Discrimination is the ability to discern differences between objects. The word is frequently used to denote prejudice against a race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or social grouping. Currently, there are laws to protect people against discrimination.

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What is structural discrimination?

Structural discrimination is when certain communities and societies have discriminatory views about certain people and other societies. They tend to pass on the discriminatory views down through their generations. They have a certain set of beliefs that they follow and have pre conceived ideas.

How To

How to overcome cultural barrier in health setting?

This is a difficult and challenging question and a proper answer would require years of experience. Cultural barriers depend on the culture of the provider and the patient, so there is no singular answer to the question.

The best answer I have heard is to supersede the Golden Rule ("Treat others as you would want to be treated") with the "Platinum Rule" - Treat others as they wish to be treated.

Like I said, discovering the specifics of this answer takes years of experience and depends on a lot of factors, the most basic being the cultures involved.

Communication barriers often further complicate the situation.

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The Difference Between

What is the difference between racism and classism?

The difference is racism deals with someone being judgemental and discriminatory because of someone elses race/ethnicity. Classism deals with someone being discriminatory because of someone elses social/economic class. Though it should be noted, the two can sometimes overlap.

United States of America
United States

Why do Jews hate America?

Falsity of the Question
The assumption made in the question is false. For the majority of the history of the United States, most Jews thought (and continue to think) fondly of the United States as it was one of the few nations in the history of the World to treat Jews (from a political perspective) as equals.

Equality of Jews in United States History
Jews in the United States were never subject to humiliating taxes, occupational prohibitions, religious restrictions, ghettoization, incursions on freedom of speech or assembly, nor were they ever evicted from any part of the United States at any time. Therefore, most Jews respect and think highly of the United States.

Notable Acts Promoting Jewish Citizenship and Equality in the USA
A notable story about how old American respect is for the Jews is that Governor Stuyvesant of New Amsterdam (the Dutch Colony that became New York) permitted the Jews of New Amsterdam to keep and bear arms, a permission allowed to Jews in no other part of the world and entrusted the Jews of the city with a rotation on the wall protecting the city from Native American Tribes. This acceptance of Jews as equals has been a long part of American history and something that Jews have immense respect for.

Similarly, George Washington's Letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport in response to Moses Seixas' Letter from Congregation Yeshuat Israel affirmed that from the moment of the US Constitution's enacting Jews would be equal citizens in the United States, entitled to all rights of the Non-Jewish majority.

Now this is not to say that there was never discrimination against Jews in the United States, but that such discrimination was not led by the government. Anti-Semitism in the United States has almost exclusively been a social phenomenon and the government of the United States has almost consistently treated Jews (as a class) well.

Apathetic Minority
There is a small minority of Jews who do not care about America because they have little consideration for any non-Jewish State, but there is no animosity between them and America. They are only apathetic. (It would be similar to asking "the average American" about how he feels about Malawi; he wouldn't know anything and would not care to learn anything.)


Do you agree that its a girls RIGHT to be muscular her choice in life?

Her body her choice. Nobody can tell her what she can do with her life. It's her life and shes in control of it. Nobody has the right to ever tell a women what to do with their body or their life. So yes it is a girls right

History of US Immigration

What racism did Cubans immigrants face?

Many were accused of being criminals due to the result of the Mariel boatlift in 1980 were Fidel Castro had released many inmates from Cuba's prisons and jails to reduce repeat offenders in his country by putting them off on us. So everyone assumed that they were all criminals.

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Human Rights
Al Sharpton

How can you contact Rev Al Sharpton for his help?

Answer: To Contact Al SharptonAl has an organization called the National Action Network.

The web address is posted in the Related Link below


The Difference Between

Merton's typology of prejudice and discrimination?

Unprejudiced Nondescriminator

Prejudiced Nondescriminator

Unprejudiced Descriminator

Prejudiced Descriminator

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What color symbolizes racism?

There is no color that symbolizes racism.

(And fortunately for those of European or African descent, "white" and "black" aren't colors.)


What word means dislike or fear of what is different from what you know?

Discrimination, bigotry.

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Why are haters going to hate?

because they are either wanna Be's or are just jealous of you or somebody else or they have absolutely nothing better to do.

