History of Africa

African History started out with the emergence of Homo sapiens in East Africa. It is full of internal and external pressures, famine, disease, and territorial conflicts that brought out distinct changes in African society. This category is for the chronicles, inferences and various aspects of African History.

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History of Africa

Does Fela Kuti write about love or murder?


History of Africa

When did drawing first start?

drawing started when cave people used to draw pictures to show what they were trying to say.

History of Africa
South Africa

Who is the richest Tsonga in South Africa?

Nhlahla Ricardo Mongwe of Mongwe Holdings pty LTD. A University of Johannesburg graduate. Currently resides in Brynston Johannesburg.

History of Africa

Who is Egypt current leader?

The Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces. (as of February 11th 2011, when Hosni Mobarak was forced to step down by massive protests and demonstrations all over Egypt)

History of Africa

Why is Africa called the black continent?

people there are black

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History of Africa
Cape Town

What capes are located at the southern tip of Africa?

The southern most country in Africa is the Republic of South Africa. At the sourthern point of South Africa is the Western Cape Province, with Cape Town being the southern most large city.

The region is home to two noteworthy "Capes":

Cape Point (slightly south of Cape Town) - 34°21'24.60"S 18°29'50.63"E and

Cape Agulhas (southern most tip of the African continent) - 34°50'0.58"S 20° 0'0.56"E

Cape Agulhas, (from the Portuguese Cabo das Agulhas "Cape of Needles") is located about 200km to the east of (and south of) Cape Town. It is in actual fact the southern most point of land on the African continent. The town of Agulhas is relatively small and has a small tourist industry, a lot less than Cape Point, mainly due to its distance away from the normal tour routes.

Cape Point is situated at the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula, it is often confused by tourists as the "Southern most tip of Africa". It is a much larger tourist attraction than Cape Agulhas due to its proximity to central Cape Town.

The Cape Peninsula really refers to a geographical feature which is a peninsula separating Table Bay from False Bay and is not a "cape" in the true geographical sense.

The city of Cape Town and Table Mountain are located on the Cape Peninsula. This region was also (and is sometimes still called the "Cape of Storms" due to the sometimes unpredictable winter storms that resulted in many early ships being lost along its coastline. To confuse matters it is also called the "Cape of Good Hope" - Kaap de Goede Hoop (from the original Dutch). During the late 1500's the Cape also acquired another title as "The Fairest Cape in all the World" by Sir Francis Drake, of British Naval fame.

The Cape of Storms and Cape of Good Hope do not refer to specific geographical locations, but broad geographical localities.

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History of Africa
Countries, States, and Cities
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List the top 10 African richest country?

Richest Countries in Africa (2010)


This is the List of the 10 richest countries in Africa by GDP (PPP) per capita:

1. Equatorial Guinea (37,900)

2. Gabon (14,600)

3. Libya (13,800)

4. Mauritius (13,500)

5. Botswana (13,100)

6. South Africa (10,700)

7. Tunisia (9,500)

8. Angola (8,700)

9. Algeria (7,400)

10. Namibia (6,900)

History of Africa

Who's middle name is ebony star?

Venus Ebony Starr Williams

History of Africa
African-American History

Sundiata Keita when did he had his kingdom?

He was in rule from 1217 to 1255

History of Africa

What is the effect of British colonialism in Ghana?

the effects of British Colonialism on Ghana was and still is very numerous.There were positive effects like the introduction of the formal system of education which saw many shs being set up,the introduction of Christianity which can be seen as both a positive and a negative effect because the African Traditional Religion was totally abandoned.Negative effects such as the over exploitation of human resources, the interference in local politics, the increasing number of wars between states

US Civil War
War and Military History
History of Africa

When was Mali's Civil War?

Mali Civil War, 1990-1996 .

Ancient History
History of Africa

How did pharaohs spend there free time?

They would hire performers to entertain them, sometimes take strolls acroos the market (of course with bodyguards), and many pharaohs would have used cheetahs and eagles for hunting forays.

History of Africa

What is political importance in blood diamond film?

The film Blood Diamond, link below, may have introduced people to the existence of blood diamonds, who did not know about them before seeing the film.

At least, it provoked dialog and discussions about diamonds and their sources.

History of Africa

In what year did Eritrea gain independence?

Eritrea was the last African country to gain its independence, and that happened in 1993.

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History of Africa

What is Futuh al-Habasha?

The defeat of the bruttal Ethiopian Empire by the Somali Leader Ahmed Al-Ghazi Gurey with support from the Haber-Magaad Isaaq, The Harti and Sade of The greater Jeberti Clan that reside in what is the modern state of Somalia.

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History of Africa

Where did the slave trade originate?

It has its roots in Africa, long before people even found the New World.

History of England
History of Africa

How was British imperialism carried out in Kenya?

They ruled through a Governor with District Commissioners under him as was done in many of Britain's African colonies. In effect the DC was like a local Mayor but with far more power and no worries about re-election.

History of Africa

The boers were descendants of?

The Dutch

History of Africa
Century - 1600s

List 10 different types of cultures?











History of Africa
Decade - 1950s
Decade - 1960s

When did Kenya become an independent nation?

In December 1963, Kenya gained independence from the British.

History of Africa
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What is the important plantation crop?


History of Africa

What is the employment rate in Somalia?

everyone has a job dont disrespect the pirate profession like that

History of Africa
Society and Civilization

How many ethnic groups are represented in Nigeria?

Over 300. Nigeria is the most ethnically diverse nation in Africa.

Ancient History
History of Africa

How did storytelling begin?

People like to talk. Some talk about the past, some make up tales about the present. Some talk about the future. These are stories, some entertaining, some historical, some speculative, some impelling.

History of Africa
African-American History

What did Madame C J Walker wear?

Madam C. J. Walker dressed in the fashions of the day. As a poor washerwoman in St. Louis during the late 19th century, she dressed very modestly and could not afford many clothes. After she became wealthy, her clothes often were custom-designed. She had fur coats and other fashionable clothing. Photos of Madam Walker appear in On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C. J. Walker by A'Lelia Bundles.


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