Human and Animal Interaction

We all live on this small planet. How do humans and animals coexist? What can we do during an encounter with an animal? How do we make things better? All these questions and more about us and the creatures around us.

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Human and Animal Interaction

Give me food and I will live give me water and I will die what am I?

Human and Animal Interaction

What are two reasons people do not have pets?

1) They Have Allergies

2) They Don't Like Animals

3) Too Much Responsibility

I. Some people are ill or disabled and cannot cope with an animal even though they would very much love to have a pet of their own.

2. The biggest reason I find is that they cannot afford them... the charges from vets fee's alone can be alarming, and if you happen to have an animal that needs special food because of allergies then the food can be very expensive for them too.

Human and Animal Interaction

What are the most popular pets?

What are the most popular pets?The most popular or common pets are dogs or cats. This is mainly because they can show love, affection and be great companions. Also, birds are popular as well because they do not do much and are most common to live with one or two people. Birds can also be trained to talk which makes them more interesting to have as a pet.

Next on the list are fish. Fish can be great pets as you do not need to pick up after them, and do not need to make sure they get plenty of exercise. Fish do not cost much and can be interesting creatures. (Just be sure to keep their tanks clean.)

If you are looking for a pet, or the right pet for you, make sure you research on them so you know what you are dealing with. For example, dogs need to have plenty of exercise and if you forget, or do not know that you need to, they may become weak, diseased or sick. Some dogs have died because they haven't gotten the exercise that they need. Also, dogs cannot be overexercised as they can become tired, and their muscles could break and have serious damage on its health.

A lot of people these days are becoming aware of lizards. They are becoming more popular every year. The proper care is essential, but they can be less difficult to handle and maintain than traditional pets.

So the final debate goes down to "dogs or cats". They are both very common pets, but which are the most popular? Well, the answer you are seeking is cats. They are the most common pet.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Human and Animal Interaction

What animals became extinct in the Jurassic period?

a lot of them

Human and Animal Interaction

Are pet allowed in Coop City Bronx?


Care of Rabbits
Human and Animal Interaction

Will rabbits go blind if left in the dark too long?

Would you go blind if left in the dark for too long?

The answer is no.

Actually, yes. So can humans. It must me total darkness though. And for many months. It would have to be room with no windows. Humans kept in total darkness go blind because the cells involved with their rods and cones die off from lack of use.

Human and Animal Interaction
Death and Dying

What is the proper burial for a pet?

The proper burial for a pet is to bury it in your backyard or pet cemetery. You can also carve your pets name in a piece of wood.

The Egyptians would mummify their cats, since they worshiped them, and they likely did the same for their dogs. Since it's difficult to do so to a pet, and the supplies aren't commonly found anymore, you could wrap your pet in a clean cloth, place it in a box (cardboard or wood depending on the size of the animal. NO plastic), and bury it in your yard. Say a few words for your pet, whether it be about your pet, or to bid farewell and well being in the beyond (heaven or whatever you believe in).

Aquatic Mammals
Human and Animal Interaction

How are whales mistreated?

Humans mistreat small whales & dolphins by catching them and putting them into much too small pools and forcing them to do tricks for our own entertainment - very few of the dolphins you see in marine parks where born in captivity. Most were removed from their families in the wild. They end up with a lot of health problems and depression. It's a very cruel industry.

Watch the movie "The Cove" for more info.


They are mistreated because they are only trying to protect them selves when they destroy boats, and if not its accident, and if they eat all the fish or maybe harm a human by biting his/her arm of, then they are only trying to eat, and we all need to eat.

Whales are endangered, and instead of respecting there rights, and the illegal whale killing item, we go ahead and kill them with harpoons, which is a painful way to die. We also eat them and still use their materials for items such as perfume, clothes and furniture and other, and its not right for us to eat THEM because we eat the whole of them, and WE are not endangered.

They are mistreated in a very harmful way, and thousands of whales are killed each year, for really no reason, all because humans can be violent, greedy, and not at all kind at times.

I hope this answers your question.


This is a subjective question. It all depends on who you ask. I personally don't think they are by the vast majority of the world. When you compare what people eat in regards to their culture, what's available and were they are located, it can be seen as an acceptable food. Please consider other cultures and what's available to them before deciding whether it is mistreatment or not.

Mass slaughter of whales for experimentation is wrong, but they are not mistreated, unfortunately just killed. Mistreated tends towards consistent harm towards an animal, like say if one was kept in a zoo and was hurt or starved every day.

Human and Animal Interaction

Can you get pneumonia by kissing a dog?

Anything is possible, but this is unlikely.

Human and Animal Interaction

Do roaches have eyes?

Yes, they do so that they have the capability to see, but it is not their primary sense.

Animal Rights and Abuse
Human and Animal Interaction

Why do people smuggle animals?

