.

i tried it at first... but honestly its horrid.

its better to tell a couple close friends but not shout it to the world.

dont freak them out though.

Emo is a subculture (fashion, taste of music) and a lifestyle. The lifestyle covers a lot of different things like interest in music, art, litterature and writing poems. But most people will only consider you emo if you are part of the subculture, and that is pretty hard to hide. I don't really understand why you would hide it, though.

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Why do some emos cut themselves?

  • When a regular person starts to hang around different groups and is exposed to different things at the adolescent age, groups like "emos" tend to develop. This many result in bad influences. They may begin to hang around other "emos," in search of ways to solve their problems. Most "emos" do not concieve in isolation the idea to cut themselves to relieve pain, it is passed on through the cult. Experimenting with different ways to cure their emotional instability, adolescents begin to try new things, whoch may ultimately result in cutting. The final results of this action are mixed, both from the feeling that now, they are, in a way, in control over their own pain, another is that they are punnishing themselves, giving themselves up to suffering because they see themselves unfit to live without it. Probably one of the most important ones, if you ask an "emo" person WHY they cut, they will usually be at a loss for words except the vague statement that it makes them feel better. This is usually because when they cut, their body releases lots of complex hormones and chemical enzymes, giving them a sensation of feeling good, though the consequential pain certainly does not. This combination of the body's functions and the psychological need to punish themselves physically, "emos" are able to cope with their insecurities on their own.
  • I have dated three emo guys and each one of them cuts themselves on a daily bases. They said they do it to get rid of all emotional pain in their life. Also, one of the guys told me that he also cuts himself because it lets him know that he is alive.
  • I am an Emo. You don't need to cut yourself to be emo or vice-versa. Some people tend to stereotype the whole group just because they know some emos who cut themselves, To put it simply, not all emos are cutters.
  • I am an emo. I do not cut myself. Not all emos cut themselves. Some do it because they think it makes them look cool. Others do it because they are lonely and sad.
  • I used to cut myself. I no longer do that. Nowadays, I understand that the pain from cutting my arm only distracted me from the pain in my heart. So, for me, that was the point of cutting myself.... to distract from a pain that hurt more that the cutting.
  • I too am an emo. Some emos do it for attention...others do it because we have real problems and no one to talk to. The word emo stands for emotional problems. The word emo is abbreviation of emotional.
  • I am emo so I will add my opinion: Not all emos cut themselves. In addition, many people who cut themselves are not emo. Some people who cut themselves then wear short sleeves, and practically wave their arms to get attention or help. Other people who cut themselves hide it from others. Mostly, people do it to make them feel better. It can be part of an inferiority complex. Some self-harmers do not like themselves. Some people cut themselves because they feel that they are not as good as everyone else is. Other people cut themselves because they are different from people and feel the odd one out in society. They might hate themselves for being different. Whatever the type of person (emo or not emo), people cut themselves to feel better. I don't care about what people say, but I can tell you straight that it helps.
  • To put it simply: Cutting yourself causes your body to release endorphins. These hormones are designed to dull pain, and consequently make you feel good, in an ironic sort of way.
  • Depressed people cut themselves (only some people, sometimes) because when you cut yourself it releases hormones that make you feel better. If people are cutting themselves just so they can say they are emo, they are most likely doing it for different reasons (to fit into a certain group of people, etc....).
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How do you make emo hair bows?

Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Why aren't depressed people called emos and it just seems to be teenagers labeled it?

Depression has been the name in common parlance for the disorder for over a century, while the 'Emo" subculture is an entirely recent phenomenon.

Technically "Emo" is short for emotional, so that "Emo" person is just an emotional person, not necessarily a depressed person. Those who are depressed suffer from an active and acute mental illness, and an "Emo" person is just, as I said, emotional.

Moreover, depressed people are overwhelmingly adults, with the average age of onset of a first Major Depressive episode occurring in the 30's. Though depression in adolescence is possible, it is relatively rare.

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Is it normal to be emo?

I have never known anyone who didn't go through some sort of emo period in their life. usually it hits in the teenage years however I've known some adults that go through it as well. if you feel like what you are feeling isn't right, talk to a doctor. there is a small percentage of people with serious health conditions that display emo-like symptoms (mood swings, social anxiety, ect.)

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Why do people slit their wrists?

Many believe cutting releases endorphins, others are suicidal and need serious help before it leads to more drastic measures of self harm. Most people who self harm are depressed and need help before it escalates.

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Do emo girls like non-emo guys or is it possible for a non-emo guy to get a emo girl to like him?

they must have converted to being emo soon for it to happen. If the girl is sterotype emo then Most likly no. they do alot of dating withen the group. If they do find you attractive the relashinip will not last

actually, as an emo, I can say that not all emo girls go for emo guys. emo girls can date non-emo guys if she wants to. the only thing that matters is whats on the inside.

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Is religion just a state of mind?

In one way, yes. The diversity of religions, each claiming to be true to the exclusion of all others, really means that religion is not based on fact, so that no religion is true.

Some people of faith think that, when facing death, atheists would no doubt discover religion, although the facts are otherwise. Even if it were true that "There are no atheists in a foxhole" this would only prove that religion is indeed a state of mind. If fear of death is the only reason for religion, then religion is no more than a convenient mental antidote for the fear of death, and does not make religion any more real.

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What does emo mean -?

It has three meanings, one of them is emotional, the other means you cut yourself it is just what they do Emo people and last you have a sense of stlyle in music


New Zealand

How many Emo's there are in New Zealand?

Proportionally as many as there are in any other similar country. There is no census done on a person being an "Emo" so no valid statistics to answer your inquiry.

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What are preppy people's beliefs?

Some are Christian, Jewish, Chatholic, Muslim, it really depends on the person and I guess you could say what you classify as preppy.


What do emo girls like in a guy?

Mostly what you could expect them to like, guys who have overcame diversity in life, guys who have diversity in life, and sometimes guys who even are emo themselves, basically doing something to make yourself stand out will get her attention. .

we like guy's that are just as sencitive and pretty much morbid turns us on really well so either emo or goth guy's is what we like.

I am... "emo" and i love nerds. I dont know why but there so cute and they usually have a lot of secrets kept to themself. Nerds are usually sensitive and caring and dependebale. I guess my taste in guys is the same as any other girls'. But i hate jocks. serious turn-off.


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