These are people who, generally through no fault of their own, become without shelter, or an address to be able to get employment or subsistence. Some resort to crime or drugs. Most are looking for a chance at life, again.

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How does being homeless affect lives?

Homelessness is a complicated issue that affects a wide rage of people and therefore the effect of a lack of a regular, safe indoor place to sleep can vary.

For a child, for example, homelessness can be utterly devastating and hurt their performance in school. Sadly, according to the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty:

"In 2009, only 34.1 percent of homeless individuals were members of a family experiencing homelessness. However, the percentage of family homelessness has been on the rise; family homelessness increased from 131,000 families in 2007 to 170,000 families in 2009, a 20 percent increase." p.25

I imagine being a parent in that situation would also be nerve racking.

Many homeless individuals are single males. There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately the effects of homelessness is also quite personal, but here is a list of negative effects homelessness can have:

- The increased criminalization of homelessness in the U.S. leads to legal issues for the homeless and harassment by law enforcement. Ticketing and imprisonment of individuals who are homeless lead to fines, criminal records, police brutality and abuse, and the loss of personal property and vital medication. Run-ins with the law make it even harder for the homeless to change their situations and can make them ineligible for services that they may need.

- Most homeless people don't have adequate access to health care. This means that the homeless can suffer disproportionately form easily solved health problems which ends up in a lower quality of life for the homeless and it also hurts their ability to manage mental health issues as well as addiction problems. Also:

"....homelessness has been associated with higher death rates and shorter life expectancy than average. Some estimates indicate that homeless individuals are 3-4 times more likely to die than people in the general population." p.26

- For homeless women, rape and assaults are under reported, and according to the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault:

"Research has shown that 13% of homeless women reported having been raped in the previous 12 months, and one-half of these women were raped at least twice."

Sleeping outside can make a woman vulnerable to attack.

This is just a small picture of some of the challenges that face homeless individuals in America. But the bottom line is that a lot of these problems, like criminalization and lack of healthcare, could be fixed.

Most people who are homeless at any given time are not chronically homeless.

According to the NLCHP report:

"Only 17 percent of the overall homeless population consists of chronically homeless people. For others, homelessness is a more transitional experience. While not representative of the full homeless population, chronically

homeless individuals and people living on the streets are often the most visible of all homeless people and therefore may be the basis of the average person's perceptions of overall homelessness." p. 25

What this means is that most people who end up homeless end up back off of the streets eventually. This means it is a temporary condition and most people form inncorrect conclusions on homelessness and the homeless because the people that are most visibly "homeless" embody the negative stereotype that exists of the homeless appearing lazy and unwilling to change their situation.

Sadly, in our country our social polices also affect the lives of the homeless in a negative fashion by criminalizing day to day activities such as sleeping and eating in public, and denying access to clean running water and sanitary facilities. In fact, the United Nations has found that the U.S. treatment of the homeless violates international human rights standard, and groups like the NLCHP argue that such activities are unconstitutional as well.

Of course, homelessness can also provide people with a sense of freedom, and perhaps some who come out the other side and change their situation if they choose to and if the help they need to do so is available, they can feel pride and a sense of their own strength. Maybe the homeless can humble us all when we consider that anyone could be in their shoes. It could be just a pink slip or cancer diagnosis away.

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Do people that are homeless get a home again?

I suppose that depends on the homeless person in question, some get it together and find jobs others do not.

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What do Muslims believe about homeless people?

As all human believe. They should offer help, support, and charity to relieve those people and to cover their needs.


What do you do if you have nowhere to live?

if you have nowhere to live if you see a homeless man on the side of the street say can i stay with you please.


Do people say mean things to homeless people?

Hell yes, they do. It's horrible, but not all people say mean things to them. Save a life. Do drugs.

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Who was the first homeless person?

Diogenes of Sinope, also known as Diogenes the Cynic.

(He may not have been the first homeless person, but he certainly made it fashionable [philosophically speaking]).

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How do you start a homeless shelter?

How to help the homeless with a shelterI have been trying to find out how to start a homeless shelter and at this point I have decided to take a step on faith to get information need to be able to get started.

1) Find the requirements to open a shelter check with code and compliance on do's and don'ts.

2) Find funding- such as Grants and Donations fund raisers

3) Get property type required and locations.

4) Check with local clubs, churches, organization on assistance.

5) One thing I read was to take a local survey to see if there is a need for a shelter.


What is the average length of time a person is homeless?

Homelessness follows a "power law" curve.

The vast, vast majority of people who experience homelessness are homeless for a few days, maybe a week or two. This usually occurs in between moving apartments, getting kicked out after a breakup, getting evicted, etc. The problem with these people is that they tend to be invisible - either they can couch surf with friends, or they stay in a shelter one night or two, and nobody really knows they were there. When people go around and count all the homeless people, these are the ones that get missed.