Federal Laws

Laws against anti-semitism in workplace?

(in the US) The same federal laws that protect any other person against discrimination.

Eastern Orthodoxy
Turkey (Country)

How are the Christians treated in Turkey?

Answer 1

The Christians or people of any other faith are treated no different than the Muslims.

Constitutionally, Turkey is a secular country and is a candidate for membership in EU.

Turkey is a multicultural and ethnically diversified society and has been for centuries due to the influx of peoples from different race, religion, color, creed, national origin and culture. During Ottoman empire, Jews were not only tolerated but flourished.

We have found Turkish people in general to be hospitable and friendly during our extended trips to Turkey. In general, it is highly unlikely, that anybody will be particularly interested in your faith, except perhaps as a curiosity in very friendly conversation.

In business settings, the question of religion is completely inappropriate and is never asked. Personal prejudices and biases of individuals cannot be eradicated by enforcing laws except to learn to respect others' points of view and tolerance.

Answer 2

There is an important distinction to be made between tourists who happen to be Christians (even overtly like missionaries) and endemic Christians who live in Turkey on a day-to-day basis. The former are well-treated since speaking well of Turkey will promote tourism to that country and increase its wealth. As for the few remaining endemic Christians, especially in Istanbul (which remains one of the most important Patriarchates in Orthodox Church) have been the targets of abuse and bullying.

Historically, the area of modern Turkey had a much larger Christian population than it does today and had two major Christian minorities: the Armenian Apostolics and the Greek Orthodox. The Armenians were mass-murdered (1.8 million individuals) from 1915-1917 in what the Turks refuse call a genocide to this day. The towns and cities in which they used to live have been renamed and there are now almost no Armenians left in Turkey. The Greek Orthodox were removed through a population exchange with Greece in which Greece gave up its Muslim population. This would serve to create two relatively homogenous countries, but remove the need of the Turkish government to deal with the Greek Orthodox community within its borders.

History of Ireland
New Zealand
Society and Civilization

Did the Irish face racism when they immigrated to New Zealand?

Not that we know of, as they first arrived at the same time as many other European settlers, all of whom were new to the country as well.

Society and Civilization

What was a cause of the limited diversity in the suburbs?

African Americans were not allowed in many suburbs.

Caste System

What is mean by maruthuvar in caste vice in south Indian system?

The Maruthuvar, in olden days they were the doctors for Kings. They followed Siddha to treat patients. That time, people were not used to cut their hair, rather they grow. When they got wound, the "Maruthuvars" removed hairs in the wounded area. So apart from treating people, they knew hair cutting.

Once British came to rule India, they introduced English medicines. Later, our traditional medical practices vanished. People also started trimming their hair, in the name of fashion. So these "Maruthuvars", started doing the job of cutting hairs.

So there was no separation like "Navidhar" in olden days, after British came to rule "Navidhar" became a community. Then our Government joined "Navidhar" to "Maruthuvar", saying same community people.

But in this century, many started beauty parlours and doing the same as Nacidhars or so called Maruthuvar. Will they be added to this Maruthuvar community.

History of the United States
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When did racism end in America?

From a legal standpoint, racism (and discrimination base on it) theoretically ended with the enactments of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution immediately after the Civil War.

However, there were significant "end-runs" around the strictures laid out in these amendments, such that practical legal discrimination by race continued up until the 1960s, when, at the conclusion of the Civil Rights Movement, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (coupled with several major Supreme Court decisions, the biggest of which was Brown v Board of Education) outlawed any form of legal racism or discrimination in the United States.

So, legal racism no longer exists in the United States. While some may argue about the "reverse racism" of Affirmative Action policies, legally speaking, the U.S. is now no longer racist.

However, racism happens not just in public or legal frameworks. It also happens in the actions of individuals, in the myriad of ways they interact with eachother. Unfortunately, in this respect, there are still a significant number of people who hold racist views. And, it is unlikely that we will be able to eliminate racial bias anytime soon (which, is a mild form of racism), as racial bias seems ingrained at an almost instinctual level in human beings.

It has not ended in America nor has it ended in the rest of the known world.