Some will do it simply for money. While you can get more money from smuggling drugs you can also get more jail time if you are caught. Animal smuggling from that stand point is "safer".

Others do it because they want to own an animal that is restricted for some reason, being endangered, or seen as a risk for the local wildlife etc. If they can't get it legally they might try illegaly.

Then there are those who smuggle animals that already are someone's pets. Certain animals have to go through quarantine when travelling from one country to another, and that takes time and can cost the owner a fair bit. Smuggling the animal is the both faster and cheaper.

Animal Rights and Abuse
Human and Animal Interaction

Who is more cruel man or animal?

Man is one of few species which kill for fun. Chimpanzee will sometimes raid another group's territory and massacre (but technically, they are battling for territory). Chimps have been known to walk up to a nursing mother chimp and grab her baby, kill it and share the meat with the others (except Mom...guess that's a plus).

Female lions avoid mating when they have young cubs, so when a male lion wants to get his freak on, he'll walk over and kill the cubs then get it on with Mom moments later - yeesh O_o

Bottle-nose Dolphin are known to punch the stomachs of porpoise repeatedly until their internal organs bleed out. The attacks are senseless and not for any purpose other than fun.

The common house cat will regularly nab a bird, mouse, rat, gopher, or young rabbit and toss them around for hours as they slowly die, yet not so much as take a nibble. Just toying with them until they are eventually dead and too boring to play with.

I think what makes MAN the most cruel species is we have the sense to KNOW BETTER and BE BETTER, yet we are still (as a whole) a violent and treacherous species of animal.

Cats (Felines)
Human and Animal Interaction

Why do people like kittens?

Kittens are so cute and when they are only a few weeks old they already start to play around! - Kittens' eyes open at about 7-10 days old and like babies, kittens have disproportionately large eyes for their head, which is perceived as cute and actually designed to awaken affection in humans by our genetic programming. Ultimately it ensures that we will care for these small beings that are unable to take care of themselves yet.

Human and Animal Interaction

When does gluconeogenesis occur?

It occurs during periods of fasting, starvation, or during intense exercise.

Cats (Felines)
Human and Animal Interaction

What are the main two uses of cats?

In the time of Pharaohs and pyramids, in Egypt, they worshiped cats, among other animals. There was a cat who was a God. Now, depending on if it's a house cat, they are used as, well, pets. If you carry a license on owning an exotic pet, you may have a tiger, puma (maybe), and possibly other large cats. But those are usually seen in zoos, or (in my opinion, however based on the actual individual large cat) in the wild, where they belong.

Human and Animal Interaction

What does a hickey on a black person look like?

A bruise. It turns purple or dark red.

Land Mammals
Animal Behavior
Human and Animal Interaction

Which animal eats dead human bodies from graves?

Most decomposers, including worms and insects, will eat rotting human flesh. But there are no decomposers who specialize in dead human consumption.

Men's Health
Human and Animal Interaction

What is the role of the testis?

In humans, the role of the testes is to produce sperm and androgens (male sex hormones; testosterone).

Home Equity and Refinancing
Care of Horses
Human and Animal Interaction
Rodeo Events

How much is the average roping arena cost?

If you already own the land much cheaper. But for a good sized arena with chutes for horses and cattle will probably run between $10,000 and $15,000. Maybe a little less if you can do some of the construction yourself.

Human and Animal Interaction
Units of Measure

How many grams is equal to 1 unit of blood?


Human and Animal Interaction

What are the harmful effects of over hunting?

Ex: If people over hunt deer then after so long deer will come extinct. So the harmful effects may not take place right then but over a long period we may not have deer or other animals to eat.

Human and Animal Interaction
Peacocks and Peahens

How can you scare away peacocks?

take a stick and poke it

AnswerFirst of all, never use bag hand motions, clapping, and all that other stuff. The peacocks are genarally afraid of humans. So just start walking towards them just like a crow or pigeon and they will move away. They might bite you.
Human and Animal Interaction
Word Games

What Words End In 'Ing' That Describe Dog?

Ther are millions of words ending in 'Ing' that will describe dogs, but I will only list a few.

Here are some:

- Loving

- Caring

- Adoring

- Needing

- Suffering

Human and Animal Interaction

How do you take good care of ecosystem?

  • just try not to break the food chain of our ecosystem
  • don't pollute the environment this will lead to degradation of environment!!
  • consider the marine ecosystem... if we dump garbage or say radioactive waste into the sea bed the small fishes will eat it and then the big fishes will eat the small fishes and eventually the fish is going to die either we will eat or it will die and the vultures will eat somehow we are responsible for the degradation of ecosystem
Human and Animal Interaction

How do humans rely on animals for survival?

Food, shelter (clothing), and work (carrying/moving loads).


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