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A society is a group of people who interact with each other via a shared role or network. It may also refer to a social group that shares the same geographical location and is part of the same culture.

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Borang permohonan kemasukan kastam diraja Malaysia?

borang online kastam mcm mna mahu mndaptkn borang pemhonan untuk kastam dibhagian bintulu,sarawak?apakah syrat nya?bilakh pmbukaan bmula? ...
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Why do people fight?

Fighting is defined as a conflict between two parties with different views. One of the greatest gifts of humanity is the ability for us to be different. However, this is also one of our greatest flaws. The human psyche is programmed to be different. This is why teachers, parents, and other adult figures often tell children to "be different". Yet, this causes problems. For years, psychologists and sociologists have been asking "why is this true?" This is also evident in animals. Even if...
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What does the yellow equals sign in blue box mean?

It is a symbol created by the HRC, (Human Rights Campaign), an organization working to advance civil equality and personal liberty for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. The equal sign (=), symbolizes human rights and is often cited as a token for the ongoing struggle and persecution the LGBTQ community still face. ...
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Is media spoiling your young generation or not?

"Media" is a term that covers a vast array of information storage and delivery. It includes newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, computer based storage and retrieval. Do newspapers spoil our young generation? Probably not. And on line news services are also not considered to be harmful to young people. No doubt, content is available that delivers poor moral messages to people, young and old. Content on social media sites is often of such a poor quality that it is barely understandable and of...
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How have women's roles changed since 1900?

Women's Roles Women can vote in the U.S., have jobs, own property. More Changes Birth control has made enormous changes in women's lives. Prior to 1900, most women were pregnant or nursing an infant for most of their adult lives. Economically, woman almost had to be married, and being married often meant a pregnancy every 12-24 months or so. Childbirth was more hazardous than war, so up to 25% of women died when they were quite young. Infant mortality was high, so many...
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Why tropical countries are so poor?

It is because they are not as well developed. (2) many tropical countries are poor because they have been encouraged by earlier imperial rulers to base their economies primarily around crops that have no food value but only create an income by being exported to the affluent first world western countries: examples are tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton, tobacco, opium. ...
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What is DOUBLE standard of mentality?

Law makers, who are laso law breakers. A thought process/action where an individual unfairly applies rules differently to others . For example, a member of the clergy who preaches morals to his or her congregation while behaving immorally. ...
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Is there more happiness or sadness in the world?

Happiness and sadness are both emotional responses to a person's current state, or situation. Each person has, at times, more of one than the other. Seldom does anyone have only complete happiness, or complete sadness. --- Thoughtfulness is a sea of which happiness and sadness are the waves. All waves of happiness and sadness recede finally into thoughtfulness. It is so because happiness and sadness are reliefs and relapses provided to man by nature so that the concentration, gravity and longevity of thoughtfulness shall...
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Social class and love?

Please ask your question in a COMPLETE sentence so it can be understood and answered. I am going to guess that you are asking about love and inter-class relationships. In answer to that, I will say this; Love knows no class, religious, race or caste distinction. It is only parental, community, racial, peer group, gender group and societal expectations and taboos, along with the guilt associated with violating those expectations and taboos, that keep people from not only having relationships with others deemed...
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When was plant detergent first used?

It has been used for AGES! That's what they started out with. Thank you!
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Where does racism take place most?

Racism exists in many minds of many people all over the earth, so it's hard to pinpoint where it takes place the most. Just because there may not be many in any given place whose actions aren't based in racism, such as segregating, profiling, etc., it doesn't mean racism doesn't exist there and that anyone who lives there isn't discriminatory. ...
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Why is cultural clothes important?

they are important to the comunity and also to have simple life. and to show respect. _________________________________________________________________ Cultural clothes are important to show off the culture of ones nation. It also helps to identify the nation acc to culture. Cultural clothes are our identity which includes our caste, history, race, tradition, status, festivals, languages etc. Thus, cultural clothes play a very imp role. ...
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Are robots better than human teachers?

Robots may be able to answer more questions, but it takes human teachers to connect with the students. If the sudent is having a bad day, the robot wont recognize that, nor will it know to go out of its way to help the student sort out fixing grades or life situations. I for one love the kids that I work with and appreciate them for the individuals that they are. A robot wont identify with them nor know to give...
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Has society become more rude and unpolished?

"The world is passing through troublous times. The young people of today think of nothing but themselves. They have no reverence for parents or old age. They are impatient of all restraint. They talk as if they knew everything, and what passes for wisdom with us is foolishness with them. As for the girls, they are forward, immodest and unladylike in speech, behavior and dress." - Peter the Hermit, A.D. 1274 "The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority, they show disrespect to their elders.......
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Why is language important in civilization?

Its important because if we couldn't speak with our own language then we couldn't talk to each other. Talking is very useful when interacting with other humans. For example, if we are hurt or need help, we can call a friend and ask them to help. Language is vital for learning and to pass information and knowledge from one person in a society to the next, until everybody has learnt it. This gives large numbers of humans the skills needed for...
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What does the welfare state provide in the UK?

Minimum standard of life and a minimum income for all.
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What is the difference between racism and classism?

The difference is racism deals with someone being judgemental and discriminatory because of someone elses race/ethnicity. Classism deals with someone being discriminatory because of someone elses social/economic class. Though it should be noted, the two can sometimes overlap. ...
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What does breakaway region mean?

Usually, any time you read of a breakaway region it is referring to an area or region in a country which does not want to be governed or ruled by the country or government which claims it as its own. Throughout history, there has always been the constant and never ending struggle between those who are ruled and those who rule. Any group of people within a particular area or region which share a common bond, be it their ethnicity, language,...
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What are Dan Daly and Smedley Butler known for?

Dan Daly and Smedley Bulter were known for their campaigns and earning the Medal of Honor.....Daly's were for Peking (1900) and Haiti (1915), Smedley's were Vera Cruz (1914) and Haiti (1915).....Also Daly's famous for his quote "come on you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever!" ...
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Who is the kindest person in history?

This question can never be answered do to personal intuition there may be people that would die helping the world but never can because of money, time, or courage if we as people band together as one we can change this question to who isn't the kindest person in history lol thanks yall just sharing thoughts - lamar spinks (fb me) ...
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What is the Fragata Española?

The Spanish term Fragata Española means, in English, Spanish Frigate. In the Armada Española - the Spanish Navy - at present are ten clase fragata , or frigate class ships, four F-100 and six F-80. ...
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Why does cultural diffusion occur?

Mainly through trade and human migration, but recently it has been a largely self-sustaining entity that goes as a huge part of the information age where people can just google something in England and know all about the culture in Peru. The term westernization describes people purposefully adopting the "advanced" or "popular" culture of a dominant state simply because that state is dominant and must be that way partially because of its culture. Cultural diffusion, or syncretism (no that is not spelled wrong),...