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual
Bill of Rights

Why is it illegal to call gay people faggots even though we have free speech in America?

It is not illegal in the US to call gay men "faggots", any more than it's illegal to use the "N-word" for African Americans; but it is extremely unpopular to do so, and just might get you punched in the face.

In some states, disorderly conduct is defined in part as using words which are likely to result in immediate physical retaliation by others. So the use of either slur might fit that category in certain circumstances. So a person yelling such things can in some cases create a public safety hazard.


Are chechen's white?



Why are people treated different because of their age?

Some people just have personal prejudices against certain age groups, usually due to a bad personal experience


Is prejudice and discrimination caused by intolerance?

It would be more accurate to say that prejudice and discrimination are forms of intolerance. The cause is generally xenophobia (which is to say, the fear of people who are different than yourself).

Law & Legal Issues

Is anything being done about ageism?

One may safely count on the Baby Boomers to take care of any lingering problems of ageism.


Is favoritism or cronyism considered discrimination?

Typically "discrimination" (when dealing with people) implies prejudice towards a group or class of people, not specific individuals. So if Chris and Sam are equally qualified or deserving, but Chris gets preferential treatment, it would only be considered discriminatory if it can be shown that the preference is based on Chris and Sam belonging to different classes of people based on race, religion, gender, etc.

History of Ireland

What is 'the green monster' and what did the Americans think of the Irish when they first came over?

NOTE: Although I am an arrogant Bostonite with Irish Liniange, and suffer from great pride in both aspects of my character, I tried to an extent to limit the impact of this on the presentation of the following information. I intentionally preserved some of the Irish Pride related arrogance, in an attempt to convey an aspect of the Irish mentallity that made us GREAT. The "Green Monster" is the appellation given by baseball fans to the wall in left field, which is significantly taller than the other enclosing walls of the threatened, historically invaluable Fenway Park. The wall was created to conceal the earth removed from the mound in left field, previously referred to as belonging to the long time left fielder who used his familiarity with the quirks effected upon landing baseballs to his advantage. The term gets its colorful name from the hue painted on the wall, and I don't believe there is any connection to the Irish in the name. The Irish did, however, tend to sit in the section of seats adjacent to the Monster, as they were the cheapest,and most roudy section of Fenway. In the beginning of European colonisation, Irish were used as slaves, indentured servants, or freemen whose wages were negligible. The Protestent upper classes believed they had devine right to place themselves above the Irish Catholics in every sense. This trend would continue, the slavery and indentured servitude quickly being replaced with unfair employment conditions. Religiously, as well as in all other aspects of culture, the Anglo invaders who would come to be known as American "natives" rejected Irish culture in the new world, though did not actively assault individuals as commonly as in the latter half nineteenth century, when the Irish started ariving in throngs, fleeing widespread hunger, resultant from several meagar potato harvests. The initial reaction was one of rancor and denial of assisstance in any form. Irish were denied employment, housing, and basic sustenence. Persons with red hair and/or myriad freckles were taunted and battered on the streats,and Catholic clergy and congregation were frequently in receipt of similar treatment. It was in this era that the saying "Irish Need Not Apply" was popularized, denoting oppurtunity for employment to persons in noncompliance with with wishes of the Pope. The Irish were succesful, however, in organizing, as an outgrowth of the mechanisms invoked in response to their persecution, their population into an influential political force and established diocese, in addition to creating a Jesuit/Catholic intelligentsia. In so doing, the Irish served a large roll in keeping Boston one of the most learned cities on the continent. Even after decades of Irish dominance in local and state governments, as well as their tolerated dominance in organized crime, discrimination of the Irish was still prevalent into the latter half of the 20th century. It was seen when they put an Irishman in the White House, and again, in columns in periodicals as "credible" as in response to racist backlash from the busing of black kids into white neighborhoods for school. Today the Irish are looked at by mainstream society as all ethnic or social groups are considered, a largely copasetic viable croud with amusing stereotypes that can be joked about in certain situations. On the other hand, their will always be dumb people, and dumb people will always come up with such unreasonable sollutions as stereotyping, discriminating against, or even persecuting the Irish.


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