On the other hand, there are some people who are homeless for 6 months, 1 year, 10 years. These are the chronically homeless, who - while few in numbers - are the ones that use all of the resources. They spend a lot of time in shelters, they go to food banks and soup kitchens every day, they take up a lot of time in case workers, they end up going to the emergency room and spending time in detox. These people can cost a city up to a million dollars per year, EACH (through using expensive services like ambulances, ER, and police custody).

The people who are chronically homeless skew the average for "average length of time a person is homeless." It's hard to say for sure, but the average length of time someone is homeless is about 1 week. Probably three quarters of everyone who becomes homeless is homeless for 6 weeks, and about 95% are homeless for less than 6 months.

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What do you think of homeless people?

Homeless people are just people like everybody else. People, that for a variety of reasons, are in financial crisis. Once homeless it is hard to break the cycle. They need compassion and a little help in a way that they can keep their human dignity.

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How many people are homeless in the UK?

Unfortunately there are about 1 million people in Britain that are homeless. Half a million of which are on the street or in doorways and the other half a million are living in a squat or a temporary shelter.

Difficult to count, since many homeless are outside any formal record-keeping system.

Homeless implies no home. Squatting or living in any shelter is a home. A nasty home, but a home.

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What are some good slogans for homeless shelters?

A place where you won' t be called a homeless bum.

Come and stay with us.

Offering shelter in your time of need.


Where do homeless people go when it is raining?

They either stay in the rain, cover themselves, or find a ledge or building to stay near, to be out of the most of it.

I would think that they go to a homeless shelter or a half-way house. Other than that, it would depend on the location. . . . . not sure where you want this question to go. And I agree with the above .


What is hostile architecture?

Hostile architecture, also known as defensive architecture, is a design strategy that aims to restrict certain behaviors in public spaces. The most well-known example is installing pointy studs, dubbed “anti-homeless spikes,” on benches and windowsills to make sleeping or loitering on them uncomfortable. Other methods look to deter skateboarding, littering, and public urination.

Proponents say that these architectural obstacles are necessary to prevent crime and maintain order in urban areas. However, critics argue that they target vulnerable populations and create a public safety concern for all members of society, especially children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

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Why are there so many people homeless in FL?

There are a lot of factors here.

One thing that undoubtedly contributes is that the difference between sleeping outside in January in Florida vs, say, Minnesota is that in Florida you might occasionally find it unpleasantly chilly but in Minnesota, "unpleasantly chilly" would be a welcome respite from the bitter freezing cold. This could have an impact in the form of people who are already homeless migrating to somewhere warmer in the winter.

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Tyler Perry

Was Tyler perry homeless?

yes he was.

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What are the objectives of social policy?


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What government agency helps homeless people find shelter?


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How many people are homeless in the US?

Nobody knows. This in itself is a sad fact. The number is always growing. More than 90% of the homeless are in urban areas.

According to estimates by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP) (see the Related Link below), the number of "homeless" people in the United States at any one time could be between 700,000 and 3 million.

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El significado de homeless en espanol?

Sin techo, sin hogar.

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Can you collect unemployment if you are homeless?

You need an address to get unemployment, so if you are homeless how can you provide an address?
Unemployed means actively looking for a job but has not been hired. Homeless should not be able to collect unemployment unless if they are actively looking

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What does a sample letter when applying for leave in Diwali look like?

Hi Kishore,

On the occasion of Diwali, I'm going on leave from October 26th through October 28th . Please kindly grant me 2 days.

Thank you very Much for time trouble.

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How do communities help the homeless in Australia?

Australia has many religious and secular organisations that give the homeless temporary accomodation. Unfortunately the Australian government spends very little on health services for the mentally ill and as many long term homeless suffer from various mental illnesses, their future is bleak.

A lot of charity organisations provide shelter,meals, and clothing for homeless people in Australia, think of Salvation Army, City Mission, St Vincent de Paul society, Anglicare etc. Some people chose to be homeless we have to respect that too. The ones who do not can get help finding houses to rent with e.g. from Anglicare.

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What was the hobo playing in 'The Polar Express'?


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Can student loans be forgiven if you are working with the homeless and DOC clients as an outreach and substance abuse counselor?

Generally, no. You're not a teacher, a childcare worker, or a military service-member.

Actually, some student loans are forgiven if you work in certain jobs with certain populations. My Perkins loans were forgiven because I was employed as a program manager in a family homeless shelter. This was a federal forgiveness program. My husband worked as a public school teacher with disabled children and had an opportunity to have some of his student loans forgiven under a program run by the State of Florida. Loan forgiveness can be worth thousands of dollars so it is worth it to check with your lender to find out if there are any programs that suit your situation.

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What is a introductory sentence in a paragraph about homeless?

this sentences is about the homeless

and how they need help

the paragraph is how do we can help them and

we have to give some reasons


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